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Martial World - Chapter 1758


Chapter 1758

Chapter 1758 - Reunion of Young Elites




’’Sir Lin, are you ready? Senior divine Dream wishes to inform you that it is time to leave.’’

The voice of a maid echoed out from the other side of Lin Ming's room. Lin Ming lightly said, ’’I understand.’’

After wrapping the spear shaft with a strip of cloth, Lin Ming put the spear away and stood up.

Although this was called attending a grand longevity feast banquet, to Lin Ming it was the same as stepping onto a battlefield.

At this time, Lin Ming heard Xiao Moxian's sound transmission.

’’Big Brother Lin, my grandfather just came and placed several spells on my body so that no one can make out any differences in me. My time in the longevity feast will be short. Moreover, I will need to agree to the Good Fortune Saint Son's proposal in front of everyone...’’

Xiao Moxian's voice was a bit restless.

Lin Ming only said, ’’Do not agree to him. Leave everything else to me.’’


Hearing Lin Ming's voice once more, Xiao Moxian's heart warmed and her unease faded away.

’’Miss, please hurry, we still must comb your hair and help you change clothes.’’

At this time, Xiao Moxian heard the shout of a maid. They were worried that Xiao Moxian was planning some little trick to cause a problem at the longevity feast. If that happened, even 10,000 deaths wouldn't be enough of a punishment.

’’I'm coming.’’ Xiao Moxian coldly said. It had been difficult for her to get some time alone from these maids and she couldn't delay them too long.


Two hours later, the Monster Emperor's grand longevity feast finally began.

The group that Lin Ming traveled with gathered at a specified area.

On the fresh grass, two white-clothed women were talking and laughing. Although their appearances were clearly different, they gave off a feeling of similarity.

As the two women stood there, when combined with the wonderful background around them, it brought a completely natural sense of harmony.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister... Miss Mo...’’ Lin Ming was surprised to see these two women. These two were the sisters Mo Eversnow and Mo Brightmoon. Originally, Mo Eversnow and Mo Brightmoon had stayed at divine Dream Heavenly Palace, so Lin Ming didn't think they would suddenly arrive at the monster race.

’’Lin Ming, you finally left seclusion...’’ Mo Eversnow looked at Lin Ming, her eyes deep and complex. Now that she was reunited with her sister, all of her wishes had been brought to completion.

The truth was that Mo Eversnow had already come several days ago. But in these past days Lin Ming had been deep in seclusion in order to confront the scene of the longevity feast, thus she only saw him today.

She had learned from her little sister than Tian Mingzi had been killed by Lin Ming using tricks and tactics. Although Lin Ming had drawn support from a death zone, for him to do so still left Mo Eversnow incomparably shocked.

To know that the deep hatred and animosity she had been shouldering for 50,000 years had been avenged all of a sudden, Mo Eversnow felt it all a bit unreal.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister... you also came?’’

Compared to dozens of years ago, Mo Eversnow seemed to have stepped onto a completely different road of cultivation. Even Lin Ming found it hard to see through her boundary.

This didn't mean that Mo Eversnow was stronger than Lin Ming. But, because she had borrowed the mortal body of the goddess from the primal god race, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, in many cases it was impossible to judge her strength using common sense.

Lin Ming could confirm that in these past several dozen years, Mo Eversnow had been following Empyrean divine Dream in divine Dream Heavenly Palace, training in the cultivation methods left behind by the ancient primal god race. It was inevitable that her strength would ascend to a completely new level.

The Laws of the god race were also one of the 33 Heavenly Daos.

’’Mm... when Miss Frost Dream left seclusion, we came together.’’

As Mo Eversnow spoke, amongst the many attending maids from divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming could see a blue-clothed girl looking like a fairy that had fallen from the heavens, elegant and unstained by the mortal world.

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. This blue-clothed girl was Frost Dream, someone Lin Ming hadn't seem for a long time!

Lin Ming already knew that Frost Dream was a reincarnation avatar of divine Dream. As he looked at Frost Dream once more, he could feel that her aura was becoming increasingly similar to divine Dream's.

Perhaps in the near future, the two of them would fuse together as one.

At that time, time, Empyrean divine Dream would truly step into the realm of True divinity. However, it was unknown whether or not she could accomplish that before the great calamity erupted.

Lin Ming turned towards Frost Dream and faintly smiled, greeting her. Frost Dream slightly bowed in response, not saying anything. From the time he met her, she had always had a cold and distant personality.

’’Lin Ming, when you killed Tian Mingzi, did you happen to keep his bones or head?’’

Mo Eversnow grit her teeth beside Lin Ming. The hatred she felt towards Tian Mingzi was far too entrenched in her bones. She wanted to see Tian Mingzi's severed head with her own eyes.

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’Tian Mingzi's mortal body has already been destroyed. But, his soul is sealed in my Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. After the longevity feast ends, I can show him to Senior-apprentice Sister.’’


Mo Eversnow took a deep breath, gripping her fists tight. She said in a low voice, ’’Lin Ming, thank you...’’

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, there is no need to thank me like a stranger...’’

Lin Ming smiled. At this time, Empyrean divine Dream arrived.

’’Let us go.’’

She lightly said. At the same time, Empyrean divine Dream also cast Lin Ming a deep look. Lin Ming understood the significance in her gaze. She hoped that he would act accordingly in the longevity feast and wouldn't suffer a loss.

Lin Ming nodded, expressing that he knew what he had to do.

Empyrean divine Dream didn't say anything further. Everything that could be said had already been said. She believed that with Lin Ming's personality, he would never do something that was beyond his control.

Like this, the group flew into the skies!

As Lin Ming followed divine Dream to the longevity feast, he was actually shocked by the inside background of the monster race.

So, it seemed that sealed within the monster race's Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda, there was actually a sea.

The sea was incomparably proud. Origin energy was thick in the air as high and mighty waves tumbled about.

Without a doubt, this was a world that the monster race had sealed within the Black Pagoda. However, this world was far too large. To seal such a large world into the Black Pagoda, this was too shocking. At least, Lin Ming didn't believe that the Monster Emperor had the ability the ability to accomplish such a feat.

’’The monster race has an extremely deep background. In the ancient past, their people also produced True divinities...’’ divine Dream faintly said from beside Lin Ming. ’’In the past, the monster race used to be one of the ancient races. 7-8 billion years ago to 10 billion years ago, the monster race was incomparably magnificent. Compared to humanity's inheritances, theirs were far, far longer. Unfortunately, they have already declined, and it's unknown just how much longer they will be able to continue living on for...’’

Empyrean divine Dream sighed as she spoke. Lin Ming knew that as she spoke about the monster race, she was also worried about the human race.

If the rabbit dies, the fox also grieves;it was easy to have sympathy for someone in similar distress. Humanity's future was just as muddled and chaotic as the monster race's was...

In the vast universes of the 33 Heavens, there had never been a race which was able to live prosperously forever...

’’Is the god race also an ancient race?’’

Lin Ming suddenly asked, looking at Mo Eversnow. Mo Eversnow had possessed the body of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had come from the primal god race.

’’Yes. 10 billion years ago, out of all the ancient races, the primal god race was the most powerful of them all, thus the reason they dared to call themselves the god race. Their race has a small population, but every individual among them is extraordinary beyond belief. The god race is likely the most perfect race that the heavens have ever created!’’

The second time that Lin Ming went to the Eternal Demon Abyss, he had heard from the remnant soul of Empyrean Primordius' disciple about the god race. The god race possessed a formidable divine soul, mortal body, and inner world. They were able to cultivate essence, energy, and divine. From the moment they were born they possessed great strength and a talent that defied the will of the heavens. Not just that, but their lifespan was ten times longer than that of a human.

They were indeed existences that defied heaven's logic.

Unfortunately, even such a race wasn't able to prosper forever. Their people declined over time, and several hundred thousand years ago they had neared extinction.

It seemed that afterwards, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing and Empyrean Primordius had built the had built the Samsara Road together. Their goal was to draw support from the mighty strength of reincarnation through samsara and find the thread of hope for the survival of the primal god race.

But in the end, they had failed.

The Monster Emperor's longevity feast was on an island deep in the center of the sea.

This island alone was 800 miles in diameter. All around this island were smaller islands that surrounded it like planets around a sun, dotting the landscape.

And in the seas amongst these islands, there were countless massive monster beasts, patrolling back and forth.

There were deep sea black turtles, horned sea flood dragons, heaven-swallowing pythons, sea hydras, and so forth.

These sea beasts were titanic in size and each one surpassed a Holy Lord in strength. All of them obeyed the commands of the monster race. If they were to battle, they would be a terrifying force.

’’Senior divine Dream! Brother Lin Ming!’’

Suddenly, in the far off distance, a voice echoed out. Someone strode forwards in greeting, sending their regards first to Empyrean divine Dream and then Lin Ming.

This person was unexpectedly White King, Empyrean Vast Universe's core disciple. At the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, he had fought with Lin Ming on the arena stage!

Behind White King, there was a large and strong team of people. It was clear that Empyrean Vast Universe had also come.

’’Long time no see.’’

Lin Ming greeted. As he saw White King again, he felt his heart fill with emotion. For this longevity feast it was likely that all of the top young elites of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, those like Dragon Fang, Hang Chi, and Jun Bluemoon, would also come.

Of course, one of the main leads of this event, Xiao Moxian, was also one of the top geniuses from that year's First Martial Meeting.

However, at the time of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, Lin Ming would never have thought that he would one day come together with that overly arrogant and sometimes insufferably cute Xiao Moxian.

It could only be said that fate was far too wonderful.

Almost a hundred years had passed since that First Martial Meeting. Thinking back to those days, everyone had been far too young and filled with passion. Now that they met again, it was natural to be filled with emotion.


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