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Martial World - Chapter 171


Chapter 171 - Killing the Double Devils

Lin Ming shrugged and didn't respond. He concentrated on pouring his true essence into the black sphere.

The black sphere was like a bottomless pit. Even though it had already swallowed a colossal amount of energy, it still didn't give any response.

Slowly, the bald man began to pant as if he had trouble breathing, and the monkey-faced man was also flushed and sweating. However, Lin Ming with his extreme restorative ability and resilience appeared the most relaxed, but as he revolved his true essence, on the surface he appeared to be a bit red and a little sluggish.

’’A little more, we're almost there!’’ The monkey-faced man said. The black sphere began to emit a faint light and the entire chamber began to shake. With a deep rumbling sound, the door to the Sorcerer Pagoda finally swung open. A magnificently iridescent jade pagoda that glowed with a milky light appeared in front of everyone's awed gazes.


The monkey-faced man saw the Sorcerer Pagoda and began to wildly laugh.

Lin Ming was stirred. This pagoda appeared somewhat similar to the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda that he had entered during his time at the Seven Profound Martial House's entrance exam.

’’We've finally succeeded! Hahaha!’’ The bald man impatiently rubbed his hands together, ’’Big Brother, let's go in together!’’

’’Mm. Good. Let's see which one of us two brothers can reach a higher level. But... before that, there is a little matter that we have to attend to.’’

The monkey-faced man turned to Lin Ming, smiling, but in that smile was contained a wild killing intent.

’’I told you to leave, why didn't you leave!?’’ Na Yi anxiously asked Lin Ming through a true essence sound transmission. She was flustered;was this boy an idiot?

Lin Ming responded, ’’The reason I came here is for the power of the Sorcerer, but also because I want to help you. I just said a moment ago, that even though you have the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug, you two sisters might not escape here alive.’’

’’Wh... what? Do you really think you are going to...?’’ Na Yi found it incredible. Did Lin Ming really want to deal with these two people? He was an Altering Muscle stage martial artist while they were at the peak Bone Forging stage! There was a difference in their cultivations of a stage and a half! Not only that, but there were two!

The bald man and the monkey-faced man walked around Lin Ming's right and left sides, encircling him.

’’Little Brother Mo, you've worked too hard.’’

Lin Ming had dropped down to his knees, and was taking big gulps of breath as if he had been drained of all strength. He used his elbows to wipe away his sweat and said, ’’You two big brothers are too kind. Since you've been dealing with so many vicious beasts, it's you two that are working the hardest. I was just taking a trip to accompany you two.’’

In this posture, he looked like a very unsuspecting idiot victim. However, his soul force had already locked onto the two men's every action and movement. While leaning down, his finger was already tracing his spatial ring.

Since it was two peak Bone Forging martial artists against one at the Altering Muscle stage, he would first have them lower their guard, and then try kill one in a single stroke. The other he could slowly contend with.

In contrast, if he failed to instantly strike down the first, then the two would be on full alert, and might even separately escape. With so many possible traps in the Sorcerer Holy Land, it would be too troublesome to hunt them down here.

Not only that, but since the monkey-faced man had the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug within him, trying to cope with him would be much more tricky.

The monkey-faced man said with a smile, ’’Little Brother Mo, you see where we are, there are simply countless traps layered on top of each other. This place is deep underground;it's quiet and safe. It's simply like a natural tomb!’’

Lin Ming gasped, looking lost, ’’What do you mean by saying that?’’

’’What do I mean? Hehehe, my meaning is that since the scenery here is so beautiful, then us brothers will let you safely rest here forever!’’ As the monkey-faced man said this, his expression suddenly turned wretched. He gripped the short axe on his back, and had already moved to chop off Lin Ming's head. At the same time, the bald man had also taken out the mace on his back and was sweeping towards Lin Ming's waist!

These two tandem attacks had instantly sealed off Lin Ming's ability to dodge in any direction.

Na Shui cried out in alarm!


As the monkey-faced man's axe cleaved down, in that moment, Lin Ming's form had suddenly vanished!


The bald man's mace was just halfway down, when he suddenly felt a piercingly cold feeling in his chest. A shimmering silver object was protruding from his chest. He blankly looked down at this object. It was the spearhead of a long spear. Even though there was some blood on it, the blood did not stick to the spearhead. Instead, it flowed down along the ridge of the spear before collecting into crimson drops and dripping onto the floor.

Drip drip drip...

In the deep quiet of the chamber, the sound of blood dripping onto the floor was especially piercing.

The monkey-faced man still had his fierce expression. He wasn't able to respond to such a sudden change in events. ’’Second... Second Brother... you...’’

’’I... I......’’ The bald man reached out his as if he was trying to reach something, but his eyes were becoming gradually more lax.


Then there was the sound of an explosion and the bald man's body erupted into a spray of bloody fog. In that moment, 5000 true essence filaments had destroyed his organs and completely smashed apart all of his bones and muscles!

The bald man's corpse poured onto the ground like mud. Behind him was Lin Ming, exposing nothing but a calm and indifferent expression.

The monkey-faced man was completely shocked. Looking at Lin Ming's face, it was as if he had suddenly become a terrifying stranger!

Even though it seemed impossible to escape both attacks at once, he had appeared like a ghost behind the bald man and had slain him with a single thrust of his spear!

How could this possibly be the cultivation of a boy at the Altering Muscle stage!?

The monkey-faced man began to tremble in fear. Was this youth really a human? Or was he some sort of demonic monster?

In the legends, there were said to be evil beings that could assume the forms of humans. This dark creature could fly at will, and kill at will;they were a terrifying existence!

Not too far away, Na Yi had seen everything. She had seen Lin Ming instantly disappear and then reappear behind the bald man. Yet, she wasn't able to clearly see Lin Ming's footsteps!

Just who is he...

Na Yi held her breath;was this really a 15 year old boy?

The monkey-faced man grasped his short axe, his whole body rapidly revolving true essence. He slowly stepped back. His forehead was already dripping with sweat. He didn't know whether or not Lin Ming was hiding his cultivation or what other secrets he had.

Seeing Lin Ming's ghostly movements, the monkey-faced man already realized that there was no point in running away;he would only die sooner.

Lin Ming held the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. Though that last strike seemed as if it had easily killed the bald man, the truth was that was because the bald man had lowered his guard, and didn't utilize much true essence to protect himself. That was why Lin Ming had so easily succeeded.

Now however, the monkey-faced man was on complete guard. In this critical life or death situation, Lin Ming was still able to kill him, but he had to put in some effort.

’’Don't kill him!’’

At this moment, Lin Ming's mind resounded with Na Yi's true essence sound transmission.

It was as if Lin Ming hadn't heard. With the concept of wind at this back, this little distance seemed to have lost all meaning.

A spear struck out, lightning flashed.


The monkey-faced man had used his short axe to fend off the spear. However, the electric snake that circled the long spear was like a bug that drilled into the monkey-faced man's body. In that instant, his entire body had been paralyzed.

This was the power of the Thunder Soul!

Heretical God Force - Open!

Lin Ming shouted. With a sweep of his spear, his activated Flow like Silk. The vibrating true essence was like a high tide that gushed out in all directions.

In that moment, the monkey-faced man had been paralyzed, but his survival instinct kicked in. He savagely bit the tip of his tongue and forcefully restored his mobility.

He already knew it was impossible to fend off this blow. He could only bet his life and fight against Lin Ming. His short-axe suddenly viciously struck out at Lin Ming!


The long spear swept past the monkey-faced man's thighs. With Flow like Silk combined with the explosive power of the Heretical God Force, the monkey-faced man's legs were broken apart as his meat turned to mush and his bones shattered!

However at this time, that chopping axe was approaching Lin Ming's head!

’’Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!’’

Lin Ming punched out! He had actually planned to use his flesh and blood body to fight against a treasure axe with true essence poured into it!


The axe was bounced off by vibrating true essence!

And Lin Ming's fist was unharmed!!

’’This... what...’’ The monkey faced man's eyes had gone wide at this unthinkable sight. Was this invulnerability!?

As he thought this, he was already sent flying upwards. His lower body had already lost all feeling. Looking down, he could see his feet still on the ground, and his legs had been completely shattered!

’’Ah ah ah!’’

The monkey-faced screamed out painfully. His body was like a broken sack as it fell and crashed against the ground, blood gushing everywhere like a fountain!

’’No... don't kill me! If I die, the little girl also dies!’’

It was as if Lin Ming didn't care. He grinned like a demon, and shook his spear. ’’Do you think that I care?’’

’’You... you... good! Since I'll die anyways, then let's die together!’’ The monkey-faced man clenched his teeth, preparing to forfeit his meridians and commit suicide. However at this moment, Lin Ming was like a ghost that appeared by his side, his palm already falling down.

Pulse Cutting Palm!


Lin Ming's palm struck against the monkey-faced man's chest. The true essence that was filled with destructive power rampaged across the monkey-faced man's meridians, and completely twisted and broke apart all the meridians!

’’Ah!’’ The monkey-faced man let out a miserable cry. To his amazement and dismay, he found that he was unable to summon the true essence within his body. It was as if some mysterious force had dispersed all of his will;it simply didn't listen to his signals!

’’You want to forfeit your meridians? Then why don't I lend you a hand.’’ Lin Ming withdrew his palm. Since the Pulse Cutting Palm was a weak martial skill, it didn't have much value in actual combat. It was used by that mighty elder to torment his enemies;how would such a martial skill give the enemy an opportunity to commit suicide?

This martial skill would cause the enemy to lose all of their skills and they would become a eunuch. Not only that, but they would then be imprisoned and endlessly tortured. One could not beg for life, and one could not even beg for death!

In that split second from when the electric light had sparked, Na Yi had been left scared and shocked senseless. She had thought that Lin Ming was really planning on killing the monkey-faced man, but not it seemed that using some unknown method, he had taken complete control of the situation. She let loose a breath she didn't know she was holding. She looked at Lin Ming again, her eyes filled with an incomparably complex emotion.

Who was this young boy? His cultivation was only at the Altering Muscle stage;how could he have this sort of terrifying strength?

He had leapt past the barrier of a stage and a half difference in cultivation and played with these Bone Forging martial artists as if they were nothing but toys in his hands. They didn't have the ability to commit suicide by destroying their own meridians. Even a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist wouldn't be able to accomplish this!

Na Yi had never heard of any genius or talent within the Southern Wilderness that had this sort of incredible combat ability. This included Na's Tribe's first generation tribal chief!

If he was really 15 years old, then his future accomplishments would simply be limitless. This man, his potential was too alarming!

If... if she had his help, in addition to the undiscovered legacies of the Sorcerer Holy Land, it wouldn't be impossible to recreate Na's Tribe!

Thinking this, Na Yi gasped, but she immediately shook her head and sighed. Why would he possibly help her......


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