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Martial World - Chapter 1708


Chapter 1708

Chapter 1708 - Killing the Crown Prince




The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel revolved. Within the wheel, countless demonic phantoms appeared. These fierce demons all obeyed Lin Ming's command. They sent out tendrils of dark will that sunk into the Black Dragon phantom, disturbing its consciousness, making it impossible for it to work itself free!

’’Ahhh!’’ Most of the Black Dragon phantom's bodily fragments had been sealed away. No matter how much it roared out in pain it was impossible for it to change the outcome!

’’You brat, there will be a day when I tear you to shreds! I will torture your soul, make it so that you will never enter samsara! You will suffer forever and ever in the eternal pain of hell!’’

As the Black Dragon phantom was about to be sealed into the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, it let out one final curse. However, as Lin Ming heard this curse he simply chuckled.

His fingers moved as he thoroughly sealed in the Black Dragon phantom.

’’You want to torture my soul? What a pity, your soul is about to be refined by me and become a slave within my Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel...’’

As Lin Ming spoke he completely sealed away the Black Dragon phantom. Then, from behind him, a massive explosion rocked the world!

The massive amount of demonic energy brought forth by the Black Dragon phantom, as well as the attacks of the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame, had exploded together!

Originally, Lin Ming's true self should have withstood this attack. Beneath the spatial lock of the Black Dragon phantom's demonic energy, it would have been impossible for Lin Ming to avoid this attack. And, this was two Empyrean incarnations exploding at once. Even a peak Great World King wouldn't have the ability to defend against this strike. Although Lin Ming's defensive capabilities were high, he likely wouldn't have been able to escape!

However, Lin Ming had already exchanged himself with the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was a completely different situation. Its mortal body had been constantly nourished by the God Beast Tomb Array for billions and billions of years using the blood vitality and essence energy of all sorts of mighty God Beasts. Its physical strength had already reached incomprehensible degrees, nearly indestructible.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The world shook as energy wildly surged out. The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar was sent flying away by the terrifying explosion of energy, all of its clothes being torn apart with even its flexible armor being shattered! This avatar was powerful, but even its body was stained with blood after being struck by the explosions of these Empyrean incarnations. But, these were only bloodstains;the avatar hadn't been truly wounded.

Moreover, these minor wounds were regenerating at a visible speed!

As for Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior, they were a different story. Because they weren't too far from the avatar, they were caught up in the horrifying explosion. Even though they were only struck by the shockwaves of the attack, their entire bodies were still soaked with blood and they were both miserable sights to look at!


Duke Fullmoon cried out. Beside him, the silver-armored warrior's spine shattered and his organs were in a complete mess. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he floated on the edge of life and death!

The divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame's attack hadn't been able to do anything to Lin Ming. But, it had instead nearly killed Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior!

Not just that, but they had given Lin Ming the opportunity to seal away the Black Dragon phantom!

For a time, within the Myriad Demon domain that had yet to dissipate, the only sound left was the panting from the severely wounded Duke Fullmoon, divine Void Crown Prince, and Bigflame.

’’Lin Ming... you...’’

The divine Void Crown Prince's voice shivered!

Although he hadn't heard Lin Ming's sound transmission, he had been able to piece together what happened just now!

The Black Dragon phantom had lured out their attacks to suddenly attack Lin Ming. When the divine Void Crown Prince had discovered this, he felt that the Black Dragon phantom was evil and calculating to the extreme. It had placed Lin Ming in a death trap with ten chances of death and zero hopes of survival!

But in that final moment, the entire situation had been flipped upside down. The Black Dragon phantom had been sealed away by Lin Ming, and the strongest attacks that they had burned their blood essence and divine soul to strike out with actually fell upon Lin Ming's avatar. Even so, they hadn't been able to truly wound his avatar at all!

As for that Black Dragon phantom, it had been sealed away by Lin Ming! Lin Ming's methods had been quick and ruthless!

From the start when Lin Ming had decided to cooperate with the Black Dragon phantom, they had both been plotting against each other. But in the end, the methods that Lin Ming used were beyond anyone's expectations.

In comparison, the plan that that the divine Void Crown Prince originally had of profiting from the chaos now seemed laughable.

After Lin Ming sealed away the Black Dragon phantom, he grasped the black spear and slowly walked forwards. His entire body was covered with scales. He appeared like a wicked ghost crawling up from the pits of an Asura hell, terrifying to the extreme!

Facing such a Lin Ming, whether it was the divine Void Crown Prince or Bigflame, they both lost all courage to face him!

Their current situation was extremely bad. Because they had burnt their divine soul and blood essence in that last all-out strike, their current state wasn't even that of their peak condition. Facing Lin Ming, whose overwhelming momentum was like a sun, they couldn't think of any plan that would ensure their survival.

’’Lin Ming... do you really want to kill us? We come from the two largest influences in the inner Asura Road, and the divine rulers of our divine Kingdoms are both True divinities. If you kill us then the only future left for you in the Asura Road is death! Moreover, don't forget that Soul Empress Sheng Mei is also in the final trial! There are some things you shouldn't know about, right? The reason the Soul Empress was able to enter the final trial was because my divine Void divine Kingdom gave her a spot!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince threateningly said. He knew that begging for mercy at this time was a futile gesture. If there were any hopes of Lin Ming allowing him to live, it would be because Lin Ming had some reservations about the potential fallout of their deaths. That was their only chance of surviving.

But unfortunately, he was mistaken. Just as the divine Void Crown Prince spoke, Lin Ming had already shot upwards.


The black spear thrust out, piercing through the void!

Meanwhile, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar also rushed outwards, blocking off the escape route of the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame!

Lin Ming wouldn't give them the slightest chance of escape.

’’Let's fight!’’

Seeing that there was no chance of escape, the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame decided to place all their chips on the table!

Bigflame once more burnt his blood essence and the divine Void Crown Prince also burnt his divine soul!

The two of them had already used their trump cards. Now, all they could do was rely on their own powers to attack Lin Ming.

’’Yellow Springs Swords Array!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince formed seals with his with his hands and shot out 12 flying swords. On each of these 12 flying swords there was an eye formed from flesh and blood! These eyes were covered with blood vessels, looking extremely strange and macabre!

The divine Void Crown Prince punched his own chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood splashed onto the 12 swords and the eyes on the swords became an even brighter red. Any martial artists with insufficient cultivation would only need to glance at these swords to feel their souls being drawn in, their minds falling into illusion!

Without a doubt, these eyes each contained a divine soul attack!

The divine Void Crown Prince was a spiritas and after using a variety of arcane abilities, his divine soul attacks were even deadlier than those of Duke Fullmoon!

Chi chi chi!

12 brilliant ruby red beams shot out from the swords, covering Lin Ming!

At the same time, Bigflame stepped forwards. Loud crackling sounds rang out from his body. His large body was now thick and tightly muscled. His skin shone with a metallic luster as if it were filled with an explosive strength!

He grasped a blood red saber and slashed out at Lin Ming.

The divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame were both outstanding elites of their generation. Now that they joined together, their divine soul attack and physical attack both shot out at Lin Ming!

Facing the attacks of these two, Lin Ming seemed completely unmoved.

The moment that the 12 bright red divine lights flashed out, a deep blue light flashed out from between Lin Ming's eyebrows. The large success blue soul spear-shaped battle spirit howled outwards, circling through the skies, tearing apart those 12 red lights!


The divine Void Crown Prince was shocked. Although he already expected that his attack wouldn't be able to harm Lin Ming, he never imagined that his Yellow Springs Swords Array would be so easily shattered. Lin Ming's battle spirit had already reached an inconceivable boundary. It was hard to imagine that a human could have such accomplishments.

Could it be... he had no weakness?

Facing such an opponent, the divine Void Crown Prince felt suffocated!

And at this time, after shattering the Yellow Springs Sword Array, Lin Ming took a step forwards to welcome Bigflame's strike!

Nine massive stars appeared behind Lin Ming. Their brilliance fell onto him like a waterfall, light shining out in the world!

Lin Ming's bodily strength rose to that of five dragons. Astral essence wildly galloped outwards, causing the surrounding space to collapse!

His pupils shrank.>His pupils shrank. The black spear howled out like a flood dragon, smashing towards the approaching Bigflame!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The black spear and blood red saber collided. A divine light erupted, recklessly shooting out!

Nine stars brought down their shining radiance. Bigflame's saber light was only able to resist it for a brief moment before being torn apart by Lin Ming's black spear light!

The spear light's shockwaves contained a horrifying strength that struck Bigflame's chest.

Bigflame shook, his entire body feeling as if he had been struck by a mountain. His ribs cracked as he wildly vomited blood.

Lin Ming didn't give Bigflame any chance to recover. With a single step forwards, the black spear smashed into Bigflame's stomach, bending him like a shrimp. Bigflame's organs were already struck into a bloody mess by Lin Ming.

Seeing this, the divine Void Crown Prince felt despair surge within his heart.

’’Lin Ming, I'll kill you like a dog!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince shouted. But at this time Lin Ming had already reached him. He was like a black Asura death god, judging all to death with a single strike!


The spear thrust through the divine Void Crown Prince's protective spirit essence. After burning his divine soul two times, the divine Void Crown Prince was almost exhausted of all strength;he simply didn't possess the ability to contend with Lin Ming.

It was impossible for him to resist this spear. The cold spear light pierced through his chest and projected from his back!

Blood shot into the air!

’’Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!’’

With a whirling humming sound, the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel came grinding down, covering the divine Void Crown Prince's body. ’’Those who try to kill must face death themselves. Since you plotted against me, me killing you is only conforming to the principle of cause and effect in the Heavenly Dao. Your soul will be sealed within the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel to be used by me!’’

Lin Ming's voice was cold and indifferent, the sentence passed down by a death god. The divine Void Crown Prince felt a powerful attraction force on his spiritual sea, making it feel as if his soul was about to be sucked out!

This agonizing soul-tearing pain caused the divine Void Crown Prince to wail in agony!

In despair he lost all ability to resist. His body was ruined and his soul was sucked into Lin Ming's Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, directly sealed away!

After resolving the divine Void Crown Prince, Lin Ming turned and shot towards Bigflame!


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