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Martial World - Chapter 1735


Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735 - Soul Spring divine Embryo




The appearance of the emperor jades also announced that Lin Ming's adventure through the final trial had come to an end. No matter what, it was impossible for him to find the third emperor jade any time soon.

With this, his final trial completion percentage was 92.

The truth was that in the trial of the fifth level, Lin Ming hadn't been able to perfectly complete it. In the end, he was simply too young and his comprehension of Laws was lacking. After he became a World King or Empyrean and then returned to the final trial once more, he might be able to perfectly complete the fifth level.

As these thoughts raced through his mind, Lin Ming stepped in front of the ancient bronze coffin. He placed his hand on the coffin lid, his body straining as it bent like a bow.

His muscles tensed and strength surged from his feet. Lin Ming pushed open the ancient coffin's lid once more, thoroughly opening it.

The moment that the ancient coffin was opened, Lin Ming took a deep breath and drew backwards. The Phoenix Blood Spear had already leapt into his hands.

A raging strength surged in Lin Ming's meridians. He looked at the ancient coffin with his guard up in order to prevent any possible dangers.

The heavy ancient coffin quietly lay on the invisible land of the sixth level. After being opened by Lin Ming, there was no movement from within.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. All he saw was a pitch black aura, shimmering with glittering runes, gushing over the edges of the ancient coffin. It was impossible to see what was inside.

However, those waves of black aura caused his heart to sway. It was like there was an endless abyss contained within, bringing with it a mystical strength that seemed as if it could swallow his consciousness.

’’This... what a vigorous and pure soul force!’’

Lin Ming was shocked. He suddenly realized that the pitch black aura that was overflowing from the coffin like a waterfall was actually soul force so dense that it had substantialized. Even though his soul force had been tempered harder than diamonds, it was still seriously influenced. He could feel an inexplicable danger.

As if there was something dangerous lying dormant beneath that black fog.


After rushing all the way to the sixth level, Lin Ming's will and decisiveness were incomparably solid. Although this black fog soul force was terrifying, it only served to stimulate his curiosity even more.

The Phoenix Blood Spear had been through countless slaughters and had been tempered numerous times by Lin Ming. Thrusting out the spear, it was like a blood phoenix flew forth. Endless mystic strength shined and even runes seemed to fall like large glowing stars.


In a moment, hundreds of millions of spear lights were shot out at once. The fog of soul force that seemed as if it came from nether springs emitted a crackling sound. The soul force suddenly scattered as it was forcefully shaken out.


With a sudden loud roar, a demonic energy filled with cruelty rushed out from the ancient coffin.

A pitch black demonic energy formed into a giant demon hand. It sparkled with dark metallic light and clashed with the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Lin Ming was forced backwards several steps, each step pressing down with 10 billion jins of force. Every step he took cracked open the void and his blood vitality tumbled. He suddenly found his steps unsteady.

As for that demon hand, it faded after colliding with the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Then, the contents of the ancient coffin were revealed to Lin Ming.

As he clearly saw what was inside, his pupils shrank.

’’This is...’’

Within the coffin, a massive body appeared, one over 50 feet high that exuded the boundless pressure of a king. This body wore a black crown emblazoned with purple and gold designs as well as a black nine dragon robe.

This black purple-gold crown was covered with strings of pearls, each pearl as large as a person's skull. Each one was formed from a demon king, each of them roaring and howling and releasing a fierce and sinister aura.

The entire purple-gold crown had countless strings of pearls covering it. In other words, there were countless demons struggling atop it.

As for the black nine dragon robe, it was flowing with nine True Dragons that were brimming with death energy. They winded about the robe, carrying an indescribably massive soul force. Occasionally, the head of a dragon would drill out of the robe, its crimson greed-filled eyes staring at Lin Ming.

’’This is the divine soul avatar refined by the Asura Road Master!?’’ Lin Ming's eyes widened, staring unblinkingly at the nine dragon imperial robe.

Suddenly, he could feel a rush of heat within his body. The suppressed Asura blood in his body surged and Lin Ming was able to catch a glimpse of something unusual.

In the space of the final trial, the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws were ubiquitous, pervading every inch of this land.

As the Asura blood throbbed, Lin Ming was able to discover that this demon king's king's demonic energy body was not a true material body, but one that was created from resentment and violence-filled soul force.

And deeper within, there was an even darker and vaster soul force.

That mass of soul force was as vast as the ocean. As the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that Lin Ming sent in to probe touched this soul force, they were immediately swallowed clean.

’’This is the Nether Springs divine Embryo... in the past when I fought the ancient races, cutting down countless rulers, the souls of these sovereigns were used by me, tempered in the Great Dao of the 33 Heavens and cast into this Nether Springs divine Embryo.

’’This Nether Springs divine Embryo is the spirit essence avatar of the Asura Sutra's second volume. This avatar has a potent inborn soul force and its potential is limitless. It can seize the good fortune of the world and arouse the jealousy of the Great Dao... this avatar can hold life essence and follow the thoughts of the main body...’’

Suddenly, a deep and mysterious voice transmitted from the deepest depths of the dark, sounding out in Lin Ming's consciousness.

Lin Ming immediately understood that this was a wisp of thought that the Asura Road Master had left behind in this space. Even after billions of years it hadn't been extinguished.

’’...A portion of these ancient sovereigns' resentment has yet to be melted away... if you wish to completely obtain this divine soul avatar, you must defeat the remaining resentment of these ancient sovereigns...’’

As the voice spoke to here, it scattered away.

He had to wipe out the remaining power of resentment?

Lin Ming's eyes began to shine with a fighting spirit. Every ancient sovereign had experienced hundreds of millions of years of war and slaughter. Through the endless years, they remained until now, not extinguishing even in this vast space. Just how terrifying had they been?

Facing this demon king body that wore a black purple-gold crown in front of him, Lin Ming realized it was formed from the resentment of these ancient sovereigns.

Even though it was only a tiny portion of resentment left behind by the remnant souls of these ancient sovereigns, and even though 10 billion years of weakening had passed, they absolutely had to be extremely terrifying existences.

However, if he wanted to obtain the acknowledgement of the Asura Road Master as well as this divine soul avatar, this was what he would have to do. Lin Ming's eyes blazed with a zealous fighting spirit as he hurtled himself towards that demon king body.


The demon king body's endless demonic energy demonic energy suddenly rushed into Lin Ming's body!

Lin Ming's eyes turned vacant. Countless black curse seals appeared over his body, as if dark earthworms were wriggling all over him.

His two pupils had already become black vortexes, slowly spinning around.

Lin Ming's demonic energy soared to the heavens. His body remained motionless. His fists stayed in the center of the divine soul avatar's black fog, like he had turned to stone.

But in his mind, Lin Ming had fallen into a strange demonic illusion world.

In front of him was an endlessly bleak world, like an eternal twilight was laid out before him.

Countless skeletons spread out beneath his feet, each skeleton as large as a mountain.

This entire space was filled with a fierce and cruel hostility, thick to the point that one could choke on it.

Nine black dragons of different shapes loomed on the horizon, their bodies like mountain ranges, the outline of their figures like gray clouds.

Dozens of fierce ancient sovereigns floated in front of Lin Ming, all of them exuding the pressure of a king.

Each one had a terrifying aura, able to summon wind and thunder by raising their hands or taking a step. Faint arcs of electricity shimmered in their eyes.

Without a word, the nine black dragons on the horizon as well as the dozens of ancient demon kings all hurtled towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming knew that the significance of this battle was monumental. His chest began to burn with a fervid fighting intent.


An Azure Dragon burst out from Lin Ming's body, rising to the skies.

With a phoenix cry, a Fire Phoenix roiling with flames shot out from Lin Ming's body.

One dragon, one phoenix, they were the True Dragon bloodline and Fire Phoenix bloodline within Lin Ming's body. At this time, in the battle within his consciousness, they manifested into their source spirits.

At the same time, the Phoenix Blood Spear in Lin Ming's hand also cried out. Endless raging flames melted onto his body, contouring onto him and forming a suit of flame armor, giving him the feeling of infinite strength. This Phoenix Blood Spear was not the true Phoenix Blood Spear, but the manifestation of the Phoenix Blood Spear's artifact spirit that had yet to truly awaken.

Meanwhile, behind Lin Ming, the Heretical God Tree appeared, its boughs growing into the heavens.

This giant tree seemed as if it could tear down the world, emitting the inexhaustible power of the Heretical God Force. On every leaf, there were tiny fire phoenixes and thunder dragons flying about.

This was the spirit of the Heretical God the Heretical God Tree as well as the auras of heaven and thunder heavenly tribulation within Lin Ming's body.

As more and more Laws appeared like overlapping waves, the momentum of Lin Ming's soul force began to rise without end.

As the threatening ancient sovereigns rushed forth, the void split in half and two incomparably massive stars appeared.

A palace shimmered atop each of these stars, radiating a mystical power.

These were the Purple Temple Dao Palace and Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace that Lin Ming had broken through.

These two Dao Palaces, although they couldn't manifest in the outer world, they had always existed in Lin Ming's sea of consciousness, exuding a vast aura of the Heavenly Dao.

In this sort of soul force collision, the function of the two Dao Palaces to strengthen Lin Ming's body wasn't useful at all.

However, these two Dao Palaces represented the Heavenly Dao Laws and were more than enough to clash with the residual resentment of these ancient sovereigns.

Bang! Bang!

The two titanic stars gushed with endless starlight, bringing with them the two Dao Palaces as they came crashing down. Two of the mountain range-like black dragons rushed towards Lin Ming's body that was formed from soul force, but were crushed to nothing by these two Dao Palaces.

Bang -

The two stars fell onto the earth along with the ruined bodies of those black dragons.

Just how immense was the impact of this soul force? Even the dozens of ancient sovereigns, formed by resentment-filled soul force, were struck by the shockwaves. The entire world began to collapse.

The world transformed. Lin Ming felt endless waves of soul force swell towards him from all directions, entering his body.

A golden sea tumbled beneath him. They had unexpectedly arrived at his sea of consciousness.

A battle of soul force was highly risky, as well as incredibly strange.

After arriving at his own sea of consciousness, Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. His body began to grow, his head reaching higher than the clouds as he became even larger than the remnant souls of these ancient sovereigns.

He formed fists with his hands and smashed out at one of the ancient sovereigns.

The Heretical God Tree behind Lin Ming also began to move. Every branch emitted strange Laws that drilled into the void, sweeping towards those ancient sovereigns.

Infinite heavenly tribulation fire gushed out into space, followed by miniature thunder dragons that wove together, forming a mystic thunderfire in space.

In that moment, Lin Ming's soul force surged. He began to engage the group of ancient sovereigns in a brutal melee, mercilessly striking them!


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