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Martial World - Chapter 1751


Chapter 1751: 1751

Chapter 1751 – Distress

Facing the Monster Emperor’s questions, Xiao Moxian felt a pained bitterness. In her weakened state, she might not even be able to deal with a peak Holy Lord!

And if she really couldn’t deal with a peak Holy Lord, the matter of her grandfather losing face would only be a minor consequence. What she worried about was that someone would think there was something strange going on with her and decide to inspect her inner world for problems. If that happened, everything would be over.

But at this time, a high yet harsh voice echoed out, dripping with unfriendliness, “I think that Your Majesty is too generous with Miss Xian’er. Let alone a peak Holy Lord, I’m afraid she will find it difficult to deal with a late Holy Lord martial artist. For Miss Xian’er to go to the Asura Road this time, perhaps it really must have been a mistake. Or, maybe Miss Xian’er has exhausted all of her potential. If so, then even if she didn’t go to the Asura Road, I fear nothing would have changed…”

When these words were spoken, the entire welcoming reception fell into utter silence!

Everyone looked towards the origin of the voice – the one speaking was Monster Concubine Archess!

At this time, Monster Concubine Archess had just finished eating a beautiful spirit fruit and was using a handkerchief of divine silk to wipe her cherry red lips.

Her movements were careful and delicate, like she was rubbing an exquisite jade sculpture. Such a scene was originally filled with an aesthetic sense, but when combined with the words she had just spoken, it caused the previously slightly embarrassed Empyrean Demondawn’s complexion to darken.

Even if Xiao Moxian’s potential had indeed been exhausted, no one was allowed to speak of it!

“Concubine Archess, what are you trying to do?”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice was ice cold. He had always been an aggressive individual and was very fond of Xiao Moxian, doting on her a great deal. So how could he allow his own granddaughter to be insulted like this! “According to what Concubine Archess says, Xian’er isn’t amazing at all. Then let me ask you, in your Hydra Clan, are there any juniors in Xian’er’s realm that can compete with her? If there are then bring them out to fight!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s words were forceful and menacing. As he said them, Xiao Moxian felt her heart tighten. She didn’t think that the situation would devolve to such a scene. If she really did have to fight then that would undoubtedly be extremely bad.

This Monster Concubine Archess, just what had she done to offend her? A woman with such a status shouldn’t be trying to needle her at every possible moment during such a grand event.

Even the Monster Emperor faintly frowned. He shouted, “Concubine Archess, just what kind of words are you saying! Even for an unrivalled genius, there will always be periods where they lag behind, but none of that matters as long as they can continue to display magnificent results in the future! Moreover, even if Xian’er does lag beyond, she still far surpasses all other geniuses of her age. It's only that the expectations we’ve placed on her are far too heavy!”

The Monster Emperor’s words could be called returning a bit of face to Xiao Moxian and Empyrean Demondawn.

But Monster Concubine Archess didn’t seem to appreciate this kindness. It was like she had taken the wrong medicine today, causing every single one of her words to be filled with explosive provocation.

She faintly smiled and continued to say, “Your Majesty the Monster Emperor need not take offense, this concubine was simply carelessly speaking. Throughout the endless ages there have been many talents who have lagged behind for a small period of time but maintained their glorious rise afterwards. But, there have also been many geniuses who have failed afterwards, their potential being completely exhausted and vanishing from sight… what Empyrean Demondawn said is true, there is no genius in my clan that can compete with Miss Xian’er. Indeed, in the past, there was one such genius who could. He went to the Asura Road together with Miss Xian’er and afterwards he didn’t return. Even the lifesoul jade slip he kept in the clan had been shattered…”

Monster Concubine Archess’ words were cold and critical. Upon hearing them, Xiao Moxian froze. She finally realized just why Monster Concubine Archess had been targeting her at every opportunity.

So it was because of this… the genius of the monster race that they had sent to accompany her to the Asura Road, Monster Prince Duyu, had come from the same clan as Monster Concubine Archess.

“That’s right, Monster Prince Duyu was from the Hydra Clan…”

Xiao Moxian thought, her heart bitter.

At God Burying Ridge, Monster Prince Duyu hadn’t liked Lin Ming at all. When Lin Ming was being chased by Mister Zhou, Imperial Prince Naqi, and the others, Monster Prince Duyu was afraid that he would be sucked into his mess and thus he had suggested that their group rid themselves of Lin Ming, and then he and Xiao Moxian could follow the group and leave. This was also because he was hoping that Mister Zhou would find and kill Lin Ming.

But then Xiao Moxian had stubbornly stuck together with Lin Ming, causing Monster Prince Duyu’s plan to fail.

After that, Xiao Moxian was forced into Tragic Death Valley with Lin Ming and had not heard any news of of Monster Prince Duyu since. In fact, she had nearly forgotten about him.

Now that she heard Concubine Archess’ words, it was clear that Monster Prince Duyu had died in the Asura Road, and he had likely been killed at God Burying Ridge!

In Xiao Moxian’s heart, this Monster Prince Duyu was an unimportant character. But to the monster race, he was indeed a genius, especially to Concubine Archess’ Hydra Clan. He had been a direct descendant!

Amongst the younger generation of the Hydra Clan, Monster Prince Duyu had been the most outstanding junior there was. But he had died in the Asura Road. How could Monster Concubine Archess not be sad about this, how could she not be angry!

Hearing Monster Concubine Archess mention Monster Prince Duyu once more, the Monster Emperor’s complexion darkened. “Concubine Archess, are you trying to put the blame of Duyu’s death atop of Xian’er? As the head of the harem, how could you not understand the simple truths of the world? The Asura Road smelting trial is originally filled with perilous risks, and life and death are both decided by one’s destiny. If Duyu died in the Asura Road then the only one that can be blamed is him for lacking in destiny, it had nothing to do with Xian’er. Do you think that Duyu was killed by Xian’er?”

“Hohohoho! You are asking what responsibility she has? Don’t you know that Xiao Moxian is nothing but a little witch that loves to draw disasters upon herself? As soon as she arrived at the Asura Road she provoked a City lord, causing the City Lord to fight Old Blue, the guardian that the monster and demon races sent to protect Xiao Moxian and Duyu! In the end, both of them were wounded! At this time, according to Duyu’s original intentions he should have returned to the divine Realm. If he came back then there wouldn’t have been any problem at all!

“But what did Xiao Moxian do? She took advantage of the time when Old Blue was closed up in seclusion recovering from his wounds and ran away! After that, because Duyu was worried she would encounter some accident, he went to find her and finally tracked her down after a great deal of hardship! But even after suffering so much to find her, she didn’t listen to Duyu’s advice at all and refused to return. Finally, because Duyu was concerned for her safety, he followed her and ended up dying!

“After that, Xiao Moxian actually managed to come back safely all by herself. If she had some amazing accomplishments then I would have nothing to say, but what did she do in those dozens of years at the Asura Road? Is she strong? she strong? Her cultivation is high but her foundation is absolute garbage!”

The more Monster Concubine Archess spoke, the more zealous and vehement her words became. Her eyes were like knives as she glared at Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian paled. “Concubine Archess, the matter is not as simple as you think… I never asked Duyu to follow me!”

When Xiao Moxian went to the Asura Road, she had indeed stirred up a City Lord. But that wasn’t because she had provoked him on purpose, but because her results in the smelting trial were too outstanding and the rare reward she obtained was coveted by the City Lord.

Following that, Xiao Moxian had indeed shown her wild side and refused to return to the divine Realm. But while Monster Prince Duyu did follow her, it wasn’t because he was worried about her safety but because he had other plans.

Monster Prince Duyu wanted to obtain Xiao Moxian. However, Xiao Moxian had already long been annoyed by him. Yet no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t get rid of his nagging presence.

Of course, Monster Concubine Archess absolutely wouldn’t listen to any of this!

“Hohoho! Did you all hear that!? She didn’t want Duyu to follow her! It was only that Duyu was worried for her safety and tried to help her! To think a dog you feed with such painstaking care would bite you in return!”

The more Monster Concubine Archess spoke, the coarser and ruder her words become. Empyrean Demondawn suddenly humphed coldly. As he did, a terrifying energy fluctuation spread out, causing all of the platters and dishes on the table to jump up!


For a time, everyone calmed down.

Empyrean Demondawn’s eyes burned as he looked at Monster Concubine Archess. His voice was as cold as the winters of the nine nether hells. “I don’t know what happened nor do I care. I also do not care to listen to your explanation or Xian’er’s. I will only ask you one thing – just what are you trying to do?”

As a top Empyrean, within the entire divine Realm, Empyrean Demondawn was only inferior to a handful of people. Once his anger was aroused, his momentum could stir up stormy seas and monstrous waves. In the entire main hall, all of the martial artists were covered underneath this horrifying pressure, all of them gasping for breath!

As for Monster Concubine Archess, she bore the brunt of this pressure. Even though she was a half-step Empyrean, she still found the aura difficult to withstand.

And this was with Empyrean Demondawn suppressing his aura. If he fully released his aura, it would be a dream for Monster Concubine Archess to continue sitting where she was.

But this Monster Concubine Archess was also a ruthless and vicious character. and vicious character. In the harem that was filled with blood-drenched competition, she had managed to climb up to the top. She was an inherently aggressive character, and even facing Empyrean Demondawn’s pressure she didn’t flinch at all. Instead, she coldly said, “I want Xiao Moxian to meet my palm! I will suppress the strength within my palm to that of a peak Holy Lord! Didn’t His Majesty say that Xiao Moxian could contend with a peak Holy Lord martial artist? Then, for her to meet my palm won’t be difficult at all! After this palm I will no longer investigate this matter. No matter what achievements Xiao Moxian has, no matter what her status is in the future, even if she becomes the ruler of the monster race, that will have nothing to do with me!”

Although Monster Concubine Archess’ latter words seemed free and daring, the truth was that it was all a show. This was because the Monster Emperor still had an extremely long life ahead of him. Although Monster Concubine Archess was much younger than the Monster Emperor, her cultivation was inferior to his and it was hopeless for her to break into the Empyrean realm in the future;she would never outlive the Monster Emperor. And let alone Xiao Moxian ruling the monster race, even if she did, Monster Concubine Archess would have already died of old age by then. She simply didn’t need to fear Xiao Moxian at all.

“A palm strike from a peak Holy Lord?” Empyrean Demondawn coldly smiled. He looked at Xiao Moxian, “Xian’er, meet her palm!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice did not brook any disobedience!

He believed that it was impossible for Xiao Moxian to be unable to block Imperial Concubine Archess’ strike when she had suppressed her cultivation.

Drawing back 10,000 steps, even if Xiao Moxian’s strength was lacking and she was wounded to the point she spat blood, that would only be losing a bit of face;there would be no harm to her life. As for any hidden wounds left behind, with Xiao Moxian’s unique physique she could quickly recover.

“Grandfather, I…”

Xiao Moxian felt bitter over the situation. In her peak state, let alone the strike of someone that had suppressed their strength to that of a peak Holy Lord, if she tried her best she could even withstand a strike from a Great World King.

But currently, she was pregnant;it was impossible for her to transfer too much strength.

“Mm?” Hearing Xiao Moxian’s timid tone, Empyrean Demondawn’s complexion became cold and gloomy. He always spoke in a strong manner and no one dared to refuse his orders. In such a scene, how could he possibly allow his momentum to be weakened?


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