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Martial World - Chapter 1733


Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733 - 'divine'




’’Bronze coffin...’’

Looking at the ancient bronze coffin behind the bronze book, Lin Ming's first thought was of the ancient bronze coffin within the immortal temple and the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone that had been sealed within.

Could there be a similar avatar within this one?

This thought inevitably crossed Lin Ming's mind. The Asura Sutra that the Asura Road Master created covered a breadth of Laws that was far too vast to imagine. Inevitably, there was a situation where there were Laws that were not suitable for the Asura Road Master to cultivate.

The 33 Heavenly Daos were all-encompassing. There were cultivation methods more suited for the spiritas and cultivation methods more suited for the saints.

No matter how heaven-defying one's physique was, it was impossible for a singular person to cultivate all Laws.

Thus, even if one spent 100 million years cultivating certain Laws, one still might not have any noticeable achievements in them.

Even the Asura Road Master wasn't able to avoid such a situation. Thus, the Asura Road Master created a system of avatars. By using his source essence, energy, or divine, or even all sorts of heavenly materials, he could refine his own avatar. Then, he could divide a part of his consciousness and seal it into the avatar.

These avatars could be used to cultivate Laws that his main body couldn't. When these avatars reached large success in their cultivation, they could reintegrate with the main body. When all of these avatars fused as one, he could break free from the shackles of the Heavenly Dao!

Realizing all of this, Lin Ming began to grow hot with excitement. He already possessed the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone that could cultivate body transformation Laws. Then, what sort of avatar was within this second bronze coffin?

The essence gathering system? Soul forging system?

Lin Ming didn't immediately open the ancient bronze coffin. Rather, he opened the snap lock on the bronze book and began to turn the pages.

On the title page of the ancient book, the few first words were -

’’If the Heavens have no path, then I shall follow the Heavenly Dao. If the Heavens give me no path, then I shall establish my own Heavens!’’

These words were drawn illustriously with magnificent strokes, like winding horned dragons. Just by looking at them one found it hard to breathe and their soul would shake.

This wasn't the first time that Lin Ming had seen such words. These words were the basis of the Asura Sutra!

Within the lines of words was a daring boldness and aggressiveness that left one filled with dread and awe. Moreover, these were not mere empty words, because when the Asura Road Master had written 'then I shall establish my own Heavens', he had indeed achieved this.

This great Asura Road was the Heavens which the Asura Road Master created.

’’I wonder whether I'll be able to create my own great world after cultivating the Laws of the 33 Heavens?’’

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he turned the page and began reading the text of the Asura Sutra.

Each word in the Asura Sutra seemed to contain an endless demonic atmosphere. Just by looking at it, one felt as if their soul was being sucked in.

Lin Ming even felt that the words themselves had a soul, that they were living!

This discovery left Lin Ming shaken. Perhaps, the truth was that these writings were like soul curse seals. Like the souls of dead powerhouses that were sealed within the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, perhaps these writings were similar sealed souls that were then used to create words!

If this were so, this Asura Sutra Volume Two would have been written using the souls of billions and trillions of powerhouses...

Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt a tinge of fear and apprehension.

If this Asura Sutra Volume Two was written with souls... could this Asura Sutra Volume Two be about the 'divine'?

The Asura Sutra was comprised of three volumes. The first volume of 'essence', and if the second volume was 'divine', then the third was undoubtedly about 'energy'.

And if the Asura Sutra Third Volume wasn't here, could this mean that Lin Ming's completion percentage wasn't enough?

’’Maybe... if I surpass 90% then I can read the second volume of the Asura Sutra, and in order to gain the third volume, I will need to obtain 95%, or even 100%!’’

Lin Ming frowned as he thought of this.

He was feeling a bit worried. Was it really possible to pass through the fifth level and obtain perfection in the final trial?

In the fifth level, Lin Ming had Sheng Mei's help when facing down the Undying Inferno and Undying Polar Ice. Even then he had only just been able to pass. According to his previous experiences in the final trial, it was simply impossible to perfectly pass.

Moreover, his final completion percent had been 92. This number didn't seem balanced at all.

This was because after Lin Ming passed the first level he had obtained 20% completion.

After perfectly passing the Asura level Gate of Laws, his completion percent was 45.

After the fourth, it was 60%.

After the divine Seal Altar, 75%.

Throughout these tests, he had perfectly completed them all, all the way until he arrived at the fifth level.

And after overcoming the fifth level, his completion percent was only 92.

This caused Lin Ming to feel faintly offended.

He even suspected that the truth was that it was impossible to perfectly pass the fifth level.

According to what Sheng Mei had said, the fifth level required the cooperation of a team. Perhaps this was because the fifth level was too difficult, thus everyone had no choice but to join forces.

If a person could pass through the fifth level by themselves, what completion percent would they be at? Would it be 95%?

Thinking this, Lin Ming felt more and more that he wouldn't be able to obtain the complete Asura Sutra.

He shook his head, no longer thinking about these things. He continued to read through the Asura Sutra, withstanding the soul pressure from the words and carefully reading through them.

At the Pulse Condensation realm, Lin Ming had already developed a photographic memory. Even so, he found it incredibly straining to remember the writings within the Asura Sutra.

This was because the exterior appearance of these words wasn't important at all. The most important factor was that every word contained its own Concept, and wanting to remember these Concepts was a massive challenge.

Moreover, there were Law lines between every word. Wanting to memorize these lines was also no trifling matter.

If Lin Ming hadn't already perceived the contents of the Asura Sutra First Volume, wanting to memorize the second volume would have been far, far harder.

’’How unfortunate... it would be much better if I could carry away the Asura Sutra.’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but develop such thoughts. Now that he read the Asura Sutra, he realized cultivation boundary was simply too low compared to the Asura Road Master's. There were many things he couldn't understand so he could only forcefully remember them.

As time passed, Lin Ming would eventually gain a higher understanding of the Asura Sutra. But, if he wanted to confirm these understandings he would need to compare them to the to the original copy of the Asura Sutra. If he tried to verify his comprehensions with memorized images, it would eventually be limited.

In this sort of situation, it was impossible for Lin Ming to obtain a thorough and complete comprehension of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

As these thoughts passed through Lin Ming's mind, he looked back at the ancient bronze book in front of him. With a little bit of unwillingness in his heart, he tried his best to push the ancient bronze book. As he expected, it didn't budge even a single bit.

This Asura Sutra couldn't be taken away.

He could only reluctantly accept this fact. Lin Ming sat down in front of the ancient bronze book, adjusting his mindset as he started to calmly comprehend the Asura Sutra Volume Two.

This Asura Sutra Volume Two focused on the road of soul forging, and page after page was filled with all sorts of mysterious Law lines and words. It was extremely arduous for Lin Ming to read through it and memorize the contents. He had to withstand the soul pressure from the words and simultaneously consume a tremendous amount of soul force.

Soon, Lin Ming felt that he had overdrawn his soul force.

Whenever this occurred, Lin Ming would use a Soul Recovery Symbol and meditate with the divine Mist Heart Mantra. After recovering part of his soul force, he would start reading through the Asura Sutra once more.

Time slowly drifted by. Like this, ten days and ten nights passed.

Lin Ming finally read through the Asura Sutra Volume Two and barely managed to memorize the contents within.

As Lin Ming expected, the first and second volumes of the Asura Sutra were similar. In order to practice them, one needed to form an avatar.

Moreover, the requirements to create this avatar were extremely harsh. A martial artist had to split apart 30% of their divine soul to create an avatar or refine one using miracle materials of the heavens and earth.

If Lin Ming took the first path then it would cause his divine soul to be extremely weakened for a long time, leaving him in a precarious state. He would also need all sorts of heavenly materials to make up for the damage to his soul.

To the current Lin Ming, this was an unacceptable route. With the great calamity before him, he was trying every possible method to increase his own strength so how could he possibly weaken his own weaken his own divine soul?

Luckily, there was the ancient bronze coffin behind the book of the Asura Sutra Volume Two. Without a doubt, this ancient bronze coffin contained a divine soul avatar left behind by the Asura Road Master.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Ming walked over to the ancient bronze coffin.

This ancient bronze coffin had lain here for billions of years, yet not a single speck of dust marred its surface.

Lin Ming remained in front of the ancient bronze coffin for a long time. Then, he deeply bowed towards it. With both hands, he gently caressed the surface of the ancient coffin and felt the thick chains that bound it.

These heavy chains were made from some unknown divine metal. Every chain link was carved with strange runes of the Asura Heavenly Dao. These runes seemed to have been washed through the infinite river of time, but the power of Laws within was still as dense as before. All around them, Lin Ming could clearly feel an invisible force field.

The function of this force field wasn't to defend against foreign invasions and attacks, but to... seal!

It was used to seal away whatever was in the ancient bronze coffin.

Just what was the soul forging avatar within the ancient bronze coffin?

Lin Ming's thoughts began to race.

In the past, the first avatar that the Asura Road Master left behind was refined from an Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. That Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was a rare world stone that accumulated heaven and earth origin energy. Only after passing through billions and billions of years and undergoing all sorts of lucky chances could such a stone be bred.

The Asura Road Master had taken this miraculous wonder stone and used it to create the essence energy avatar.

And now, the Asura Sutra Volume Two divine soul avatar - just what had the Asura Road Master used to create it?

Facing this unknown object, Lin Ming felt a bit wary. He sat in meditation for four hours, restoring himself to his peak condition. Then, he stood up.

He faced the ancient coffin and formed seals with his hands. In an instant, tens of thousands of Asura Law runes were shot out. These Asura Law runes echoed with the runes atop the chains. For a time, the entire ancient coffin radiated a dim shimmery haze.

Then, crackling sounds filled the air.

The chains binding the ancient coffin began to release themselves...


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