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Martial World - Chapter 1705


Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 - Beatdown




Underneath the protection of the Primordius Bell, the divine Void Crown Prince and the others' attacks weren't able to harm Lin Ming at all.

With this, Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and hurtled towards them instead!

Seeing Lin Ming threateningly rush towards them as well as the Black Dragon phantom that was roiling with demonic energy, the divine Void Crown Prince's complexion changed. ’’Everyone scatter!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince was a decisive person. He had been waiting for the two tigers of Lin Ming and the Black Dragon phantom to struggle with each other and then benefit from the fallout, yet now not only had Lin Ming and the Black Dragon phantom not fought but they instead formed a temporary alliance!

Whether it was Lin Ming or the Black Dragon phantom, the divine Void Crown Prince felt nothing but fear in his heart. When facing these two at the same time, there was no road left but escape!

’’You want to run? Hahaha, it's too late! You have already been caged within my Myriad Demon domain, it is no longer possible for you to run away!’’

The Black Dragon phantom wildly cackled, letting the black energy within its body gush out without reserve to cover the divine Void Crown Prince. The demonic force field created by this black energy was able to form a separate world. In terms of caging in others, this Myriad Demon Force Field was far superior to Lin Ming's grandmist space!

If Lin Ming tried to use the grandmist space to surround and bind down the divine Void Crown Prince and the three others, it would actually be impossible to do so.

This wasn't because the grandmist space wasn't as exquisite as the Myriad Demon domain, but because the Black Dragon phantom had used hundreds of millions and even billions of years to kill outstanding elites and accumulate demonic energy. Only like this was it able to form such a powerful force field!

The Black Dragon phantom wasn't too strong by itself, but when it used the demonic energy it saved up, whether it was offensively, defensively, or caging in others, it was nearly invincible! If it weren't for the major flaws within the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel that it cultivated, Lin Ming absolutely would not be its match.

’’Damnit! Break for me!’’

Bigflame crazily roared. He grasped a blood red saber and slashed out at the Myriad Demon domain's enchantment.

The Myriad Demon domain violently shook, but the demonic energy was simply far too dense and potent. No matter what Bigflame tried to do, he was unable to pierce through it.

Bigflame was left breathless with rage. ’’divine Void Crown Prince, what a splendid deed you have done! Didn't you say that if we didn't attack the Black Dragon phantom then it wouldn't try to kill us!?’’

Before Bigflame arrived, Juku had tried to take the Black Dragon Spear, but the result was that he was instantly eaten up by the Black Dragon phantom. At the time, the Black Dragon phantom had discovered the divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon but didn't attack them on its own initiative. Thus, the divine Void Crown Prince had speculated that the Asura Road Master had set down some rules stating that the spear guardian couldn't attack others on its own but had to wait for others to attack it first.

But, these were only his speculations;he couldn't guarantee this was true.

If he wanted to kill Lin Ming and obtain his secrets then he would have to take certain risks. Now, it seemed that his gamble had been wrong.

This Black Dragon phantom wasn't a spear spirit at all, but a demon!

In other words, there were no rules limiting it!

The Black Dragon phantom howled out in laughter. ’’You think that just because you don't attack me I can't kill you? Haha, how naïve! The reason I didn't attack you before was because you were too far away. The demonic energy I've gathered lingers around the Black Dragon Spear, unable to reach out to you fast enough, thus I didn't eat you up. But now, you've actually delivered yourself to my door on your own, so why would I allow you to leave!? Hehe, you all seem to be outstanding young elites, if I eat you that will greatly help me!’’

A greedy light shined in the Black Dragon phantom's eyes. But, it didn't directly attack the divine Void Crown Prince and the others. Instead, it continued to strengthen its enchantment, surrounding them.

’’Brat, hurry up and attack! I've already surrounded them with everything I have, the rest will depend on you!’’

The Black Dragon phantom bellowed at Lin Ming.

The Black Dragon phantom couldn't cage in all these people and attack all on its own, otherwise there would be nothing for Lin Ming to do.

Lin Ming raised his spear and rushed forwards. He didn't trust the Black Dragon phantom's words. The Black Dragon phantom surely had some hidden methods and strength left over, either to protect itself or to ambush Lin Ming.

Even so, Lin Ming had to fight.

He was the one who proposed the deal. In a way, killing the divine Void Crown Prince and the three others was far more advantageous to Lin Ming. Moreover, he needed to completely kill off all four of them without leaving a a single witness alive!

Grasping the Phoenix Blood Spear, the crimson curse seals on Lin Ming's face deepened. On his back, more and more scales appeared. Facing these four people, he used the power of the Asura blood!

’’You little beast, do you really think you can face off against the four of us together!? Good! Then we'll kill you first and deal with that Black Dragon phantom afterwards!’’

Seeing Lin Ming hurtle towards them on the wind, Bigflame's complexion was ferocious. He knew that the current situation was as bad as it could be, but he still had to summon every ounce of fighting spirit he could and desperately risk everything in fighting Lin Ming.

Moreover, he didn't believe that a half-step Holy Lord like Lin Ming had such a freakish level of strength that he could kill all four of them together.

But at this time, the divine Void Crown Prince shouted out, ’’Don't waste your energy on him!’’


Bigflame frowned.

’’Haven't you already suffered enough at the hands of this little beast!? I can guarantee you 100% that if we continue dealing with this little beast we will all die here!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince anxiously shouted. If Lin Ming and that Black Dragon phantom joined forces, their combined strength was absolutely stronger than the four of them together. If they wanted to kill Lin Ming first and then deal with the Black Dragon phantom, that was nothing more than the daydream of a moron.

’’Fullmoon, you and Bigflame's follower keep Lin Ming busy for now. Me and Bigflame will try and break through this domain!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince forced himself to calm down. After running so many various contingencies through his mind, this countermeasure sounded the most reliable. Compared to killing off Lin Ming and the Black Dragon phantom, breaking out of the domain and escaping was far easier.

’’What... I...’’ Duke Fullmoon paused upon hearing this. To have him and someone else face Lin Ming?

Duke Fullmoon originally thought that Lin Ming was a mere divine runic master without much combat strength, but after Lin Ming perfectly passed the Asura level Gate of Laws, he suddenly felt faint of heart when thinking about fighting Lin Ming. He completely lacked all confidence!

’’What, do you want to die here together?’’

The divine Void Crown Prince's voice was ruthless and harsh, his expression ferocious. This made Duke Fullmoon's heart turn cold. He could only brace himself and face Lin Ming. At this time, Bigflame's follower, the silver-armored warrior, was also standing beside him.

Two against one!

’’Attack him together. Right now, Lin Ming and that Black Dragon phantom are likely plotting against each other so he won't fight with fight with all of his strength. We may be able to fight him here.’’

Duke Fullmoon said to the silver-armored warrior with a sound transmission.

But, the silver-armored warrior indignantly sputtered out, ’’Humph! That boy is only a half-step Holy Lord and I have the strength of an early World King! His cultivation is an entire boundary lower than mine. I don't believe that his strength can reach such ridiculous degrees!’’

As the silver-armored warrior spoke, he grasped a black saber and slashed out at Lin Ming!

’’Limitless Saber!’’

The silver-armored warrior wasn't some weakling. Anyone that was able to step into the fourth level, and especially come this deep in, was an outstanding genius!

With a slash of his saber, stars began to flash in space. All of this starlight gathered onto the silver-armored warrior's blade, sweeping towards Lin Ming's throat!

’’The power of stars?’’

Lin Ming was a little startled, but that was it;he thought little of this attack. When the saints' body cultivation methods that used the power of stars were compared to his own Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, that was the same as ants against elephants.

Lin Ming shouted out loud. From behind him, two massive stars appeared. These two stars were the Ravenous Wolf Star and the Army Breaker Star!

The Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace and Purple Temple Dao Palace opened together. Lin Ming's strength instantly rose to that of five dragons!

The silver-armored warrior and Lin Ming were both body transformation martial artists, but they cultivated different body transformation Laws. Compared to Lin Ming's strength, the silver-armored warrior simply couldn't compare!


With a loud explosive sound the silver-armored warrior's saber light was shattered by Lin Ming! The Phoenix Blood Spear came thrusting out, smashing into the silver-armored warrior's saber!


With a sound of metal striking metal, the silver-armored warrior's saber was struck away by the Phoenix Blood Spear. Billions of jins of strength erupted at the same time. The silver-armored warrior's palm split open and blood flew out. His saber was sent flying away by Lin Ming!

The Phoenix Blood Spear swung back. Lin Ming stepped forwards, his fist smashing into the silver-armored warrior's chest!

Through layers and layers of armor, Lin Ming's fist exploded forwards. The impact was so forceful that the silver-armored warrior's body bent like a shrimp!


The silver-armored warrior spat out a mouthful of blood!

Lin Ming raised his spear and thrust it out once more, about to pierce through the silver-armored warrior's chest!

As the silver-armored warrior saw this spear about to take his life, his complexion immediately changed. Lin Ming's strength had surpassed the limits of his imagination. In their brief exchange, he wasn't even able to resist a to resist a single attack! If this was a life or death battle, he feared he wouldn't even be able to block Lin Ming for five breaths of time!

’’Lin Ming, you are far too arrogant!’’

At this time, Duke Fullmoon also attacked!

Even if he was unwilling to do so, he had no choice but to join in the battle at this moment!

He and the silver-armored warrior were hanging on the same thread. If the silver-armored warrior died, his death would only come that much quicker!

Duke Fullmoon didn't hold anything back in this attack. As his sword came falling down, a brilliant blaze of purple light followed behind it. This sword light contained a soul attack!

’’It looks like you really want to die!’’

Lin Ming didn't even spare a glance at Duke Fullmoon's soul attack. The Phoenix Blood Spear swept out as the Heretical God Force erupted!


Sword light disintegrated. Duke Fullmoon's body twisted at a strange angle and a deep purple light shout out from between his eyebrows, fusing together with the shattered sword light and shooting towards Lin Ming's spiritual sea like a hidden viper.

’’Strike for me!’’

Duke Fullmoon's eyes were crazy. As a spiritas he was most skilled in soul attacks. However, Lin Ming seemed to completely ignore this soul attack. Lin Ming stepped forwards and turned the Phoenix Blood Spear, smashing it into Duke Fullmoon's face.


Duke Fullmoon cried out pitifully. Lin Ming's spear smashed through his protective spirit essence like glass, and the weakened Phoenix Blood Spear struck the left side of Duke Fullmoon's face.

Duke Fullmoon only felt a nearly unbearable pain in his face. The entire left side of his face had been pulled off, revealing bone, and even his nose was shattered. With this strike, his face had almost been completely disfigured!

However, at this time, Duke Fullmoon's soul attack also sank into Lin Ming's spiritual sea!


Duke Fullmoon covered his bloody face, his eyes cruel and poisonous. Although he had been disfigured by Lin Ming, his soul attack had struck him. As long as Lin Ming lost his presence of mind for even a brief moment, that would be enough time for him and the silver-armored warrior to rush forwards and severely wound him.

However, even after Lin Ming was struck by Duke Fullmoon's soul attack he seemed to care little of it. He raised his Phoenix Blood Spear and moved towards Duke Fullmoon.

After a few breaths of time passed, Duke Fullmoon's complexion completely paled. Duke Fullmoon's soul attack seemed to have disappeared into a sea without any hope of returning.


Duke Fullmoon's breath caught in his throat, his entire face turning as white as funeral paper!


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