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Martial World - Chapter 1750


Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750 - Gathering of Greats




The ancient monster race had existed since time immemorial. In the divine Realm, the monster race wasn't too powerful. Compared to humanity, they were considered small and weak. However, the monster race wasn't limited to just the divine Realm;within the other universes of the 33 Heavens there also existed the monster race.

According to legend, the monster race was an ancient race that had existed 10 billion years ago and had continued spreading out.

10 billion years ago, the three great races of humans, saints, and spiritas were by no means the rulers of the world. Rather, they could be called extremely weak and small races.

The ones who ruled in that era were the various ancient races.

The kings of these ancient races could destroy the heavens and annihilate the earth just by raising their hands.

And in that time when many ancient god kings existed together, the monster race's unrivalled Monster Emperor was equally able to dominate his own region.

However, as time passed, far too many great elites and supreme elders rose up from the ranks of the ancient races. These powerful figures started countless wars, and whenever the God Lamenting Wall weakened, the entire 33 Heavens would be drowned in the flames of war.

Yet there was nothing that could withstand the erosion of time.

Slowly, the ancient races declined. The monster race was far luckier;at least they survived until the present.

And now for the last several billions of years, the 33 Heavens had become the world of the spiritas, saints, and humans.

But as more time passed, of these three great races, humanity also began to slowly decline. In particular, in the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago humanity had suffered a catastrophic attack.

Only the divine Realm, under the leadership of Empyrean divine Seal, had been able to obtain an arduous victory, managing to continue until now.

Of course, in the eyes of the saints, humanity was barely managing to hold on to a feeble and pathetic existence.

The annihilation of humanity was only a matter of time!

At this time, in the massive silver fortress, a tall youth in white robes was reclining in a luxurious chair. A glazed wine glass was in his hands, gently dangling and swaying.

Within the wine glass the bright red liquid rippled, looking like blood.

Beneath the white-robed youth, a beautiful maid draped in the thinnest silks was kneeling on the ground, massaging his legs with even and strong strokes. From her rhythm it was clear she was extremely skilled at this.

This white-robed youth was the Good Fortune Saint Son.


A dark and playful smile appeared on the Good Fortune Saint Son's face. He drank the rest of the wine, a bit of the red liquid dripping down the corners of his lips and making him look fierce.

’’To allow you to linger on for 3.6 billion years, it's about time for your era to come to an end. As for the monster and demon races, if you obey me then there will still be a small place for you to stand and assist my people. Otherwise, your fate will be the same as the humans'.’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, there was a cracking sound as the glazed wine glass in his hands was crushed to shards.

The Good Fortune Saint Son rose up. His cloak fell down and the maid at his feel also quickly bowed her head to the floor.

The Good Fortune Saint strode towards a porthole. At this time, outside the porthole, he could see countless spirit ships in the air.

These spirit ships carried heroes and elites from all over that the monster race had invited.

Amongst the many spirit ships, giant monsters stood up around the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda. All around the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda flew flood dragons, blue luans, and many other spirit beasts that had bloodline relations to God Beasts.

These spirit beasts were all raised by the monster race. The monster race were not lacking such spirit beasts!

The monster race even had true God Beasts in their ranks.

And these God Beasts had often already cultivated to the boundary where they could take human form. Those with poorer bloodlines were inferior to Empyreans, but there were also God Beasts with top royal bloodlines that were second only to the Monster Emperor in terms of strength or status.

’’Many human Empyreans have also arrived. It seems they want to struggle for the support of the demon and monster races before their grand calamity truly arrives...’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son rubbed his chin, a diabolical smile crossing his face. ’’This is also fun. During the Monster Emperor's longevity feast, I will have them all thoroughly lose heart. I will have the demon and monster races clearly demonstrate their alliances and crush all the fantasies that those old geezers of humanity have!’’

At this time, the doors of the grand hall were pushed open and a charming voice sounded out. ’’Hohoho! Holy Son Your Highness, if you wish to complete such a matter, it isn't difficult at all!’’

Behind the Good Fortune Saint Son, a young girl wearing a rainbow-colored robe of feathers entered the room with a smile.

’’That old man from the monster race already favors us. As for Empyrean Demondawn, he has no strong opinion on the matter. His only worries are that the little granddaughter of his will not be obedient and agree to to the marriage. But with Your Highness Holy Son's methods, isn't dealing with a little girl that's just a hundred years old an incredibly easy matter?’’

The rainbow-clothed young girl said, her expression and voice full of jealousy that the Good Fortune Saint Son was about to conquer yet another woman.

The Good Fortune Saint Son laughed. ’’This Xiao Moxian has quite the character! She won't be easy to win over, but only women with character are worthy of conquering, hahaha!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, he wrapped his hand around the rainbow-clothed young girl's snake-like waist and pulled her into the opulent chair beneath him...


For the Monster Emperor's grand longevity feast, heroes and rivals were gathered together!

It wasn't just Empyrean Demondawn and Empyrean divine Dream, but soon after, Empyrean Vast Universe, Dark Demon Monarch, and other such great figures of the human race began to arrive one after another at the core of the monster race.

With so many grand figures, it was impossible for the Monster Emperor to greet them all. He could only send high level figures to meet them and arrange them separately.

However, for an important guest like Empyrean Demondawn, the Monster Emperor went to personally greet him.

At this time, within Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda, Monster Concubine Archess was already leading Empyrean Demondawn, Xiao Moxian, and their subordinates to the main hall of the black pagoda. And in this main hall there was a 1000 foot long table made from pure white jade. Set out on top of the table were all sorts of spirit foods that had an astronomical price. If a mortal ate these spirit foods they would live for several hundred years more and if a martial artist were to partake in this food, their body would grow strong and healthy and their inner world would be nourished;it was extremely beneficial.

’’Brother Demondawn, haha, I haven't seen you for such a long time!’’

The Monster Emperor had a close and tight relationship with Empyrean Demondawn. As Empyrean Demondawn passed through the doors, the Monster Emperor quickly strode forwards to greet him.

’’It's only been 20 years. This time, I went into seclusion for just 20 years and came out especially for my silly brother's longevity feast.’’ Empyrean Demondawn chuckled in return. Like this, the two of them sat across from each other in the seats of honor.

As for Xiao Moxian and Monster Concubine Archess, they sat down according to their status.

During the reception, after the Monster Emperor exchanged three cups of wine with Empyrean Demondawn, his attention inevitably shifted onto Xiao Moxian!

Xiao Moxian was the proudest daughter of heaven from Demondawn Heavenly Palace. Looking at the entire monster race and demon race, there had been no juniors who juniors who could compare with her martial talent for the last billion years.

Moreover, she was closely related to the monster race and demon race as well as being the key reason for the alliance between the two races. It was natural that the Monster Emperor would pay close attention to Xiao Moxian's growth.

Now that Xiao Moxian had returned from the Asura Road, by all rights he should ask her some questions.

’’Xian'er, this time in the Asura Road, what harvests have you had? Come and tell us all! Your cultivation has risen quite rapidly!’’

Xiao Moxian's cultivation speed was number one within the entire divine Realm. At 26 years of age she had broken through the middle divine Sea realm. Even the Lin Ming from that time was left in the dust by her.

Now that Xiao Moxian had reached the late divine Lord realm, she was just half a step from becoming a Holy Lord!

This cultivation was certainly high. But, what was strange was that everyone could faintly feel that Xiao Moxian's aura wasn't as strong as they thought it would be. In fact, it could even be considered... a little small and weak!

This surprised the Monster Emperor. In his experience, this sort of situation in truth meant that... Xiao Moxian's combat strength wasn't formidable at all!

For a peerless genius, their combat strength amongst others of their realm was far, far more important than their cultivation speed!

If one's cultivation was low but they could jump ranks to fight, this indicated that they had tremendous potential.

But if one's cultivation was high and their strength was only on par with those of their realm, that was a sign they would only be able to cultivate for another realm or two before exhausting all their potential.

As the Monster Emperor looked over Xiao Moxian's situation, it seemed a bit similar to the second possibility.

This left the Monster Emperor worried. Some geniuses had amazing potential when they were young. But slowly, as they grew, their potential would exhaust itself.

This was not good news at all!

This was why after being asked such a question by the Monster Emperor, Xiao Moxian tensed up!

She had been using all of her strength to suppress the pure yang energy within her and also to maintain the appearance of her primordial yin energy so that the supreme elders present wouldn't discover the changes within her. Xiao Moxian suppressed her racing heart and forcefully spoke out with a calm tone, ’’Your Majesty Monster Emperor flatters Xian'er too much. My talent is low and I haven't had many fortuitous encounters in the Asura Road these past years. I simply cultivated in an orderly manner and managed to obtain several stalks of immortal grass so that my cultivation that my cultivation speed rose by a great deal. However, in truth, I'm afraid that my strength hasn't increased by much. If I had to say then I must admit that I have wasted away my time in these past years. I have failed the hopes of Your Majesty and am deeply ashamed.’’

Xiao Moxian concealed the heaven-shaking fortuitous encounters she experienced in the Asura Road. This was because with her pregnancy, her strength had sharply fallen. In addition, she also had to suppress the pure yang energy within herself, making it so that she could only summon a pitiful amount of power.

Whether it was how her condition looked from the outside, or how her situation really was, the truth was that in the end Xiao Moxian's strength was lacking right now.

In this situation, if Xiao Moxian were to speak about the fortuitous encounters she experienced in Tragic Death Valley or the final trial, she simply wouldn't be able to explain it.

If she had so many fortuitous encounters, how could she be so weak?

Thus, she could only say that she had wasted away her time cultivating in the Asura Road.

Hearing Xiao Moxian's words, Empyrean Demondawn felt a little awkward. No matter how it was said, Xiao Moxian was his granddaughter and was also closely related to Demondawn Heavenly Palace. As for the monster race, Xiao Moxian could only be considered a granddaughter to them from her mother's side and their relations were a bit further apart.

If Xiao Moxian's performance in the Asura Road wasn't wonderful at all, and not only did she not increase her potential but instead wasted her talent, Empyrean Demondawn would naturally feel ashamed.

’’Haha, Xian'er is too modest. The rise in your cultivation alone is already extraordinary. Looking at the entire divine Realm, who could compare with Xian'er's cultivation at such a young age? As for those several stalks of immortal grass, they should be on the level of transcendent divine medicines, right? In terms of combat strength, Xian'er should also be able to contend with a peak Holy Lord martial artist.’’

The Monster Emperor slowly said as he placed down the copper cup in his hand. According to common sense, if a martial artist at the late divine Realm, close to a half-step Holy Lord, was able to jump up a boundary and fight with a peak Holy Lord, this martial artist would be considered a shockingly rare talent.

But for a monstrous genius like Xiao Moxian who couldn't be explained by common sense, such an achievement wasn't anything at all. Rather, one could say these expectations were quite low.

In the Monster Emperor's eyes, Xiao Moxian should be able to barely contend with a weak World King. Only then would this match her previous performances.


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