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Martial World - Chapter 1701


Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701 - Trap




A horrifying sonic boom rolled through the air. This person was coming at an astonishing speed. At first he was far off in the horizon, but in a mere instant he had arrived within several tens of thousands of feet from the group.

As the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame saw this person, they were both left stunned.

This person was bathed in blood and had killing intent brimming from his head to his toes. Even so, they were able to immediately recognize that this person was Lin Ming!

’’Lin Ming! So it was him!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince's complexion was grim and gloomy. He wouldn't bear any contempt towards Lin Ming because of his cultivation. Just because Lin Ming had perfectly passed the Asura level Gate of Laws, this alone caused the divine Void Crown Prince to feel a deep sense of fear towards him!

’’This little beast!’’

Duke Fullmoon clenched his jaws. He hated Lin Ming to the extreme.

The divine Void Crown Prince's thoughts stirred and he immediately recovered Juku's withered corpse from above the black rock.

Bigflame saw this happen from the corner of his eyes. He coldly sneered, ’’What, you think you can trick Lin Ming just by hiding that corpse? You think he would fall for something like that?’’

A strange light flashed in the divine Void Crown Prince's eyes and he savagely smiled. ’’This Lin Ming has a great destiny upon his body and entered that planet-sized immortal palace. It's hard to imagine just what rewards he obtained within. Aren't you interested in finding out? If we can draw support from this spear to bring him down, then everything he has will be ours! At that time, even if we can't obtain the Black Dragon Spear, just the treasures on Lin Ming's body will be a great harvest!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince's words caused a greedy light to shine in Bigflame's eyes.

Indeed, the rewards within the planet-sized immortal palace were a mystery. Just what was inside that immortal palace? They couldn't imagine just what the scene inside was even in their dreams.

In the legends, no one had been able to enter that immortal palace for billions of years. But, Lin Ming was able to enter. Just thinking this sent Bigflame reeling in jealousy!

It was definitely a top treasure left behind by the Asura Road Master!

If the reward from the planet-sized immortal palace was some cultivation method jade slip, magic tool, spirit treasure, or something like that, then they could take it for themselves after killing Lin Ming!

If it was a pill then Lin Ming might not have been able to eat it up due to the limits of his cultivation. If so, they could wrest away that also!

Even if it were something like comprehensions or martial intents that they couldn't obtain from Lin Ming's corpse, that didn't matter.

This was because once Lin Ming died, they would be able to obtain all other treasures on his body. With Lin Ming's young age and yet possessing such an abnormal degree of strength, it was highly likely there were many secrets on his body!

Thinking of this, everyone felt their hearts burn with covetousness.

They looked at each other and immediately formed a united front.

As for Duke Fullmoon, he only wished he could loudly applaud the divine Void Crown Prince's suggestion. Although he didn't have much confidence facing Lin Ming alone, this black spear's evil nature was simply far too outlandish. Duke Fullmoon didn't believe that Lin Ming had the ability to tame this demonic spear. At that time, Lin Ming might end up meeting the same fate as Juku. His flesh and blood would be swallowed up and he would end up as a pile of skin and bones!

Imagining Lin Ming's tragic and horrible death, Duke Fullmoon felt overjoyed!

As for Bigflame and the silver-armored warrior behind him, they were incomparably envious towards this Lin Ming who they had considered nothing but an ant beneath their feet earlier. If they could kill him they would all be happy!


As this time, Lin Ming also discovered the divine Void Crown Prince, Bigflame, and the others. In particular, that Duke Fullmoon. This fellow was simply a ghost that wouldn't stop haunting him;Lin Ming had already developed thoughts of killing him.

’’Mm? That is...’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. His gaze locked onto the black rock behind the divine Void Crown Prince. On this giant black rock there was a dragon spear, its demonic energy so pure and dense that it caused Lin Ming's pupils to shrink!

’’The is the dragon spear that the Black Asura held!’’

Lin Ming certainly recalled that within the Gate of Laws and on the blue stone road, the Black Asura had held a dragon spear, one exactly like this dragon spear in front of him!

Lin Ming couldn't confirm whether or not this dragon spear had once been one of the Asura Road Master's weapons. But no matter what he thought about it, out of all the weapons Lin Ming had ever seen in his life, this Black Dragon Spear was the highest ranked one!

For a time, Lin Ming's thoughts blazed for this spear. He earnestly desired this spear!

But Lin Ming didn't immediately do anything. He had also been watching the actions of Duke Fullmoon, the divine Void Crown Prince, and the others from the corner of his eye.

These people had clearly already discovered the Black Dragon Spear and yet they were wandering around the periphery, just over 10,000 feet away, seemingly without any intentions of taking the spear away. This left Lin Ming with deep suspicions as to what was happening.

He focused his mind, revolving the Asura Asura Heavenly Dao Laws in his heart and overlapping them with what he saw in front of him. To his shock, he discovered that in the gray demonic energy swirling around the Black Dragon Spear, there was a massive number of dead spirits contained within!

These dead spirits possessed a strong vengeful atmosphere and infernal energy. It was clear that they had once been peerless geniuses before their deaths, but after they had been struck down by the Black Dragon Spear, their souls were imprisoned within the demonic energy, forever unable to leave!

This sort of situation was similar to the... Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

A light lit up Lin Ming's mind. The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel could imprison the souls of powerhouses and absorb their will and energy.

And the scene in front of him was simply like the Black Dragon Spear had condensed its own Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. After swallowing up the blood essence, souls, and force fields left behind by these peerless masters, it had condensed these energies together, creating a near tangible essence that became a powerful attack method of the Black Dragon Spear!

Like how Lin Ming could use the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel to slay his enemies, the Black Dragon Spear could use this demonic energy it condensed to kill its enemies!

’’Could this demonic spear have a mind of its own and have managed to cultivate the Asura Heavenly Dao?’’

Realizing this, Lin Ming's thoughts turned cold!

A top grade spirit treasure had its own artifact spirit, and it wasn't strange for an artifact spirit to have its own consciousness. But for this artifact spirit to be able cultivate on its own, that was a bit astonishing. For some reason, Lin Ming felt that the demonic energy around this spear was too heavy;it was far too evil!

This caused Lin Ming to raise his guard. He didn't take another step forwards.

’’This brat isn't coming over.’’

Duke Fullmoon frowned. He didn't think it would be easy to fool Lin Ming but he never imagined that Lin Ming would be cautious to such a degree. With the treasure right in front of him he actually stood several tens of thousands of feet away.

If so, then wanting to borrow the strength of the Black Dragon Spear to kill him would be difficult.

’’Haha, why if it isn't Sir Lin!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince suddenly heartily laughed. From tens of thousands of feet away, he cupped his fists together and slightly bowed at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming looked at the divine Void Crown Prince and sneered, saying, ’’Do we know each other very well?’’

Lin Ming's words weren't polite. In life or death situations within these danger zones, even fellow disciples from the same sect would be plotting against each other, ready to stab each other in the back if necessary. Here, Lin Ming wasn't even on friendly terms friendly terms with these people and it was likely everyone here wished they could place each other in a deathtrap and seize treasures from the corpses.

In this situation, Lin Ming was disinclined to listen to the long-winded prattling and lies of this divine Void Crown Prince.

However, the divine Void Crown Prince seemed to care little about Lin Ming's mocking tone. He smiled and said, ’’Sir Lin, you seem to have some misunderstanding? People aren't friends at the start, but don't they slowly get to know each other? I have a great deal of admiration towards Sir Lin's talent!’’

Lin Ming didn't speak, allowing the divine Void Crown Prince to say what he wanted.

’’Sir Lin, let me be honest with you. I truly desire to be friends with you. Honest people don't need to speak in riddles. We are all intelligent people here. As you know, I am a Crown Prince of the divine Void divine Kingdom, but what you may not know is that there are seven people with the title of Crown Prince in the divine Void divine Kingdom! Moreover, in the future, this number may even increase! Between the current seven Crown Princes, the competition is already extremely brutal. Although I have some advantages, they aren't too obvious. I very much hope to make friends with some heroes, and if I could win the support of Brother Lin then my future road will surely be far smoother!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince spoke at a moderate pace. His words seemed fair and reasonable and even the way he referred to Lin Ming had changed, becoming 'Brother Lin'.


Lin Ming said without any expression. It was impossible to tell whether he believed these words or not.

’’Haha! Brother Lin is frank and to the point! I like it! I certainly wouldn't ask Brother Lin to help without offering anything in return. The divine Void divine Kingdom has rich resources and I am positive that Brother Lin will find something that interests you. Moreover, even now there is a lucky chance right before us. Brother Lin, aren't you interested in the Black Dragon Spear behind me?’’

The divine Void Crown Prince spoke with a happy smile on his face. Without even thinking about it, it was obvious that a spear master like Lin Ming would be tempted by this Black Dragon Spear.

Lin Ming remained silent.

At this time, Bigflame laughed, ’’Third Crown Prince, your plan is quite meticulous. Are you planning on obtaining someone's favor with something that even you cannot obtain? If you could have taken that spear then why would you have needed to wait until now!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince still had a smile on his face. ’’It's true, I cannot take this spear. But, if I had Brother Lin's help in addition to Brother Bigflame's help, then there is a possibility of success!’’

’’Oh? Then what's your plan?’’ what's your plan?’’ Bigflame asked.

The divine Void Crown Prince thought for a moment and then said, ’’The danger of this spear lies in the demonic energy that covers the spear body. It can turn into a Black Dragon that can swallow the blood and essence energy of a martial artist! But, there is only a single Black Dragon. As long as this Black Dragon can be distracted then one can naturally obtain the spear!

’’Now, if our three sides cooperate, we can have two sides block the Black Dragon while the third takes the spear. I know that Brother Lin doesn't believe me, so how about I and Brother Bigflame distract the Black Dragon while Brother Lin takes the spear?’’

As the divine Void Crown Prince spoke, Bigflame's heart skipped a beat. He wanted to object but held himself back.

He didn't know what the divine Void Crown Prince was planning but he knew that the divine Void Crown Prince was targeting Lin Ming. If so, then he would certainly join forces with the Crown Prince. However, his only fear was that the divine Void Crown Prince would also find some way to harm him.

He couldn't help but be vigilant about this.

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled. The divine Void Crown Prince's plan was highly advantageous to him. ’’What is the specific plan for implementing all of this?’’

The divine Void Crown Prince said, ’’Simple! First we will lure out the Black Dragon! However, this Black Dragon phantom is far too strong. No matter who tries to lure it out they will be in tremendous danger. Thus, the safest method is to use a puppet. Brother Lin comes from the divine Runic Masters Guild and there are surely many refining masters there, so Brother Lin should have some high-grade puppets, right?’’

’’I do.’’ Lin Ming nodded.

’’Then there's no problem! With these high grade puppets and Brother Lin's famed divine runic symbols, we should be able to keep off the Black Dragon's first attack. Then, we can help stand in front of Brother Lin and lay down a grand array formation to intercept the Black Dragon!’’

As the divine Void Crown Prince spoke he flew towards the Black Dragon Spear and floated on the edge of the black rock. Indeed, the area where he stood would be in front of Lin Ming and also within the path that the Black Dragon would have to take.

However, Bigflame felt weak at heart. For a time, he didn't dare to follow. No matter how he saw it, the position that the divine Void Crown Prince chose was extremely dangerous!

The divine Void Crown Prince turned to look at Bigflame, a little smug smile on his face. He said, ’’Brother Bigflame, do you not dare to come over? A lucky chance is placed right in front of you so why are you timidly dawdling over there?’’


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