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Martial World - Chapter 1739


Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739 - The Exit Opens




Facing High Prince White Feather's taunting words, Imperial Scholar Sun cackled. His fingers rhythmically tapped on the armrest as he leisurely said, ’’There is no need to speak so arrogantly, otherwise the one who will have to leave from shame might be you.’’

Whether it was Heaven Union divine Kingdom's Bigflame or divine Void divine Kingdom's Third Crown Prince, both were amongst the most outstanding young disciples of their generation. In the future it was likely they would become Empyreans.

In this final trial, except for the anomaly known as Sheng Mei, everything was theirs for the taking. Whether it was High Prince White Feather or Imperial Scholar Sun, they both had absolute confidence in their influence's disciples.

’’Hahaha!’’ High Prince White Feather laughed. ’’Very good! Then, let us take a good look at whether the Third Crown Prince or Bigflame has a higher completion percentage! However, I only fear that your joy will turn to sorrow. If there is anything that might have happened to your precious disciples... hehe!’’

’’That is what I am cautioning you about. Since ancient times, it has been common for peak disciples to perish in the final trial. If Nephew Bigflame were to recklessly try to show off his power and have some accident befall him, that would truly be regretful.’’

The barbs between Imperial Scholar Sun and High Prince White Feather became increasingly cruel and sinister. At this time, winds and clouds began to surge. The power of space rapidly converged above the sea.

The final trial's exit was about to open.

Everyone's minds tightened. The originally boisterous scene suddenly quieted down. Everyone waited in complete concentration for the exit path to open!

In the final trial, the truth was that there was more than one exit path. Besides the largest one, there were many small exits and the trial challengers would be transmitted to random locations. It wasn't necessarily true they would be transported out to this location. Thus, many people had already prepared sound transmitting talismans and signal flares to call out to their disciples as soon as possible.

As everyone was preparing to receive and greet their disciples, at this time, monstrous waves formed atop the sea. From the distant horizon, a majestic golden mountain came flying towards them, bursting out with flashes of golden brilliance.

This divine mountain had just appeared on the horizon but in the blink of an eye it had arrived in front of everyone, as if it had appeared out of thin air. This mountain was incredibly high, and the peak was buried deep in the clouds, unable to be seen. Wherever the mountain went, gargantuan waves would rise up and the earth would quake.

’’Boundless divine Mountain! Soul Emperor divine Void's personal transportation!’’

Just the appearance of Boundless divine Mountain wasn't worthy of surprise. This was because Soul Emperor divine Void didn't necessarily need to be on Boundless divine Mountain;many times it was used as a spirit ship. But, what shocked everyone was that there was a faintly terrifying pressure emitting from Boundless divine Mountain, as if there were a spiritual god at the summit of this divine mountain!

This sort of pressure made one feel awe from the depths of their heart. It even caused their soul to shiver!

From such a great distance atop the divine mountain, this existence could actually cause the hundred thousand plus people to have their minds quake in fear, and even cause World Kings to tremble. This was a pressure that only a True divinity could possess!

’’This... how can this be... Soul Emperor divine Void, he came here personally?’’

’’This is only a trial for juniors, it shouldn't be enough to alarm him...’’

Just what sort of status did Soul Emperor divine Void have? No matter how significant the final trial was, Soul Emperor divine Void still wouldn't come to greet the disciples. In ordinary times only a half-step Empyrean would be sent out to manage these matters.

But the current situation was different and that was because Soul Empress Sheng Mei was also participating in the final trial. Her status almost stood on par with Soul Emperor divine Void's. And, the most important factor was that Sheng Mei was a woman who Soul Emperor divine Void admired from the depths of his heart.

Sheng Mei had already been in the final trial for several years. Moreover, this final trial was extremely important to Sheng Mei and concerned whether or not her sixth reincarnation would be able to reach perfection. This was why Soul Emperor divine Void personally came out to greet her.

The appearance of Soul Emperor divine Void caused all the martial artists present to hold their breath. No one dared to needlessly speak;they simply quietly waited for the exit paths of the final trial to open.

As for Boundless divine Mountain, it remained peacefully floating above everyone's heads, waiting for the exit to open.

A few hours passed. Slowly, dusty pink clouds rose like smoke, condensing in the the skies above the Asura Sea. Multicolored heaven and earth origin energy gathered from all directions, condensing into a thick mist that was incomparably gorgeous.

Chi chi chi!

In this mist, thunder and fire sparked.

The wild waves became increasingly turbulent. At this moment, a thousand mile long vortex began to form.

As this vortex appeared, the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy became increasingly violent. A massive space gate appeared, like the maw of a giant beast that was ready to swallow the world.

The final trial that had lasted for over three years had finally ended!

The appearance of the space gate also meant that the trial challengers would be transmitted outside soon.

’’We can finally find out the results!’’

’’I wonder how many trial challengers perished this time, and what are the results of the survivors?’’

’’It's certain that Sheng Mei will be number one, but I don't know if she managed to create a new record or not. And, we need to find out whether the divine Void Crown Prince or Bigflame did better.’’

Everyone began to wildly discuss. Even divine Rune City's Old Xue and Old Su were mixed up in the crowd. In their old age, the chances of making another breakthrough were slim to none. Thus, they spent their days idly enjoying themselves. If they weren't out taking strolls then they were setting up their stalls. As for such a grand occasion as this, they certainly wouldn't miss out on it.

Moreover, there was a junior that they were paying particular attention to - that was Lin Ming.

’’I wonder how that brat Lin Ming did? I really cannot understand him. In the last several years he's given me many pleasant surprises in the divine runic arts for my eyes to enjoy, and now all of a sudden he became a talented martial artist. I have no idea when he managed to collect the necessary sets of god runes to earn the qualifications to enter the final trial...’’

’’Let's wait and take a look. Although I've never seen this boy fight before, he's always managed to surprise me. In terms of combat, he should definitely have some talent. I don't think his results will be bad.’’

As Old Su and Old Xue were speaking, a trial challenger had already appeared from the portal.

He appeared several hundred miles away from the group, but to these martial artists this distance wasn't anything at all. He was soon received by the people from his sect.

As he appeared, more and more and more disciples were transmitted out. They were all transmitted in a scope of tens of thousands of miles in the Asura Sea. Every sect used their own unique sound transmitting talismans to call out to their disciples.

’’What's your completion percentage?’’

’’How far did you go?’’

’’What rewards did you obtain?’’

As the trial challengers returned to the welcome embrace of their sects they were rapidly peppered with questions.

Trial challengers with a high completion percentage naturally replied with pride. As for those with a low completion percentage, they hung their heads and answered in shame.

Many of them had poor results and had withdrawn from the final trial midway, forced to wait the three years until they were transmitted out of the final trial.

Seeing the trial challengers all emerge in droves, Heaven Union divine Kingdom's High Prince White Feather had a confident expression on at all times. His maid stood by his side, feeding him a peeled spirit fruit.

At this time, from beside High Prince White Feather, a disciple suddenly said, ’’High Prince Your Highness, some of our disciples have returned!’’


High Prince White Feather's eyes brightened. Focusing his eyes, he could see that on the distant horizon there were five disciples rapidly flying towards him. They all wore star crowns and had similar sect clothing on. They were disciples of Heaven Union divine Kingdom.

As the disciples of Heaven Union divine Kingdom appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of many people. Out of all the influences present, Heaven Union divine Kingdom was one of the leads. It was impossible not to notice them.

They all wanted to take a look and see what the results of the chosen prides of heaven from Heaven Union divine Kingdom were like.

High Prince White Feather stood up. He glanced at Imperial Scholar Sun with a hint of mocking superiority. Then, he turned to the arriving disciples of Heaven Union divine Kingdom and welcomingly laughed.

’’Good! Very good! In this final trial, you have all returned with merits. When you return to the sect in the future you will definitely be vigorously cultivated. Your futures will be wonderful!’’

High Prince White Feather boisterously praised. As he spoke, the five disciples gulped, as if they were afraid of something.

High Prince White Feather noticed this but didn't care much. He was only speaking polite words just now. In truth, he didn't care about the results of these disciples at all;he only cared for Bigflame.

’’Bigflame? How come he isn't with you all?’’

As you all?’’

As High Prince White Feather asked this question, the ears of many nearby martial artists pricked up. As Imperial Scholar Sun heard this, he also carefully listened even as he continued rapping his fingers. He similarly cared about Bigflame's completion percentage.

However, the complexions of the five disciples had turned ugly.

’’Mm? What is it?’’ High Prince White Feather frowned.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Bigflame, he... he... hasn't... come out yet?’’ These disciples asked with fear in their voices. They looked in all directions, holding onto some hope that Bigflame was here.

However, even as more and more trial challengers arrived, they didn't discover Bigflame's shadow at all.

The response of these disciples caused High Prince White Feather's face to darken. ’’What are you all hesitating for? If there's something to say then spit it out!’’

The disciples awkwardly looked at each other and then said, ’’Reporting to Your Highness the High Prince... this disciple didn't see Senior-apprentice Brother Bigflame in the fourth level. Even when the channel to the fifth level opened, Senior-apprentice Brother Bigflame still didn't appear and we didn't see him afterwards either. We thought that perhaps... Senior-apprentice Brother Bigflame was stranded somewhere on the fourth level...and when the final trial ended, he would be transmitted out...’’

The disciples said, their voices weak and quivering. In truth, there was something that they didn't say, and it was that in such a situation, the logical conclusion was that Bigflame had died in the final trial.

’’What did you say!?’’

As High Prince White Feather heard this he was immediately shocked.

Bigflame disappeared in the fourth level? If he didn't come out even now, then it was likely something had happened to him!

How could this be possible!?!?

And at this time, Imperial Scholar Sun began to wildly cackle, ’’Unfortunate, unfortunate, far too unfortunate! I wonder what sort of accident befell Apprentice Nephew Bigflame? If he went missing in the fourth level and still hasn't come out then... wouldn't his fate likely have been more unfortunate than fortunate?’’

Imperial Scholar Sun loudly and openly said, pouring as much salt as he could on High Prince White Feather's wounds.

But seeing Imperial Scholar Sun's appearance, the several Heaven Union divine Kingdom disciples glanced at each other, a strange look on their faces. They suddenly said, ’’Senior is from divine Void divine Kingdom? Your Third Crown Prince also went missing with Senior-apprentice Brother Bigflame;has he come out yet?’’

This sudden question caused Imperial Scholar Sun's face to stiffen. His expression immediately became quite wonderful indeed.


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