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Martial World - Chapter 1720


Chapter 1720

Chapter 1720 - Wrath of the Phoenix




Rumble rumble rumble.

Meteors howled in the sky. On the ground, more and more golden skeletons began to crawl out and attack from above and below.

However, Sheng Mei stood guard in the center of her Extreme Cold Battle Array, her complexion unwavering. Her hands continued moving in the air as if she were drawing numerous countless invisible lines that melded with the Ice Law runes she laid down. As the flaming meteors fell, it was like they crashed into a surging sea, immediately weakening.

With their frozen ice armor, several saint geniuses dared to use their physical bodies to resist the golden skeletons wreathed in flames.

After some unknown period of time, those within the Extreme Cold Battle Array finally survived the waves of attacks.

’’If this continues then the Undying Inferno's strength will be slowly worn down...’’ Several trial challengers crushed apart a meteor and let out a long breath of relief.

Everyone else also seemed to relax a little.

According to what Sheng Mei had told them, their task here was to survive the attacks of the Undying Inferno. As long as the Undying Inferno turned into a phoenix egg then it would be time for Sheng Mei to take the stage.

Towards Sheng Mei, the present trial challengers had a near blind trust in her. Her cultivation seemed to be at the Empyrean realm and her Laws and cultivation methods were unfathomably profound. Even though her cultivation had been suppressed to the Holy Lord realm, she was still an extremely terrifying character that no one needed to worry about.

However, Lin Ming's complexion remained as dignified as before. This land was the space of the final trial that the Asura Road Master created himself. The Asura Laws were densely proliferated through every inch of the land.

Through the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, he was able to feel that the strength of the Undying Inferno was weakening at a slow rate.

Unlike everyone else here, he realized the true state of the Undying Inferno.

Wmmm -

Suddenly, strange fluctuations emitted from the space around the Undying Inferno.

’’Ants, you have truly aroused my ire! All of you, die!’’

The Undying Inferno seemed to transpire and change. The flames roiled about, slowly condensing into a person's angered face. It was clear that the mere fact that a group of ants was able to last for so long was already the gravest of insults to the supreme existence of the fifth level.

Waves of strange Law fluctuations spread out from the Undying Inferno, spreading through the ground.

Like a giant invisible palm smashing the ground, the earth began to shake.

The ground started to be sundered open. Large tracts of rocks were sucked out and turned into strands of flowing lava. Faint traces of earth origin energy were extracted and sucked out.

At the same time, the immense mystic energy within the golden skeletons was sucked out. Silken strands of golden liquid shot forth from their bodies, melding into the Undying Inferno.

From between the heavens and the earth, all sorts of energies were being swallowed up by it.

In a brief moment, the originally weakened Undying Inferno suddenly erupted with a heaven-shaking aura, even seeming stronger than before. Its body swelled out, its massive wings seemed like flaming mountain ranges.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Suddenly, mountain-thick beams of flame shot out from the Undying Inferno's body towards Lin Ming and the others.

Everyone had just managed to catch their breath. Now that they saw these massive columns of flame hurtling towards them, so large that they blocked out their field of vision, all of them were left panic-stricken.

’’Such a fierce aura, how can we win!?’’

The aura that the Undying Inferno erupted with couldn't match that of an Empyrean, but it wasn't too far away! This terrifying flux of energy caused the martial artists present to shiver, a deep despair and hopelessness rising up in their hearts.

This was the true might of the heavens and earth! It simply wasn't something that mortals could prevent...

The first to bear the brunt of this strike was the glass-thin barrier of the Extreme Cold Battle Array.

The seemingly formidable Extreme Cold Battle Array was struck by raging columns of fire. Millions upon millions of runes were destroyed and the Ice Law runes rapidly dimmed as they emitted harsh creaking sounds.

The countless threads of power formed from mysterious Ice Laws became like glass. Beneath the blazing heat, they began to melt and crack apart.

At the same time, the countless columns of fire weren't slowed by too much. With a loud explosive sound, one of the trial challengers who couldn't dodge in time was directly struck by one.

In the midst of the conflagration, the person was immediately turned into a golden skeleton that came crawling out. Then, this golden skeleton was also chopped down by those nearby...

In the center of the battle array, Sheng Sheng Mei deeply frowned.

An even stronger mystic strength burst out from her body. The air around wildly whistled.

On her body, the strange ribbon that wrapped around her began to flutter upwards.

This mysterious ribbon contained the source strength of the Ice Laws. As it suddenly rose up into the air, it seemed as powerful and mighty as a raging river.

Waves of mystic ice runes exuded out from it, disintegrating into the air and forming a freezing chill that rapidly wound about the entire Extreme Cold Battle Array.

The Extreme Cold Battle Array that was on the verge of collapse began to reform. The runes scattered in the air began to shine with a luminescent light once more.

Within the Extreme Cold Battle Array, the trial challengers were hurriedly trying to dodge the columns of flame that came crashing down from above. Suddenly, they felt an immense power of ice latch onto their bodies, making their ice armor even more potent.


Another mountain-thick column of flame came crashing down. This time, thanks to the strengthened Extreme Cold Ice Array, the Ice Laws began to rise up once more.

Ice and fire originally repelled each other. Now that the Ice Laws were strengthened, the columns of flame that came falling down slowed by a precipitous amount and they were also weakened.

Lin Ming keenly realized that the threatening and imposing Undying Inferno seemed to have weakened its life essence energy to send down those mountain-thick columns of flames...

The Undying Inferno was being perpetually weakened!

Its origin was the power of fire. Sheng Mei's power of ice was absolutely able to use up its life source.

The massive amount of world essence energy it swallowed just now was indeed extremely powerful, but the truth was that it was only manipulating this strength to attack others. And, in order to control this nearly limitless world power, it needed to consume a great deal of its source strength.

After realizing this, Lin Ming's thoughts perked up. This was the true critical moment. As long as they could endure past this period then they could use up all of the Undying Inferno's strength and force it into a phoenix egg where it would begin its nirvanic rebirth!

At that time, Sheng Mei would be able to launch her own attack.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, Sheng Mei suddenly spoke. She clearly said, ’’Everyone join together and smash apart the columns of fire in the array. The Undying Inferno is in is in a weakening state;to destroy these columns of fire is the same as ripping off its wings!

Even in the midst of the crazy explosions occurring all around, this clear voice spread into everyone's ears.

Lin Ming was startled. Sheng Mei's cultivation had fallen to the early Holy Lord realm but her mentality and sensations were still extraordinary. In such a state, her perception of the situation was still able to match him while he was using the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

As everyone listened to Sheng Mei's words they seemed to shake themselves out of a stupor.

Dragonscar took the initiative to rush out. He leapt straight up into the air.

He couldn't wait to attack;he was afraid that if this continued much longer then something would happen to Sheng Mei. It had to be known that even though Sheng Mei hadn't yet attacked, she was the absolute main force out of everyone here and the center of the battle array. Whether it was resisting the golden skeletons or weakening those mountain-like flame columns, everything she did used up a great deal of her strength!

This Extreme Cold Battle Array was the core of their combat strategy. Without Sheng Mei, they might have all been killed off by the Undying Inferno already.

The only thought in Dragonscar's mind was to quickly cut down these flame columns and lighten the burden on Sheng Mei's shoulders.

He definitely wasn't stupid enough to go outside and resist these columns of fire. Compared to the powerful Undying Inferno, he was far too small and weak.

He spotted one of the fire columns. It had been greatly weakened by the Extreme Cold Battle Array and was falling at a much slower pace.

Dragonscar attacked. As soon as he attacked it was like 10,000 thunderbolts striking out at once. A wild and tyrannical energy surged out like a tsunami, recklessly shooting towards the flame column!

But that flame column was even more terrifying. No matter how wild Dragonscar's attack was, it still continued to impact the Extreme Cold Battle Array. All around it, Ice Law runes began to shatter and melt.

’’Everyone join together, focus your attacks!’’

Dragonscar shouted out loud. No one dared to tarry. They all put forth their greatest strengths. Several of them joined together to attack a flame column, slowly dissipating it.

Dragonscar fought in the sea of fire and was brushed by the flames several times. Even though his skin and muscles were burnt through, he still grit he still grit his teeth and furiously fought!

And amidst these people, Lin Ming didn't join forces with anyone. With his strength alone, he was able to resist a flame column!

The Phoenix Blood Spear shot through space like a rainbow, tearing apart a 1000 foot long space channel.

At this time, just by raising his hand his body contained the strength of several dragons. Now with a strange strength fused within him, forcefully increasing his cultivation to the early Holy Lord realm, his inner true essence had also increased.

A dreadful strength, in addition to his howling true essence, came crashing together like overlapping waves.

With such tremendous strength, the air resistance from waving his spear became terrifying to the extreme. Underneath the strength of his spear, the air compressed into walls as hard as iron that pounded into the flame column.


A gap was cracked open in the flame column.

Afterwards, Lin Ming struck out with his spear several more times, expanding the opening again and again until it became a deep ravine that couldn't be restored.


With a loud explosion, the core runes of the entire flame column began to shatter, causing the whole structure to collapse...

After bringing down this flame column with unstoppable momentum, Lin Ming didn't stop moving. He immediately leapt towards another flame column and proceeded to hack it down!

Although the battlefield was chaotic, many people still witnessed Lin Ming's dreadful strength.

’’Too fierce... this Lin Ming, he's nothing but a monstrous genius!’’

Everyone was flabbergasted. Even Sheng Mei, who was devoting her concentration to controlling the Extreme Cold Battle Array, had a flash of astonishment appear in her eyes. Her thoughts towards Lin Ming's strength changed once more.

Under the joint efforts of the trial challengers, there were less and less of the flame columns that the Undying Inferno sent hurtling down.

With so many people bravely battling, this caused the pressure on Sheng Mei to quickly reduce for some time.

But at this moment, the Undying Inferno in the skies roared, emitting an enraged shriek.

Its massive form began to shrink. From a mountain range to a mountain to a hill, it finally shrank to 30 feet in size.

However, the power of fire gathered on its body had also condensed, becoming pure and potent to the extreme. Its entire body seemed to be covered with a blood red halo.

All around it, light distorted and space melted away. This power of fire had reached a terrifying extreme!


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