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Martial World - Chapter 1756


Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756 - Thousand Mile Heartlink




’’But, Miss...’’

The several maids kneeled in the water, confusion and panic coloring their faces. The Monster Emperor had commanded them to not allow Xiao Moxian to leave their line of sight for even a single moment. Although it was said to be serving her, the truth was that it was monitoring her.

With Xiao Moxian's character, she wouldn't sit around and do nothing. She would try everything within her power to make something happen. If no one was watching over her at all moments, who knew what would happen. The Monster Emperor and Empyrean Demondawn wouldn't feel relieved either.

’’Leave!’’ Xiao Moxian's expression was cold. ’’When I'm bathing I do not like others staring at me from the side.’’


The several maids looked to each other. If Xiao Moxian was telling them to leave, they really didn't know what to do.

’’Miss, please don't cause trouble for us. We are merely following the Monster Emperor's orders and cannot leave you. At most we can stand near the door.’’

The several maids moved out and quietly fell back to the entrance.

Xiao Moxian's bathing chamber was extremely large and the entrance was around a hundred feet from the bathing pool.

When the maids left, Xiao Moxian quieted down. She took a deep breath and slowly sank into the water.

Her shimmering skin and luscious curves submerged into the water. Finally, even her head went down under. Her long black hair was like a black rose blooming in a lake as it scattered outwards...

Warm waves of water rippled along her body. Although this should have been comfortable, at this moment Xiao Moxian only felt exceptionally lonely.

She slowly traced the strange and exotic necklace hanging down on her chest.

This necklace couldn't be called beautiful at all. In fact, many people would consider it somewhat ugly. The chain was overly thick and uncomfortable to wear, and the design itself was crude and simple, without any feminine elegance.

The reason Xiao Moxian carried this necklace with her was because it was the first gift Lin Ming had given her.

It had a pleasant-sounding name - the Thousand Mile Heartlink.

After Xiao Moxian was placed under house arrest by Empyrean Demondawn, all of her strength had been sealed away. Besides her extraordinary physique, in all other aspects she was similar to a mortal.

In this situation, it would be difficult for Xiao Moxian to contact Lin Ming and impossible for her to tell him about her upcoming marriage proposal from the saints.

However, because of this necklace, everything had turned around!

Lin Ming had purchased this necklace at divine Rune City's treasure fair before the auction began. He had spent 30 million contribution points in order to buy it.

This necklace could record a person's soul aura. The owner of this necklace could contact the person whose soul aura was recorded within. No matter how far apart they were, as long as they were in the same universe, they could contact each other!

However, this necklace could only be used to communicate between two specific people. Due to its niche function and the high cost to create one, its price had been incredibly high.

Even an Empyrean spirit treasure was only several hundred million points. In other words, this necklace was worth a tenth of an Empyrean spirit treasure.

Another restriction was that this necklace was limited to the Asura Road in use. However, before she and Lin Ming left the Asura Road, he had tinkered with the necklace and told her she could use it in the divine Realm.

Xiao Moxian had already recorded Lin Ming's soul aura in the necklace. Now, it was her first time using it.

Her thoughts focused on the Thousand Mile Heartlink. Xiao Moxian began to whisper Lin Ming's name...

She was extremely afraid. With her strength being sealed, she didn't know whether she had the ability to use this necklace. But now she could only try her best, even if there was no hope left.

Xiao Moxian's chanting whispers carried with them her her final hopes and message. She sent them into the unknown void, and beneath the mysterious pull of the Laws, they departed from the monster race's great pagoda, veering towards the silver spirit ship that was flying away from divine Dream Heavenly Palace...


’’Lin Ming the Monster Emperor's grand longevity feast will begin in several more days. Tomorrow we will go to the monster race's Black Pagoda.’’ In the silver spirit ship, Empyrean divine Dream was advising Lin Ming.

Lin Ming bowed, ’’Junior understands, Senior divine Dream. I will prepare to my best.’’

’’You don't need to make any special preparations. The only reason I am telling you this again is to urge you not to come into conflict with the Good Fortune Saint Son at the banquet. He cannot do anything to you. If he provokes you, you need not pay attention to him. Do not forget, you are far younger than he is. No one will laugh at you for ignoring him. Rather, they will simply think that the Good Fortune Saint Son is bullying you. Do you understand?’’

’’I understand...’’ Lin Ming nodded. In truth, he didn't mind waiting the full hundred years to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son. Because if that were true, the Good Fortune Saint Son would have even less of a chance of victory!

And concealing his own abilities would also give him an advantage.

Just as Lin Ming was about to request to leave, at this time, he shook and froze on the spot.

An unbelievable sound transmission rang out in his mind, the contents of it leaving him shocked!


Lin Ming was left at a complete loss. ’’Xian'er said... she's pregnant? I... I actually... have a child...’’

All of this had happened far too quickly. With the great calamity approaching, Lin Ming simply didn't want to have any children at all. He was afraid that after the child was born, it would have to face a cruel and brutal war.

But the plans of the heavens superseded those of man.

For Xiao Moxian, having Moxian, having a child was originally an incredibly difficult matter. When Lin Ming was together with Xiao Moxian, he had listened to her more than once speak about how she might never have any children in her lifetime. Because of this reason, Xiao Moxian had always been covered in a faint layer of gloom.

Now that Xiao Moxian was finally pregnant, this should have been an event worthy of endless excitement and joy.

But from Xiao Moxian's tone, Lin Ming could hear no joy or happiness. Rather, there was only worry and sorrow.

Lin Ming's heart felt gripped. He was well aware that in her current situation, this child would place her in danger!

He anxiously said, ’’Xian'er, has the matter of your pregnancy been discovered?’’

Lin Ming tried to respond to Xiao Moxian's voice with his soul force. As he asked this, on the other end of the Thousand Mile Heartlink, Xiao Moxian trembled, tears quietly flowing from her eyes...

With her having lost her strength, even with the Thousand Mile Heartlink she wasn't sure that she could contact Lin Ming. Now, as she had nearly lost all hope in despair, as she had to face the threats of her heartless grandfather, as she had to soon agree to marriage with the Good Fortune Saint Son, she had finally heard Lin Ming's voice.

Xiao Moxian could no longer suppress the feelings within her heart.

’’I've been discovered... I didn't know I was pregnant at the start, otherwise I would have waited until the child was born before returning to the monster race... Big Brother Lin, what can I do? I've already been placed under house arrest by Grandfather. My grandfather, he...’’

Xiao Moxian related all of her experiences in the monster race and demon race to Lin Ming, including Empyrean Demondawn threatening her with her child's life to agree to marriage with the Good Fortune Saint Son.


On the stone bed that Lin Ming was sitting on, a crack suddenly appeared!

This was because due to Lin Ming's rage, energy had involuntarily rushed out from rushed out from his body.

Empyrean divine Dream was startled upon seeing this. ’’Lin Ming, what is it?’’

At that moment, Empyrean divine Dream had felt a strange energy spread into Lin Ming's spiritual sea. As for what it meant, she didn't know.

Empyrean divine Dream also didn't understand the Asura Laws.

Lin Ming remained silent, not able to immediately reply to divine Dream. At this time, Xiao Moxian's voice sounded out in his mind once more.

’’Big Brother Lin, I don't want to agree to the marriage, but I cannot lose my child...’’

As Xiao Moxian was soaking in the bathing pool, her tears washed into the water, making it slightly salty...

Lin Ming could understand the meaning within Xiao Moxian's words. For the child within her womb, she was willing to do anything. In a situation where she had no choice, she could only agree to marry the Good Fortune Saint Son.

This was something Lin Ming could absolutely not accept.

Lin Ming gripped his fists, his knuckles releasing explosive crackling sounds.

In the end, he was just far too weak!

If he could completely annihilate the saint race by himself, would Xiao Moxian have to face all of this?

’’Don't worry, you will always have me... I will not allow anyone to harm our child nor will I allow others to steal you away. You do not need to consent to the Saint Son's marriage but do not offend your grandfather either. Leave the rest to me.’’

Lin Ming's words echoed through the Laws of the Thousand Mile Heartlink and into Xian Moxian's ears.

For a time, this was the only sound in Xiao Moxian's world.

Don't worry, you will always have me...

With these words, it was like all of Xiao Moxian's grief and sorrow had instantly disappeared.

In her life, she always believed that she could stand alone, that all she needed was to be strong. But after meeting Lin Ming and especially after discovering she had a child, she discovered that she also desired to be protected and cared for...


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