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Martial World - Chapter 1694


Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694 - The Final Reward




Standing on the last blue stone slab, Lin Ming finally let out a long sigh of relief.

Witnessing the final strike of the Black Asura just now, that fleeting moment had been enough to shock Lin Ming's heart and soul.

Walking this far, Lin Ming had experienced far too many things. Many experiences had surpassed his ability to understand them. However, the scenes on the blue stone road had all allowed Lin Ming to personally feel and live through them and they had left a profound mark on his memories. By accumulating all of these experiences, they would provide a great benefit to Lin Ming in cultivating the Asura Heavenly Dao in the future.

Even if these accumulations didn't directly enhance Lin Ming's strength by much right now, they were undoubtedly a priceless wealth he had obtained.

However, just this wealth alone wasn't enough to be called one of the most precious rewards in the entire final trial!

In the Gate of Laws, the reward the Black Asura mentioned should be something else.

As Lin Ming came to the end of the blue stone road, he took one more step forwards. Because this was the end, with this final step, Lin Ming stepped into the void.

After stepping into the void, Lin Ming felt his surroundings change. He had arrived into a black space filled with mist.

This black space was quiet and terrifying. As Lin Ming walked within this space he could clearly hear his breathing and heartbeat. Faintly, there were light flows of energy that wound about the black space.

These dim flows of energy came in three different colors. There was grayish black, pitch black, and dark jade. As Lin Ming felt these three flows of energy, his mind shook. One of these three flows of energy was grandmist energy!

Lin Ming cultivated the Grandmist Laws. So, he had an extremely deep understanding of grandmist energy;it was impossible for him to be mistaken.

As for the other two flows of energy, Lin Ming had once come into contact with the dark jade colored one. When he had trained at divine Dream Heavenly Palace, he had touched upon it when he studied the divine Dream Law.

This dark jade color energy flow was spirit source!

Grandmist energy was the source of all matter in the universe. In other words, the source of 'essence'.

Spirit source was the source of the universe's Heavenly Dao. In other words, the source of 'divine'.

As for the last flow of energy, that was undoubtedly the source of all energies within the universe - genesis energy, the source of 'energy'.

The three great source powers of the universe's 'essence, energy, and divine' were all contained within this black space.

And these three source strengths slowly revolved around a singular point in space. As Lin Ming looked towards it, he could see that the space near it twisted about. In the deepest point of that space distortion, there was a single drop of viscous red liquid calmly floating about.

This drop of red liquid emitted an aura as deep and vast as the sea. The surrounding space was twisted because of the terrifying energy released from this drop of red liquid. The three source strengths revolved around this drop of red liquid, clearly stabilizing and enhancing it.

This was a drop of blood!

Moreover, this drop of blood of contained an indescribably dense aura aura of the Great Dao Laws. At the same time, this drop of blood also contained a terrifying energy and power of will!

The aura that this drop of blood exuded was familiar to Lin Ming. It left his mind shaking.

In these past days, as Lin Ming walked down the blue stone road, he had lived some of the past experiences of the Asura Road Master. It was like he had personally accompanied the Asura Road Master throughout his journey.

He was extremely familiar when it came to the aura of the Asura Road Master. And in front of him, that drop of blood that shined like a star, was branded with the dreadful aura of the Asura Road Master!

If he wasn't mistaken, that drop of blood was left behind by the Asura Road Master!

Even though 10 billion years has passed, the vast essence energy and Heavenly Dao Laws contained within it hadn't dissipated in the least!

On the contrary, after being nourished by these three source strengths of the universe, this blood drop became increasingly dense and brilliant. Facing it, one found it difficult to breathe!

’’This is... the final reward of the Asura level Gate of laws? A drop of blood left behind by the Asura Road Master?’’

Lin Ming clenched his fists, his heart loudly beating in his chest.

The reward the Black Asura had mentioned, one of the most precious within the entire final trial, was a drop of his blood!

After spending the last several days in the star-like immortal palace, Lin Ming had walked down the blue stone road and had experienced and lived through the memories of the Asura Road Master that had been left there. These memories gave Lin Ming new Ming new enlightenments, new feelings, allowing him to enhance his comprehension of the Laws. Although it was an extremely precious treasure, this still couldn't allow Lin Ming to leap forwards in strength in a short period of time, nor could it fundamentally alter Lin Ming's body and grant him a more terrifying strength or talent.

But the final reward at the end of the blue stone road, this drop of Asura's blood, was actually completely different!

10 billion years ago, the Asura Road Master had experienced endless battles and grasped the Laws of the 33 Heavens in his hands. He stood above the 33 Heavens and had created his own road.

For such a character, every tiny particle of his skin, flesh, blood, and bones was considered a priceless treasure. Each tiny part of him was marked with the true meaning of the Laws.

In this world, there were countless legends of martial artists randomly stumbling into the tomb of a senior martial arts powerhouse, and then comprehending the true meaning of a unique martial arts from their bones, obtaining an extraordinary inheritance in the process.

And this was particularly true for an outstanding existence like Asura. Within a single drop of his blood, there were undoubtedly things contained that surpassed Lin Ming's imagination.

Suppressing the bubbling excitement in his heart, Lin Ming stepped forwards in the void, slowly approaching the drop of Asura blood.

In the void, those three great source strengths seemed to become disturbed because of Lin Ming's arrival. Although they seemed calm and peaceful, the truth was that they were unfathomably dangerous.

A single wisp of grandmist energy was heavier than a star. If a mortal body were to be placed within it, they would simply be crushed to be crushed to nothing.

As for genesis energy, it contained an energy as fiery and wild as the sun. If this energy was poured into a martial artist's body, that martial artist would immediately turn to steam.

And for spirit source, that was the source of all mental strength and soul force. If spirit source were to enter a martial artist's spiritual sea and they couldn't withstand its terrifying strength, their spiritual sea would collapse and they would turn into mindless zombies.

But now, these three wild source strengths didn't hinder Lin Ming. Instead, they unexpectedly revolved around him, faintly nourishing his essence, energy, and divine. This caused his blood vitality to become increasingly vivid and exuberant, his inner world to become more prosperous and lush, and his soul to become even more tempered...

Lin Ming would pause for a long time after every step he took, as if he were pondering on something.

And at this time, the drop of blood suspended in the void seemed to be galvanized by something. It began to beat like a heart.

This beating tempo just happened to sync with Lin Ming's own heartbeat. It caused all of his bloody vitality to resonate! It was like a summon calling out to Lin Ming's bloodline, driving him forwards. This sort of feeling emerged from the depths of Lin Ming's very being, an unexplainable feeling.

At this time, a light voice echoed out from behind Lin Ming. ’’Do you know what that is?’’

Lin Ming was startled. He immediately turned his head.

Standing not too far behind him was a black armored warrior holding a long spear, appearing from nowhere like gods and ghosts. This black armored warrior was the Black Asura from the Gate of Laws!


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