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Martial World - Chapter 1693


Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693 - Holy Scripture




Of the 33 True divinities along the blue stone road, although they had different appearances, their auras were actually quite similar.

Lin Ming had neglected to consider one possibility, and that was that these 33 True divinity powerhouses were actually a single person!

Lin Ming remembered the words the Asura Road Master had left behind in the preface of the Asura Sutra: ’’The 33 Heavens, the boundless Great Dao. My resolve is to seek the peak of all martial arts. I spent 3,3 billion years to travel the 33 Heavens, cultivating 33 lives. One life one Empyrean, one life one divinity. What I seek is the highest truth of the Heavenly Dao...’’

To cultivate 33 lives.

One life one Empyrean, one life one divinity!

As for the memories within the blue stone road, there were 33 True divinities. It was a perfectly matching number.

In other words, these 33 True divinities were likely the 33 reincarnations of the Asura Road Master!

He had cultivated 33 lives, cultivating a singular Heavenly Dao Law in each, spending a hundred million years each time to become a True divinity! Moreover, the battles he fought during those lives, the cultivation memories, and the Laws he realized, all of them were cast into this blue stone road for his future descendants to observe and emulate!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming was utterly shocked. 33 reincarnations, each one cultivating all the way to the realm of True divinity?

Just what sort of concept was that?

If the Asura Road Master had truly surpassed the realm of True divinity, Lin Ming suspected that the method he used to do so was to fuse together the True divinity realm of these 33 reincarnations!

As he quietly felt the aura of the final blue stone slab, he could faintly feel that even though it was vast and terrifying, upon closer inspection it actually comprised 33 auras.

The Asura Road Master had reincarnated 33 times and had comprehended entirely different things during each of these 33 lives. Afterwards, everything he comprehended had been fused together. This was truly an incredible accomplishment.

On the blue stone slab, thin strands of the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws bound together, incomparably thick, resembling a limitless abyss that blocked off everything. Even if someone were to stand here and wanted to take the final step forwards, it wasn't easy at all. They would need a powerful strength or a profound understanding of the Laws as a foundation.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment, then his fingers drew a brilliant path through the void, one that harmoniously resonated with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws atop the blue stone slab.

The blue stone slab that was blocked off by countless tight strands of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws began to slowly unravel beneath Lin Ming's hands...

Lin Ming finally stepped up onto the final blue stone slab.

Once he did, his surroundings suddenly changed.

Lin Ming could feel the memories within the blue stone road once more. But this time, the one Lin Ming became was none other than the Black Asura that tested him within the Gate of Laws!

This time, the Black Asura held a dragon spear, a full head of red hair falling down his back. He mounted a great dragon and his skin shimmered with a metallic luster as his entire body was covered with strange and mystical runes.

He stood within the pitch black coldness of space. Beneath his feet, trillions upon trillions of stars glittered. His pupils were like two blazing suns, emitting a terrifying light that lit up the endlessly distant darkness.

In that infinitely distant place, there was a man with a similarly terrifying aura, walking in from the other end of the galaxy.

Wherever this man walked, large tracts of space would be smashed apart. The power of innumerable stars was forcefully drawn out by this man and swallowed into his body.

This man's figure stood right in front of Lin Ming but was blurry. It was like thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of copies of this man were walking towards him, all interposed over each other, giving off a mountain-heavy pressure.

Pa! Pa!

Lin Ming's heart raced. Even though he knew this man was nothing but a phantom, this was more than enough to shake his mind and make his heart tremble.

At the same time, a look of unprecedented earnestness appeared on the Black Asura's face.

The Black Asura's strength was as deep and vast as the sea;it could be called impossible to rival. Lin Ming even suspected that this Black Asura was the Asura Road Master's true self!

Just what proud son of heaven could be a worthy rival to the Asura Road Master?

Lin Ming looked at the man's figure. He wasn't a human, spiritas, or saint, he was from an ancient race that Lin Ming had never seen before. This caused Lin Ming to suspect something;10 billion years ago, could the universe have been ruled by this ancient race? And after several great calamities, these ancient races declined. After which, the humans, humans, saints, and spiritas gradually rose to prominence?

At this time, the shadow figure seemed to say something. His outline swayed and distorted as he spoke. With every word he uttered, an incomparably massive rune would appear in the void.

Lin Ming couldn't hear this shadow figure's words. All he saw were those massive magical runes hurtle forwards, large enough to cover a world as they came crashing down on the Black Asura like a meteor.

The Black Asura forcefully tore open space like two cloth curtains, revealing a deep abyss. As those howling runes came crashing down, all of them entered into this strange space and disappeared.

As the shadow figure saw his own attack be so easily resolved, he lightly smiled, not thinking much of it. The shadow figure thrust out his hand, ripping open a spatial split and taking out a thick ancient book!

This ancient book had a black cover. And on its cover there were two incomparably old words. If Lin Ming hadn't studied the first volume of the Asura Sutra in Tragic Death Valley, he would've never recognized these two words.

’’...Holy Scripture?’’

Lin Ming was left in a daze. This shadow figure seemed to use this book as a weapon, and this book was called the Holy Scripture!

To use a book as a weapon, this was the first time Lin Ming had seen this. As for the name of the Asura Sutra, Lin Ming inexplicably recalled something: Empyrean divine Mist had mentioned in Tragic Death Valley - the Spiritas Holy Scripture!

Was the Holy Scripture in the shadow figure's hands related to the Spiritas Holy Scripture?

This thought immediately flashed through Lin Ming's mind. He could faintly feel he had touched upon a great historical secret that spanned through the entire 33 Heavens and originated from the river of time 10 billion years ago.

At this time, the shadow figure opened the Holy Scripture in his hands. His lips moved and magical seals emerged from his mouth.

The Black Asura had been standing on a barren star, but in an instant, he was transported into a cruel hell world.

The blood waters of the yellow springs billowed around him, wildly rushing about. Endless bones sank and floated, each one emitting a strange aura of spiritual death energy. All of this swept up together into a titanic wave of blood that rushed towards the Black Asura.

Not just that, but all around him were a number of divine Buddha-like powerhouses with kind and gentle expressions. They sat on lotus flowers fashioned from pure white bones, their bones, their body releasing a glorious radiance.

Countless powerhouses tore through the void, bringing with them an endless strength as they hurtled towards the Black Asura.

Seeing all of this, Lin Ming was left dumbfounded.

He could see all of this through the perspective of the Black Asura, and he knew it was no illusion but a true great world. That shadow figure could produce life from nothing, using the Holy Scripture to create a Yellow Springs World to attack the Black Asura.

The strength of this mysterious man had truly reached a terrifying degree. It was no wonder that even the invincible Black Asura felt as if he had met an even opponent and was taking this battle with utter seriousness.

The Black Asura's eyes flickered with a divine light. Facing all the attacks from this Yellow Springs World, a pure black spear appeared in his hands.

On this black spear, the auras of innumerable dharmic abilities and supernatural powers swirled about. There was omnidirectional polar ice energy, great sun truefire, the true secret source power of thunder, unending fearless battle intent, the will of endless spirits...

Every strength was something the Black Asura had comprehended in battle or from his opponent's bodies.

Even though these numerous and diverse strengths were brought together, in the Black Asura's hands, they all flowed in perfect harmony.

The spear tore through the void. In the infinite emptiness, it emitted a radiance that lit up the darkness of space.

In that instant, all of the mysterious strengths howled through the Yellow Springs World. Countless pillars of glorious light spread through the world, all of them emitting a terrifying level of energy.

The roiling yellow springs river was burnt away and dried up by the mystical source power of all fire. The white divine Buddha beings were torn up by incomparably sharp primal sword intent, even their lotus thrones made of bones were shattered to dust.

Endless mountains of bones collapsed and the earth cracked open.

The Yellow Springs World rapidly disintegrated, withering away beneath the rumbling powers of the Black Asura.

As the mysterious shadow man watched his Yellow Springs World collapse, there wasn't the slightest of change in his vast abyss-like aura. The only difference was a glimmer of vigilance that appeared in his eyes as he looked at the Black Asura.

At this time, the aura the Black Asura released became increasingly vast and his momentum began to reach terrifying levels.

All of the strengths he had comprehended over the last billions of years completely erupted at this moment.

The Black Asura's face began to face began to change, becoming blurry as if he were carrying on him every single battle intent in the world, every Law in the universe. It was like his body became a horrifying universe that gushed out with endless mystical strength.


With a single thrust of his spear, his strike shot towards the endless horizon. Wherever this spear strike passed, planets would shatter, stars would dim, and even the universe trembled. Dreadful space storms followed in its wake, sweeping out and enveloping all.

The overlapping layers of mysterious power carried with it all the secret forces of the 33 Heavens. This strength crushed through the endless space, smashing into the man on the other end of the galaxy.

That shadow man's complexion finally changed!

This attack of the Black Asura fused together all Laws of the 33 Heavens! It could even be said to have surpassed the 33 Heavens!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The shadow man wildly retreated, his body breaking apart space. He shot out endless powers of Laws, trying to stop the Black Asura's completely comprehensive attack that contained the powers of the 33 Heavens and also a trace of something that stood aloof from it.

’’The power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws...’’

Only Lin Ming knew in his heart that this horrifying strength that left the man on the other end of the galaxy panic-stricken was the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws!

This was the unique power of Laws that stood outside the 33 Heavens. Whether it was now or 10 billion years ago, this strength was enough to shock the world. It was the masterpiece of the Asura Road Master, the ultimate power he established after comprehending the Laws of the 33 Heavens to a great extent - the Asura Heavenly Dao! Its might was beyond any mortal description!


The brilliant light pierced through all.

The mysterious man also disappeared in the spear light of the Black Asura. All that was left was the Holy Scripture in his hands still shining with a dreadful light, one that even the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws couldn't cover, as if the light of this book was unparalleled in existence!


In the next moment, everything vanished.

Lin Ming fell to his knees, his entire body shaking and dripping with sweat. His body had nearly collapsed.

Just now, the final strike of the Black Asura had contained all the powers of the 33 Heavens' Laws. Just a single look was enough to consume all of his soul force.

Even so, he couldn't even deduce a millionth of what had just happened.


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