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Martial World - Chapter 1712


Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712 - The Sky Piercing Steps




Within the final trial, each level was different so Lin Ming didn't know what the scene in the fifth level would be like. As he watched the space crack from far away, he could see a world that seemed to be flooded with infinite energy. Beams of glorious divine light shot out from the skies, twisting in one's vision like ripples, expanding like drops of oil in water.

Lin Ming launched his movement technique and flew towards the space crack!

Lin Ming had already ventured deep into the fourth level. From where he was, there was a considerable distance until he reached the middle of the fourth level.

When Lin Ming caught up to the center of the fourth level, there were already many trial challengers that had arrived earlier.

In order to survive the life and death slaughters of the fourth level and arrive here, each and every person was a peak character. There was a faint infernal energy that lingered around their bodies. They all stood in their own corners, quietly meditating.

Above their heads, countless arcs of thunder flashed. The terrifying space crack was like the maw of an ancient vicious beast, hidden within the vault of the heavens.

’’Grandmaster Lin Ming!’’

Lin Ming suddenly heard someone call out to him. He turned and saw two youths in torn clothing jogging up to him, their appearances extremely distressed.

These two were talented young brothers from the Far East Family, an ancient family of martial artists. After they arrived at the fourth level they had been chased by a giant diamond ape but had been luckily rescued by Lin Ming.

Afterward separating, they were besieged by dangers on all sides. By relying on a variety of methods they managed to flee the disasters and wait until the spatial entrance to the fifth level opened.

On the fourth floor they hadn't come across any great lucky chance but they had found some reasonably decent medicinal herbs. And most importantly, their final completion percentage had risen to over 40%. After the final trial ended they would be able to obtain more rewards.

’’Oh, it's you two.’’

Lin Ming nodded and greeted them in return. He looked up at the skies. From such a close distance Lin Ming could already see the space of the fifth level;it was an ancient world that exuded a dark bleakness. The height of this crack was over a hundred miles up in the air.

’’The entrance to the fifth level has already opened. Can we not enter yet?’’

Lin Ming turned and asked the two Far East Family youths.

The two youths shook their heads, ’’We can't enter yet. There is a horrifying pressure falling down from the entrance to the fifth level. After flying several thousand feet, the Laws are restricted and it is impossible to continue flying upwards. There is also a pressure that is impossible for us to withstand.’’

Some people had already attempted to go to the next level. When the entrance to a new level in the final trial opened there would always be some people hurrying up to enter first, thinking that there might be some great lucky chance awaiting the first to arrive.

But they had only managed to fly a few thousand feet before losing the ability to fly further up. One by one, these people all plummeted down like birds that had lost their wings.

’’Flying is restricted...’’

Lin Ming rubbed his chin, a thoughtful look on his face. According to the description of these two youths, the pressure would become increasingly dreadful the higher one went. Even if Lin Ming were to try flying up it would be impossible for him to reach the space crack. Thus, he had no idea how he would enter.

As Lin Ming was thinking, a cold breeze wafted past him, making his heart chill. He looked towards the distant horizon to see a white beam of light rapidly approaching.

The cold bone-freezing chill that Lin Ming felt had been emitted from that direction.

Lin Ming focused his gaze. He could see that the white beam of light was actually a beautiful woman in blue clothes

The ground shrank beneath her feet. Wherever she passed, the entire world would be wrapped with a layer of snow and ice... forests, rivers, and even mountains, everything was frozen over in large tracts.

’’Soul Empress Sheng Mei!’’

Lin Ming's heart skipped a beat and he held his breath. Facing someone like Sheng Mei who could decide his life or death instantly, Lin Ming felt a little harried. This was especially true since he had just killed the divine Void Crown Prince!

Everyone had already discovered Soul Empress Sheng Mei approaching. In a moment she arrived in front of the crowd. Thin threads of icy blue fire floated around her body, as if it were bringing an endless winter to the world.

This biting cold constantly radiated out from her body, spreading all around. Even the wasteland beneath her feet became covered with white frost.

Those that could arrive at the center of the fourth level were all outstandingly strong proud children of of heaven. Even so, several people weren't able to withstand that strange cold air and quietly drew back several steps.

’’This cold air...’’

Lin Ming's pupils shrank, looking at the blue-clothed woman in front of him with a little bit of surprise. In his impression, although Sheng Mei was a proud and lofty character, she usually remained low-key and kept to herself. It was unlike her to be so aggressive and imperious today.

Looking closer at Sheng Mei, Lin Ming noticed someone different about her. At her waist, there was a peculiar ribbon that seemed like it was made of scales and yet not made of scales, made of silk but not made of silk.

Countless tiny runes floated around the ribbon like sand in a desert storm, sparkling around it.

The cold air that seemed as if it could freeze all of existence was being emitted by this strange ribbon.

’’That thing is...’’

Lin Ming was stunned. If he wasn't wrong then this ribbon was likely something Sheng Mei had obtained from the fourth level!

After Sheng Mei appeared, her gaze casually swept over the surroundings. Then, her vision rested on Lin Ming for a brief moment, a hint of interest appearing in her eyes.

This Lin Ming... compared to the last time she saw him, he was much stronger, as if he had been completely reborn. Moreover, there was some inexplicable ghostly black energy that wrapped around him. It was unknown just what he had experienced in the fourth level.

’’How interesting...’’

Sheng Mei's lips curved in a slight smile. She was in a very good mood right now and the reason was the ribbon at her waist.

Lin Ming's guess wasn't wrong. The last time Sheng Mei entered the final trial she had discovered this ribbon. But, she hadn't taken it, only leaving a special mark on it. Afterwards, Sheng Mei gathered herself from her previous defeat and after arriving at the fourth level, went straight towards where the mark was. After a great deal of trouble, she finally obtained this ribbon.

This ribbon was not an offensive spirit treasure. Its use was to gather and converge the cold energy between the heavens and earth. It would be extremely useful to Sheng Mei in nourishing her Ice Phoenix.

Sheng Mei indifferently smiled. Then at this time, she was slightly startled. She looked up at the shattered space above her head.

Lin Ming also looked up.

Rumble rumble rumble!

High in the air, the chaotic energy began to spin around, becoming a massive black vortex.

Faintly, one could see star-bright runes shimmer around it.

These it.

These runes were like isolated floating islands, vast and limitless, carrying with them a unique aura along with the power of Laws.

Every rune was different. Some were ancient and profound, making Lin Ming feel as if he could feel the wonders of the beginning of the universe.

’’This is...’’

Everyone looked up to the heavens.

Many of these people had already been waiting at the entrance to the fifth level for a long time. But because flying was restricted here, they weren't able to enter. Now, these changes occurring within the world was likely the turnaround of the situation.

Hum -

All of the runes began to shine together, releasing a magnificent light that shot deeper into the black vortex, as if they were summoning something from within.

Gradually, from the deepest depths of the black vortex, a dim light responded.

Vast and boundless fluctuations of strength that caused the heart to race began to come closer and closer.

A crimson rune fell down, accompanied by twisting red lightning that was as thick as a mountain.

As the rune struck the earth, the ground shivered and split apart, forming a vast hole that was over 10,000 feet wide.

More blood-colored runes crashed down like meteors, leaving massive gaping holes that eventually coalesced into a pitch black abyss.

Witnessing this horrifying momentum, Lin Ming was secretly panic-stricken. At this time, he was still over a hundred miles away from the red lightning. After absorbing the Asura blood, his spirit, body, and soul force had all rapidly improved, and his mentality had been tempered greatly. Even so, he still couldn't help but feel his heart shake at this scene before him.

As for the geniuses nearby, they all paled. The massive pressure exuding from the black vortex as well as the giant runes falling down with arcs of lightning pressed down on them, extremely difficult for them to withstand.

Of them, some were heavily wounded and began shaking.

The light shooting out from the black vortex became increasingly dazzling. Then, with a resounding ring, a vast white platform, surging with sparkling dawn light, slowly revealed itself as it blocked out the skies.


The stone platform fell onto the ground!

This platform was primal and pure, as if it had been born at the beginning of the universe. It contained the atmosphere of endless years. Just looking at it, one was unable to see from edge to edge.

Atop this platform there were mountains and streams, raging rivers, flowers and insects, birds and beasts, all of them filled with life. Their vitality formed infinite flows of origin energy of origin energy that surged like an endless river!

On this stone platform, life had been bred just like a planet! But outside of it, there were some strange Laws that locked in the space so that none of the essence energy within could flow out.

Countless dense runes shimmered along the outside of the stone platform, protecting the world within.

’’This world's strange Laws belong to one of the 33 Heavens...’’ Feeling the power of Laws within the world of this ancient platform, Lin Ming felt his heart racing.

The black vortex in the skies continued to spin, with more and more light shining out.

This time, a deep crimson platform came falling down, one rank with the smell of blood.

This blood red platform was slightly smaller than the previous white stone platform. On this platform there were billowing yellow spring rivers. An appalling blood-drenched aura winded about the platform like snakes of blood.

White bones piled up like mountains and demons slaughtered each other throughout the platform. Outside of this bloody world, one of the Laws of the 33 Heavens lingered about it...

Hu - Hu - Hu -

One after another, more and more stone platforms fell down from the swirling black vortex.

Each platform was ancient and desolate, carrying with it one of the differed Great Dao Laws of the 33 Heavens.

These stone platforms were each smaller than the last. As they stacked atop each other, they were like stairs that rose up, straight to the heavens.

Slowly, people began to understand. Because the space around the entrance to the fifth level restricted flying, it was impossible for them to fly up. They would have to crawl up these giant stone platforms.

These were sky piercing steps that the final trial had prepared for them.

Although these were only stairs, the momentum they gave off was beyond terrifying!

Everyone was shocked speechless. But in a corner, Lin Ming's eyes focused and his pupils contracted. His stared at this incomparably massive stairway to heaven before him, rough waves rising up in his heart.

After counting all the stone platforms there just happened to be 33 of them!

This sort of structure, this majestic feeling...

Wasn't this... the divine Seal Altar?

Lin Ming was bewildered. Dozens of years ago he had joined the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, and the goal of the semifinals had been to climb up the divine Seal Altar!

But, the divine Seal Altar then was only an imitation created by Empyrean Vast Universe. Could the true divine Seal Altar have been in the Asura Road's final trial all along?


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