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Martial World - Chapter 1738


Chapter 1738: 1738

Chapter 1738 – The Final Reward

As time passed, Lin Ming could feel the repelling force of the Asura Heavenly Dao become increasingly intense. At the rate this force was accumulating, Lin Ming guessed he would be transmitted out from the final trial in around a day.

“I wonder how Xian’er and Mo Brightmoon are doing…” Lin Ming couldn’t help but wonder. In the sixth level, everyone would have their own respective lucky chances. He had no idea what Xiao Moxian had obtained here or how much her strength increased.

As the power of space was brewing and the exit of the final trial was about to open, Lin Ming saw that in front of the ancient bronze book, countless Law lines gathered, gradually forming into a square array diagram.

This square array diagram was similar to the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel but there were many other things included. Within it shimmered countless magnificent and phantasmal lines and numerous ice crystals.

Although these lines seemed dense and incomparably complicated, Lin Ming could make out many clues from just a single glance.

His heart began to beat faster. These lines were similar to the Asura Heavenly Dao Law lines that appeared when drawing up a divine runic symbol…

Looking more carefully, the astonishment in Lin Ming’s eyes became increasingly bright.

“This array diagram is not just the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, but an array diagram formed from the union of all three volumes of the Asura Sutra. Moreover, these beautiful lines are similar to those that appear when I’m drawing up a divine runic symbol…”

If he were only a divine runic master then he might be confused about seeing these crystalline lines. After all, these lines seemed extremely messy, and besides seeing some enchanting figures, everything else looked strange.

But Lin Ming’s grasp of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws had reached an unbelievable degree. He quickly looked at these chaotic crystalline lines and was able to dismantle the infinitely powerful divine runic symbol refinement process.

With how each line overlapped and crossed, they were able to produce trillions and trillions of geometric changes.

Besides being materials that hadn’t been refined into divine runic symbols, the divine runic symbol refinement lines recorded on these ice crystals could be called perfect.

“These ice crystals must be divine runic symbol wisdom in crystallized form that the Asura Road Master personally refined in the past!”

Realizing this, an ancient voice suddenly sounded out in Lin Ming’s mind.

“Ten of nine, the peak of numbers, may inherit the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram. This array diagram is formed from the three forces of grandmist energy, genesis energy, and spirit source. Take the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram and fuse it into the flesh and blood, growing a microcosm of the Asura Road within the body. Sunder the Great Dao of the 33 Heavens and wander through the 33 Heavens with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws unhindered.”

As this information flowed into Lin Ming’s mind, he was immediately overjoyed.

He suddenly recalled that after someone was able to obtain the approval of the final trial, the most important reward a trial challenger could obtain was the ability to bring the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws back with them to the 33 Heavens.

If this Asura Heavenly Array Diagram was buried within the body, it was the same as having a mini Asura Road world within oneself. He would be able to use the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, and even the many Laws within divine runic symbols could be used in the 33 Heavens.

The divine runic arts were different from the inscription technique of the 33 Heavens. The difference lay in the fusion of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws and god runes within the inscription symbol itself.

The reason that the divine runic arts were useless outside of the Asura Road world was because the 33 Heavens’ Great Dao pushed back and repelled the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. Generally speaking, a martial artist wouldn’t have the incalculably mighty ability of the Asura Road Master to defy the will of the heavens and establish their own Heavenly Dao. Thus, they couldn’t use the Asura Laws.

But with this Asura Heavenly Array Diagram, Lin Ming had no need to fear the 33 Heavens’ Great Dao!

Realizing this, Lin Ming no longer hesitated. His body flashed as he rushed into the center of the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram.

The moment that Lin Ming rushed in, the endless runes of the array formation swept towards him like a whirlpool, sinking into his body and rapidly shrinking within him until they completely fused into his body and blood essence.

The array diagram was formed from highly compacted source strengths of essence, energy, and divine;the impact of this fusion was astonishing.

It was like countless stars were breaking into his body. Even though Lin Ming’s body had been tempered to an incredible degree, it still caused his blood vitality to tumble and seethe. Two hours later, Lin Ming had slowly absorbed all of the Laws. Within his inner world, the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram had formed, slowly revolving.

Whorl –

Runes emitted the mystic source strength of a universe, flooding Lin Ming’s inner world. Because of this, even the boundaries of his his inner world began to develop and expand outwards.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt his cultivation come infinitely close to reaching the Holy Lord realm. As long as he wanted to, he could break through at any time.

And at this moment –

The complete Asura Heavenly Array Diagram took root in Lin Ming’s body, completely integrating with his flesh and blood, becoming a part of him.

The vast power of the Asura Dao Laws within the final trial surged up, roaring out into the outer world.


Inner Asura Road, Asura Sea –

In the broad Asura Sea, waves crashed up in smoky clouds, limitless and without end. Some people had once tried to find the end of the Asura Sea, but even if they rode top quality spirit ships and sped to the depths of the Asura Sea, they still weren’t able to find its limits. As for trying to use great void shifts to traverse long distances, this sort of travel would cause one to be easily lost in the chaotic fluctuations of space and time, unable to find the exit afterwards.

It was like the Asura Sea itself represented the end of the Asura Road world. And this end blurred in with the chaotic power of space. The space here was perilous and filled with cruel dangers;there was no one able to truly arrive at its end.

Not only was the Asura Sea infinitely broad, it was also unfathomably deep.

Even a star could be submerged within its great waters. Beneath the surface, ancient sea beasts lived, approaching colossal, incomprehensibly large sizes. Among these sea beasts, there were even many God Beast level existences.

Although it was said that there were many buried treasures hidden in the Asura Sea, because the water was too deep and there were too many dangers, it was nearly impossible to find them;one would only find life-threatening emergencies. Thus, very few people came to the Asura Sea.

But on this day, deep in the Asura Sea, there were over a hundred thousand people gathered.

These people were all outstanding individuals from different influences. There were senior supreme elders and also extraordinary young elites. All of them floated above the sea waters with overwhelming momentum, many of them riding opulent spirit boats and spirit ships.

This scene was truly magnificent.

The reason for this was that recently in the skies above the Asura Sea, space storms constantly flashed as if there was something horrifying brewing there. And according to previous experiences, this meant that the exit to the Asura Road’s final trial was about to open at last!

The final trial that had gone had gone on for several years was finally coming to an end!

To the many influences of the Asura Road, this was an incredibly significant event!

If there were influences who had sent disciples to attend the final trial, there was no need to mention just how important the opening of the final trial’s exit was to them.

Even influences who hadn’t sent any disciples to participate still came to the Asura Sea to see what outcomes others had.

They all wanted to see what the completion percentage of other geniuses from large influences were like. This completion percentage would reflect to a great degree the future achievements that martial artist would be able to reach. If there was a sect who had a trial challenger that reached 77-78%, this would meant that in the future they would reach the half-step Empyrean realm, and there was even a considerable chance they would become an Empyrean!

The birth of an Empyrean. In an Empyrean level influence, there was no need to mention how important this was. They would unhesitatingly spend every resource possible to chase after such a goal!

In truth, the birth of an Empyrean was an event worth great celebration even in a True divinity level influence, one for which heroes from all over the world would be invited. For instance, the divine Void divine Kingdom. If one ignored Soul Emperor divine Void, then divine Void divine Kingdom only had seven Empyreans.

So, any influence that could produce a trial challenger with 77-78% completion would absolutely draw enormous attention.

As for a completion percentage of 79, that was even more exaggerated. Such a character had an extremely high possibility of becoming an Empyrean and perhaps even a powerhouse amongst Empyreans.

A step higher than that was 80% completion! That was a mythical score. Although there was only a single percent between 80% and 79%, the truth was that it was as far as the heavens and earth. In the last 100 million years, there were several such people who had appeared with this score, and nearly all of them had become Empyreans, with many close to becoming True divinities!

However, there were no influences that dared to hope for this completion percentage. In this round of the final trial, only Sheng Mei had a chance to uphold this legend. But, Sheng Mei was someone from the 33 Heavens and had nothing to do with the Asura Road.

In the Asura Sea, the various great influences set themselves up according to their strengths.

There were dozens of large and small sea platforms. The central platforms, the seats of honor, naturally belonged to naturally belonged to those of divine Void divine Kingdom and Heaven Union divine Kingdom.

At this time, whether it was divine Void divine Kingdom or Heaven Union divine Kingdom, they both had core disciples attending the final trial. The divine Void divine Kingdom’s Third Crown Prince and Heaven Union divine Kingdom’s Bigflame had both entered, and they were destined to be the most brilliant and dazzling characters of the final trial. They had also made a bet beforehand, causing everyone to anticipate their confrontation even more.

In a sense, the results of the final trial were also a competition between the futures of the Heaven Union divine Kingdom and divine Void divine Kingdom. Both sides had attached great importance to the final trial.

The group leader of Heaven Union divine Kingdom’s team here was a direct disciple of divine Emperor Heaven Union – High Prince White Feather, a half-step Empyrean.

As for the divine Void divine Kingdom’s side, their team was led by the Third Imperial Scholar of the divine Void divine Kingdom, Imperial Scholar Sun. He was also a half-step Empyrean.

The two platforms that these two great influences stood upon were less than 200 feet apart. As they glared at each other from across the sea, they both stood in sharp opposition.

High Prince White Feather comfortably reclined on his kirin throne, a smile dangling on his face. To one side, a beautiful maid was holding up a screen for him and on his other side, another beautiful maid was hand feeding him rare and precious spirit fruits. This sort of pose was similar to that of an emperor of the mortal world enjoying himself;he looked extremely relaxed.

High Prince White Feather also had a look of confidence. He looked at Imperial Scholar Sun, who had a table next to him with a jar of celebratory wine. He smiled and said, “Imperial Scholar Sun, you even have the celebratory wine prepared? It seems you’ve prepared it for the Third Crown Prince? Imperial Scholar Sun seems to have already assumed that the Third Crown Prince will return in glory, but it seems you prepared the festivities too early… you might need to be careful of accidentally slapping yourself…”

High Prince White Feather taunted. Heaven Union divine Kingdom and divine Void divine Kingdom were both respective leaders of the saints and spiritas in the Asura Road. They were both hostile to each other to begin with, and now that they were sitting near each other it was normal for them to engage in verbal battles in their boredom.


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