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Martial World - Chapter 170


Chapter 170 - Sorcerer Pagoda




’’Your turn.’’ Na Yi said as she turned to the monkey-faced man.

The monkey-faced man said, ’’Since you will place the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug in your little sister and me, your little sister should come along with us. Otherwise she will be all alone. With her mere Third Stage of Body Transformation cultivation, it won't be easy for her to return from the jungle, I don't want her to be eaten by some vicious beast and then lose my life for no reason.

Na Yi was silent for a moment. The monkey-faced man was right. If her little sister left here, then she would easily encounter some great danger. But if she kept her sister here by her side, then she was afraid that these two men would play some dirty tricks.

’’How about it, there will already be a poisonous bug in my body, you don't have to worry over it. If you think that we will take advantage of you, then your little sister will commit suicide and I'll have to die with her!’’

’’Alright.’’ Na Yi agreed. She placed the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug on the monkey-faced man.

The monkey-faced man didn't seem to be very scared. He appeared quite happy to let the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug bite through his skin and enter his heart through his blood vessels.

’’Well, how do we get in?’’

Na Yi said, ’’When the moon comes out, I will open the doors to the Holy Land.’’

It was already dusk when they had arrived at the cliff. The sun quickly set, and the round, bright moon appeared in the night sky.

The moonlight scattered along the rock walls, causing the walls to shimmer with a faint, dreamy light. Na Yi stopped near the cliff, prostrated herself on both knees, crossed her arms against her chest, and seemed to be praying.

Following this, an unimaginably incredible sight occurred.

The moonlight itself seemed to have turned into real, tangible substance, and a huge silver-white door slowly emerged along the cliff wall. Sparkling lights swirled around the door;it was just like a miracle in the legends.

The monkey-faced man and the bald man only stared dumbfounded, while Na Shui also knelt down and reverently prayed in supplication.

Lin Ming was watching from the side, but he was able to understand just what this was. The truth was, this gate of light was actually a transmission array.

There was a strange transmission array that was located under this cliff. A normal transmission array was driven by true essence stones, but this transmission array was actually driven by moonlight. It was simply incomparably marvelous.

But presently, he didn't have any interest in studying the witches' array formation. He was curious about what sort of ancient power was within the Sorcerer Holy Land, and just what it was.

Although this approach to doing things could be considered a bit callous, once he rescued the two sisters, that would count as decent compensation.

The door of light opened, and a flashing blue hole appeared out of thin air. The monkey-faced man waved his hand in a gesture for Na Yi to enter first.

Na Yi directly walked into the light door, followed by the bald man, Na Shui, Lin Ming, and finally the monkey-faced man.

The scenery around them suddenly changed. Lin Ming found himself in a dim corridor.

All around the corridors were walls made from stone bricks. The walls were entirely covered in exquisitely beautiful frescoes and murals that depicted all sorts of things related to gods and demons, witchcraft, hideously demonic faces with long fangs, odd instruments, unknown ceremonies, and mythical beasts of all sort. There was an ancient and mystical atmosphere that blew towards them.

Every ten feet on the wall there was a lit lamp. And the light source of these lamps were impressively huge luminous pearls that emitted a radiant light.

’’Treasure!’’ The bald man's eyes lit up with greed. He moved his hand to pick these glowing pearls.

’’Do not move!’’ The monkey-faced man thundered, ’’Second Brother, you are stupid to the point of idiocy! This is the Sorcerer Holy Land! There is no doubt that there are countless mazes and traps within. If you recklessly do anything from now on, then this father is finished with you! From now on, every footstep we take will follow that Na girl, no more and no less!

The monkey-faced man turned to Na Yi and said, ’’I advise you not to play any tricks on us here, and be honest in avoiding the traps. If us brothers have any accident, then you two sisters will be following us to hell!’’

Na Yi didn't respond;she only kept moving forwards. The bald man and the monkey-faced man followed every step she took, with Na Shui between them. If there was an accident, then Na Shui would definitely not be able to escape.

Lin Ming finally followed, each step following Na Yi's pace. At the same time he also sent out his soul force, carefully probing the surroundings to see if there were any possible dangers.

The monkey-faced man coated the soles of his shoes with a special tree sap. This tree sap was a natural dye. Every time he took a step, the dye would leave a visible footprint. Once the dye wore off, he would patiently re-apply it.

So as the group walked, the monkey-faced man left behind a series of footprints.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming's heart stirred. ’’This fellow is leaving a way back so he knows where he came from. He really is a 40 year old man that's managed to survive in the Southern Wilderness for so many years;he is quite careful and meticulous about his actions. If it wasn't for my age and cultivation being so deceptive, then this monkey-faced man would not have so easily brought me along and determined that I was someone he could manage.’’

Lin Ming's cultivation was a stage and half lower than the monkey-faced man, and there were also two of them. In the monkey-face man's mind, even a formidable genius would have no choice but to die.

As they continued walking, they didn't encounter any dangers. This corridor was surprisingly long;the group of five people had already traveled for half an hour before a heavy looking stone gate appeared in front of them.

The stone gate was 50 feet high and densely covered in countless Sanskrit writings. In the center of all the text was the image of a giant eye. The shape of the eye was very simple, but, for some unknown reason, looking at this eye caused one to momentarily feel as if they were losing their grip on reality, as if their soul was being swallowed by the eye. When this happened, the dense Sanskrit writings around the edges would appear like countless earthworms that wriggled around. Yet if one carefully looked, these writings hadn't moved.

This feeling was absolutely strange. It was also absolutely uncomfortable.

The bald man was staring with wide eyes, as if his soul had been stolen. The monkey-faced man's forehead was covered in sweat, and he hurriedly turned his vision away.

Na Yi knelt before the stone gate and prayed. She finally stood up and said, ’’This is the gate. In order to open its array formation, there needs to be three martial artists at least at the Altering Muscle stage pouring their true essence into it for it to activate.’’

’’The array formation is there.’’ Na Yi pointed. The place where she pointed was a triangular altar. In the center of the altar was a sphere, and the sphere was also shaped like a giant eye.

’’After the door opens, you will be able to enter the Sorcerer Pagoda. The Sorcerer Pagoda has seven levels. The first level is Hell, the second is Hungry Ghosts, the third is Animals, the fourth is the Witch Slave, the fifth is Mortals, the sixth is the Celestial Envoy, and the seventh is the World of the Sorcerer.’’

’’The higher the level you can reach, the stronger the power of the Sorcerer you will be able to obtain. As to what level you can reach, that is at the will of the Sorcerer.’’

Listening to Na Yi's words, the monkey-faced man was excited.

Sorcerer Pagoda! This was the Holy Land were the Sorcerer bestowed strength upon those chosen!

When every witch reached 16 years old, they were allowed to come to the Sorcerer Pagoda to inherit the power of the Sorcerer's legacy.

As for the strength of these seven levels, it became more terrifying the higher one went.

Just attaining the power of the third or the fourth was enough for a man to enter the Dragon's Gate and become a hero of the Southern Wilderness. If one was able to obtain the power of the fifth or sixth by luck or strength, then that would be enough to one to look down upon the entire Southern Wilderness!

As for the legendary seventh level, it was still a mystery. Of the countless large and small tribes within the Southern Wilderness' 100,000 mountains, there had never been one who was able to obtain the power of the Sorcerer from the seventh level.

’’Big Brother, what're we waiting for, let's hurry up and open the door.’’ The bald man was greedily rubbing his calloused hands together. He was already unable to wait. In his mind, the Sorcerer Pagoda was filled with countless beauties. With every level that he could rise, the more women he would be able to obtain, and the more noble and tasty they would be.

’’Little Brother Mo, we'll have to trouble you to lend us a hand.’’ The monkey-faced man said as he smiled at Lin Ming.

’’Oh. Sounds good.’’ Lin Ming said, and then moved towards the altar.

Seeing Lin Ming stand in his spot, the monkey-faced man revealed a grimly rapacious smile. In his eyes, Lin Ming was merely a fat sheep that he was about to slaughter. Once he killed him, a great wealth would fall into his hands.

In addition to the strength that he could obtain from the Sorcerer Holy Land, he would be able to quickly rise in the future with limitless fame. His dreams were just around the corner. He could even start a small witch tribe, and become one of the legendary Witch Queens.

Beautiful women, authority, wealth, power, all of these would be at his fingertips!

Thinking this, the monkey-faced man glowed with joy.

However, now that things had come to this point, he had to be careful. With just one wrong step, he would lose everything.

He turned his smile towards Na Yi and said, ’’You and your little sister make a few laps around this room.’’

Since he would kill Lin Ming after this, he might need to stretch his hands and feet in order to do it. The monkey-faced man didn't want to step on any unknown traps while he was chasing Lin Ming around.

Na Yi said, ’’The Sorcerer's room does not have any traps. I will not use my little sister's life to play around.’’

’’Good, then I'll believe you. Second Brother, Little Brother Mo, let's start!’’

As the monkey-faced man said that, he began to infuse his true essence into the giant eye-shaped sphere within the center of the altar.

The bald man followed next, and Lin Ming also slowly revolved the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' as he poured in his own true essence.

Then, Lin Ming's mind resounded with Na Yi's true essence sound transmission. She said, ’’Once the door opens, they will not let you live. Twenty feet behind you there is a thin stone wall that you can break through. There is a secret passage there that will lead you outside of the Sorcerer Holy Land. After the door opens, take advantage of the time that they are distracted looking at the Sorcerer Pagoda and immediately break the stone wall. If your speed is fast enough, you'll have just enough time to escape. They don't know if the secret passage has any traps or not, so they most likely won't pursue you.’’

Lin Ming was a bit stunned. He looked with surprised at Na Yi. He hadn't thought that she would point out an exit for him.

This Na Yi may seem indifferent, but the truth was her heart was very good and kind. If he didn't rescue her after coming into the Sorcerer Holy Land, then he would truly be a contemptible man.

Lin Ming said, ’’Thank you. I also feel that Miss Na Yi is worth worrying about. Even with the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug, they will stay have some way of suppressing it...’’

The Fatebound Heartcrush Big was a good contract;however, there were still ways to get around it. For instance, as long as one caught the other party and didn't let them commit suicide, or stunned them, or used drugs, or even locked them up and sealed their true essence before looking for other methods.

After all, no one was willing to place their life in someone else's hands, not to mention that the secret of this Sorcerer Holy Land would easily arouse jealousy. How could the bald man and monkey-faced man willingly let the two witch sisters leave?

Na Yi's voice suddenly turned cold, ’’You don't need to care about these matters.’’


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