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Martial World - Chapter 1737


Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737 - Three Years




Lin Ming had already decided his plans. Until the time within the final trial came to an end, he would stay in the sixth level and study the Asura Sutra.

In any case, this was the sixth level reward space. No matter who was at the sixth level they would have their own lucky chance. Lin Ming wouldn't be able to find Xiao Moxian for some time nor was he worried for her because the sixth level simply didn't have any dangers.

As for the seventh level, if he couldn't go there then it was definitely impossible for others.

Lin Ming focused all of his attention on the ancient bronze book. As his thoughts moved, his entire being floated up until he was a mere 10 feet away from the bronze book. He could feel the powerful soul aura emanating from the words.

As his mind was immersed in the Asura Sutra, Lin Ming could feel the words filled with a thick demonic energy rush towards him, as if each word was an imposing demon god.

Seemingly because he had refined his second avatar, when Lin Ming looked through the ancient bronze book again, he seemed to have even more insights into it. Within his sea of consciousness, the world shook as if giant demon gods had appeared. The skies roiled as all sorts of mystical runes formed Law lines around these illusory demon gods...

Then, giant golden swords appeared, slicing through the demonic energy that rolled off of these demon phantoms.

Like this, Lin Ming floated in front of the ancient bronze book. Every time he looked at a word he would have to suppress the soul force emanating from it, and then carefully ponder the endless true meanings contained within.

Years passed without sense of time.

On the words of the ancient bronze book, every divine soul aura was gradually suppressed by Lin Ming.

Each pitch black character formed a star that floated high above his sea of consciousness.

In the end, the soul force that shimmered above the ancient bronze book turned gloomy.

The entire Asura Sutra Second Volume appeared in Lin Ming's sea of consciousness.

This second volume spoke about cultivating one's soul force. Compared to the soul force cultivation method passed down by Empyrean divine Mist, it contained far more unique and incomprehensible mysteries.

Lin Ming had already assiduously cultivated the first volume of the Asura Sutra and had formed a foundation through doing so. Now, it was twice as easy for him to cultivate the second volume while spending half the effort. The true meaning of every word, every rune's Law lines, all of them danced in the air, allowing him to gradually comprehend the essence of their mysteries.

Slowly, every mysterious word of the Asura Sutra Volume Two dazzled with strange soul force as they slowly danced around Lin Ming...

Lin Ming's mind was immersed within the boundless text. He simply didn't feel the passing of time.

At the same time, at another space within the sixth level -

A pitch black flame lotus bloomed. The flame lotus was a thousand feet wide and long and shot blazing conflagrations straight into the skies.

All of the space within a hundred miles was filled with a vast destructive fire energy.

And in the center of the black lotus, Xiao Moxian's entire body floated naked. Her black hair cascaded down her body like an inky waterfall, gently covering her perfect figure.

In the space between her eyebrows, there was a little flame spirit that seemed as if it was melting the void around it. This little flame spirit was breaking down as it constantly fused into Xiao Moxian's body.

The little flame spirit was the Undying Inferno's spirit.

Just how terrifying was the Undying Inferno? Even this tiny piece of its spirit cost Xiao Moxian over a year of time before she was able to adapt to it and start swallowing it.

As this life spirit fused into Xiao Moxian's body, runes that that represented the source of fire began to appear over her skin like curse seals.

Slowly, her entire body started to project beams of pitch black light. Rippling feathers containing the aura of the Great Dao began to drill out from her body.

These black feathers shined with mystical fire runes. They began to wrap around Xiao Moxian as she slowly absorbed the Undying Inferno's life spirit.

Over time, a dark and massive egg appeared in the void, exuding a vast power of fire.

Xiao Moxian was infinitely close to her third nirvana. There was a long road separating the second and third nirvana. Of course, because she had just completed her second nirvana not too long ago, it would be impossible to finish everything at once without accumulating over time.

Before her third nirvana, she had to draw support from the Great Dao Laws of a Phoenix's nirvana, and then fuse together the Undying Inferno's life spirit with her own, concentrating them together. Then, through unending struggle, she could comprehensively master the power of fire and allow it all to become a part of herself...

Meanwhile, at another space in the sixth level.

A similar event was occurring.

However, as opposed to the incandescent sea of fire that Xiao Moxian was bathing in, in this space the entire earth had been frozen to the hardest of extremes for a thousand miles.

Soul Empress Sheng Mei was also naked, her entire body wrapped in deep blue freezing ice. Her exquisite body was curled up like a baby, her arms wrapped around her knees and her two eyes shut tight. Because of the refraction of light, it was impossible to see her sublime curves through the ice.

Vast waves of the power of ice, sparkling source Ice Laws, all of it gathered around Sheng Mei's body in flowing waves.

Between Sheng Mei's eyebrows, a tiny ice phoenix mark appeared, shining with the most source power of ice, echoing and resonating with Sheng Mei's body.

This ice phoenix mark was the remaining the remaining spirit mark left over after Sheng Mei completely refined the spirit of the Undying Polar Ice.

Tiny rivulets of black blood essence emitted from Sheng Mei's snow white skin, emanating a terrifying power as if a star was dissipating.

As it dissipated, even space itself seemed to be squeezed and shattered by the massive force.

At this moment, Sheng Mei was reaching perfection of her sixth reincarnation!

When she entered the sixth level, she already had massive accumulations and an unfathomable background. Now, with the spirit of the Undying Polar Ice that Lin Ming had given her, this gave her even more confidence to reach perfection of her sixth reincarnation.

Thus, in this incomparably safe sixth level, Sheng Mei had chosen to push herself to perfection of the sixth revolution, enhancing her bodily strength and soul force to the peak of the sixth reincarnation.

As long as she completed all of this, she could finally begin to wholeheartedly prepare for the seventh reincarnation.

In the Grand Reincarnation Art, the seventh, eighth, and ninth revolutions were the most difficult. Even Sheng Mei still lacked the confidence to face the last three revolutions.

She didn't fear that she couldn't complete the last three reincarnations, but was afraid that her accumulations would be lacking, leading to her reincarnations not reaching perfection. If this happened, this it would have a permanent negative influence on her road of martial arts and place a limit on her future achievements. But, with the Undying Polar Ice's spirit, this gave Sheng Mei far more confidence.


Without the three emperor jades, no one could open the final trial's seventh level.

The seventh level was also likely the final level...

When Fanny Fafa and the others entered the space of the sixth level, they all tried to find a passage to the seventh level. But, all of them failed. Thus, unanimously, they all decided to stay in the sixth level and digest the massive harvests they had gained.

However, compared to Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Sheng Mei, and Sheng Mei, their harvests were far less.

A completion percentage of the early seventies was simply far too different from the high eighties and low nineties.

What Fanny Fafa, Mo Brightmoon, and the others obtained were all cultivation methods of the Laws of the 33 Heavens that perfectly suited them.


Time passed and the third year arrived. It was nearly time for the end of the final trial.

Lin Ming floated in front of the ancient bronze book, deep in meditation. The pitch black soul force around him had become increasingly light and blurry.

Within his mind, the words of the Asura Sutra Second Volume shimmered like black stars.

The Asura Sutra was the condensed essence of martial arts that the Asura Road Master had gained throughout his lifetime, and thus filled with infinite secrets. Although Lin Ming had read and comprehended as much as he could, all he understood was an extremely tiny part.

He wasn't able to understand the majority;he would need time to slowly and thoroughly study it.

However, the parts of the Asura Sutra that he didn't understand were all forcefully recorded in his sea of consciousness with soul force;he wouldn't forget them.

When the last word of the Asura Sutra Volume Two was recorded in his mind, Lin Ming slowly opened his eyes.

With a light flick of his sleeves, black light rippled out from him.

At this time, Lin Ming's eyes appeared exceptionally bright.

’’It seems... it's almost time to leave.’’ Lin Ming realized. After wholeheartedly cultivating the Asura Sutra Volume Two for over two years, he slowly discovered that it was much easier for him to understand the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within the final trial, as if everything was in perfect harmony with himself.

He could faintly feel that this space was emitting a mystic strength that was repelling him.

Once this mystic strength gathered to a certain point, it would directly teleport him out. In other words, the time at which the final trial ended was rapidly approaching.


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