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Martial World - Chapter 1698


Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698 - Bloodthirsty Black Dragon




This dragon-shaped black energy was able to determine and locate its true enemy!

Juku's complexion rapidly changed and he hurriedly drew backwards. However, that Black Dragon was far too fast. Although its body was only ten feet long, it hurtled through the air like a bolt of black lightning, immediately overtaking Juku!

Juku roared out loud and took out a heavy sword from his spatial ring, slashing down at the approaching Black Dragon phantom.

Juku's cultivation wasn't as high as Duke Fullmoon's, but in terms of talent he was slightly superior. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to obtain a spot in the final trial. As his heavy sword came slashing down, soul force gushed out like a tsunami.

However, that Black Dragon phantom ignored all of this. In rushed into that sea of soul force and split it apart. Not only did the Black Dragon not collapse but it instead swallowed up all of Juku's strength!

For a time, Juku was scared out of his mind. He rapidly touched his spatial ring, taking out a black-red divine runic symbol, but, the Black Dragon phantom was far too fast. Before Juku could activate the divine runic symbol, it had already bitten him!

Chi chi chi!

The Black Dragon phantom turned into countless threads of bloody black energy. It drilled into Juku's ears, nose... every single inch of Juku's body.

For some time, Juku's body wildly shook as black energy filled him. His originally tall and vigorous body began to wither away...


Everything that occurred just now had happened in the blink of an eye. The divine Void Crown Prince's complexion paled;he didn't dare to go forwards!

In this fearful pall, he didn't even dare to take a breath or turn around and escape, lest he alarm that terrifying Black Dragon!


The divine Void Crown Prince clenched his jaws but he was helpless to do anything. He could only hold his breath and restrain his aura to avoid being detected by the Black Dragon.

After some time, a pile of broken bones, a husk of wrinkled skin, and a divine runic symbol that had just been taken out but not yet used began to scatter down from the air.

Seeing this, Duke Fullmoon couldn't help but shiver. His palms were already slick with a cold sweat. Luckily he hadn't been the one to attempt taking the black spear or his fate wouldn't have been much better;he was only a little stronger than Juku and there was an extremely limited number of things he could have done.

As the Black Dragon phantom in the air ate up all of Juku's essence energy and blood vitality it began to appear increasingly lifelike. It roared out again and again, its cold and grim pupils flashing with a gluttonous light. It stared at the divine Void Third Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon.

Caught in the phantom's gaze, Duke Fullmoon and the divine Void Crown Prince felt as if they had fallen into a sea of ice!

Juku had died and they had only been able to watch helplessly on, not being able to assist him and not being able to run away. With the speed of the Black Dragon phantom that they witnessed with their own eyes, even if they used all of their strength to leave they still wouldn't even be 30% of its speed. They would be overtaken in the blink of an eye!

What they feared the most was the Black Dragon phantom discovering them. And now, as the Black Dragon phantom looked at them they both paled, their minds shaking!

Even so, they didn't dare move a single step!

After the Black Dragon phantom stared at the divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon for a quarter hour, leaving them both drenched with sweat, it turned tail and flew back to the giant rock, fusing back into the Black Dragon Spear and disappearing from sight.

It was only then that the divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon were able to let out a long breath of relief!

It was like all the strength had left their limbs, leaving them wobbly and exhausted. Their clothes were also wet;this experience was no different from suffering through a grueling war. To them, this short quarter hour felt as long as an entire year!

’’How terrifying...’’

Duke Fullmoon said, his voice shaking as he spoke. When facing a threat of true and unavoidable death, a martial artist's response wasn't much better than that of a mortal.

’’What a heavy demonic energy... I finally know how that demonic energy formed... perhaps that Black Dragon phantom killed too many people and the hatred, resentment, and grievances of these victims gathered together, condensing into such a heavy demonic energy!’’

’’That Black Dragon phantom might be an artifact spirit... when we first didn't see the dragon spear and saw the Black Dragon, that might not have been an illusion. It was just that in the brief split-second, the Black Dragon had hidden itself in the spear... thus we had taken it as the dragon spear. This fellow... might have intentionally hidden itself in the spear so that we would lower our guard and draw closer. It It wants to use our blood and flesh as its food!’’

’’What a clever beast! In these past years who knows how many extraordinary elites have been killed by it, their blood nourishing it all this time. It must have consumed an incalculable amount of strength! But, what is strange is that it has clearly discovered us, but even though it desires flesh and blood it still doesn't attack us.

’’There might be some rule or contract restricting it. For instance, it cannot provoke others on its own initiative unless it's been attacked first...’’

Duke Fullmoon and the divine Void Crown Prince were considered as people with strong wills. Although they were scared pale and shaking just now, after the danger had passed they were able to quickly calm down and analyze the situation.

’’What should we do, give up?’’ Duke Fullmoon stared at the Black Dragon Spear. Although he wanted this spear, he also knew that he didn't possess the ability to wield it, much less be able to obtain it. He wouldn't be able to use many of the advantages from obtaining the spear, and obtaining it by himself was simply impossible.

Lucky chances always had to be contrasted to their dangers. With this, Duke Fullmoon developed the thought of retreating.

But the divine Void Crown Prince actually licked his lips as if he were secretly considering something. Although he knew it would be tremendously dangerous, he still wasn't willing to give up like this...


’’Too dangerous! Too dangerous!’’

In the middle of the fourth level, two youths had just experienced a thrilling, soul-stirring escape from danger! Just then they had encountered a giant diamond ape!

This giant diamond ape was a ridiculous monster. Even the combined all-out attacks of the two youths weren't able to injure its fur. As for the attacks of the giant diamond ape, just the aftermath alone was enough to shatter the two youths' protective true essence.

Originally, for these two youths to encounter such a disastrous monster, in ten encounters they would die ten times with no hopes of survival. Luckily, the giant diamond ape wasn't the most intelligent of monsters. Just when the two had fallen into hopeless despair, they had used an illusion technique to deceive the giant diamond ape and thus escape this danger.

After fleeing, their bodies had been drenched with a cold sweat and their hands and feet were feeling clammy.

’’Big Brother, we're lucky you were smart enough to simulate our appearances with an illusion and use that to lead the monster away. That thing is simply the most terrifying vicious beast I have ever seen!’’ One of the of the two youths said as he raggedly gasped for breath.

’’Second Brother, now isn't the time to relax. The giant diamond ape will discover it has been tricked sooner or later, and when it does it will become enraged. With our speed, it definitely might be able to catch up to us. We should flee this land as soon as we can.’’

As the two people were discussing fleeing, they looked at the boundless canopy of trees in front of them. These boundless giant trees pierced into the heavens, making them both feel strangely uncomfortable.

These trees were all massive, and not even 20-30 people would be able to encircle them.

The thick leaves layered over each other and a single leaf was the size of a bathtub. Originally, only a dim light filtered into this land, but walking into that forest would be the same as entering an utterly dark night.

These two youths were a pair of genius brothers that came from an ancient martial family at the far east side of the Asura Road. They had experienced repeated life or death situations to finally arrive at this area in the fourth level.

But, they never imagined that just after escaping one danger, there would always be another perilous danger just waiting around the corner!


At this time, the roar of a vicious beast echoed out from the forest. This terrifying sound, joined together with a horrifying aura, washed out like an endless tidal wave. For a time, all of the nearby plants were sent flying away as the earth shook.

The two youths were also sent tumbling away by this voice and aura. For a time their faces were paper-white and they were at a loss for what to do. There was the giant diamond ape behind them and an unknown danger in front of them. This was truly a calamitous dilemma!

Bang -

From deep within the forest a terrifying explosion suddenly rang out, followed by the pained howls of giant beasts. It was like a thundercloud was rolling through the dense foliage.

Waves of energy transmitted out from the distance, like a sun was exploding, emitting a blinding light as a torrential torrent of essence energy rocketed to the horizon.

This strength was so great that the two youths felt a tingling feeling creep over their scalp and they nearly slumped to the ground.

’’Big Brother, in front of us... is probably... something even more terrifying...’’

The younger brother who spoke was already dripping wet with sweat. As he looked at the forest in front of him that not a single ray of light could penetrate, he felt penetrate, he felt weak at heart.

Without a doubt, there was a brutal slaughter occurring within the depths of the forest!

The two brothers were at a loss of what to do. After ten breaths of time passed, the battle with the forest began to quiet down. Afterwards, a shadowy figure leapt out from the distant woods, impacting towards the heavens like a meteor! Then, as if this figure had discovered something, it suddenly switched directions in midair and hurtled towards the two brothers!

With an explosive rumbling, this figure crashed in front of the two brothers. The earth beneath them started cracking apart like a spider's web!

Dust scattered in all directions. An astonishing scent of blood filled the air, blasting into the noses of the two youths.

In that moment, standing in front of the two brothers was a man-shaped monster that seemed to have dug its way out from the pits of hell.

This monster stood tall and its hair hung loose. Its entire body was wet with dark red blood and black scales covered its body. These scales were absolutely not some kind of armor, but a part of its body.

It was normally impossible for a person to appear like this.

This man-shaped monster turned its head. Its two pupils were partly blocked by its loose hair, but even then they projected a horrifyingly sharp light.

Looking at these two pupils, the two youths were frightened out of their wits. Without a doubt, they were absolutely no match for this man-shaped monster.

This monster could kill them in but a mere instant.

Just by standing here, they felt as if they would die soon!

And at this time, the man-shaped monster actually didn't attack. Rather, its lips moved and it asked, ’’You two... do you know... where there are stronger monsters?’’

The two youths were left dumbfounded. This monster could speak! Moreover, the way it spoke wasn't like a monster!

’’It... it's... a person!’’

The younger brother cried out in alarm. As they realized this they were both overjoyed. Looking carefully, they discovered that even though this person was bathed in blood and looked unbelievably fierce, and its body was also covered with scales like a monster's body might be, its face actually seemed quite familiar.

After staring for several breaths of time, the two youths nearly fell over in surprise.

This sword-sharp forehead, this swift and fierce look, as if his face were carved from sabers, this person was clearly...

’’Y-y-y-y-you...’’ The young brother stuttered, pointing at this man-shaped monster, ’’Lin... Lin Ming!’’

The two of them never would have imagined that this man-shaped monster was Lin Ming!


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