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Martial World - Chapter 1763


Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763 - The Saint Son Proposes Marriage




’’Humph! This method to break into True divinity, I'm afraid it might only be a method for your saint race - just what use is it to human, monster, or demon races!’’

At this time, an angry and energetic voice rang out. The one who spoke was Empyrean Vast Universe.

He had easily seen through the saints' plans.

He had to salvage as much of the situation as he could. Otherwise, once the events of this longevity feast were spread out, in addition to the betrayal of the monster and demon races, that would be far too negative an impact on humanity!

’’Haha? Vast Universe, right? What? 60 years ago I challenged you to a duel in 300 years and yet you didn't dare to accept it. In the end, you even had a suicidal brat take up the challenge. Did you think everyone would easily forget this matter?

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Empyrean Vast Universe, his face full of ridicule and contempt.

At the same time, he looked at Lin Ming, a taunting light in his eyes. The suicidal brat he referred to was naturally Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's face darkened, not speaking. As for Empyrean Vast Universe, his voice caught in his throat. All the blood in his body seemed to rush to his face.

He had always had a strong momentum and was also one of the overlords of humanity. When had there ever been someone weaker than him who had dared to go against him? Even those that had a higher status had to give him a little face.

But now, he had been intimidated twice by a junior. And even after being bullied in such a manner he didn't dare to agree to the challenge. This was simply outrageous!

’’Vast Universe, don't be impulsive, he is deliberately provoking you! He is also trying to rile up Lin Ming - do not underestimate this person's plotting!’’

At this time, Empyrean divine Dream's true essence sound transmission echoed in Empyrean Vase Universe's ears.

Vast Universe took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and endured the shame. In this tense atmosphere where all swords seemed to be drawn he had actually flinched. Without a doubt, he had weakened humanity's momentum.

After being played with by a junior in the palm of their hand and also suppressed again and again, Empyrean Vast Universe felt an unprecedented level of anger and aggrievement.

But there was nothing he could do. In 300 years, he really wouldn't be able to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Those that were weaker than others could only allow themselves to be oppressed!

Seeing Empyrean Vast Universe sit back down in his seat, a victorious smile appeared on the Good Fortune Saint Son's face.

Then, he turned and looked at Lin Ming, a little doubt in his heart. ’’This brat, he was incredibly arrogant just now, so why did he remain so calm?’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son thought this, he didn't kick Empyrean Vast Universe or Lin Ming while they were down. Instead, he turned to the Monster Emperor. After all, the main purpose of him coming to this longevity feast was to solidify the alliance between the saints and the monster and demon races, at the same time planting the seed of surrender in the hearts of the human Empyreans. He wanted them all to understand that as long as they betrayed their race and defected to the saints, they could equally obtain the method to break into True divinity.

The Good Fortune Saint Son traced the black jade slip in his hands, leisurely saying, ’’Someone is suspecting that the inheritances recorded within this jade slip are only suitable for the saints and not the monster or demon races. Heh, this person is nothing more than a frog in a well! After being stranded in the divine Realm for 3.6 billion years, it seems not being able to take a look at the wider world has truly limited your horizons!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's words were impudent to the extreme. But whether it was the monster or demon races, or the human Empyreans, they could only keep on enduring.

Even if they were incomparably angry, they couldn't help but acknowledge that what the Good Fortune Saint Son said was a fact!

For the last 3.6 billion years, let alone being stranded in the divine Realm and not being able to see the other Heavens, they had even lost the history of humanity from 3.6 billion years ago. All of that knowledge had been lost to the river of time, fading to dust. Many things were simply unknown.

This was because in the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, nearly all human Empyreans had died. Countless sects were annihilated and their inheritances severed. An incalculable number of historical jade slips had been destroyed.

Seeing no one daring to refute him, the Good Fortune Saint Son smiled and continued to speak, ’’You all might know that in ancient times, in the vast universe of the 33 Heavens, that was when hundreds of races were fighting for hegemony. In that era many world-shaking kings were born within the ancient races! And these ancient kings, if placed in the current era, would all be of the True divinity level!

’’And according to the inheritances left behind in ancient ruins, it can be inferred that in the age when ancient races battled to rule the world, there were even existences that appeared who surpassed the the realm of True divinity! As for these mighty figures, although they were all buried in the sands of time, their inheritances were still passed down from generation to generation...’’

’’In the Saint Convocation Heaven, there exists a Primeval Realm Ruins. In these ancient ruins, it isn't surprising to occasionally find shattered inheritances! Of course, because so much time has passed it is nearly impossible to find any inheritances from these ruins as they are unimaginably scarce as well as extremely incomplete. However, with the deep background of my saint race, we have accumulated many of these fragments over billions of years!

’’And among these are inheritances of the monster and demon races!

’’Whether it is the monster race or the demon race, both are descendants of the ancient races. Your histories were once wondrous beyond compare, at least ten times more magnificent than the humans are now! In the ancient ruins of your ancestors, it isn't anything for us to find fragments of inheritances that contain knowledge about how to break into the realm of True divinity! In a sense, these things belonged to you all originally! If you take grasp of this chance you can even reestablish the glory of the demon and monster races from 10 billion years ago!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke to here, his words had caused the hearts of all the monster youths present to bubble over with excitement, leaving them bound in fascination!

During these years in the divine Realm they had been constantly subjected to the oppression of humans. This included their territory and their resources, leaving them with nothing but suppressed anger.

In particular, their ancestors were once even more dazzling than humanity was. How could heroic and valorous feelings not surge in their heart upon knowing this? They all wanted to reproduce the glory of their race from 10 billion years ago, so that every member of the monster race could live proudly!

The Monster Emperor took a deep breath, startled. What the Good Fortune Saint Son described was something he longed for in his dream. What leader of a race wouldn't hope to further the prestige of their people? If he could do so, he would be remembered for ages to come.

But the Monster Emperor knew that to accomplish this was nearly impossible.

’’This Good Fortune Saint Son can really deceive the minds of the people.’’

The Monster Emperor remained secretly alert. But, just because he wasn't affected didn't mean that the youths of his people weren't. All of them were burning with passion, feeling as if the alliance with the saints was more or less settled.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son turned to the humans and said, ’’In the Primeval Realm Ruins, there are also cultivation methods suited for suited for humans. Have you wondered why, after the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, there has yet to be a True divinity appear amongst your ranks? Do you think it is because humanity is too weak?’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son rhetorically asked, shaking the hearts of the young human elites present. These young elites certainly wouldn't believe that humans were weak, because humanity was also once endlessly glorious. At their peak time, they were in no way inferior to the saints or the spiritas.

’’Yes, humanity isn't weak at all. They have an unparalleled ability to learn and adapt, and in the essence gathering system, you all have a superiority that the other races cannot hope to compare with. However, 3.6 billion years ago, your Empyreans nearly went extinct and their inheritances were lost. Because of this, humanity had to start from the beginning. No matter how amazing your talent is, your vision was caged within the scope of the divine Realm, making it incomparably difficult to break through the realm of True divinity.

’’Us saints come to the divine Realm to invade. This I will not deny. What we want are resources. But, to you humans that understand the trend of the times, we have no evil intentions at all. In a way this is even a chance for you. During every great calamity, that is also a time when countless rivals rise up from the ranks. If it weren't for the invasion of my saint race, your horizons would still be limited and it would still be impossible for you all to break into the realm of True divinity. But now, the tides have turned...’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son slowly said.

Empyrean Traceless and Empyrean Vase Universe had extremely ugly complexions and even Empyrean divine Dream was finding it hard to maintain her calm.

The words of the Good Fortune Saint Son had turned black into white. He had painted the invasion of the saints as a chance for the heroic elites of the divine Realm to break into the realm of True divinity!

But his words each cut to the core, leaving one unable to refute them!

The human race in the divine Realm indeed had no True divinities, and the reason for this was truly because they lacked the inheritances as well as the methods.

And in terms of accumulated knowledge, humanity could not compare with the saints. It seemed that the Primeval Realm Ruins that the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke of were connected to Saint Convocation Heaven and the saints could freely enter and leave at will.

’’Primeval Realm Ruins...’’

Empyrean divine Dream pondered for a moment. In the divine Realm of the 33 Heavens, because of the existence of the God Lamenting Wall, news of other universes was extremely universes was extremely limited. The human Empyreans simply never knew that this Primeval Realm Ruins even existed.

If what the Good Fortune Saint Son said was true, then this Primeval Realm Ruins contained all sorts of rare and precious inheritances, as well as all sorts of valuable antiquities. Such a land truly left one jealous.

This longevity feast seemed to become the Good Fortune Saint Son's monologue. Even so, his words had caused a massive change in the minds of the martial artists present.

At this time, the Monster Emperor said, ’’Your Highness Saint Son, you wouldn't be giving me this congratulatory gift for nothing in return, right?’’

The Monster Emperor laughed as he looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son, waiting for his reply. It was naturally impossible for such a precious gift to be given so easily.

And in fact, the Good Fortune Saint Son's reply had already been decided ahead of time.

’’Haha, Your Majesty Monster Emperor is frank and to the point. Great! This being the case, then I will also be blunt. Of these two gifts, the first is a transcendent divine pill intended to celebrate this longevity feast. As for the second, the inheritance fragment of the monster race, the method to break into True divinity, it is also a congratulatory gift, as well as a betrothal gift!’’

With this, the Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Xiao Moxian.

He loudly announced, ’’Borrowing Your Majesty Monster Emperor's grand longevity feast, I would like to take this inheritance jade slip as a betrothal gift and become engaged to Miss Ji Xian'er!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's clear and steady voice spread throughout the entire audience.

For a time, everyone was stunned.

All of their eyes focused on Xiao Moxian.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was proposing marriage to Xiao Moxian!

And once the Monster Emperor and Empyrean Demondawn agreed, the alliance between the monster and demon races with the saints would be a done deal!

At this time, the human Empyreans couldn't sit still!

Although they realized that the demon and monster races might ally with the saints, they never thought it would be today. Moreover, it came in the form of an engagement, and even in the presence of all the human Empyreans there!

The Good Fortune Saint Son did this because he wanted to push humanity to the precipice of despair!

’’Hahaha!’’ The Monster Emperor laughed. ’’Your Highness Saint Son is an outstanding individual and in the future will even become the supreme Saint Sovereign of the saint race. Naturally, you are a good match with Xian'er. I have no objections, but must ask for the opinion of Empyrean Demondawn and Xian'er...’’

As the Monster Emperor spoke, he smiled towards Empyrean Demondawn and Xiao Moxian.

He waited for their reply.


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