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Martial World - Chapter 1717


Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717 - Overlord




Sheng Mei mounting the top of the divine Seal Altar's 33 steps was like a signal. Those trial challengers who failed to reach the 31st step could only stare on unwillingly as the space crack began to slowly close up, sealing them away in the fourth level.

Currently, their position was only several tens of thousands of feet away from the space crack. Normally this distance would only take the blink of an eye to cross, but today it had become an unpassable moat.

As the space crack began to close up, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian trudged on against the intense astral winds and dreadful pressure to climb up the 33rd step.

After completing two nirvanas, it wasn't difficult for Xiao Moxian to climb up and her speed was no slower than Lin Ming's.

’’These two people are quite fearful...’’

Dragonscar breathlessly said from beside Sheng Mei. Although he had just managed to follow behind Sheng Mei, it was a strenuous task for him to climb up the 33rd step.

If there wasn't an accident then it would only be the four of them that reached the top of the 33 steps. That was Sheng Mei, Dragonscar, Lin Ming, and Xiao Moxian. As for Moonpond and Soulsky, their hopes dimmed with every second. The most they would be able to reach would be halfway up the 33rd step.

’’Indeed... these two people might be a great boost to our efforts to pass the fifth level...’’

Dragonscar was startled upon hearing Sheng Mei. ’’Soul Empress... are you planning to try rushing past the final trial's fifth level?’’

Dragonscar knew about the final trial's fifth trial. In fact, it could be called the limit of the final trial.

Whether it was the Soul Empress or the Good Fortune Saint Son, neither of them had been able to pass the fifth level in the past!

And in fact, according to what Dragonscar knew, for the last billion years no one had been able to pass the fifth level's trial. Until now, it was still a complete mystery as to what lay past the fifth level.

’’That's my plan... but my hopes aren't too great. Even if I am unable to pass the fifth level my completion percentage should be 85% or above... if there is even the slightest chance of me passing the fifth level, then my completion percentage will be 88% or even higher...’’

Sheng Mei sucked in a deep breath. 88% was considerably close to 90%!

But a completion of 90% was a leap upwards. The rewards from this completion percentage were unimaginable!

As Sheng Mei and Dragonscar spoke, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had already climbed past 25,000 feet and were only several thousand feet away.

At this height they still hadn't slowed down. As for the others, they had already given up. At this time, the trial of the divine Seal Altar had more or less ended.

Half an hour later, Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming smoothly ascended to the top.

Standing at the top of the 33rd platform, Lin Ming directly faced Sheng Mei and Dragonscar. Standing in front of them, Lin Ming could clearly feel an icy cold aura wildly gushing out from Sheng Mei, as if she was the source of endless winter wind.

This was an unrivalled woman, one that made all others feel inferior in their heart. Just by casually standing there, she was like a fairy of the highest heavens, ethereal and ephemeral.

’’Lin Ming, right...?’’

Sheng Mei parted her deep red lips and asked Lin Ming.

To many people, it was the greatest of glories to be remembered by Soul Empress Sheng Mei. This was because in her eyes, most people were as worthy as ants.

’’I am Lin Ming. I greet senior Soul Empress.’’

Lin Ming cupped his hands across his chest and slightly bowed.

Sheng Mei nodded. ’’There is no need to be overly polite. Your achievements in the future will be limitless, and perhaps they might surpass my own...’’

Sheng Mei's voice was light. Although these were words of praise for Lin Ming, they were actually extremely grating on Xiao Moxian's mind as she heard them.

In her opinion, Sheng Mei was only someone that had passed the heaven-step difficulty Gate of Laws. Although she had perfectly passed it with ease, she was far from being comparable to Lin Ming who had passed the Asura level Gate of Laws. And yet, she actually said that Lin Ming's future achievements might surpass her own.

If Sheng Mei had passed the Asura level difficulty too then Xiao Moxian wouldn't have any opinion on this. After all, it was as it should be for a senior to speak encouraging and appreciative words to a junior.

'But hell, you only passed the heaven-step difficulty, so what qualifications do you have have to say all that crap?'

Xiao Moxian was originally a fearless character who dreaded neither the heavens nor the earth. Even in front of Soul Empress Sheng Mei, she felt no jitters at all. She raised her chin, curled her lips, and muttered, ’’My Big Brother Lin's future will naturally be limitless.’’

Although she didn't say that Lin Ming would inevitably surpass Sheng Mei, her expression and pose indicated her intent.

Regarding this, Sheng Mei only faintly smiled, not replying.

But nearby, Dragonscar frowned and his gaze became much colder and gloomier.

When Sheng Mei was speaking with others, then as a follower, Dragonscar naturally wouldn't say anything. But Xiao Moxian's words had left him far too disgruntled.

He coldly coughed and said, ’’The finch doesn't know the beauty of the swan and the mole cricket doesn't know the passing of spring and fall. In life, it's best not to be so needlessly arrogant. The Empress's future achievements cannot be imagined by the likes of you. What you have seen so far of the Empress is only the tip of the iceberg. You think you have seen the Empress's limits? What a joke!’’

Dragonscar sneered. He originally thought that Sheng Mei's praise of Lin Ming just now was far too exaggerated. Future achievements that surpassed her own? Wasn't that just polite praise to encourage a junior? Yet not only did Lin Ming not respond, but the girl next to him didn't even appreciate the kindness. One Xiao Moxian and one Lin Ming, both ungrateful.

In the 33 Heavens, no one dared to speak like this!

Although Sheng Mei had only passed the heaven-step Gate of Laws, one couldn't forget that Sheng Mei had only cultivated the sixth revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art. There was still the seventh, eighth, and ninth revolutions, and they were the most difficult and most terrifying to practice.

Once Sheng Mei cultivated the seventh revolution she could challenge the Asura level Gate of Laws.

Once she completed the eighth revolution she could likely pass it with ease.

As for the ninth revolution, it was unimaginable what she would be like!

Moreover, Dragonscar was faintly aware that even though Sheng Mei had been following divine Sovereign Soul Rapture for all these years, the truth was that she was slowly brewing a plan that was unimaginably terrifying!

Although Dragonscar didn't know what this plan was, what he could confirm was that if this if this plan succeeded, then Sheng Mei and divine Sovereign Soul Rapture would reach inconceivable heights. It might even allow the spiritas to control all of the 33 Heavens!

Of course, this was one of the greatest secrets of the spiritas. Dragonscar naturally wouldn't reveal anything.

In this situation, Xiao Moxian naïvely thought that Lin Ming's future achievements would surpass those of Sheng Mei. Dragonscar naturally couldn't help but snort in contempt.

Xiao Moxian wasn't convinced. Just as she was about to continue arguing, Lin Ming pulled her back. And at this time, Sheng Mei also stopped Dragonscar. She icily said, ’’Dragonscar, do not be rude!’’

Dragonscar immediately stopped. He respectfully said, ’’Yes, Empress.’’

Towards Soul Empress Sheng Mei, Dragonscar was absolutely loyal. This was a respect and reverence that came from his heart.

Sheng Mei nodded and said to Lin Ming. ’’At the fifth level I fear I might need your help...’’

Lin Ming was surprised. With Sheng Mei's strength, she actually needed his help?

Sheng Mei didn't explain in further detail. She said, ’’After a while you will understand what I am speaking of. Let us go first. This fifth level is very special...’’

As Sheng Mei spoke, the space crack to the fifth level had completely closed and thoroughly separated them from the fourth level. The pressure upon the divine Seal Altar suddenly vanished and everyone felt their bodies lighten. They all let out a heavy sigh.

Standing on the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming could see the entire space of the fifth level.

The fifth level wasn't as vast and boundless as he had imagined. Compared to the fourth level, the fifth level was far, far smaller and would only have occupied a tiny corner. In fact, if Lin Ming focuses his sense into a straight line, he could make out the boundaries of this world.

This was a broad wilderness. The earth was a desolate wasteland and clouds hung high in the skies, a deep crimson red that seemed as if it would drip blood at any moment.

Within the air, a dreadful burning heat percolated about. Streams of flame seemed to flutter atop the ground. The rocks and gravel seemed to burn.

A tyrannical and wild aura rushed towards them, making the mind shake!

’’This level is...’’

Feeling this burning hot wilderness, restlessness surged in Lin Ming's heart. It seemed that this was a truly terrifying level!

Many of level!

Many of the other trial challengers on the divine Seal Altar were thinking the same thing. But due to the temptation of lucky chances, they were eager to leap down the divine Seal Altar and see what the fifth level was like. After all, many lucky chances were first come first serve, and they were willing to take this risk.

’’You all... would do best to not continue forwards.’’

At this time, a cold voice passed into everyone's ears. They paused and looked back. The one who had been speaking was Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei's clothes floated about her as she descended from the divine Seal Altar like a fairy maiden exiled to the mortal world. ’’In your current state, entering the fifth level will be far too perilous. There will only be dangers, no lucky chances. Rather, it could be said that the lucky chance in the fifth level can be obtained after defeating the Overlord of the fifth level. And, the Overlord's strength is extremely terrifying. No matter which one of you it is, if you encounter it alone then you will die without a doubt.’’

Sheng Mei's words caused everyone to feel a chill crawl up their backs. No one dared to suspect her words. They all stood motionless.

’’Rest here for three days and then we shall continue onwards together. The fifth level is extremely special and I do not have the confidence that I can pass it alone, thus I will require the cooperation and support of everyone here.’’

As Sheng Mei spoke, everyone was shocked. Sheng Mei wanted their support?

With Sheng Mei's strength, it would only take a single thought to kill any one of them here, but she actually said she wanted their support?

What was so peculiar about the fifth level, that even Sheng Mei feared it so? And what use would they be?

Without questioning, everyone began to rest and meditate. If this level could have Sheng Mei be so serious, just how dangerous was this level?

Undoubtedly, a single mistake and they would lose their life!

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian also sat down to rest. The further they progressed in the final trial, the more dangerous it would become. They wouldn't overestimate themselves either.

Like this, three days slowly passed and everyone restored themselves to their top condition. And at this time, Sheng Mei stood up. She faintly said, ’’Let us go...’’


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