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Martial World - Chapter 1728


Chapter 1728

Chapter 1728 - Ice Egg




’’They blocked it, they really blocked it!’’

Seeing the freezing blue beam of light scatter into sparkling motes in the sky, everyone within the Umbral Heaven Ice Array was excited. They felt as if they had just taken a round trip through the gates of hell.

Even though none of them had much strength left over, they were burning with incomparable joy in their hearts.

’’Great! Awesome!’’

Dragonscar gripped his fists together. Even though his entire body was soaked in blood, there was a stupidly happy smile on his face.

He was certainly happy. This was because even until the end, Sheng Mei hadn't burnt any of her soul force. She only used up some origin energy and would be able to fully recover after some rest, not suffering any side effects at all. There wasn't anything more important than this.

’’This Lin Ming is really terrifying!’’

Dragonscar looked up at Lin Ming in the sky. At this time, he had opened two Dao Palaces and the power of thunder and fire was twined around his entire body - he gave off a noble and striking momentum.

He originally thought that Lin Ming wouldn't help in defending, but at the very end it was because of Lin Ming that they were able to cross this most difficult pass.

It wasn't just Dragonscar that was thinking this, but many others had this thought. Far away, the eight trial challengers were also staring at each other in blank dismay. They had all fled from danger because they didn't believe this battle could be won.

They didn't believe that Lin Ming would be able to crush the ice egg and they thought it was unlikely that Sheng Mei would be able to block the Undying Polar Ice's attacks. Rather, it should be said that even if Sheng Mei was able to block the Undying Polar Ice's attacks, there was still a high chance they could die here.

In this sort of situation, it was a completely reasonable decision for them to leave. But now, they never imagined that the ten individuals would be able to withstand the attack of the Undying Polar Ice without any deaths.

Hu hu hu -

Cold air recklessly howled. 100,000 feet high in the skies, although the Undying Polar Ice's final strike had consumed most of its strength, it still hadn't faded from the world. It continued to maintain its Ice Phoenix form, but its body was extremely blurry.

’’You stupid ants, you have truly provoked my anger! Originally I didn't want to kill you, but now I have changed my mind! All of you can die here!’’

The Undying Polar ice roared, its terrifying voice resounding through the world, horrifying!


With a loud explosion, the Undying Polar Ice's ice energy poured into the earth. The glaciers covering the ground began to thicken at an alarming rate!

’’What? How can the Undying Polar Ice still have such terrifying strength left?’’

Everyone was shocked. They had no idea just what the Undying Polar Ice was doing.

And at this time, the continually quiet Sheng Mei's complexion changed. She finally understood what the Undying Polar Ice was doing. It had indeed consumed too much energy so it was impossible for it to send out another wave of attacks, but it was still able to use the last dregs of its strength to freeze the space node connecting the fourth and fifth levels!

She said, startled, ’’Be careful, it is sealing up the space channel to return to the fourth level!’’

Sheng Mei's words shocked everyone present. The Undying Polar Ice wanted to cage them in here!

The fifth level had a multiple space node. If a trial challenger gave up on killing the fifth level's Overlord, they could retreat to the entrance. After a period of time, the space node would atomically expand and open, forming the channel from the fifth level to the fourth level.

Otherwise, if a trial challenger was able to strike down the fifth level's Overlord then another spatial node would open, forming the channel from the fifth level to the sixth level.

The Undying Polar Ice used its power to freeze the space node, thus postponing the opening of it. And, in a mere half incense stick of time, the Undying Polar Ice would complete its second nirvana and reform into the Undying Inferno!

Once this happened, it would be impossible for the exhausted group to block its attacks once more!


’’This beast wants to lock us in here!’’

Mo Brightmoon, Moonpond, Dragonscar, and the others with them remained calm. As for the eight trial challengers that had withdrawn to the entrance, they felt their hands and feet turn numb. Once the Undying Polar Ice completed its nirvana, the consequences could be imagined.

And at this time, time, Sheng Mei was tranquilly sitting in the void, her eyes still emitting a mystic light. A black vortex appeared above her head, absorbing and condensing heaven and earth origin energy so that it wildly merged into her body.

At this time, she was incomparably calm. No matter what happened, she had to restore her strength as soon as possible. Only then would she be able to deal with the ever-shifting situation.

The Undying Polar Ice's cold eyes focused on Lin Ming. It could clearly feel the killing intent on Lin Ming;this human would surely attack him.

’’Hahaha! Human, you want to kill me?

’’Interesting! How interesting! Then let me see what methods you have to kill me! You can either forcefully withstand my nine nirvanas or you can pierce through my nirvanic egg. But, in my nirvana state as the Undying Polar Ice, my shell's defense is even greater than it is as the Undying Inferno! I will wait for you, hahahaha!’’

The Undying Polar Ice recklessly laughed. Its body grew smaller and smaller as energy dissipated from it.

Lin Ming's eyes were icy cold. His aura erupted. The terrifying strength unsealed from the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone still roiled within his body, wanting to break free from him.

He sunk his energy into his inner world. A large tree began to rapidly bloom behind Lin Ming - this was the Heretical God Tree.

But this time, it didn't seem like a phantom of the Heretical God Tree at all, but a true and sublimely supreme divine tree!

This divine tree was covered with ancient marks, as if an Azure Dragon had forcefully grasped onto the bark. The branches and leaves that decorated the crown were lush and verdant, each one showing off a differently styled leaf.

Some leaves billowed with flames, emitting the source Fire Laws of Heavenly Tribulation.

On other leaves lingered arcs of crackling thunder, roaring and crackling.

This was the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation that lived in harmony above the Heretical God Tree. These two powers of heavenly tribulation emitted an inexplicably powerful pressure, causing the surrounding space to distort as if it would collapse at any moment.

The Heretical God Tree had appeared in its true form and the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation also displayed its true meaning. Faintly, plumes of enchanting flames mixed together with arcs of lightning, like dragons of thunder and fire and fire twining together. This was the peak manifestation of Lin Ming's understanding of the Heretical God Force.

The powers manifested once more and rose. Within the heavenly tribulation flames, there even seemed to be fire phoenixes crying out and stretching their wings. Within each flame there was a phoenix phantom dancing about like a captivating dream.

The Undying Polar Ice stared at the Heretical God Tree behind Lin Ming, a sneer forming on its face. Finally, its energy was completely exhausted. The endless power of Ice Laws between the heavens and earth collapsed and the blue light swirling in the world also dimmed.

In the next moment, the cold energy within the world seemed to be summoned by something. It wildly rushed towards the Undying Polar Ice, as all the power of Ice Laws retracted into the body of the Undying Polar Ice.

Hum -

Ripples of cold energy crazily circled in the air, forming a giant blue vortex. At the center of this vortex, all of the cold energy gathered together, becoming increasingly thick and tangible as it formed a massive ice egg!

This ice egg was like an oval-shaped ice mountain. All around it, runes shimmered like stars as a mystical bright luster emitted from it.

Lin Ming against the ice egg!

Dark strong winds howled. Lin Ming's black clothes flapped in the endless ice storm, his hair dancing wildly around him.

Everyone held their breath. In their field of vision, it was like the only image left was Lin Ming's figure!

This was the final strike. No matter how magnificent or wondrous the previous battle had been, if this final strike were to fail then everything would have been for naught. Everyone here would die...

Then, a spear appeared in Lin Ming's hand.

This spear appeared so abruptly that no one noticed where it had come from;it was like it had always been in Lin Ming's hands.

The spear was pitch black without the slightest sheen to it. The spear tip was cold and sharp, bringing with it a primal and boundless aura. The fierce aura seemed as if it were a dragon itself being born within it.

’’What spear is that?’’

Everyone was shocked. Even from far away they could still feel the horrifying aura on the spear, rendering them unable to move.

They could intuitively feel that this spear was peerless. It certainly must have cut down countless powerhouses during its existence, during its existence, many of them characters that were unimaginably fearful!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and closed his eyes, feeling the murderous intent within the Black Dragon Spear. With his current strength, he was unable to incite the full power of the spear.

Just attacking once with the Black Dragon Spear would use up the majority of Lin Ming's strength, so this wasn't a weapon he could bring out whenever he wanted. For him to bring out this Black Dragon Spear now indicated that he was ready to engage in a final life or death struggle!

With another deep breath, Lin Ming's body seemed to darken. A thick smell of blood gushed out from within Lin Ming's body, as if an ancient death god were being born from within him.

His entire figure emitted a strange blood red mist, thick and dense. Dragon scales emerged from beneath Lin Ming's skin, wrapping around his entire body.

His hair lengthened, growing long. His black hair seemed to become dyed with fresh blood, becoming a vivid bright red.

Pa pa pa!

His joints crackled and popped. His body rose, becoming taller.

Red flames seemed to cover his face, condensing into a blood red mask of curse seals. A mystic power of thunder lingered around his body, turning darker until it became a pitch black armor of thunder that constantly flashed around him.

Lin Ming had awoken the Asura blood within his body, undergoing a body metamorphosis to become an Asura death god!

’’What kind of power is this!?’’

As everyone looked at Lin Ming who had body metamorphosized into an Asura, and also feeling that overwhelming killing intent that poured forth from his body, even those that were standing far away felt their breath catch in their throats.

The Asura blood contained billions of years of essence of the Asura Road Master. Now that Lin Ming stimulated it, his blood vitality roared to the limit of extreme. To all martial artists, this aura aroused an instinctual fear from within them.

Lin Ming stepped forwards. The void seemed to turn into firm ground beneath his feet, even cracking apart.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

Step by step, Lin Ming became increasingly fast as he hurtled towards the ice egg.

The thunder and fire heavenly tribulation atop the Heretical God Tree was galvanized. It flowed into the Black Dragon Spear, causing countless star-motes of thunder and fire to swirl above it.


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