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Martial World - Chapter 1721


Chapter 1721

Chapter 1721 - Victory or Defeat?




Sheng Mei's complexion changed. She immediately thought of a possibility.

In an instant, the Undying Inferno sparkled with dazzling flames as it immediately arrived in front of the Extreme Cold Battle Array like a bolt of lightning.

This was true refined source strength of the Undying Inferno - it was enough to crush a planet!

Everyone was inexorably horrified. The Undying Inferno had arrived too fast, so fast that none of them were able to react!

Boundless burning power of fire combined with a tyrannical and overwhelming power. The Extreme Cold Battle Array began to tremble once more.

Some of the shattered runes fell away, allowing the majestic fire power to enter.

Wherever the power of fire went, it would turn everything into liquid flame sludge.

One after another, the runes of the Extreme Cold Battle Array began to break apart.

Everyone felt their hearts sink into despair.

This empowered Extreme Cold Battle Array wasn't able to resist the core mystic strength of the Undying Inferno, let alone their mortal bodies!

At this time, Sheng Mei's pupils began to swirl, becoming deep and dark like fathomless pools. A six-petal snow flower design began to appear within her eyes as a cold light emitted from them - this was her vital soul force!

As her soul force shot out into the Extreme Cold Battle Array, the shattered runes and soon-to-break Extreme Cold Battle Array were immediately revitalized, once more shining with a dazzling light.

Each rune glowed with an icy white atmosphere. Spirit power burst out, blinding the eyes. Even the power of fire in the air froze and was forcefully extinguished.


The luminescent Extreme Cold Battle Array collided with the Undying Inferno's life essence.

Each strike of the Undying Inferno was able to shatter a planet.

But no matter how much it tried, all of its attacks were blocked by Sheng Mei's vital soul force-empowered Extreme Cold Battle Array.

Every collision would cause numerous runes to dim down and fade away. But with Sheng Mei's support, more and more runes were born, rapidly glistening in the air...

An intense energy storm swelled forth in all directions, tearing apart space and ripping open the earth, destroying all things in its path. It was truly terrifying.

Flame swept up in tornados. More and more ice runes were destroyed!

Under this dreadful assault, Sheng Mei began to drip crystalline beads of sweat.

At this time, her concentration was utterly focused. The six-petal snow flower design in her pupils had turned icy blue in color. These pupils were similar to Dragon Fang's Three Lives Pupils;they were different methods that brought out equally wonderful results. By using a secret technique, the shape of her pupils changed, allowing Sheng Mei to erupt with an even greater strength!

Seeing Sheng Mei in such a state, Lin Ming's complexion was earnest. This Undying Inferno had surpassed his imagination. Sheng Mei was using up far too much strength!

Even if they persisted until the Undying Inferno became an egg, the following attack would still have to rely on Sheng Mei.

After all, against a fire phoenix egg, only attacking it with the power of ice could result in the greatest lethality.

As for Lin Ming, his cultivation methods were biased towards thunder and fire. Using fire to attack a fire phoenix egg was an exercise in futility.

Dragonscar also saw beads of sweat drip down Soul Empress Sheng Mei's face. He gripped his fists, unable to stop his heart from racing with anxiousness.

’’The Fire Phoenix hasn't died yet! How could it be so tenacious!’’

Dragonscar howled in his heart.

And at this time, through the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, Lin Ming could feel the strength of the Undying Inferno rapidly weakening!

’’Mm? The Undying Inferno is dying...’’

A happy expression crossed Lin Ming's face. If this continued then the Undying Inferno wouldn't be able to attack more than five times.

Soon, the other people also discovered that the impact strength behind the Undying Inferno's strikes was weakening.

The Fire Phoenix's flame body started to become increasingly dim in the air. The flames around its body shrank to dim strands that fluttered about.

However, it was still as wild and crazy as before, attacking the Extreme Cold Battle Array until it died!

Finally, as the Undying Inferno attacked the great vaulted barrier of the Extreme Cold Battle Array once more, the flame energy within its body was actually frozen by the Extreme Cold Battle Array, causing it to rapidly fade.


’’This Undying Inferno will be extinguished soon, haha!’’

A breathless youth said, wild with joy as he saw the flames around the Undying Inferno beginning to extinguish.

But at this time, as the central force of the battlefield, Sheng Mei had yet to speak a single word. Even uttering a single syllable could release the energy within her, causing her strength to collapse.

Then, from the area where the Undying Inferno had just been extinguished, strange changes began to to slowly occur in the midst of the dim flames.

Within the glow of flames, strange and mysterious lines of the Great Dao began to appear.

Hu - hu - hu -

Terrifying waves of energy swept out. The earth shook once more. Alarming cracks spread through the ground like an endless spider web, and from these cracks, blazing flames shot up, soaring to the heavens!

These flames howled in the air, all of them rushing towards the area where the Undying Inferno had been extinguished!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Horrifying flame explosions rang through the air, reverberating through space like a supernova was occurring right before their eyes! A terrifying heat swept over them. Even a planet would be instantly turned to be molten lava by this degree of burning heat!

The Extreme Cold Battle Array fiercely shook. Millions of runes extinguished as they tried to withstand this dreadful firestorm.

And at this time, in the center of the flames, all of the fire energy became increasingly dense. It was gathering into a massive egg the size of a mountain!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Loud heartbeats rang out from the thick egg shell, like the steady beat of a great drum, showing off the exuberant life force within.

And this beating sound seemed to pass into the hearts of everyone present, making it feel as if their very beings were sympathetically resonating with it. There was an unspeakable discomfort that percolated within their chests.

The Undying Inferno was being reborn in a bath of flames!

At this moment, Sheng Mei's fingers began rapidly twisting as she shot out numerous Ice Law runes. The strange ribbon that wrapped around her floated in front of her, glowing with an icy cold light!

This ribbon was the lucky chance that Sheng Mei had obtained on the fourth level. Although it wasn't an offensive magic tool, it could actually enhance Sheng Mei's power of ice.

At this time, Sheng Mei's jade-smooth complexion dripped with little beads of crystalline sweat, revealing a faint trace of stubbornness.

Victory or defeat, everything would be decided in one strike!

Ka ka ka!

Strange explosive sounds crackled all around Sheng Mei. The sea of fire vanished, replaced by limitless freezing ice.

This everlasting ice even froze the void and shattered it to pieces. And from the cracks of the frozen void, an ancient glacier began to flow out!

A resonant and mournful Ice Phoenix cry spread out from within Sheng Mei's body. Then, an Ice Phoenix emerged from her inner world!

This was>This was not a phoenix phantom but a true God Beast. It was Sheng Mei's mount, a royal Ice Phoenix!

Before, regardless of what attack she had to face from the Undying Inferno, Sheng Mei had not summoned her Ice Phoenix. This was because she needed the Ice Phoenix to conserve its strength, all to aid her in this final strike!

’’Royal Ice Phoenix!’’

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. Sheng Mei was actually able to possess an Ice Phoenix of royal lineage as her contract beast.

However, beneath the peculiar Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, even Sheng Mei's Ice Phoenix had its cultivation suppressed to the early Holy Lord realm!

The Ice Phoenix cried out. A dreadful icy wind howled about it. It dove into the ancient glacier, fusing together with it. Then, the massive glacier suddenly rose into the air. The enormous glacier began to fall like a river of white stars, crashing into the mountain-sized egg!

Everyone watched with bated breath.

Even after experiencing dozens of attacks from the Undying Inferno and having consumed a great deal of her strength, Sheng Mei was still able to use her Ice Phoenix as support and display such a terrifying striking power!

Where the titanic glacier went, space froze and cracked open like glass. With an overbearing momentum it crashed into the giant egg!

Ka ka ka ka!

A sound of shattering ice spread out with enough power behind it to freeze the souls of powerhouses. Waves of mystic Ice Law runes gushed out onto the fiery giant egg, covering it with a thick layer of frost.

With the extreme cold everfrozen glacier to attack the fiery giant egg, all of that horrifying cold energy reckless seeped into the egg, wildly attacking it!

In that moment, a crack appeared in the surface of the giant egg!

As this crack appeared, it began to widen a little bit at a time. Everyone was stunned, their eyes widening. Had they succeeded?

The great egg shell began to slowly split apart. A cold air fell down to the earth, as if it came from the highest frozen mountains.

Time seemed to come to a standstill. Everyone watched as the massive egg was frozen by the freezing glacier, becoming a giant block of ice. Above this block of ice, tiny cracks appeared and one could see faint traces of the Great Dao Fire Laws swirling about. Then, the heartbeat of the great egg also began to slowly die down...

Everyone kept their eyes locked onto the great egg, watching for any watching for any changes. They had no idea just what the result was.

After a moment of silence, the surface of the great egg released a crackling sound as a pillar of flame shot up into the skies, breaking through the cage of freezing ice and shooting into the horizon.

Everyone was on edge, their minds alert. This was a critical stage;they all thought that the Undying Inferno might rush out at any moment.

However, just an instant later, the entire great egg shattered, turning into a mass of flame that fused underground.

They did it?

No one was able to determine just what happened. Even Sheng Mei pressed her eyebrows together in thought. She had already swallowed down a transcendent divine pill, rapidly restoring her origin energy even as she kept watching against any sudden changes and dangers.

Lin Ming spread out his sense, trying to use the Asura Laws to investigate the situation of the Undying Inferno.

For a time, there was only absolute silence.

The sea of fire receded and the flowing lava solidified. The violent fire origin energy that flooded the world began to rapidly dissipate.

’’We really did it!’’

Seeing the dark wasteland that was immersed in the sea of fire begin to reveal itself once more, many martial artists relaxed, joy starting to appear on their faces.


Dragonscar vigorously gripped his fists together, overjoyed from the depths of his heart.

These changes rapidly continued until they swept through the entire fifth level. The sea of fire had really vanished, disappearing until there was nothing left.

’’Can we really enter the sixth level?’’

’’That's right, haha, even if I cannot pass the sixth level no matter what, I am more than satisfied with taking a look at it!’’

’’Indeed! We will leave behind a legend! A legend that hasn't appeared for a billion years!’’

As many trial challengers were excitedly speaking, they all looked at Sheng Mei. Without a doubt, Sheng Mei was the pillar of their group.

But at this time, Sheng Mei's complexion was still dignified. She hadn't relaxed at all.

Sheng Mei's expression caused Dragonscar's mind to chill. ’’Empress, what is it...?’’

Sheng Mei frowned. She gloomily said, ’’Haven't you discovered that since the sea of fire receded, the temperature has already become lower than normal. In fact, it is dropping even more...’’


Hearing Sheng Mei's words, everyone was panic-stricken. Indeed, as she had said, without them knowing the temperature had dropped below freezing and it was continuing to drop!


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