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Martial World - Chapter 1691


Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691 - The Immortal Palace




The planet-sized immortal palace was vast and ethereal. This was a mysterious ancient land no one had opened for billions of years. As Lin Ming stepped past the gates of this immortal palace, he immediately felt as though he had stepped into an alternate world;the atmosphere here was extremely different from that of the Asura Road.

All sorts of strange powers flowed around Lin Ming, rushing about like a tide!

Lin Ming knew these powers were Laws.

In the Gate of Laws, Lin Ming had fought off opponents that represented the Laws of the 33 Heavens. Now he had gained a considerable understanding towards the Laws of the 33 Heavens. He could faintly feel that within the confines of this immortal palace, there was also the strength of the 33 Heavens' Laws!

In the past, the Asura Road Master had cultivated the Laws of the 33 Heavens and established his own Asura Heavenly Dao. This immortal palace held the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and stepped forwards. The tall and grand winding corridors were all made of some unknown divine stone. This sort of divine stone had been here for billions of years, experiencing the weathering of the vast river of time, yet it still remained bright and spotless.

Like this, Lin Ming arrived at the end of the corridor. He could see a palatial door, carved with gold and jade.

When Lin Ming stepped in front of this door, the door actually started to swing open!

For some time, a brilliant radiance spilled forth. As Lin Ming saw what was inside, his heart shook!

At the end of this corridor was actually a great world!

This great world had mountains and rivers, lakes and seas. And where Lin Ming was, where the door opened into, was high in the air, hundreds of thousands of feet up. He had a bird's eye view of the boundless world laid out before him!

On the continent of this world there was an endless road built from blue stone slabs. From the ground, it extended into the infinite heavens until it disappeared into the clouds of mist.

A cold wind blew through the air, dissipating some of the mist. He could see that even further in the distance, that endless blue stone road still stretched onwards. This blue stone road was simple and desolate, seeming to contain the aura of inexhaustible years.

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. He dove down from where he was and stood atop the blue stone road.


Suddenly, Lin Ming's pupils shrank. His eyes were attracted to something right in front of him on the blue stone road, in the center of a stone slab.

Right in front of him was a deep foot imprint.

Although it looked like an ordinary footprint, when this image reflected in Lin Ming's eyes it left him shocked. He could clearly feel a potent and awe-inspiring aura from this footstep, one as sharp and wild as a savage blade!

What sort of person could leave their footprint behind on this highest tier of rewards? After so many years, their footprint still existed as before, emitting such a dreadful aura!

Lin Ming composed his thoughts. He He resolutely moved forwards on the blue stone road. Impartial and without bias, his foot stepped onto that footprint, perfectly fitting inside.


A peal of thunder rang out in his mind. The world began to change. A horrifying bang echoed out like a rolling cloud of thunder, leaving Lin Ming's ears shaking from the shock.

As his vision cleared, he discovered he was surrounded by countless dense auras.

One by one, all sorts of giant, horrifying, and blood-thirsty warriors surrounded him. They wore metal armors and wielded spears, halberds, sabers, swords, and more. There was every weapon that could be imagined here.

These giants all had weapons over 10 feet long that were stained with blood. They exuded a cruel and ominous killing intent, making one's heart race. And each one had a blood vitality so dense and pure that it created a halo of flame-like energy around them, making them seem like embodiments of dread.

Out of all these giants, there was one that was over 30 feet tall and had an aura so deep and vast, it was like an ocean. This giant had white hair that fell down his back like a waterfall, and he wore a shining silver war armor. He indifferently stared at Lin Ming.

These eyes were incomparably terrifying. Lin Ming didn't doubt that with this gaze alone, this giant could cause a peerless powerhouse's soul to shatter and fade away, forcing them to fall into an infinite abyss.

Facing these giants, Lin Ming discovered he wasn't a match for any one of them!

If so, that meant these giants were at least all unrivalled Great World King powerhouses!

However, what was strange was that even under so much killing intent, Lin Ming was still capable of withstanding their combined suppressive pressure. Moreover, he did so with ease!

Even that white haired warrior with the deep aura couldn't suppress Lin Ming.

This left Lin Ming startled. He subconsciously looked at himself and discovered that he had completely changed in appearance.

At this time, his body was wrapped in thick dragon-like muscles. He had blood red hair that fell down his back and his chest and arms were completely covered with black scales. These scales didn't come from some Empyrean spirit treasure but emerged from within his body. On his face, strange demonic runes glowed. These demonic runes all seemed to faintly resonate with the Asura Heavenly Dao.

His looks had changed. His forehead was as sharp as a sword and his eyes were like sabers. He looked ferocious, untamed!

He grasped a dragon spear in his hand and the aura he exuded was enough to cause the surrounding space to gently tremble. This was an incomparably formidable feeling that Lin Ming had never experienced before.

Like a vast galaxy could be sundered in half by his spear!

This person was...

Lin Ming faintly realized that he had turned into this war god. The scenes he was seeing weren't an illusion, but something that had happened in the past! In other words, these were the residual memories of this war god!

Because he stepped onto the blue stone road and stepped on a footprint, Lin Ming could see the memories of this war god. And in these memories, Lin Ming was him. He stood as He stood as this war god did, facing his enemies!


Lifting the spear, the war god stepped forwards. A terrifying spear light pierced forwards, penetrating through 4-5 giants and killing them in a single strike!

For some time, ruined limbs and flesh flew everywhere. Blood rained out.

’’This sort of feeling is...’’

The moment the war god attacked, Lin Ming could feel everything that he did! Everything he heard, saw, and felt, were all what the war god had experienced in the past. Every movement of the war god, every flow of energy, how every Law was applied, Lin Ming experienced them from beginning to end, as if he were the one fighting!

And these flows of energy and uses of Laws all left Lin Ming bewildered. This form of combat was considerably different from what he knew!

In particular, the Laws the war god used were that of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Moreover, his Asura Heavenly Dao had the 33 Heavens' Laws fused into it, making it incredibly mystical. What Lin Ming could comprehend was limited, but even this tiny bit of comprehension left him shaking with understanding.

The black armored war god leapt up and descended like a meteor. Every now and then he slowed down, and other times he would burst forth with an unbelievable speed, leaving nothing behind but countless afterimages.

Every movement was clear, swift, and fierce, without the slightest use of unnecessary strength. This could be called the perfect combat technique.

This combat skill combined with this powerful strength was astoundingly powerful.

’’Who is this war god?’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but wonder. Could this be the mysterious Asura Road Master?


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