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Martial World - Chapter 1761


Chapter 1761: 1761

Chapter 1761 – Meeting Xiao Moxian

“Brat, are you looking to die!?”

The four minions surrounded Lin Ming. However, Lin Ming sat calmly in his seat, simply not getting up at all.

“You’re calling us minions? Hehe… just who do you think you are? Your status is given to you by humans, and when humans no longer exist, you’ll be nothing at all;even calling you a minion then would be too much for you! How much longer do you think you’ll be able to be so arrogant?”

The words of the four minions were forceful and menacing. Although they didn’t clearly state it, there was a hidden meaning in their words – that humanity would eventually be completely wiped out by the saints.

At that time when the young elites of humanity lost the asylum of their race, they would be as pitiful and pathetic as homeless dogs. They might as well become slaves of the saints.

It was also because of this reason that the saint martial artists were filled with energy and were incredibly conceited.

Although they were servants, they didn’t feel as if they were below humans. Rather, they felt as if their statuses were no different from those of the top young elites of humanity.

As these four people spoke, many of the human martial artists present frowned. Lin Ming slowly stood up from his seat, his aura as deep as a sea. Facing him, one couldn’t help but feel their heart skip a beat.

“Hey, you want to fight?” The four minions said.

Although the four minions said this, the truth was that they were afraid. After all, this was the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast and there were many Empyreans present. The four of them were borrowing the momentum and reputation of the saints to be cocky loudmouths, but it was impossible for them to strike out at Lin Ming at this longevity feast with so many Empyreans watching them.

Moreover, they didn’t know the limits of Lin Ming’s strength.

The group of four consisted of late Holy Lords and peak Holy Lords. If they couldn’t even face Lin Ming, they would lose all face for the saint race.

“Step back!”

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke up, his voice gloomy.

“Your Highness Saint Son…”

The four minions grit their teeth. Seeing the Good Fortune Saint Son’s cold gaze, they drew back.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming and chuckled. “What? Both of us are here to celebrate the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast, and the longevity feast hasn’t even started yet you’re trying to fight with my followers. If this is all you are then I have no interest in fighting you 40 years from now.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s words dripped with a mocking tone, immediately placing Lin Ming on the same rank as his followers. If Lin Ming were truly someone with status, then there would be no point in facing off against his subordinates.

In the face of this taunting, Lin Ming maintained a smile throughout. “If the upper beam isn’t straight the lower beam will be crooked. Your servants know not the rules and loudly blather on as they please even when their master is speaking, not understanding the situation at all or knowing what to do. Really, even though these dogs were raised by you I have no idea what their master has taught them. If they are released on the street and randomly go around biting people then aren’t others allowed to beat them down with a stick?”

Lin Ming’s words struck back with equal harshness. His words caused the four minions to tremble. In such a situation there was nothing they could do;they could only endure the humiliation. The four of them had mocked Lin Ming but in the end they had brought trouble upon their own heads.

In regards to this, Empyrean divine Dream faintly frowned with worry. Before this she had cautioned Lin Ming not to come into conflict with the Good Fortune Saint Son, but it seemed as if Lin Ming hadn’t heard her at all. Rather, it appeared he was deliberately targeting the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“This Lin Ming… what is he planning to do…” Empyrean divine Dream looked towards Lin Ming, wanting to say some words, but eventually didn’t. In her mind, when Lin Ming did something he always acted within his limitations with full knowledge of the consequences.

“Your skills at being glib aren’t too bad.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son disdainfully laughed. “Do you even know your own strength? You are a mere half-step Holy Lord! 40 years from now, you should be able to break into the middle Holy Lord realm and achieve my current boundary. If that is true then I might be a little bit interested in you. Otherwise, you would be far too boring.”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, a hearty laugh echoed out. “Hahaha! Your Highness Saint Son, Sir Lin, the two of you are outstanding heroes and the day of your hundred year duel hasn’t arrived so there’s no need to act so unfriendly!”

At this time, a middle-aged man walked into the hall.

This middle-aged man stood tall and straight. His skin was fair and his eyes were were profoundly deep. His black hair hung down to his waist. He had a majestic appearance, one that overflowed with a dashing heroic spirit.

This person was the true ruler of the monster race – the Monster Emperor.

The Monster Emperor’s appearance caused everyone present to calm down.

Lin Ming also respectfully bowed. The Monster Emperor was secretly paying attention to him. Lin Ming was well aware that the Monster Emperor knew about the matter of him taking Xiao Moxian’s primordial yin as well as her pregnancy.

However, he didn’t show obvious loathing like Empyrean Demondawn did. Rather, he maintained a calm and pleasant demeanor as if he knew nothing about that situation at all.

From this point, it couldn’t be said that the Monster Emperor’s background was deeper than Empyrean Demondawn’s. Rather, the Monster Emperor was someone that was good at concealing his true emotions and intentions. As for Empyrean Demondawn, he was blunt and inclined to go straight to the point. If Lin Ming had to compare the both of them, he naturally would pay more attention to the former.

As the Monster Emperor arrived, the Empyreans present rose up one at a time to congratulate him.

And at this time, there was an announcement of another higher level figure that arrived.

It was an old acquaintance of Lin Ming’s – Empyrean Vast Universe.

After Empyrean Vast Universe greeted the Monster Emperor and divine Dream, he turned towards Lin Ming, a look of appreciation evident on his face.

In truth, the reason that Lin Ming set a hundred year duel with the Good Fortune Saint Son was because of Empyrean Vast Universe. Since Empyrean Vast Universe was protecting Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Son had challenged Vast Universe to a duel in 300 years. Because Empyrean Vast Universe had been placed upon the crest of the waves, Lin Ming had instead spoken out to accept the challenge.

And from this point alone, Lin Ming owed graciousness to Empyrean Vast Universe.

“What a good young fellow, half-step Holy Lord! You’re just a step away from reaching the Holy Lord realm, in fact… you can break through whenever you want!”

Lin Ming’s cultivation speed left Empyrean Vast Universe flabbergasted. In the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, Lin Ming had rolled over the competition. Amongst the other young elites of the divine Realm, none of them were able to face him.

“White King, you should also learn a little from Lin Ming. You don’t have to do much. If you had even a fifth of Lin Ming’s achievements I would be more than content.”

White King was Empyrean Vast Universe’s apprentice and was also standing beside Lin beside Lin Ming. As he faced Empyrean Vast Universe’s judging eyes, he secretly complained in his heart. To compare him with Lin Ming, wasn’t that just too difficult?

“Senior Vast Universe praises junior too much…” Lin Ming said. As he was about to exchange some more pleasantries with Empyrean Vast Universe, his body suddenly shook and the words he was about to speak caught in his throat. He froze where he stood.

He looked towards a corner of the main hall. From a side door, a black-clothed young girl had stepped out.

This young girl was accompanied by eight maids that walked with her. Her figure was slender and she was wearing a black formal dress. Her face was covered by a veil, only revealing a pair of beautiful eyes, making her seem like a dark enchantress of night.

She was Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian’s current appearance was different from her usual style of dress. She had rid herself of her previously playful demeanor and gained a ladylike feeling, as soft and delicate as water.

However, Lin Ming knew that this sort of delicate and weak feeling wasn’t an act at all. Because Xiao Moxian’s cultivation had been sealed and she was also pregnant, she could really be called delicate and fragile right now.

Xiao Moxian’s appearance immediately drew everyone’s eyes.

Empyrean Demondawn had placed several cleverly crafted spells on Xiao Moxian’s body. No one knew that her cultivation had been sealed away, but only thought that she was deliberately concealing her aura.

And during this banquet, Xiao Moxian was the leader of the juniors from the monster and demon races. Thus, no one would do something so rude as to investigate her inner world. Even if they did, they would only find the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art within her, nothing else.

After Xiao Moxian appeared, her beautiful eyes looked over those present – she was searching for Lin Ming.

However, with her cultivation sealed away she couldn’t release her sense. To look for a single person in this massive longevity feast hall was not easy at all.

“I’m at the front left of you…”

At this time, a familiar true essence sound transmission echoed in Xiao Moxian’s ears. She trembled and looked towards Lin Ming.

As their eyes met, countless words seemed to be exchanged through them.

Xiao Moxian bit her lips and kept quiet. Tears seemed to shimmer in her eyes.

However, their eyes met for only a few breaths of time. Afterwards, Xiao Moxian turned towards the Monster Emperor.

From beginning to end, there was a pair of cold eyes looking at the both of them. The owner of these eyes was Empyrean Demondawn.

At this banquet, Empyrean this banquet, Empyrean Demondawn didn’t allow Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming to have any communications at all.

“Isn’t that Xiao Moxian? I haven’t seen her for several years but I never thought she would already turn from a naughty tomboy into a gentle and graceful woman!”

Someone in a guest seat praised.

“Whether it is the past or present, she can always leave one fascinated. Moreover, her physique is special. Anyone that can marry her and dual cultivate with her is truly blessed and honored!”

Several guests discussed amongst each other. Many handsome young elites looked towards Xiao Moxian, admiration and awe in their eyes.

Even though so many years had passed, Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream remained the two most outstanding young women in the entire divine Realm.

They didn’t have any expectations of Frost Dream – no one could win her over.

Thus, Xiao Moxian naturally became the dream lover of countless men.

“These stupid humans. They don’t know that Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor have already agreed to my marriage proposition! It won’t be long before that goddess of your hearts is waiting upon my crotch!”

Not too far away, the Good Fortune Saint Son listened to these young elites talk, a smug smile on his face.

Xiao Moxian was a yummy little dish he was destined to eat. As the Good Fortune Saint Son thought of taking Xiao Moxian from the young elites of humanity, he felt filled with a deep sense of accomplishment.

In particular, after listening to the discussions of these young elites from the divine Realm and then looking at the admiration in their eyes, a feeling of superiority rose in his heart.

Not only would he eventually destroy the divine Realm in the future but he would even steal away the most peerless beauty of the divine Realm. This conquest left the Good Fortune Saint Son extremely satisfied.

He playfully looked at Xiao Moxian, playing with the teacup in his hand.

Because the Good Fortune Saint Son was sitting in a seat near the front, he was quite close to Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian could faintly feel the Good Fortune Saint Son’s gaze on her, and she turned to look at him.

Seeing Xiao Moxian look at him, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s smile became even wider. He laughed and whispered, “Don’t worry, there is not even an incense stick of time left. Once the longevity feast begins I will take out a congratulatory gift. At the same time as I offer this gift, I will also discuss marriage with Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor. At that time, you will be mine.”


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