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Martial World - Chapter 1767


Chapter 1767: 1767

Chapter 1767 – Nine Orifice Exquisite Pill


The Good Fortune Saint Son took in a deep breath – he never imagined that Lin Ming would pull out such a treasure.

Generally speaking, when comparing the same level of treasure, a spirit treasure was slightly less valuable than an inheritance.

But what Lin Ming took out was a peak True divinity spirit treasure and what the Good Fortune Saint Son took out was only an extremely incomplete True divinity inheritance.

Looking at the two items, the difference was far too great.

After fishing through his spatial ring, the Good Fortune Saint Son reluctantly took out an almost complete human True divinity inheritance.

Even in the Good Fortune Saint Palace, there was an extremely small number of these inheritances.

Lin Ming probed the contents of the inheritance with his sense and was able to discern that it was indeed a cultivation method.

He had studied the Asura Laws, a cultivation method that already surpassed a True divinity cultivation method. With that as his foundation, his ability to appraise True divinity cultivation methods was beyond the understanding of the average person.

He could just barely judge the exquisiteness of the Laws within. What the Good Fortune Saint Son took out was only a low rank cultivation method, but its advantage was that it was complete.

After Lin Ming investigated the jade slip, the other Empyreans present also did so, unable to withstand their curiosity. Even the Monster Emperor probed with his sense.

However, besides divine Dream, none of the other Empyreans had ever touched upon the domain of True divinity. For a time, they had difficulties discerning the profound principles within.

“A lower-middle rank True divinity cultivation method. Do you really plan on using that little thing to bet against my Black Dragon Spear?” Lin Ming tauntingly said. But as he spoke, his words shocked the Empyreans present. How had Lin Ming seen through the rank of the cultivation method?

He was only a half-step Holy Lord, and yet he was familiar with the boundaries of a True divinity cultivation method?

Moreover, from the expressions of the Good Fortune Saint Son and that peak saint Empyrean, it seemed that Lin Ming’s judgment was correct!

“Humph! Even if I take out a more precious cultivation method, so what? You think you can obtain it?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son taunted back. But taunts were taunts;if he wasn’t able to take out an equivalent amount in treasures then he really wouldn’t have any face left. He also took out another jade slip fragment and pill.

This cultivation method was even worse. In fact, the entire Good Fortune Saint Palace only had these two human cultivation method inheritances. Their grades were extremely ordinary and the second set was highly incomplete.

But as for the pill, it was of an exceedingly high quality, nearly reaching the level of a True divinity spirit pill.

“Nine Orifices Exquisite Pill! Although this is a transcendent divine pill, its level nears that of True divinity. It was originally refined by His Majesty the Saint Sovereign for me to break into the World King realm! The materials required to make this pill are extremely rare and its value is no less than that of an incomplete True divinity cultivation method fragment!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son bragged, Lin Ming looked over the pill, overjoyed in his heart. That was actually a pill refined by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, a top quality body transformation pill!

“This is really an unexpected harvest!”

Lin Ming thought to himself. In truth, he didn’t care about the rank of the human True divinity cultivation methods at all.

As long as he had a True divinity cultivation method, no matter high or low its grade was, it could stabilize the hearts of the human Empyreans and make it so that they didn’t defect to the saints.

This was enough.

To expect any human Empyreans to practice this True divinity cultivation method and complete their breakthroughs in time to help in the great calamity was simply unrealistic. This was because their chances of doing so were pitifully low to begin with, and a breakthrough would require millions of years anyway.

In the great calamity, this would be of no help at all.

Lin Ming withdrew his sense and flippantly said, “With all that random stuff added together, it’s just barely enough.”

These few words had the Good Fortune Saint Son feeling wretched wretched enough to vomit blood.

He felt very aggrieved. He had taken out all sorts of treasures, including even the Nine Orifices Exquisite Pill that he couldn’t bear to eat, and yet it was being described as ‘random stuff’ by Lin Ming.

However, in all fairness, it really wasn’t much to look at when compared to Lin Ming’s black spear that came from nowhere.

Then, Lin Ming turned to Empyrean Demondawn.

His words were no longer polite, because he knew that being polite had no use now. “Demondawn, the Good Fortune Saint Son has already agreed, now it’s you. If I win, I will take away Xian’er!”

Just this gambling fight with the Good Fortune Saint Son wasn’t enough. If Empyrean Demondawn didn’t agree, it was meaningless.

Empyrean Demondawn sneered. “You think you can win? What a joke!”

“Since you already think I cannot win, what’s the problem of making a promise to me?”

Empyrean Demondawn disdainfully said, “I don’t believe you have any chance of winning but I also don’t like being played by others, especially a junior like you. Why should I bother with you!?”

“Is that so…” Lin Ming traced his dantian and a black light projected out from his inner world, forming an image projection in the space near him.

In this projection there was actually a titanic black egg shown. The surface of this egg was covered with patterns, looking mystical and ancient.

Through the eggshell, if one looked extremely carefully, they could see a strong and healthy life within, one that constantly exuded waves of life aura like crashing waves!

“This is…” Empyrean Demondawn was panic-stricken. “Dragon egg! And it is a royal dragon egg!”

The monster race possessed God Beasts, but they were extremely rare. As for royal God Beasts, there were even less of them!

Empyrean Demondawn never imagined that Lin Ming would put out a royal dragon egg.

Moreover, what was rare was that this dragon egg had developed extremely well in Lin Ming’s inner world. Once it hatched it would soar into the heavens, becoming a powerful young dragon!

“This brat, where did he get so many treasures!”

First it was a peak True divinity spirit treasure and then afterwards a dragon egg. These were things that even that even Empyrean Demondawn didn’t possess!

Many of the extraordinary characters present were stunned. Perhaps even just a part of Lin Ming’s treasures was worth far more than their total assets combined!

“If I lose, then this dragon egg is yours!”

Lin Ming grit his teeth as he spoke. This was the life legacy left behind by Senior Black Dragon;he absolutely could not lose!

“I can’t believe you are willing to!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s eye burned brightly. He could actually sense that this dragon egg had already become one with Lin Ming and they shared both flesh and blood. Once it hatched from the egg, it would be greatly helpful to Lin Ming’s strength. If he were to leave this egg at the monster and demon races, that would be a tremendous loss to him.

He was staking everything he had on this single gamble – could he really defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son?

Just as Empyrean Demondawn thought of this, he immediately felt it was impossible.

“Good! If you can win then I will let you take away Xian’er. But at the same time, I will also announce that me and Xian’er have cut off all ties as a grandparent and grandchild!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s words were watertight. Drawing back, even if Lin Ming won and Xiao Moxian married him, there wasn’t any loss.

In that sort of situation, Lin Ming would already have been heaven-defying to the extreme!

This sort of heaven-defying talent would be enough to make up for his disadvantage in age!

Even if he couldn’t play much of a role in the great calamity, it wouldn’t be easy for the saints to kill him either!

Once the great calamity arrived, Lin Ming could quietly endure and cultivate. Then, one day, he could rely on his strength to reverse the heavens!

At that time, if Xiao Moxian were to follow Lin Ming, Empyrean Demondawn could feel relieved about her.

And even if Empyrean Demondawn had chosen wrongly in this great calamity and wasn’t able to bear the consequences of his failure, even if he were killed, Xiao Moxian could still rebuild the demon race and allow them to continue onwards.

As for him cutting off his relations with her, that was to draw a to draw a clear boundary between them, so there were more escape routes for her.

If he really did choose wrongly, then cutting off relations could help protect Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian shivered, remaining silent.

Lin Ming said, “Not only will I take away Xian’er, but if I win I want to take something from you – the Annihilation Fire Elemental.”

When Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had killed the Undying Polar Ice, they had obtained the Undying Inferno’s soul fire afterwards.

Lin Ming had given the soul fire to Xiao Moxian, but she had initially refused. This was because Lin Ming would soon attempt a breakthrough into the third Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace – the Extreme Polar Dao Palace. At that time, he would need to choose two types of source strengths to serve as the catalyst. To Lin Ming, the two source strengths most appropriate were Fire Elementals and Thunder Sources.

Xiao Moxian wanted to give the Undying Inferno’s soul fire to Lin Ming to help him break through the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, but he refused.

One reason was because it would just be a waste of such a treasure. Moreover, it would be incomparably difficult for him to find a Thunder Source that was of similar quality to the Undying Inferno’s soul fire to pair with it.

Later, Xiao Moxian told Lin Ming that in Demondawn Heavenly Palace, there was an Annihilation Fire Elemental that had been saved for her. It could be used to help Lin Ming break into the Extreme Polar Dao Palace.

Now, Lin Ming natural took advantage of this moment to bring it up.

Empyrean Demondawn slightly frowned but didn’t refuse. The Annihilation Fire Elemental was originally to be given to Xiao Moxian. Although he had always been harsh and demanding of her, everything he did was for the demon race and to guarantee the foundation of their people. He also hoped that she would live a long and good life.

“Fine!” Empyrean Demondawn agreed.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and turned toward the Good Fortune Saint Son. With this, everything else had been settled.

All that was left over was…

To fight!


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