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Martial World - Chapter 1725


Chapter 1725

Chapter 1725 - The Cold Plum Blossom Resists the Snow And Wind




’’Attack together!’’

Dragonscar bellowed. He fiercely grit his teeth and all-consuming golden light appeared around him. This soul force flowed down into his hands, turning into a pair of golden soul force swords. As these golden swords were placed together, their golden light was blinding.

His feet touched the ground and then he shot into the skies, hurtling towards the ice pillars!

After Dragonscar, everyone else began to take action. The divine Mist divine Kingdom's Moonpond and Soulsky were the next to move. Soulsky took out a long sword and slashed out 10,000 sword lights. As for Moonpond, her actions were far more unusual. Her slim body became dim in the snowstorm as if she were disappearing. Then, a faintly translucent light appeared around her like a halo;this was an extremely strange variation soul force.

This soul force then unexpectedly fused into the pitch black Umbral Heaven Ice Array.

The entire Umbral Heaven Ice Array began to suddenly shine with a strange light. The runes became increasingly bright and dazzling and the defensive strength of it increased even more.

’’Mm? Support-type soul force?’’ Dragonscar was surprised. He gave Moonpond a deeper look. In his eyes, Moonpond's talent wasn't too outstanding, but her support-type soul force was exceedingly rare. Those with a support-type soul force usually didn't possess much combat strength on their own, but they could use their soul force to support the attacks and defenses of others.

If the one she assisted was weak then her use would be small. But if the one she assisted was strong, then her own use would be several times greater than anything she could accomplish herself. For instance, if Moonpond were to lend her soul force to Sheng Mei, then with Sheng Mei's comprehension of the Laws, she could use this soul force ten times more effectively!

This would greatly lighten the burden on Sheng Mei.

For a moment, Sheng Mei also opened her eyes, a brilliant light shining in them as she looked at Moonpond.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The space for a thousand miles was torn to shreds by the violent collisions, with countless holes riddled in the void. However, the invisible power of ice forcefully froze and solidified this ruined space immediately.

Besides the area that Sheng Mei's Umbral Heave Ice Array covered, the vast earth was suffering an apocalyptic disaster. Dreadful shockwaves rang out, smashing into the ground and creating fathomless pits and deep ravines.

In this violent combat, Lin Ming's divine runic symbols played a considerable role.

Out of the ten people that remained, Suya, Mo Brightmoon, Fanny Fafa, and Thousand Slaughter were the weakest of the bunch. Compared to Sheng Mei, although their added combat strength wasn't negligible, they could still only play a limited role.

But with Lin Ming's divine runic symbols in their hands, everything was different. These divine runic symbols could be used several times each. Once activated, they could withstand the impact of an ice pillar and greatly reduce the burden on Sheng Mei.

Hu - hu - hu - !

The blazing light of Heavenly Fire Symbols and Heretical God Symbols lit up the heavens. The blazing flames burned bright. As the ice pillars shot into the seas of fire they began to rapidly melt away.

’’Haha, Brother Lin's divine runic symbols are too fierce!’’

Fanny Fafa happily laughed. He grasped the divine runic symbols and shuttled through the ice storm, his entire body wreathed in burning hot flames so that the freezing storm couldn't harm him. This method of combat was truly admirable.

After a long bombardment of attacks, the Undying Polar Ice in the skies suddenly went quiet.

But at this moment, everyone within the Umbral Heaven Ice Array held their breath. They could feel a dreadful rage brewing.

This was the rage of the Undying Polar Ice.

Billions upon billions of motes of gray ice energy shimmered with ice runes. Then, in the air, they formed ice phoenix claws that were as large as a mountain.


These sharp claws carried with them the dreadful anger and will of the Undying Polar Ice. They tore through the air, raising up giant storms and endless waves as they came falling onto the Umbral Heaven Ice Array.

The strength was titanic, like a star exploding.

This momentous momentous impact caused an eye-piercing white radiance to spread out.

Finally, the two different Ice Laws entangled and were destroyed together.

The entire Umbral Heaven Ice Array was torn apart. It was like some great monster had taken a large chunk out of it;it was truly terrifying.


Moonpond suddenly shook. She had poured her soul force into the Umbral Heaven Ice Array and had been supporting Sheng Mei this entire time. Now, she trembled and blood shot out from her mouth, ears, nose, eyes, and she nearly fell unconscious where she was.

Because she had fused her own soul force into the Umbral Heaven Ice Array, once the array was damaged, Moonpond and Sheng Mei would naturally bear the brunt of the attack.

And in terms of endurance, Moonpond was far worse than Sheng Mei.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister!’’

Seeing Moonpond severely wounded, Soulsky was extremely worried and anxious.

Even Sheng Mei paled by several points. She waved her right hand and summoned a moon-white light that covered the severely wounded Moonpond. She said to Soulsky, ’’She's fine, there's just been some damage to her spiritual sea.’’

As Sheng Mei spoke, a vast chunk of the Umbral Heaven Ice Array had broken apart and the cold energy from outside was beginning to pour in.

Chi chi chi!

A terrifying cold wind fell upon everyone. Even though they were wearing ice armor which blocked out most of the cold energy, they still felt their bodies chill and their souls nearly freeze over.

Suya And Mo Brightmoon quickly ignited a group defensive divine runic symbol to reduce the pressure for everyone. At the same time, they also protected Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian who were both within Lin Ming's fused martial intent pure lands.

’’This Undying Polar Ice is horrifying!’’

Everyone looked up at the seemingly limitless Undying Polar Ice in the skies, their complexions grim and dignified.

’’Lin Ming, are you alright?’’

Suya asked with concern. However, Lin Ming didn't respond. He only quietly remained beneath the Bodhi Tree, surrounded in the pure lands of ultimate bliss. All around him, faint Asura runes shimmered in and out like stars in the night sky. It was as if he was he was already separated from the world.

From far, far away, the eight trial challengers that had run away were watching everything happen within the Umbral Heaven Ice Array.

Seeing that Moonpond was wounded to the point of vomiting blood and yet Lin Ming was still meditating beneath an old tree, all of them were left speechless.

’’That woman called Moonpond has already spat out blood but he's still meditating. It seems he's really good at sitting.’’

’’How crafty of him. Even now he hasn't helped once. And Lin Ming's woman, she hasn't done anything either...’’

The woman these people referred to was Xiao Moxian. From the start until now, Xiao Moxian had joined together with Lin Ming in his Bodhi Tree pure lands, her mind also entering an ethereal state.

Originally, there were just ten people available. Without Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, that meant there were only eight people left to defend.

The last time there were still 18 people that could defend against the Undying Inferno. Now, there were only eight people. In terms of numbers, they were over half down. In particular, without the unusually strong Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, it wasn't strange that the pressure placed on the ones defending was much higher than it should be!

’’Lin Ming, that arrogant brat, he said it didn't matter if we stayed or not! Very well, then let's stand here and see just what happens to them!’’

The eight people that retreated were all of the mindset to watch a good play at the expense of others. They were all looking forwards to Lin Ming and the others falling into peril. This was a normal psychological mindset for these people. Since they weren't participating in the battle, they naturally didn't hope that the battle would begin to veer towards a good outcome. In fact, the eight people thought that a good result would be if Lin Ming and his group were all beaten to a pulp, and the best result would be if several of them died.

At the same time, contradictorily they also hoped that nothing would happen to Soul Empress Sheng Mei. Although Sheng Mei came from the 33 Heavens, her etherealness, her her etherealness, her perfection, her power, all of that quickly made her into the goddess of all the spiritas in the Asura Road. This was especially true for the eight trial challengers since they were mostly men. Towards Sheng Mei, they held nothing but infatuated admiration.

And at this time, the Undying Polar Ice started its attack once more!

Its massive form soared up into the skies and it began to recklessly absorb all the ice energy between the heavens and earth!

Massive glaciers that were miles wide were shattered into chunks, turned into countless shards of crushed ice that were sucked into the Undying Polar Ice's body. This momentum alone was already panic-inducing!

’’That's scary...’’

’’They're all going to die...’’

Many people's eyes were focused on this manic frenzy that was condensing in the world.

Whether it was human, saint, spiritas, or anything that possessed intelligence, everything would feel an instinctual fear upon facing such a world-shaking momentum!

After brewing for ten breaths of time, a pair of terrifying phoenix claws fell down from the world storm like falling mountains, carrying with them the strength of an unstoppable barrage!

Waves upon waves of icy storms set off massive tides of ice that were tens of thousands of feet high. They were like giant ancient beasts that wanted to swallow the Umbral Heaven Ice Array whole!

’’Miss Mo! Mister Fanny! Thousand Slaughter!’’

Suya cried out. But in truth, there was no need for her to shout. Mo Brightmoon and the others, including even Soulsky, were rapidly shooting out divine runic symbols as if they weren't worth money at all.

For a time, the Heretical God Symbol, Heavenly Flame Symbol, all sorts of tyrannical energies wildly galloped through the skies, wreaking havoc where they went, sweeping through the world!


In just a moment, all of the blazing flames were swallowed up by the raging waves of ice!

The improved divine runic symbols that Lin Ming drew up were extraordinarily strong. After the raging tsunamis of ice swallowed the fires of the divine runic symbols, they visibly slowed. However, that was only slowed. The momentum, the unparalleled momentum that seemed all-powerful, still impacting towards them as before!


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