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Martial World - Chapter 1764


Chapter 1764

Chapter 1764 - Lin Ming Proposes Marriage




’’The Good Fortune Saint Son is far too ruthless. With things having reached this stage, it is impossible for Demondawn not to agree!’’

Sitting near Empyrean divine Dream, Empyrean Vast Universe's forehead was wet with sweat.

The Monster Emperor's grand longevity feast had become the stage for the Good Fortune Saint Son.

From the start, his momentum was like a rainbow, every step he took intimidating to the extreme. At the final moment, he even took out the method to break into True divinity!

If Empyrean Vast Universe were in Empyrean Demondawn's position, he naturally wouldn't have any reason to refuse the proposal.

After all, the relationship of the humans with the monster and demon races wasn't too harmonious to begin with. In a single universe, it was inevitable that there would be struggles over resources. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the demon and monster races even went to war with some human influences.

’’The Good Fortune Saint Son wants to push us into a hopeless situation...’’

Beside Empyrean Vast Universe, Empyrean Traceless's complexion was solemn and grim. Around him, the power of space shivered and even light distorted. He was an Empyrean who focused on the Space Laws, and the nervousness in his heart caused the strength in his body to leak out and shake the void.

All eyes turned to Empyrean Demondawn.

They were all aware that Empyrean Demondawn was the one to make the final decision here. According to the traditions of the divine Realm, all weddings that involved the young elites of large influences had to obey the orders of the parents or Patriarch. The young elites themselves couldn't take responsibility and make their own decision.

Empyrean Demondawn's eyes swept over the human Empyreans, disregarding their different expressions. Finally, he looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son.

He spoke, his voice low and deep, ’’Your Highness Saint Son, may I borrow that jade slip to take a look?’’

’’Of course.’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son easily agreed. He flicked his finger and the black jade slip flew into Empyrean Demondawn's hand.

Empyrean Demondawn closed his eyes, sinking his sense into the jade slip and reading through the Laws within. A moment later, he opened his eyes.

It was as the Good Fortune Saint Son had said;this jade slip was not fake. It was indeed an incomplete inheritance spread down from ancient times, and likely originated from a True divinity.

However, how could it be so easy to break into the realm of True divinity? Moreover, this inheritance jade slip was highly incomplete. Empyrean Demondawn estimated that even if he obtained this jade slip, his chances of breaking into the realm of True divinity were only 1-2%, possibly even lower.

However, this tiny fraction of a chance was an irresistible temptation to him!

After all, everything depended on oneself. Empyrean Demondawn had great confidence in his own abilities!

He laid down the jade slip and slowly said, one word at a time, ’’Your Highness Saint Son is a peerless individual. In addition to such a precious betrothal gift, the sincerity you have shown is more than enough. I have no objections.’’

Speaking here, Empyrean Demondawn looked at Xiao Moxian. ’’Xian'er, do you have any opinions?’’

These words contained a momentum that could not be disobeyed. His eyes were like the starry skies, making one's mind tremble upon seeing them.

In large influences, young elites couldn't decide their own wedding;all marital decisions depended on the will of the Patriarch or Sovereign. The young elites themselves had no right to refuse. But in this situation, if Xiao Moxian were to disobey him, it would be a great loss of face.

Everyone looked at Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian paled. Facing the terrifying pressure exuding from her grandfather, facing the burning gaze of all those present, she gripped her fists and clenched her teeth before slowly parting her lips.

But at this time, a voice suddenly rang out.

’’Wait one moment!’’

This voice left everyone stunned. They turned their heads, looking towards the origin of this voice.

They saw that outside the honored seating section, in the area where young elites sat, a black-clothed youth was slowly standing up.

His sword-straight eyebrows slanted towards his temples and his appearance was resolute and proud. His long black hair hung loose and his momentum was extraordinary. Just by standing there he resembled a spear, noble and dignified!

This person was Lin Ming.

For a time, everyone was left dumbfounded. They never imagined that at this point Lin Ming would stand up.

Just what was he planning to do?

At the very start of this longevity feast, Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son had stood in sharp opposition to each other. But afterwards, he quieted down, maintaining total silence. It was only at this critical moment that he stood up and left everyone dazed.

’’Lin Ming... I knew you would not stay quiet...’’ Empyrean divine Dream lightly sighed. Amongst all the human Empyreans present, she was the only one who knew the true story behind all that happened.

With Lin Ming's character, he would never watch as his own woman was taken away by the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Empyrean divine Dream only hoped that Lin Ming Ming knew what he was doing and didn't suffer a loss to the Good Fortune Saint Son.

She had already firmed her resolve. Today, no matter what, even if she had to expose the totality of her true strength, she would protect Lin Ming from harm.

’’Lin Ming! Hehe, you're just like a ghost that won't stop haunting me!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming with a thoughtful expression. Today he had already grasped all trump cards in his hands. He didn't believe that Lin Ming would be able to stir up any trouble.

’’Brat, what are you doing!?’’

A loud voice erupted. The one shouting was Empyrean Demondawn!

His tiger-bright eyes stared at Lin Ming, his vision seeming as if he could cut Lin Ming to pieces. He knew what happened in the past between Lin Ming and his granddaughter and he wished that he could tear Lin Ming to shreds. However, at this longevity feast, divine Dream, Vast Universe, and other human Empyreans were present so he couldn't do anything to him. Thus, he had chosen to ignore him.

But he never imagined that Lin Ming would summon the courage to dare stand up at this time!

’’Senior Demondawn.’’ Lin Ming respectfully cupped his fists together and bowed. Facing the violent waves of horrendous pressure that were washing off of Empyrean Demondawn, Lin Ming focused the energy in his dantian and opened the Heretical God Force, allowing his breath to remain calm throughout.

This action alone left many of the guests present secretly bewildered.

It was said that Lin Ming was the number one young elite of humanity, and his talent was no less than the Good Fortune Saint Son's. Seeing him, it seemed that the stories were true.

Empyrean Demondawn's eyes were terrifying. He coldly said, ’’I don't need your hypocritical greetings. Whatever you have to say, quickly spit it out!’’

Lin Ming said, ’’This junior has always been enamored with Miss Xian'er. Borrowing this longevity feast, this junior would like to discuss marriage with Senior Demondawn, and hopes that Senior Demondawn would betroth Miss Xian'er to me.’’

Lin Ming's words were steady and moderate. But, they still caused the jaws of everyone present to hit the floor.

Just what kind of situation was this!? Lin Ming wanted to stand opposite the Good Fortune Saint Son and also propose marriage!?

Wasn't this just bringing trouble upon his own head?

One didn't need to be a genius to know what Empyrean Demondawn's choice would be. If Lin Ming were compared to the Good Fortune Saint Son... they simply couldn't be compared at all.

The influence that stood behind the Good Fortune Good Fortune Saint Son could give Empyrean Demondawn the hopes of soaring into the heavens. But what Lin Ming could offer the monster race was nothing but annihilation.

Empyrean Demondawn was no longer looking at Lin Ming with anger, but with utter disbelief. Wasn't this just the greatest joke in the world?

Was Lin Ming right of mind? Could he be any more stupid?

Empyrean Demondawn had just agreed to the Good Fortune Saint Son. Now, Lin Ming had chosen this time to propose marriage. Did Lin Ming think that Empyrean Demondawn would renege on his words?

’’Hahahah!’’ At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son laughed out loud, and did so raucously and without end.

His laughing was too mad, too insolent. It caused everyone to look at him.

’’This is too funny! Too funny! This is just the funniest joke that I have ever heard in my life! Originally, my marriage proposal today should have been a happy day, and I was worried that there wouldn't be any fun involved. But, who would have thought that an idiot like you would have jumped out of nowhere to be my clown! Well done!’’

Facing the Good Fortune Saint Son's taunts, Lin Ming tranquilly replied. ’’You really are confident in yourself. The both of us have proposed marriage and it is a fair competition. Do you believe you will have the last laugh?’’

Lin Ming's words caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to look at him like an idiot.

’’Has your brain been addled? Things have already come this far, so how could you not know who will have the last laugh? Why don't you find a mirror and take a good look at yourself, in what way can you compare with me!? I have taken out the method to becoming a True divinity as a betrothal gift! What do you have?’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, even the human martial artists found the scene hard to continue watching.

In terms of betrothal gifts, Lin Ming would have to follow the Good Fortune Saint Son. And compared to the method to break into True divinity, anything Lin Ming took out would appear poor and shabby.

Seeing Lin Ming's defiant expression, the Good Fortune Saint Son laughed, ridiculing again and again, ’’It seems you don't think your face is swollen enough? Do I need to slap you until your face is round and red? Are you still not satisfied? Well, allow me to thoroughly make you give up!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son turned to Xiao Moxian. He said, ’’Miss Xian'er, I never thought that during my proposal to you, there would also be an idiot be an idiot jumping out to ruin things. I hope that this hasn't affected Miss Xian'er's mood. Now, since me and this fool are both proposing to Miss Xian'er, I wonder just who Miss Xian'er will choose?’’

In this marriage proposal, only two people were truly involved - Empyrean Demondawn and Xiao Moxian.

Empyrean Demondawn had already agreed. As long as Xiao Moxian also agreed, then there wouldn't be any problems at all.

And, the Good Fortune Saint Son had already received a message from the Monster Emperor before coming here. He knew that Xiao Moxian had already agreed to his marriage proposal, thus he confidently asked her now.

For a time, everyone's gaze turned back to Xiao Moxian.

The Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming had both proposed. Now, it was time for her to make her choice!

The Good Fortune Saint Son didn't know of what had happened between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, but, the Monster Emperor and Empyrean Demondawn did. They frowned, their eyes sharp as they looked at Xiao Moxian.

’’Xian'er, do not forget the child in your womb! In order to guarantee its life we must take a tremendous risk! If you work with me then that child has a slim chance to survive. Otherwise, once the Good Fortune Saint Son suspects that you were involved with Lin Ming, the child within you will undoubtedly die!’’

Empyrean Demondawn warned. His voice was like a thunderclap in Xiao Moxian's ears!

Xiao Moxian's body shook and she turned paper white.

She had to face her grandfather and the Monster Emperor, the burning gazes of all present, and even the threat to the child in her womb.

With all of these factors burdening her, the pressure she had to face could be imagined!

She clenched her teeth, her eyes looking over the audience.

One by one, she swept over Empyrean Demondawn, the Monster Emperor, the Good Fortune Saint Son, the guests, and finally, her gaze fell onto Lin Ming.

As their eyes met, it was as if every emotion in the world, every ounce of love and affection was contained within them.

...Lin you regret?

...I don't.

And I won't.

She took a deep, shuddering breath and parted her lips. Her body shook, as if every word she spoke exhausted all the strength within her, overdrawing her life -

’’I...choose... Lin Ming!’’

Just four words, without any true essence poured into them.

However, these words spread over the entire audience.

For a time, every single guest fell silent.

Xiao Moxian's final choice had actually been Lin Ming!

Hearing this, the Good Fortune Saint Son began to shake, his complexion turning incredibly ugly!


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