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Martial World - Chapter 1762


Chapter 1762

Chapter 1762 - The Method Of Becoming A True divinity




As Xiao Moxian felt the Good Fortune Saint Son's predatory eyes on her, she was filled with disgust. However, in front of the Monster Emperor, she could only turn her head and ignore him.

’’Your Highness Saint Son, you seem to be quite interested in that half-phoenix body girl?’’

The Empyrean who came with the Good Fortune Saint Son to celebrate the longevity feast slowly commented.

This saint Empyrean's title was Shatter and he was a peak Empyrean. The reason he followed the Good Fortune Saint Son here to the Monster Emperor's longevity feast was to display the strength of the saints as well as to protect the Saint Son.

’’This Xiao Moxian's physique is extraordinary. If I can dual cultivate with her then it will be a great help to me in attacking the sixth level of the Good Fortune divine Art.’’

The reason that the Good Fortune Saint Son was able to break into the fifth level of the Good Fortune divine Art was because a number of coincidences had luckily come together. As for the sixth level of the Good Fortune divine Art, it was far more difficult. Without reaching the Great World King realm, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn't have any confidence in success.

But if he could dual cultivate with Xiao Moxian, taking her primordial yin and also fusing with her God Beast blood, that would be greatly advantageous to his body transformation technique.

With that, he might be able to attack the sixth level of the Good Fortune divine Art at the World King realm.

Even if he were to fail he would still be able to gather experience.

The earlier he broke into the sixth level of the Good Fortune divine Art, the more benefits he would have. It would form an even more superior foundation when he tried to break into the realm of True divinity in the future.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, almost all the great guests that the Monster Emperor invited to his longevity feast arrived.

Rulers of influences from all over delivered congratulatory gifts in droves.

Most of these were Empyrean level treasures. If they were placed at the divine Rune City Auction, they could sell for several hundred millions of points.

Empyrean Vast Universe gifted the great egg of an ancient desolate beast. Empyrean Traceless gifted an Empyrean spirit treasure that was dug out from an ancient ruin.

In the divine Realm, reciprocating favors was an extremely important unspoken rule.

After being gifted these treasures, the Monster Emperor would eventually have to return the favor in the future.

As for Lin Ming, White King, and the other juniors, they naturally sat still in their seats. It wasn't their turn to deliver congratulatory gifts.

And at this moment, it was time for the Good Fortune Saint Son to step on stage.

He laid down his teacup and strode atop the divine altar. Behind him followed his four followers. The four followers held two items;one was an exquisite pill box and the other was a simple jade box.

These two items immediately attracted everyone's gaze;they wanted to see just what sort of gift the Good Fortune Saint Son would send out.

After arriving in front of the Monster Emperor, the Good Fortune Saint Son ordered his follower to open the pill box. This pill box contained a dark green pill the size of a longan. A fragrant medicinal scent wafted into the air, refreshing to the senses.

All of the martial artists present had discerning eyes. They could see at a glance that this was a transcendent divine pill.

A transcendent divine pill was a pill that an Empyrean level supreme elder could take. It could help an Empyrean level martial artist increase their cultivation or consolidate their foundation. It was a rare treasure, and if one were to fall into a World King influence, it would set off a bloody war of terror.

However, in the scene of the Monster Emperor's longevity feast, a transcendent divine pill wasn't much at all.

For instance, the Empyrean spirit treasure that Empyrean Traceless gifted was far more precious than this transcendent divine pill. For the Good Fortune Saint Son, someone who came from a True divinity influence, to take out such a congratulatory gift, it was simply far too lacking.

Many human Empyreans were watching with critical eyes. They all wanted to see what the saints would be willing to put out. After all, there was still another box - just what was in it?

’’Haha, what a wonderful transcendent divine pill!’’

The Monster Emperor happily laughed. One of his disciples standing beside him moved forwards and received the pill.

The truth was that to the Monster Emperor, who was almost a peak Empyrean, this transcendent divine pill didn't have much use at all. The most it could do was help raise a God Beast.

But at this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son picked up the simple jade box from his follower's hands. The previous pill box had been opened by his follower, but this time the Good Fortune Saint Son was personally opening the jade box.

Within this jade box were layers of yellow silk. And above these layers of silk was a pure black jade slip.

This jade slip resembled black agate, shimmering with a profound light.

The Good Fortune Saint Son slowly picked up this jade slip, a happy expression on his face. ’’The previous transcendent divine pill was only for Your Majesty to casually appreciate. This... is the true gift...’’

’’This is...’’ The Monster Emperor looked at the the Good Fortune Saint Son. He didn't know why, but the black jade slip in the Good Fortune Saint Son's hands made his heart beat faster.

’’Your Majesty Monster Emperor, this is an inheritance fragment that my saint race's Good Fortune Saint Sovereign obtained when he ventured into an ancient ruin. Although this inheritance is incomplete, it actually records the methods of breaking into the realm of True divinity. Today, I bring this out as a present for Your Majesty's longevity feast.’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's voice wasn't loud, but his words spread through the entire audience!

For a time, everyone was utterly shocked!

In particular, many Empyreans present shot up from their seats to get a closer look.

All of their eyes locked onto the black jade slip.

The method to break into True divinity!

No one imagined that the Good Fortune Saint Son would take out such a precious congratulatory gift at the Monster Emperor's longevity feast.

Some Empyreans felt their hearts begin to race.

3.6 billion years ago, during the last great calamity, the saints waged a great war against humanity. Humanity had put forth the complete power of their race to survive and even Empyrean divine Seal perished in the flames of war.

In that war, although humanity managed to force back the saints, their foundation had been severely damaged and countless inheritances had been cut off. Ever since then, there had never been a human supreme elder who had managed to break into the realm of True divinity.

Many people suspected that the reason no human was able to break into the realm of True divinity was because they had lost their most precious inheritances. In other words, the cultivation methods for breaking into True divinity!

Now that the Good Fortune Saint Son suddenly brought out such a black jade slip that contained the lost knowledge, how could the Empyreans present not be excited!

For a time, the Monster Emperor's mouth turned dry. He stared at the jade slip in the Good Fortune Saint Son's hands and couldn't help but probe it with his sense. And, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn't stop him either.

The Monster Emperor could feel the ancient and complex Laws within, leaving him shocked. With his sight, he could naturally make out many things. He could feel that this black jade slip truly did contain the methods to break into True divinity!


The Monster Emperor's fingers trembled. No one could understand the temptation that the realm of True divinity held towards an Empyrean.

Once one became an Empyrean, they could freely wander the world, ruling all within their sight. However, there were still many things they couldn't reconcile with.

They couldn't see the end of the road of martial arts and their lives were limited to a hundred million years. They couldn't help but want but want to break into True divinity, stepping further onto the road of martial arts, climbing higher so that they could see further ahead!

Even Empyrean Demondawn wasn't able to remain calm upon seeing this jade slip.

The road of True divinity, that was his lifelong pursuit!

’’This move, is far too ruthless...’’

In the honored seats, Empyrean divine Dream's eyebrows pressed together. As she saw the black jade slip in the Good Fortune Saint Son's hands, she didn't feel any temptation or excitement at all.

Rather, dark clouds began to cover her mind.

In a sense, the Monster Emperor's longevity feast was a competition between the humans and saints. Each race would reveal their own strength and value and the monster and demon races would choose the one with more to offer.

Of course, from the very start the monster and demon races were already favoring the saints. The saints were simply far stronger than humanity was. Humanity wasn't able to compare with them.

Even if Empyrean divine Dream had already mentally prepared for the monster and demon races to ally with the saints, she never imagined that the Good Fortune Saint Son would take out the method to becoming a True divinity at this longevity feast!

Whether it was the impact to the monster and demon races, or whether it was the impact to the human Empyreans present, this was a blow of incalculable damage!

It had to be known that humanity also had many Empyreans that were stranded before the gates of True divinity. For them, True divinity was a boundary they yearned for even in their dreams.

The saints took out this jade slip in order to easily subdue the monster and demon races.

Now, the problem was whether or not there were dastardly traitors that would appear amongst humanity's Empyreans. Because of their desire for the method to break into True divinity, would any of them switch sides and join the saints?

It was said that traitors were worse than dogs. Although everyone understood this truth, whether it was the mortal world or the world of martial artists, during every war there would always emerge a large number of traitors that were willing to sell out their allies.

The reason they did so was because the benefits of joining the other side were far too attractive. Even if these people had to live as slaves or dogs, to them it was still better than dying in battle for their race, because if they died they would really have nothing left!

As Empyrean divine Dream thought of this, she found it increasingly difficult to remain calm. Although the Good Fortune Saint Son's actions were brazen and ostentatious, the truth was that this was simply a façade he put up. Every action he did was to push humanity further and further towards the edge of the edge of the abyss!

This was true in the previous negotiations between the humans and saints where he put forth all sorts of impossible unfavorable conditions to lay down the future downfall of humanity. Not just that, but he simultaneously forced Empyrean Vast Universe to a challenge that was eventually received by Lin Ming.

It was also true in the following dozens of years when the saints and humans confronted each other. He directed the saint race's armies to slowly nibble away at the territory of the divine Realm.

Or even, for these past years, the Good Fortune Saint Son had repeatedly challenged human World Kings and Great World Kings, defeating them one after another and striking at the confidence of humanity and pushing the momentum of the saints to the peak!

Finally, as the Monster Emperor's longevity feast began, the Good Fortune Saint Son took out the method to break into True divinity. This was almost the final straw that crushed humanity's last hopes.

Facing this sort of opponent, Empyrean divine Dream felt deep unease, her back pushed to the wall!

It had to be known that the Good Fortune Saint Son was only several hundred years old and he also possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead;his future was limitless!

He was the chosen descendant of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. In the future he would inevitably become the scourge of humanity, perhaps even becoming the one to dig their grave!

Originally, the supreme elders of humanity hoped that they could drag on the time before the great calamity truly erupted. The longer it took, the more beneficial it was because this allowed more time for the juniors of humanity, those like Lin Ming, Frost Dream, and Dragon Fang, to grow up.

But now, it seemed that the more they dragged on, the worse the situation became for them.

Currently, the human race seemed as if it would soon lose the monster and demon races as allies. And then, perhaps in just a few dozen more years, humanity would start to slowly crumble from within due to the pressure of the saints, and there would be people in their ranks surrendering on their own volition.

Once someone surrendered, there would be more and more that followed at an ever-increasing pace. If so, humanity would soon perish!

To subdue the enemy without fighting, this was the Good Fortune Saint Son's plans.

While the saints were at war with the spiritas, he was unable to spare enough power to annihilate the humans for the time being. However, by increasing the pressure step by step, he could slowly disintegrate humanity from within. After all, with the pressure slowly increasing over time, there would inevitably be those within the human race that couldn't withstand it and would betray their people!

This move, it was truly incredibly vicious!


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