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Martial World - Chapter 1732


Chapter 1732: 1732

Chapter 1732 – The Sixth Level


For a time, all the trial challengers fell quiet. Although they had already thought that Lin Ming’s completion percentage would surpass 90%, after confirming this result, they still felt shocked and found it difficult to respond.

He had really surpassed 90%!

Disregarding 90, even 85 was incredibly rare in the world. Before, in the eyes of the trial challengers, 85 was a nearly unachievable goal.


Sheng Mei took a deep breath, her eyes looking at Lin Ming. Lin Ming had surpassed 90%. This was a result she had already expected.

For the gap between 89 and 90, Lin Ming had already taken the first step and crossed it.

“You’re three points higher than me… but in the Gate of Laws, your completion percentage was higher than mine by five points…”

Logically speaking, when passing through the fifth level and killing the fifth level Overlord, Sheng Mei’s contributions to the battle were similar to Lin Ming’s. Moreover, Lin Ming had been the one to cast out the final strike. If so, then Lin Ming’s completion percentage he obtained in the fifth level should be no lower than Sheng Mei’s. In other words, Lin Ming’s current completion percentage should be 5 higher than Sheng Mei’s, and should be at 94%.

But the truth was that Lin Ming’s completion percentage was only 92. It seemed that after reaching 90, any further growth was extremely difficult. Compared to the previous times, completion percentage was twice as hard to obtain.

If this were true then Sheng Mei even suspected whether 100% completion was possible in the final trial.

Lin Ming was also having similar thoughts. He could faintly feel that perfectly completing the final trial was an impossibility.

“Sir Lin, your results are truly unprecedented since the past, and matchless in the future…” Suya looked at Lin Ming, already at a loss for what to say. She never imagined that the young divine runic master she casually encountered at the divine Runic Masters Guild could create such a miracle.

“And this is only the fifth level. If we enter the sixth level and Sir Lin completes it, won’t he reach 95%?”

If it was 95%, that was even more unimaginable.


Lin Ming thought for a moment. He felt that the sixth level might be completely different from what he had imagined. It would be likely extremely difficult to pass the sixth level, or even impossible.

“I think that… our current completion percentage is already rather high. If we pass the sixth level, then the Soul Empress will cross 90% and Xian’er also might surpass 90%. I believe that things might not be as we think…”

“Mm? Sir Lin, are you saying…” Mo Brightmoon said, her thoughts stirring.

“The sixth level… won’t be simple. No matter what it is, let’s restore ourselves before we step into the sixth level!”

Lin Ming had already become one of the main pillars of the group. His prestige in the team was no less than that of Sheng Mei.

Everyone followed Lin Ming’s idea and began to sit down and meditate. Before, they had consumed far too much energy, especially Dragonscar and Moonpond. Dragonscar’s entire body was bathed in blood and Moonpond’s spiritual sea had been damaged.

As for Mo Brightmoon, Suya, and the others, they had nearly used up all the divine runic symbols Lin Ming had passed to them. After stepping into the sixth level, their performance would depend on their own strength. It could be imagined that the sixth level was far more terrifying than the fifth. With their strength, it was unlikely they could play a large role.

Sheng Mei and Xiao Moxian chose not to absorb the soul fires yet. The soul fires left behind by the Undying Inferno and Undying Polar Ice were extraordinary treasures. treasures. If they wanted to absorb them, they would have to make a long series of preparations, wait until they were in their peak condition, and then find the safest and quietest environment they could before slowly absorbing the soul fires. This was to prevent any accidents from occurring.

The environment of the final trial was clearly not suitable to do all of this.

As the people were resting, the space nodes hidden in the fifth level appeared. An invisible power of space gathered and slowly spun, forming a purple portal – this was the entrance to the sixth level.

Looking at this mysterious space portal, everyone felt a little unsure. No one knew where this space portal went or what lay behind it.

Time slowly passed. Sitting in meditation, Lin Ming was surrounded by a faint vortex of origin energy. His body that had been torn by wielding the Black Dragon Spear began to regenerate at a visible speed. His muscles grew back and his meridians recovered. In just two hours, Lin Ming had healed his outer wounds.

After another four hours, Lin Ming had adjusted his body to its peak condition. He slowly opened his eyes, “Have you all recovered?”

“I have no problem.”

Sheng Mei’s voice was indifferent. Out of everyone here, Sheng Mei had consumed the most strength but her restoration speed was mind-boggling. This startled Lin Ming. It was like Sheng Mei had no weaknesses at all.

If it weren’t for her being suppressed to the early Holy Lord realm, Lin Ming had no idea just how terrifying her strength would be.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Ming stood up and started to move towards the mysterious portal. They had already come this far – there was no reason to back down.

Lin Ming walked at the front, followed closely behind by Xiao Moxian. Then there was Sheng Mei and Dragonscar, followed by Mo Brightmoon and her group. her group. Finally, there was Moonpond and Soulsky.

The space portal was right in front of them. The deep purple surface of the portal was like a mirror. Lin Ming didn’t slow down;he stepped right in.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt space and time distort around him. He couldn’t see anything clearly and even his own consciousness seemed to be isolated.

It was like a long time had passed but also as if everything had happened in an instant. The surroundings became clear once more. Lin Ming discovered that he had arrived in a completely independent space. As he looked behind himself, he saw that Xiao Moxian, Sheng Mei, and the others that had followed him had all disappeared.

“Mm? I’m the only one left…”

Lin Ming was startled. Could this sixth level be a solo trial?

All of these thoughts flooded Lin Ming’s mind. He carefully examined his surroundings and discovered he was standing in a chaotic space with mystical Law lines all around him.

There was no earth beneath his feet and it looked like he was standing on the void. But, it seemed incomparably real and it was also extremely flat.

“This is…”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He could see that not too far away, there was a massive ancient bronze book that was covered with plain and simple words.

Seeing these writings, Lin Ming’s heart shook. These words were… Asura Sutra: Volume Two!

“Asura Sutra!”

Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. Through the years on the Asura Road, a great deal of his accomplishments were in part thanks to the Asura Sutra. But, Lin Ming only knew the first volume of the Asura Sutra and his understandings were incomplete. Now, he finally saw the second volume of the Asura Sutra in front of him.

The second volume of the Asura Sutra;just what was recorded within?

The Asura Road Master’s Asura Sutra stood independent of the Laws of 33 Heavens, but 33 Heavens, but also simultaneously covered the three great categories of essence, energy, and soul.

The first volume of the Asura Sutra that Lin Ming had seen before focused on the body transformation system. What could this one be?

Lin Ming took a deep breath and carefully walked up to the Asura Sutra.

It seemed that… the sixth level didn’t have a test, but was a reward level for trial challengers!

As he thought about it, the first and second levels of the final trial had been tests that were filled with perils.

As for the third level, there weren’t any dangers there, only rewards.

At the same time, the fourth and fifth levels were also filled with dangers. Following this pattern, the sixth level should be a rewards level.

“If my reward is the Asura Sutra, what rewards will the others obtain?”

As Lin Ming stepped in front of this ancient bronze book, he saw that it was exactly the same as the one he saw in the bronze immortal temple within the God Beast Tomb Array.

This ancient book had stood tall here for countless years. It was a heaven-shaking sacred text that recorded the secrets with which the Asura Road Master surpassed the realm of True divinity.

However, with Lin Ming’s current level, there were far too many areas within the first and second volumes of the Asura Sutra that he couldn’t understand.

He could only remember these things and then slowly digest them, perceiving them over time…

Lin Ming bowed towards the ancient book. Just as he was about to open the cover, he discovered that behind this ancient book was also a bronze coffin.

This bronze coffin was wrapped with thick chains and carved on the surface of it were the images of numerous fierce demons. All of them seemed lifelike, as if they could leap out at any moment.


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