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Martial World - Chapter 1700


Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700 - Plot




At the third level of the final trial, when a martial artist received their reward they would be teleported alone to the fourth level. But, those that received the same level of rewards took around the same amount of time to do so, thus they entered the fourth level at nearly the same time. Even if they were transmitted to random locations, they could still quickly find one or two of their companions to form temporary squads.

However, for Lin Ming, because he had spent too much time on the blue stone road, he arrived much later than everyone else. By this time, many people had already been fighting for several days.

’’Deeper into the fourth level... I understand...’’

Lin Ming nodded at the two youths and turned around, slowly heading deeper into the fourth level.

Strong winds howled and the scent of blood filled the world. As he sped forwards, his back was as straight as a spear, standing proudly upon this desolate wasteland, filled with a heroic and daring momentum!

The nine suns in the skies slowly fell down beyond the horizon, signaling the approach of night.

Lin Ming was like a death god wandering the night. Whether it was the forests, wilderness, or glaciers, he advanced in a straight line. No matter what monsters, evil races or demonic beings came at him, he didn't use his spear but fought them with his hands!

Like this, Lin Ming crossed past the middle of the fourth level and continued towards the back.

This was a black and red swamp. In the night, the swamp emitted a misty black fog which contained the rotting aura of peerless powerhouses and desolate ancient vicious beasts that had perished here. If a lower level martial artist were to breathe in the gas here, all the flesh of their body would melt away!

Within this terrifying black fog, a massive number of cruel and vile spirits and ghosts would be born. To a trial challenger, this was a danger zone amongst danger zones!

If a common squad were to arrive here, they would have turned tail and fled.

But Lin Ming actually walked directly into this land!

Chi chi chi!

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of an Asura appeared. This Asura held a massive wheel in his hands, and spinning above this wheel were countless phantoms of suffering demons. This was the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel rose up into the air, revolving and forming a giant vortex. A tremendous amount of the black fog was sucked into the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and refined into pure energy!

Wu wu wu ~

The ear-piercing howls of malevolent spirits rose up through the world. Because Lin Ming was recklessly swallowing up the black fog in this swamp, he had aroused the evil spirits here. Ghostly purple flames flickered as spectral beings appeared in front of Lin Ming.

A giant python corpse brought its giant head up from the rancid swamp mud. Its gaping maw emitted black gas that could melt away divine iron...

Seeing this, Lin Ming simply smiled.

These ghosts and spirits deep in the fourth level didn't leave him disappointed. Whether it was in numbers or strength, they far surpassed the evil beings that lived in the periphery of the fourth level.

With an explosive roar, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force. Power erupted from his body and the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared behind him. The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation came pouring out, sparkling!

Whether it was thunder or fire, they were the nemesis of ghosts. Lin Ming wrapped himself in thunder and flames and hurtled towards these spectral spirits!

Rumble rumble rumble!

A terrifying explosion of air surged out. Flames ascended, arcs of thunder twisted about. Each and every ghost was pierced through by Lin Ming's thunder and fire, turned to ash and sent scattering into the wind!

A terrifying strength exploded in the air. The corpse python howled as its decayed body was rapidly swallowed up by the power of Heavenly Dao Judgment's thunder and fire!

Woosh -

With a light sound, a piece of information thrust into Lin Ming's mind.

A thought appeared in Lin Ming's consciousness - fourth level, completion, max!

He had completed the fourth level to the maximum possible?

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. As he slaughtered his way through the fourth level he hadn't been paying attention to the growth of his completion rate.

When Lin Ming first passed the Asura level Gate of Laws, his completion rate had reached 45%. As for the third level, there were only rewards there;Lin Ming's completion rate hadn't increased.

And now, in the fourth level, Lin Ming's completion rate rose by 15%, reaching all the way to 60%!

This number was already the maximum allowed. No matter how many more monsters he killed this number wouldn't increase.

However, Lin Ming didn't bother with this. The reason he came to the fourth floor was to slaughter as many enemies as possible to temper himself, not for completion percentage!


Kill everything!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Lin Ming wildly laughed and broke into the crowds of monsters and ghosts, his fists sweeping out. Thunder and fire howled around him as he killed ten ghosts in a single step!


As Lin Ming was crazily fighting and tempering himself, deep in the fourth fourth level, beneath the icy cold skies, the divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon had come to a pause.

They didn't approach the black rock in front of them nor did they dare approach the Black Dragon Spear. But, to leave just like this wasn't something they were willing to do.

’’Your Highness, there are only a dozen or so more days until... the channel to the fifth level opens. We must find a solution as soon as possible or give up on the dragon spear.’’

Duke Fullmoon explained. In truth he had already given birth to the thought of retreating. Even if he helped in obtaining the Black Dragon Spear, the advantages he would obtain would be limited.

It was better to give up on this futile quest and save his own life.

The divine Void Crown Prince's complexion darkened. The fourth level was shaped like a massive rectangle. The trial challengers started on one end and the further they went towards the other end, the deeper into the fourth level they would go and the greater the risks would be. Generally speaking, the passage from the fourth level to the fifth level would always appear around the middle of this rectangle.

In other words, as long as one arrived at the middle of the fourth level they would be able to enter the fifth level.

Once the channel to the fifth level opened, it would also take time to turn around and arrive at the middle.

Moreover, they had to kill a sufficient number of monsters in order to obtain the max completion percentage here. Up until now they had only slain 60% of the required monsters. They weren't as fierce as Lin Ming who was wildly killing his way through this level. Rather, they had to be selective in choosing their enemies and avoid the terrifying fellows that lurked here.

As the divine Void Crown Prince was lost in a dilemma, he heard a whistling sound come from the distance.

He looked up, his guard raised, to see a brilliant flame approaching from the far off horizon.

This flame blotted out the skies. In the center of these flames, a fat youth in bright yellow imperial robes was sitting on a firebird, flying over towards them.

And behind this fat youth was a young warrior covered in silver armor that radiated a dazzling light, as if his armor had been encrusted with stars.

This warrior hurtled through the sky, the air rippling around him. Visible ripples followed him in the air, clearly demonstrating his formidable strength.

’’Bigflame?’’ The divine Void Crown Prince's eyes filled with disgust. At this time this tubby fellow had actually come here. Really, enemies crossed paths far too far too often!

However, this was also well within reason. Out of all the squads in the fourth level, there was only an extremely small number of trial challengers that had the courage to venture this far. Bigflame's group was one such squad.

Thus, bumping into him here wasn't a coincidence at all.

Suddenly, a ruthless hostility flashed through the divine Void Crown Prince's mind. He extracted his weapon, killing intent surging out from him as he faced Bigflame!

He said to Duke Fullmoon with a sound transmission, ’’Fullmoon, follow me and put on a good play!’’

Duke Fullmoon immediately understood what was happening and extracted his weapon. The two people turned towards Bigflame, one left one right, as if they were guarding the Black Dragon Spear behind them. As they faced the disciples of Heaven Union divine Kingdom's divine Sovereign as well as that amazingly strong silver armored warrior, it seemed as if they were ready to fight at any moment!

’’What? You want to fight?’’

Seeing Duke Fullmoon and the divine Void Crown Prince be so vigilant, Bigflame happily smiled. ’’There's no need to be so tense, we're just a little bit disharmonious, right? There's no need to fight as soon as we see each other! You should know that our two sides have similar strength. If we fight, it won't be good for anyone!’’

Bigflame sneered. But at this time he caught sight of the massive black rock behind Duke Fullmoon and the divine Void Crown Prince.

As well as the Black Dragon at the top of the rock!

’’Dragon!?’’ Bigflame was shocked. However, he immediately shook his head. ’’No, that's not right! That's a dragon spear! Hahaha! That is a treasure surpassing the level of an Empyrean spirit treasure! We've really struck a big lucky chance this time!’’

Seeing this dragon spear, Bigflame's eyes shone with a greedy light!

As Bigflame flanked the divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon who had raised their weapons, he said, ’’No wonder they're being so vigilant. So it's because there is a treasure here.’’

’’Bigflame, this Black Dragon Spear is already mine! You had best get out of my way!’’ The divine Void Crown Prince icily said as he stared at Bigflame.

Bigflame didn't even bother looking at the divine Void Crown Prince;his burning gaze was locked onto the Black Dragon Spear, his emotions bubbling over with excitement.

When he entered the fourth level his group had searched for lucky chances everywhere. But up until now, they had only picked up some medicinal herbs that weren't too precious as well as several remnant pieces of ancient cultivation methods. These harvests weren't enough to satisfy Bigflame.

It wasn't until he ventured deep into the fourth level the fourth level that he was attracted by a vast and terrifying aura. Thus, he arrived here only to discover that the divine Void Third Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon had already arrived a step early.

’’You two should be the ones getting out of my way! That treasures is mine and mine alone!’’ Bigflame's chubby face stretched as he smiled. Then, he took out a blood red saber from his spatial ring and slashed it out. A great saber light filled the air, covering Duke Fullmoon and the Third Crown Prince.

At the same time, Bigflame launched a movement technique. His round body was unexpectedly fast, as speedy as a bolt of lightning. As Duke Fullmoon and the Third Crown Prince were covered in his saber light, he swooped down to grab the Black Dragon Spear!

His speed was incredibly fast. Just as he was about to step onto the black rock, a vague restless nervousness appeared in his heart - strange, something was wrong here... this treasure... could it really be obtained so easily?

Could the divine Void Crown Prince have deliberately allowed him to take it!?

At this time, Bigflame suddenly caught sight of something from the corners of his eyes. There, at the wasteland below him, was the withered corpse of someone. This person's face was already mutilated to the point of being indescribable, but what was abundantly clear was that this withered skin bag of bones was new.

This person had just died here!

Bigflame immediately felt that the situation was dire!

As the most favored direct disciple of Heaven Union divine Kingdom's divine Sovereign, Bigflame was no fool. He forcefully stopped himself in midair and hastily drew backwards!

In the blink of an eye, Bigflame had returned to his original position. He hadn't alarmed the Black Dragon Spear but his forehead was dripping with a cold sweat. Just now he had taken a trip to the gate of death!

Bigflame sneered, his eyes filling with murderous intent as he looked towards the divine Void Crown Prince. ’’Hehe, what a clever plan you had!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince shrugged, ’’It seems you aren't as dumb as I thought. You were actually able to see through my plans... what a pity!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince didn't care about Bigflame. He just didn't think that Bigflame would find a clue in the crucial moment and escape this calamity.

Bigflame savagely grinned, ’’What use is there in harming me? You probably couldn't take the dragon spear yourself. On the contrary...’’

As Bigflame spoke to here he sensed something and turned around. On the far off horizon, there was another swift and fierce aura rapidly approaching!

’’How interesting, it seems someone else has arrived!’’


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