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Martial World - Chapter 1706


Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706 - To Use Another's Knife To Kill




As a spiritas, Duke Fullmoon's strongest offensive abilities were soul attacks. Thus, when he fought, there would ordinarily be soul attacks within his strikes.

Wanting to block Duke Fullmoon's physical strike wasn't difficult at all. But, wanting to keep off his soul attack was different. Many enemies of his had fallen beneath this strange soul attack.

When Duke Fullmoon and Lin Ming clashed, the soul attack had already struck Lin Ming. According to all previous occurrences, even if Duke Fullmoon couldn't immediately kill his opponent, they should still suffer soul damage and lose their consciousness for a short period of time. During this, Duke Fullmoon could seize the chance to strike again and obtain absolute victory.

However, he never imagined that Lin Ming would appear completely unaffected. This shocked Duke Fullmoon.

’’You... do you have some soul defense Empyrean spirit treasure?’’

Duke Fullmoon said, his voice wavering. He was already wallowing in fear. He could faintly feel that here, today, he might die!

Lin Ming's strength far surpassed his imagination. Even if the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame had the ability to pierce through the Myriad Demon domain, he still wouldn't be able to last until then.

Duke Fullmoon wasn't too old and he had a grand and glorious future awaiting him. There was even a slight chance for him to step into the Empyrean realm. To Duke Fullmoon, death was an incomparably frightening matter!

’’Lin Ming! Although I have opposed you many times, I have never tried to truly harm you. If you let me go, I will allow you to place a slave seal within me. I am willing to be your faithful servant.’’

Duke Fullmoon said with a sound transmission. This startled Lin Ming. Generally speaking, martial artists would rather die than live on as mindless slaves without any personality of their own, but Duke Fullmoon actually took the initiative to offer himself up. This made Lin Ming have an even lower opinion of him.

And at this time, a flash of cold brilliance shined in Duke Fullmoon's eyes. His body leapt up like a serpent as a glimmer of purple flickered between his eyebrows.

In that instant, he had burnt a wisp of his divine soul!

When a martial artist combusted their blood essence they could exchange it for a boost of power. But a spiritas had an even more ruthless ability than burning one's blood essence, and that was burning their divine soul!

This was because the divine soul was the very life essence of a spiritas. Once a spiritas burnt their divine soul they would receive permanent damage that was nearly impossible to recover from. In order to survive, Duke Fullmoon actually chose to burn his divine soul.

Absolute hate burst out from within Duke Fullmoon's eyes. Originally he had some chance of stepping into the Empyrean realm, but burning his divine soul now was the same as giving up any hopes of becoming an Empyrean. Unless he had a massive lucky chance in the future it would be impossible for him to make a breakthrough.

All of this was thanks to Lin Ming. How could he not hate Lin Ming to the bones?

As long as there was life there was hope. In order to survive this disaster, Duke Fullmoon had bet everything!

The moment that Duke Fullmoon burnt his divine soul, the silver-armored saint warrior burnt his blood essence. Both of them attacked Lin Ming!

His saber cut through the void. 12 stars shined within the saber light, like a river of stars that was falling down, covering all!

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming stepped back and directly took out the Primordius Bell!

As Lin Ming stepped into the half-step Holy Lord realm, his ability to control an Empyrean spirit treasure became increasingly skilled.


The Primordius Bell sounded out. The loud ring of a bell echoed, carrying with it the bass of the Great Dao as it shook the world!

Although Lin Ming didn't fear Duke Fullmoon or the silver-armored warrior, the two of them were risking their lives with their attacks and it was impossible for him to disregard their strikes. After all, he had another enemy waiting in the shadows, and that was the Black Dragon phantom.

If he were to retaliate with all his strength, he might give the Black Dragon phantom a chance to attack.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A wild power fell onto the Primordius Bell like crashing waves. Duke Fullmoon's divine soul attack was extremely cunning and slippery;it was able to seep into the Primordius Bell's sound waves and attack Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

But after being weakened by the sound waves, this attack wasn't able to pose any threat to Lin Ming.

The moment that Lin Ming's spiritual sea was besieged by the soul attack, the soul attack was destroyed by Lin Ming's blue soul large success battle spirit, immediately disintegrating.

Lin Ming retreated again and again. Within the Primordius Bell he was able to block off the majority of the impact from the attacks so that his body didn't suffer any damage at all!

’’Damn it! Damn it it all!’’

Duke Fullmoon was so harried that he nearly vomited blood. His all-out attack wasn't even able to injure Lin Ming in the least. This sort of feeling was simply indescribable.

’’It's a shame, but why don't you just die here...’’

Lin Ming's fingers flickered as the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel appeared above his head, constantly spinning around. Countless Asura Law runes floated around it, lending it a strange mystical atmosphere.

Lin Ming planned to kill Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior as soon as possible. As long as he killed these two and only Bigflame and the divine Void Crown Prince were left over, even if they tried to escape in separate directions Lin Ming had the confidence that he could stop them both!

And at this time, changes were occurring on the other side of the battlefield. The divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame discovered that Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior weren't able to last much longer!

’’We don't have any time;this is our only chance. Otherwise, once Lin Ming kills Fullmoon and your follower, he will join together with the Black Dragon phantom to kill us both. We will both undoubtedly die then!’’

’’We have to break through this Myriad Demon enchantment!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince grit his teeth as he spoke and burnt a wisp of his divine soul. As he did this, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart. No matter how much he regretted this, he had no other choice.

His entire body was covered in a golden glow. Behind him, nine halos formed, as if he were some divine being!

Chi chi chi!

The void itself was pierced through by this soul force. The divine Void Crown Prince's eyes had turned a deep blood red. And beside him, Bigflame also burned his life essence!

To the saint race, their blood essence was no less important than the divine soul was to the spiritas!

These two people had truly gone all out.

And at this time, not too far away from them, the Black Dragon phantom playfully smiled. It slowly manifested its main body in the void, constantly forming runes with its claws to reinforce the Myriad Demon enchantment.

The originally thick Myriad Demon enchantment became even thicker, as thick as the crust of a world, impregnable!

’’Jejejeje! How naïve! Too naïve! Do you think that with the power you have from burning your blood essence and divine soul, you will have the strength to break through my illusion? This is the demonic energy that I've spent billions of years gathering! Once I lay down my down my Myriad Demon domain, not even a peak Great World King can hope of leaving!’’

The Black Dragon phantom wildly cackled, its voice grating on the senses! It was like it simply didn't care about the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame's final attack.

At this time, Bigflame and the divine Void Crown Prince looked at each other and nodded.


The two shouted together. With this, they lashed out!

As they burnt their blood essence and divine soul, they each also took out a jade slip from their spatial rings. One jade slip was shimmering purple and the other was blood red!

These were incarnation jade slips left behind by Empyrean powerhouses from their influences. Once they used them they could summon an Empyrean phantom. For a short time, they would be able to contend with a weaker Great World King!

And at this time, as if their minds were linked, Bigflame and the divine Void Crown Prince began to galvanize the powers within the incarnation jade slips. These two jade slips wildly shook as the energy structures within revolved to the limit. The two Empyrean incarnations summoned by the two jade slips began to rapidly inflate!

They wanted to have these two jade slips explode together!

Originally, the incarnations within the jade slips were equal to a weaker Great World King. But if they exploded, releasing all the energy at once, this strike was absolutely comparable with the all-out attack of a peak Great World King!


In that instant, Bigflame and the divine Void Crown Prince changed the trajectory of their strikes. They no longer attacked the Myriad Demon domain's enchantment, but the Black Dragon phantom's main body!


The two jade slips violently trembled. Two geniuses from True divinity influences both used their ultimate trump cards without holding anything back! Bigflame took out a longan-sized blood red pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it down. After swallowing this pill, all of the muscles on his body began to grow and his appearance became cruel and fierce. His originally fat and round body became slender and filled with dense muscles like a cheetah as he hurtled towards the Black Dragon phantom.

When Bigflame attacked, he completed his body metamorphosis using a secret technique. Amongst the saints there were several bloodlines that had the ability to metamorphosize one's body, and Bigflame was one such person!

They had already calculated that the Black Dragon phantom was using all of its demonic energy to arrange the Myriad Demon enchantment.

If so, then to attack the Myriad Demon enchantment at this time was the stupidest route the stupidest route possible to take. The most likely result of that would have been the failure of everything they tried!

But if they attacked the Black Dragon phantom's main body then the result would be completely different!

Since the Black Dragon phantom had released the majority of the demonic energy in its body, that meant its main body was at its weakest point.

As long as they could exterminate this Black Dragon phantom then the Myriad Demon domain would collapse all on its own!

But at this time, the Black Dragon phantom didn't reveal any worry at all. It smirked, laughing as it said, ’’It seems you've finally come up with a plan to break through my Myriad Demon domain. Not bad, you two don't seem as stupid as you look. But what a pity - do you think your attack will be able to touch me?’’

The Black Dragon phantom cackled and its body disappeared like ghosts and gods as it turned tail and ran.

’’Chase after it!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame were both enraged. After paying such a deep price for this attack, how could they allow the Black Dragon phantom to escape?

Their attacks, along with the exploding Empyrean incarnations, changed directions and chased after the Black Dragon phantom!

Every sense within their body had already locked onto the Black Dragon phantom. They swore that no matter what, they would kill it! They only had this one chance to do so! If they failed then they would both die without a doubt!

However, as the Black Dragon phantom fled, it changed its trajectory once more.

Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior's complexions changed as they discovered this. As they were engaged in a brutal battle with Lin Ming, they noticed that the Black Dragon phantom, Bigflame, and the divine Void Crown Prince were all heading towards Lin Ming!

And they weren't too far away from Lin Ming!

As Lin Ming saw this, his vision turned dark as he looked at the Black Dragon phantom.

’’Hahahaha! You brat, I've lured the attacks of these two people, their exploding Empyrean incarnations, and my main body to attack you all at once! This is the trap that I've especially set up for you. Not let me see just how you can escape from this! You wanted to use me as your spear and kill these four people, subdue the Black Dragon Spear, and even destroy me while you were at it. Do you think I am a fool!? You want to plot against me? Why don't you just die instead!’’


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