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Martial World - Chapter 1755


Chapter 1755: 1755

Chapter 1755 – Demondawn’s Turmoil

Three days later –

In a massive silver battleship outside Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda, the Good Fortune Saint Son sat above a stone bed, deep in meditation.

Then, a flame flickered in front of him.

This was the light of a sound transmitting talisman. A brief ray of thought penetrated into the Good Fortune Saint Son’s spiritual sea along with it.

Reading this message, the Good Fortune Saint Son grinned.

“Your Highness Saint Son, what are you so happy about?”

A rainbow-clothed girl tittered and asked from beside the Good Fortune Saint Son.

The Good Fortune Saint Son narrowed his eyes. He played with the burning embers of the sound transmitting talisman and leisurely said, “The Monster Emperor has sent me a message. Xiao Moxian has agreed to marry me. As long as I propose at the longevity fest, she will agree!”

“Hohohoho! Congratulations Your Highness!” The rainbow-clothed girl happily said. “I’ve already said that Your Highness Saint Son is a dragon amongst men. There are countless teams of proud daughters among the saints that are just waiting for the Saint Son to visit them. How could this Xiao Moxian possibly refuse Your Highness? If Your Highness Saint Son is willing to dual cultivate with her and take her primordial yin, that is her good fortune!”

The rainbow-clothed girl smirked as she spoke. She really did think that Xiao Moxian had obtained a great bargain by being able to latch onto a thigh of the Saint Son. This was because after the great calamity was over, the saints would capture the divine Realm and rule the world. As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he would eventually become the new Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. At that time, Xiao Moxian would be a favored imperial concubine of the Saint Sovereign, so of course she would easily profit from all this.

“Humph! This is simply a union of benefits. The Monster Emperor and Empyrean Demondawn are both eagerly waiting for me to hand over the method of becoming a True divinity! However, even if I hand over the method to them their chances of breaking into the True divinity realm are less than 1%, and even if they can, that is something that will only happen dozens of millions of years from now.”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, he walked to a window. Looking out the porthole at the Black Pagoda of the monster race, the smile on his face became increasingly wide.

At this time, the rainbow-clothed girl reached out from behind the Good Fortune Saint Son and held onto his waist. In a spoiled tone she said, “That seductress has a physique that is very suited to dual cultivation, so being able to take her primordial yin is extremely beneficial. Although Your Highness Saint Son has a new love, you shouldn’t forget your old flames either!”

As the rainbow-clothed girl spoke, a hand gently rubbed against the Good Fortune Saint Son like a spirit snake.

“Haha!” The Good Fortune Saint Son grabbed the woman’s arm and pulled her into his chest. He laughed, saying, “How could I forget the old. You follow me from your heart, but that Ji Xian’er might not be the same. If she knows her limits and takes care of me calmly and without reserve, then I might give her a proper status.”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, he picked up the rainbow-clothed girl and tossed her into the luxurious great chair. As she cried out in shock, the Good Fortune Saint Son had already thrown himself onto her.

For a time, the only sounds that filled the room were heated pants and moans.

And behind this extravagant and obscene scene, outside of the porthole, the monster race’s Black Pagoda stood tall, standing between the heavens and earth like an ancient dragon rising to the sky…

A gray moon hung high in the sky. Cold starlight sprinkled down, covering the Black Pagoda.

At the peak of the Black Pagoda, at a summit that stood a million feet up into the air, a black-robed man stood quietly, his gaze looking out a hundred miles towards the Good Fortune Saint Son’s silver battleship.

The black-robed man’s looks were cold and decisive. The edges and lines of his face were sharp and distinct. His eyes were like black gems, shining with a profound light.

This man was Empyrean Demondawn. He had stood here for three days and three nights, not moving in the least. He was like a black stone sculpture that had stood here since time immemorial.


A faint sigh sounded out from behind Empyrean Demondawn. A middle-aged-looking man in a red robe slowly stepped onto the summit. This person was the ruler of the monster race, the Monster Emperor.

“Demondawn, if Xian’er doesn’t agree, will you really kill the child in her womb?”

Empyrean Demondawn slightly shook. He turned his head, In the bright moonlight, his profile was illuminated a dark silver gray.

He humorlessly chuckled. “If you ask such a question, we must first be able to hide the matter of her pregnancy before even considering it!”

Empyrean Demondawn shook his head once more. He loathed Lin Ming from the depths of his heart for stealing away his granddaughter’s chastity, and wished that he could tear Lin Ming to shreds. But no matter what happened, the reality was that the child in Xiao Moxian’s womb had the bloodline of their their monster and demon races. Moreover, when he investigated the child with his energy, he discovered that it was beyond ordinary.

The child possessed a True Phoenix bloodline and True Dragon aura. Moreover, it also possessed a strength he could not understand. Although Empyrean Demondawn didn’t know what the origin of this strength was, it made his heart inexplicably race. Moreover, this child hadn’t formed a true fetus form and yet it was already able to affect heaven and earth origin energy as well as the Laws. This sort of talent was far too terrifying!

If the saints discovered the existence of this child, they absolutely would not allow it to be born in the world. They would destroy it before then!

The Monster Emperor said, “The energy lock you sealed away Xian’er’s dantian with comes from the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. It can swallow all origin energy as well as the pure yang energy and fetal energy within her. During the longevity feast, as long as Xian’er doesn’t reveal any flaws or arouse the suspicions of the saints, she should be able to conceal what happened…”

When Empyrean Demondawn had placed an energy lock within Xiao Moxian, although it was to threaten her, the main purpose was to protect her.

“We must hide the truth, otherwise the consequences will be inconceivable!” Empyrean Demondawn grimly said.

At the longevity banquet, if Xiao Moxian’s pregnancy became known by the Good Fortune Saint Son and also made public there, the results would be unimaginable!

This wasn’t just a strike against the Good Fortune Saint Son’s face, this was completely ripping apart his face.

In a situation where the saints were making a marriage alliance with the demon and monster races, the fiancée Xiao Moxian had already been stolen away by the top genius of humanity, Lin Ming, and even carried his child. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s head would turn so red it would likely blow up.

Everyone under the heavens would laugh and jeer at the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Even within the saint race there would absolutely be some people and influences who didn’t like the Good Fortune Saint Son and would take advantage of this to stir up chaos.

At that time, the Good Fortune Saint Son would be blinded with rage and it was likely that their alliance would be ruined!

It had to be known that compared to the saints, the monster and demon races didn’t have much strength at all.

The saints didn’t necessarily need to ally with the monster and demon races. Their purpose in doing so was to strike at the confidence of humanity so that the saints would suffer fewer losses.

But on the other hand, if the monster and demon races demon races didn’t ally with the saints, there was a 99% chance that the two races would be exterminated in the great calamity.

The safest path to take was naturally to kill the child in Xiao Moxian’s womb.

But, Empyrean Demondawn was well aware that if he did this… he would lose his granddaughter forever.

The next time they met in the future, it would be as blood sworn enemies!

“That damned little beast!”

Empyrean Demondawn suddenly gripped his fists, his knuckles crackling. He wished he could tear apart Lin Ming!

The truth was that dozens of years ago, not long after Xiao Moxian arrived at the Asura Road, Monster Prince Duyu had sent Old Blue a message which included the news Xiao Moxian was travelling together within someone. Monster Prince Duyu’s message had been filled with grievances. At the time, from the clues given, Empyrean Demondawn suspected this person was Lin Ming.

At that point, whether it was Empyrean Demondawn or the Monster Emperor, neither of them ever thought that things would develop to this stage.

“Lin Ming… agh! If it wasn’t for the great calamity then it would have been appropriate for Xian’er to be with him. But what a pity, the times will not accommodate them. The great calamity is soon to arrive and he is too young. I estimate that within the next several hundred years, the true great calamity will erupt. At that time, Lin Ming will not be any older than 500 years. A 500 year old junior, what use will he be in the face of a great calamity that has swept up the fates of two races? He is simply asking for death!”

The Monster Emperor shook his head. Let alone Lin Ming, just how much could Empyrean divine Dream do when faced with the terrifying might of the saint race?

“Humph! Live to 500 years? It’s already more than enough for him to live long enough to fulfill his 100 year battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son!” Right now, Empyrean Demondawn felt bothered whenever Lin Ming’s name was mentioned. This wasn’t just because Lin Ming had left a massive pile of trouble for them to cover up, but also because Empyrean Demondawn felt that Lin Ming had stolen his granddaughter from him. From his previous exchange with Xiao Moxian, he noticed that every time she spoke up it was to help Lin Ming, even opposing her grandfather to do so! How could he not be angered!

“A hundred year battle… I really do hope that Lin Ming can win or at the very least not lose in an ugly manner. But unfortunately… that is impossible…”

The Monster Emperor said, dark clouds rising in his heart. In the depths In the depths of his heart he certainly hoped that humanity could survive the great calamity. After all, when the humans ruled the divine Realm, the monster race was able to live on. But if the saints were to rule the divine Realm, it was unknown what their situation would be.

Even though the Monster Emperor knew this logic, he had no other choice he could make.

When one was weaker than someone else, they could only bow their head in defeat.

Empyrean Demondawn let out a deep sigh. He looked in the distance, his eyes filled with bleak sorrow.

Facing the changing momentum of the world, he felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

It was like becoming an Empyrean was all in vain.

Whether it was his granddaughter’s happiness or the future of the monster and demon races, everything was spiraling out of his control.

If this was all he could accomplish in the entirety of his life, that was truly too much of a failure…


As Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor were at a loss for what path to take, in Xiao Moxian’s room, the entire chamber was filled with an intoxicating fragrance.

A 100 square foot pool was filled with scintillating flower petals. The air was blurry with mist.

“Miss, please undress.”

Several maids wearing thin gauze knelt on the ground, each of them holding a variety of bathing tools as they waited upon Xiao Moxian.

Looking at the carefully mixed pool of water, Xiao Moxian’s demeanor was blasé. She removed her layers of clothing, revealing a perfect body.

She gently lifted her right foot, her pearly toes stepping onto the walls of the pool. Her snow white legs were so enchanting that they left one blinded with beauty.

She slowly stepped into the pool, her body sinking in.

The mist was like a dream. Xiao Moxian submerged herself in the pool. The several maids respectfully walked near Xiao Moxian, taking off their thin gauze clothes and stepping into the pool with her, beginning to help wipe down her body.

Her porcelain perfect skin dripped with crystalline beads of water. Her body was like a flower collecting the morning dew, leaving one mesmerized.

“Miss, please take this off.”

Several maids wanted to help Xiao Moxian wash her chest, but strung at her chest was a strangely exotic necklace.

With this necklace in the way, it was naturally inconvenient to wash her chest.

“You leave, I will wash myself.”

Xiao Moxian frowned, as if she were unhappy that these maids were touching her chest.

The several maids panicked as they saw Xiao Moxian become somewhat disgruntled.


Xiao Moxian’s voice was harsh. But, her right hand grasped her necklace, holding it tight!

To Xiao Moxian, this necklace held extraordinary significance…


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