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Martial World - Chapter 1707


Chapter 1707

Chapter 1707 - Outplayed




The Black Dragon phantom had already been calculating how to deal with Lin Ming. Because Lin Ming possessed the complete Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, the Black Dragon phantom's demonic energy was useless against him. And without the demonic energy, the Black Dragon phantom simply couldn't do anything to Lin Ming.

In this sort of situation, how could the Black Dragon phantom wholeheartedly cooperate with Lin Ming to kill the divine Void Crown Prince and the others?

Wasn't that just digging its own grave?

However, Lin Ming swallowed in a massive amount of demonic energy using his Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. This demonic energy had cost the Black Dragon phantom hundreds of millions and even billions of years to condense. Because of this, the Black Dragon phantom couldn't help but admit defeat for now and not struggle with Lin Ming.

Thus, joining forces temporarily was a helpless choice that the Black Dragon phantom was forced to make.

From the very moment that the Black Dragon phantom attacked the divine Void Crown Prince and the others, he had been thinking about how to utilize them to attack Lin Ming. It had then deliberately used the Myriad Demon domain to surround the divine Void Crown Prince and the others, making them feel as if they were in a hopeless situation. Then, underneath their bubbling desperation they would definitely all bring out their ultimate techniques.

After that, the Black Dragon phantom would intentionally reveal its main body in order to guide Bigflame and the divine Void Crown Prince into attacking it. Only like this could it rely on their strength to be the knife used to kill others, dealing Lin Ming a fatal blow!

After killing Lin Ming, Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior would be caught up in the chaos and likely die in the aftermath.

As for the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame, they definitely wouldn't be any better off. They would have inevitably severely wounded their origin energy. At that time, escaping from the Myriad Demon enchantment would be nothing more than a dream!

The divine Void Crown Prince, Bigflame, Duke Fullmoon, the silver-armored warrior, and even Lin Ming, the five of them together would become food for the Black Dragon phantom!

If it could swallow up so many outstanding talents, it would be tremendously beneficial!

As for the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel that Lin Ming already brought out, it would also become one of the Black Dragon phantom's spoils of war. In the future, the Black Dragon phantom could meditate on this Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. Although it wouldn't be able to discern the complete Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel cultivation method from this, it could still improve the method it used to gather and condense demonic energy.

This was a good plan with multiple purposes. As long as it succeeded, every advantage would be its own!

After cultivating for another stretch of time, it could then take possession of the Black Dragon Spear and use the spear as its body, roaming through the world. It could transform into a person, an ancient vicious beast, or even a God Beast, becoming a ruler of its own territory!

These were all plans that the Black Dragon phantom had been secretly plotting for. It had placed the divine Void Crown Prince and the others in its palms. Even Lin Ming was placed in the perfect death trap!

Of course, the premise of all this was that its attack could kill Lin Ming!

The Black Dragon phantom wasn't worried about this;this was because the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame had given it surprise after surprise. They actually intended on exploding the Empyrean incarnations they brought with them, combined with the attacks of their main bodies. In addition to the Black Dragon phantom's own attack, these three forces joined together would even lay low a peak Great World King!

It was impossible for Lin Ming to block all of this!

Of course, the Black Dragon phantom didn't forget Lin Ming's spirit treasure - the Primordius Bell!

The Black Dragon phantom had a vivid memory of the terrifying defensive capabilities of this spirit treasure.

It chose to reveal its main body the moment Lin Ming summoned the Primordius Bell, all so that it could cut off Lin Ming's final thread of hope!

Every step of this plan had been meticulously prepared. It was evil and sinister to the extreme!

’’Myriad Demon domain!’’

The Black Dragon phantom roared out. Demonic energy gushed out like a falling star, turning into countless runes that sealed the space around Lin Ming's Primordius Bell!

Using its domain, it forcefully separated Lin Ming and the Primordius Bell!

At the same time, the space around Lin Ming was blocked off by the domain. The demonic energy condensed into thick black ropes that wrapped around Lin Ming!

With this, let alone using the Space Laws to escape, it would be difficult for him to open his spatial ring.

The demonic energy that the Black Dragon phantom condensed was extremely firm. No matter how Bigflame or the divine Void Crown Prince tried to attack it, they hadn't been able to break through it. As for Lin Ming, although he could use the Asura Laws to dissolve this demonic energy, it would still take him some time to do so.

But, the Black Dragon phantom absolutely would not give Lin Ming the slightest chance to recover!


After sealing away the Primordius Bell and eliminating all all avenues of escape or resistance, the Black Dragon phantom roared out, its body suddenly ballooning.

Within a split-second, it grew to a hundred feet in length. It opened its gaping jaws, gray flames gushing forth from its maw. These gray flames swept up into the exploding Empyrean incarnations that had reached their critical stage. All of these attacks joined together and went rumbling towards Lin Ming!

As long as Lin Ming was caught up in this attack, he would definitely die here!

Facing this strike that blotted out the skies, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light!

He tried to move the Primordius Bell, but because the Primordius Bell was being suppressed by the demonic energy it remained completely still.

’’Don't bother wasting your energy! Today you will die here!’’

The Black Dragon phantom roared out. Even as it was suppressing the Primordius Bell, it was also luring the exploding attacks of the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame. With this, the Black Dragon phantom had exhausted all of its strength for this moment. It had to succeed!

But at this moment, a great feeling of dread welled up from within the Black Dragon phantom's heart, as if some massive danger was imminent!

’’Did I forget something!?’’

The Black Dragon phantom was startled. But at this time it could no longer take back its strike. It could only continue forwards with everything it had.

In that moment, 30 feet away from the Black Dragon phantom, the void was torn open. A man appeared, his entire body covered with black scales and his face emblazoned with blood red runes. He was an Asura death god, stepping out from a tear in space!

This Asura death god had a cruel and ominous expression. Even so, one could clearly make out Lin Ming's appearance. This was what Lin Ming looked like after he underwent a body metamorphosis using the power of the Asura blood!

At this time, Lin Ming's entire body was exuding energy. Killing intent rolled off him in tumbling waves.

He grasped a black spear and looked at the Black Dragon phantom with a mocking indifference. This gaze was as if Lin Ming was already looking at something dead!

’’You... you... how is this possible!?’’

Because the Black Dragon phantom had invested all of its strength into the Myriad Demon domain and also attacking Lin Ming, its main body was completely undefended!

Facing Lin Ming's attack, it had absolutely no chance of resisting it!

’’Who the hell is that!?’’

The Black Dragon phantom suddenly turned to look at the 'Lin Ming' that it was luring the barrage of attacks towards. That Lin Ming remained indifferent as he held onto the Phoenix Blood Spear. Facing this volley of attacks that overwhelmed the overwhelmed the skies, he seemed not to care at all.

’’An illusion!?’’

The Black Dragon phantom first thought that Lin Ming had used an illusion to trick it. But, this was impossible. How could an illusion engage Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior in such a chaotic battle? Moreover, how could it transfer power from so much energy and Laws? And whether it was the aura of the first Lin Ming's body or the second Lin Ming's body, they had exactly the same fluctuations of energy as someone real. The Black Dragon phantom simply wouldn't make such a basic mistake.

How could this be!?

’’It's regretful. All of your plans were perfect, but what you didn't know what that I had an avatar! When I first proposed to make a deal with you, did you think I wouldn't know you were planning on killing me? But, although I knew you had some little trick up your sleeves, the only problem was estimating when you would sneak attack me. Moreover, you are nothing but a sinister and sly little creature. If you were to ambush me, the only time you would do so is if you had full confidence you would succeed. If that were to happen when I wasn't paying attention, then all my plans might have been flipped over!

’’Thus, after we came to an agreement and you withdrew your Myriad Demon force field, I had to cover myself in the Primordius Bell to defend against the joint attacks of the four. But while I was in there, I also exchanged myself with my avatar!

’’My avatar has a mortal bodily intensity approaching that of a saint race Empyrean! It simply doesn't fear any attack! After switching out my main body, there was no longer any need for me to dread your little tricks and sneak attacks. My main body has been hiding all this time in order to guard against all possible contingencies!

’’I left the Phoenix Blood Spear and Primordius Bell to my avatar, and even left my battle spirit in my avatar's spiritual sea. Then, I remotely activated the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel in order to assist my avatar in attack. All of this was so that you wouldn't have any suspicions against me. Then, the moment when you attacked me, that would be the moment I killed you instead! Now, all of your demonic energy has been used for other purposes, so how will you block my all-out attack?’’

Although Lin Ming's explanation seemed long, it took a mere instant for all of this to appear in the Black Dragon phantom's mind.

In that moment, the Black Dragon phantom wildly trembled!

When Lin Ming covered himself in the Primordius Bell he had already switched himself for his avatar! for his avatar! Lin Ming's main body went into the Primordius Bell, but it was his avatar that had emerged!

In other words, its carefully planned strike was all done against Lin Ming's avatar!


The Black Dragon phantom wildly roared. It had lived for countless eons and had used countless methods to gather countless accumulations. It was an utterly sinister and deceitful being, but today, facing a junior, it was actually the one that had been tricked instead!

’’I am unwilling!’’

The Black Dragon phantom roared out, its voice shrill and desperate. Lin Ming didn't give it any chance to recover. He immediately thrust his spear forwards!

This black spear was the one Lin Ming obtained from the Gate of Laws. Although it couldn't increase his strength it was still incomparably hard. There was almost nothing that could destroy it!

At the time, Lin Ming had brought this black spear out with him from the Asura level Gate of Laws and had conveniently kept it with him. Now, it finally came in handy!

Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force to the limit. The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation was poured into the black spear. At the same time he also galvanized the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao and divine Seal Art!

A swirling black hole was shot out by Lin Ming. Space warped as the area around the Black Dragon phantom was locked down!

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel hummed as it was summoned forth by Lin Ming. The Asura Heavenly Dao just happened to be the ultimate nemesis of the Black Dragon phantom.

Then, all of this strength erupted together!

The Black Dragon phantom miserably cried out again and again. Beneath the horrifying blaze of this energy, its body was scorched to smoke, nearly extinguishing to nothing!

The Black Dragon phantom roared in pain. Its body turned into countless fragments as it desperately tried to struggle free and flee. However, how could Lin Ming give it such a chance?

Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

Ka ka ka ka!

The black Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel came pressing down. This wheel was supremely skilled in suppressed the power of ghosts and spirits. It could imprison the wills and souls of powerhouses.

Then, a black vortex appeared above the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. The fragments of the Black Dragon phantom were all sucked up into this vortex, instantly sealed away!

The Black Dragon phantom pitifully roar. Through all these years it had kept hidden within the Black Dragon Spear, swallowing the flesh and blood of countless proud children of heaven, and then using the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel to seal in their souls. It never imagined that one day it would be the one sealed away by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!


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