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Martial World - Chapter 1722


Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722 - Completion Percent




Originally, because of the Undying Inferno and the terrifying sea of fire, the temperature in the fifth level was enough to melt rock. Even though Sheng Mei continuously activated the Extreme Cold Ice Array and even crushed apart the fire phoenix egg with her everfrost glacier, she still wasn't able to cause the temperature to fall.

But now, after the Undying Inferno dissipated, the temperature began to plummet at an alarming rate.

Soon, from the molten temperatures, this became a land of arctic ice!

A cold and dark wind wildly howled about and even the moisture in the air instantly froze, turning into ice crystals. A thick layer of frost began to cover the ground.

The rivers of lava turned into frozen rivers. Cold energy sank into the body, making everyone feel as if their souls would freeze here!

’’This... this is...’’

Dragonscar had already realized a single terrifying possibility. But, he wanted with all his heart to believe that this wasn't true. He turned to Sheng Mei, ’’Empress, is this because of your everfrost glacier? I think that...’’

Sheng Mei lightly sighed. She interrupted Dragonscar and shook her head.

’’Em... Empress...’’

’’We've lost... the Undying Inferno has become the Undying Polar Ice...’’ Sheng Mei whispered.


Although the trial challengers could feel that something was wrong, Sheng Mei's sudden words shocked all of them.

Before this they had already consumed a tremendous amount of their strength to struggle through a brutal battle. Even Sheng Mei had released that unrivalled attack. But even so, they still hadn't been able to kill the Undying Inferno.

This Undying Inferno was far too ridiculous!

Such a powerful fifth level Overlord, how could anyone possibly pass?

’’Even that powerful everfrost glacier wasn't able to kill the Undying Inferno?’’

’’This... this Undying Inferno truly lives up to its name... it cannot die!’’

’’T-t-then what do we do?’’

Some trial challengers sputtered out, at a loss of how to deal with the current situation.

Sheng Mei shook her head and said, ’’We have already lost so we can only return to the fourth level. It seems I underestimated the strength of the Undying Inferno.’’

Ultimately, the last time that Sheng Mei had arrived at the fifth level, after her cataclysmic battle with the Undying Inferno she had only thought up a possible method to defeat it. Today was her trying out that method, but she had no idea whether it would succeed or fail.

Sheng Mei soon regained her composure. All of the years of preparation had been destroyed, but she didn't lose faith. Currently she was only in the sixth revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art, and there was still the seventh, eighth, and ninth revolutions - sooner or later she would pass the fifth level.

It seemed that her hopes of passing the fifth level at the sixth revolution had been too naïve. After all, the vision of the Asura Road Master was far too high, so it was normal for her not to pass even at the sixth revolution.


Hearing Sheng Mei say this word, the martial artists looked at each other in dismay, at a loss for words. They thought that they could leave behind their own legends and be recorded in the historical texts of every major sect in the Asura Road, but now, all of those dreams had been popped.

’’That's our only choice. We've used up too much energy. If we don't leave now then we won't have another chance.’’

As people were speaking, their misty breath instantly turned to ice crystals. The temperature had fallen to a point where even heaven and earth origin energy was being frozen.

But still, some people weren't willing, ’’There might be a mistake. Since the Undying Inferno hasn't died... how come we don't see the phoenix egg?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’There is no need for the phoenix egg to form;the entire fifth level is the breeding ground for the Undying Polar Ice. When the cold energy in this world has risen to the extreme, it will naturally gather together and reform into an Ice Phoenix.

After comprehending the Asura Heavenly Dao, Lin Ming could foretell what was soon about to happen.

Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming with surprise. This young man's insight was truly keen for him to realize the situation in the fifth level.

And at this time, information appeared in everyone's minds. This information told them their completion percentage!

Everyone felt their hearts shake. Most of them had over 60% with an extremely small number over 70%.

When they completed the Gate of Laws their completion percentage had been over 30%, after the fourth level it was around 50%, and then after the divine Seal Altar and the battle with the Undying Inferno, the final number had settled around 65-70%.

This number left left them depressed and frustrated. Let alone the legendary 80%, most of them didn't even reach 70%.

But at this time, Sheng Mei also received a message - 86%. Compared to the last time she was here, it was a mere 3% higher.

Although it was only 3%, after reaching 80%, increasing the score by a single percent was incomparably difficult!

Her score had surpassed 85%. As the divine Void Soul Emperor had said, there was no one that would be able to match her in in the past or future!

However, Sheng Mei was still unsatisfied with this percentage. She couldn't help but glance at Lin Ming, ’’Lin Ming, your completion percentage... what is it?’’

As Sheng Mei spoke, everyone looked over to Lin Ming. They also wanted to know.

This freak of nature had passed the Asura level Gate of Laws.

His completion percentage...

Just how high had been able to go?

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then said, ’’85.’’

Although this completion percentage didn't seem like much to Lin Ming, as this number fell into everyone's ears they sucked in a breath of cold air. 85%! That already broke past Sheng Mei's past record. But this time, Sheng Mei was likely to have created a new record.

Lin Ming was also curious about Sheng Mei's completion percentage. He asked her, ’’And the Soul Empress?’’

Everyone waited with bated breath as they turned back to Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei was silent for a moment and then clearly said, ’’86%.’’

Sheng Mei was even higher!

Everyone looked at each other with surprise. Some people were stunned speechless. They were already shocked enough when Lin Ming had perfectly crossed the Asura level Gate of Laws and thought he would have the highest completion percentage, but now their thoughts had been completely reversed.

’’The Soul Empress is fierce... I thought Lin Ming would be slightly higher...’’

’’This is just on par for normal! Lin Ming probably had around 5% more than the Soul Empress after the Gate of Laws, but in the fifth level we had to face the Undying Inferno and it was the Soul Empress who led the way. It is impossible for anyone to compare with her heaven-defying comprehension of Laws. Rather, Lin Ming dropped a little... after all, he is too young, so this is a handicap he cannot overcome.’’

After Lin Ming had completed the Gate of Laws his completion percentage reached 45. reached 45. This was proven when he was able to step into the planet-sized immortal palace.

After crossing the fourth level and killing so many monsters, his completion rate had risen to 60%.

Then, after climbing up the 33 steps of the divine Seal Altar, his score had risen to 75%. Up until then, his score had been perfect.

But on the fifth level the one leading the force and also the one with the greatest role had been Sheng Mei. Facing the Undying Inferno, whether it was defending or attacking, it was almost Sheng Mei alone. No matter how much everyone tried to support her, they were just that - supporting actors. Thus, Lin Ming obtained another 10% but Sheng Mei's score rose by 16%. After combining everything, Lin Ming was slightly worse.

Although Lin Ming's completion percentage was lower than Sheng Mei's, it was enough to bewilder all the trial challengers present.

’’How terrifying, if Lin Ming comes again and his skeletal age rises a little more, he might be able to obtain 88% or 89%!’’

A trial challenger said. But, his words were immediately refuted by someone else.

’’Don't be silly, do you think completing the final trial is so simple? And you even thought of 89%! Do you know what sort of concept that is? Even someone who will become a True divinity might not be able to achieve such a higher score! After reaching 80%, every single point more is incomparably difficult!’’

’’In the future, after several hundred more years pass and Lin Ming's comprehension of Laws becomes higher, if he enters the final trial again then he might be able to obtain an 87% completion rate. That is the limit, but that is already more than high enough...’’

As everyone was speaking, Xiao Moxian smirked, thinking otherwise.

Beside Lin Ming, Mo Brightmoon and Suya also tried to comfort Lin Ming. After all, Lin Ming was still young. Once his comprehension of Laws rose then he could always come again. And with Lin Ming's future status it wouldn't be hard to obtain the complete sets of god runes needed to enter.

At this time, Dragonscar said, ’’We must go now. The Undying Polar Ice will emerge soon. If we delay then we won't be able to leave.’’

Hearing Dragonscar's words, many people felt disappointed.

To return back to the fourth level also meant that their journey into the final trial would end here.

Although the here.

Although the trial challengers had only been in the final trial for several months, they had experienced countless slaughter fests and perilous dangers here, and it felt as if they had spent several years here instead. Even after all of that their completion percentage was still low. Thinking that they had to return now, everyone was at a bit of a loss.

However, remaining was also impossible. They were just not a match for the Undying Polar Ice. Some people had already turned around and were ready to leave. But at this time, an icy voice rang out, especially clear in the chilling winds...

’’Everyone, please wait a moment...’’


Everyone was startled. They stopped their steps and turned around to see a black-clothed Lin Ming standing not too far away from them. Standing right beside him was the black-clothed Xiao Moxian.

The one who spoke just now was Lin Ming.

’’What is it?’’

Everyone looked at Lin Ming with a puzzled expression. They didn't know why Lin Ming had stopped them.

Lin Ming paused for a moment and then said, ’’The Undying Polar Ice... we can try to battle it.’’

His slow and calm words passed through the cold wind, causing everyone to shiver!


Hearing Lin Ming's words, the martial artists were stunned. They glanced at each other, aghast.

The Undying Inferno couldn't be killed, and that was with Sheng Mei using her ice-attribute cultivation methods that restrained it. In this situation, how could they fight with the Undying Polar Ice?

’’Lin Ming, stop joking around. The Undying Polar Ice is likely as strong as the Undying Inferno, just that the attributes are different. We were only able to rely on the Soul Empress to attack, and that is also because the Soul Empress trains in ice-attribute cultivation methods so cracking open a heated rock isn't too difficult for her. But to freeze open a rock of ice, that is impossible.’’

Some martial artists frowned, thinking that Lin Ming was playing with them.

’’It's getting colder and colder here. Let's not talk any nonsense. We have to hurry back to the fourth level. If the Undying Polar Ice emerges then we might not even have a chance to escape.’’

Seeing the surrounding ice energy begin to permeate into their inner worlds, a trial challenger spoke out in a flustered panic. If the Undying Polar Ice were to attack them, that wouldn't be funny at all.


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