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Martial World - Chapter 1690


Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 - Entering the Planet Sized Immortal Palace




’’Big Brother Lin, what are you worrying about?’’ Xiao Moxian softly asked as she saw Lin Ming's frown.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment, but then said, ’’I just don't want my choice to be seen by others in order to prevent the news from passing out. There might be those with evil intentions coveting my reward. Even if the reward cannot be transferred to others, there might still be those who will harm me in order to confirm what occurred!’’

The final trial created by the Asura Road Master was far too important. There would likely be some old monster that would ignore all convention and shame to attack him. If so, even the divine Runic Masters Guild couldn't shelter him. If the treasures left behind by the Asura Road Master were compared to improved divine runic symbols, they were simply of two completely different categories!

’’This brat, isn't he going?’’

’’Hehe, he probably found out the immortal palaces require a completion percentage, so now he's scared.’’

The divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon were both waiting to see Lin Ming make a joke of himself. Now that they saw Lin Ming suddenly pause midair, they thought he was likely panic-stricken after discovering the requirements for entering into the different immortal palaces.

With so many people watching him make his choice, Lin Ming was probably fearful he would embarrass himself.

’’How interesting. I want to take a good look and see just what you will do!’’ Duke Fullmoon smugly said, pleased with himself. Who cared how much talent Lin Ming had? For him to produce such laughable results in the end, that was truly a joke!

Thousand Slaughter and Fanny Fafa also stopped in surprise as they saw Lin Ming come to a pause.

’’Brother Lin, what's the problem?’’


Lin Ming idled for a moment, pondering his choice. News about this event would only be spread out once the final trial ended. Moreover, it seemed that the trial challengers would be teleported to random places above the Asura Sea. In the vast Asura Sea, he would only teleport into the midst of a group of old monsters if he had extremely poor luck.

Moreover, even if he were teleported into the midst of some old monsters, they still wouldn't immediately know what rewards Lin Ming had obtained from the final trial. In fact, they might not even know who he was.

At that time, it wouldn't be too difficult for Lin Ming to leave, and he also had the Asura Command. As long as he had a little time, he could activate the Asura Command and return to the outer Asura Road!

The outer Asura Road was far safer. From there, Lin Ming could leave the Asura Road and return to the divine Realm. When he did, his nearly 60 year journey in the Asura Road would come to a conclusion!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming didn't bother with the potential consequences any longer. Even if those old fellows of the Asura Road had designs on him, what could they do?

Lin Ming smiled. He started to move forwards again, much faster than before, immediately zipping out from the group!

In the final trial's third level, the different sizes of immortal palaces were at different heights.

The highest number, the thatched hut sized immortal palace, hung at a generally lower altitude. As for the larger immortal palaces, the bigger they were the higher they floated.

Lin Ming was extremely quick. In the blink of an eye, he passed through the innumerable smaller immortal palaces and towards the third ranked ones!

’’Is he going to enter the third ranked immortal palaces?’’

The divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame frowned. In order to enter the third ranked immortal palace, that required that one achieved a considerably higher completion percent in the earth-step Gate of Laws difficulty. Of the many people still remaining on the third level, over 90% of them failed to enter the third ranked immortal palaces;they could only choose the lowest, fourth ranked immortal palaces.

If Lin Ming chose the third ranked immortal palaces, that would be the same result as the both of them. If so, they wouldn't have any superiority to him.

Moreover, the key point was that Lin Ming Ming had chosen the most difficult Asura level Gate of Laws, and had even achieved a high enough completion percentage within to enter the third ranked immortal palaces. That's was simply far too amazing a result!

As the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame were slowly falling into a melancholic depression, Lin Ming rapidly flew over the third ranked immortal palaces and towards the second ranked immortal palaces!


’’Could he be choosing the second ranked immortal palaces? That is what the Soul Empress chose!’’

After perfectly passing the heaven-step difficulty, the Soul Empress had chosen a second ranked immortal palace!

If Lin Ming were to accomplish the same after entering the Asura level difficulty, wouldn't that mean his talent was higher than the Soul Empress'?

Many people felt this was far too unbelievable!

However, before they had time to respond, something even more shocking occurred. Lin Ming actually passed by the second ranked immortal palaces and turned towards the highest ranked immortal palace - the only one of its kind within the third level, the legendary planet sized immortal palace!

’’What is he doing?’’

Let alone the divine Void Crown Prince, Bigflame, Duke Fullmoon, and their lackeys, even Suya and Mo Brightmoon were left staring with eyes wide open. They stared blankly on as Lin Ming flew towards that incomparably vast immortal palace, the one that shined brightly like a sun!

In the legends, there hadn't been anyone in the last several billions of years who had managed to step into that immortal palace. Could that palace be Lin Ming's goal!?

But Suya had already clearly explained to Lin Ming just how difficult it was to enter the largest immortal palace!

Everyone revealed incredulous expressions. Only Xiao Moxian smiled with a hint of pride.

Lin Ming's speed was like lightning. In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed within close distance of the immortal palace and was still hurtling towards it without pause!

’’He's insane!’’

’’The toad wants to eat swan meat. Just because he lived through the Asura level difficulty he thinks he can enter the first class immortal palace!?’’

’’Haha, wait for him to hit the wall!’’

When Lin Ming flew Ming flew towards the third ranked immortal palaces, Bigflame and the divine Void Crown Prince already had ugly complexions. But when Lin Ming flew towards the first ranked immortal palace, their mocking expressions returned once again.

This was a place where not even Soul Empress Sheng Mei could hope to enter. In order to enter, one had to perfectly complete the Asura level difficulty! That was an impossible task.

With Lin Ming's current speed, he would hit the immortal palace's barrier at full speed. To see such a sight was, simply too wonderful!

Everyone waited for Lin Ming to be brutally beaten by his own hubris.

The brief distance was covered in the blink of an eye. Lin Ming's form was covered in the endless divine light of the planet sized immortal palace.

The array formation barrier of the immortal palace was right in front of him!

Completion requirement - 45%!

Lin Ming didn't hesitate. He hurtled forwards at breakneck pace, seeming as if he didn't see this protective barrier at all.


Like a swallow flying through a plume of smoke, Lin Ming's form instantly passed through the shield and submerged in that radiant light, completely vanishing from sight. He had entered the immortal palace!

In that moment, the smiles of Bigflame, the divine Void Crown Prince, and Fullmoon all froze over!

Everyone else watching was also left completely dumbfounded!

Lin Ming, he... did he really just enter!?

’’I... am I seeing things...?’’

The tubby Bigflame gulped, his lips twitching as he stared straight up into the air.

Not only had Lin Ming survived the Asura level Gate of Laws, but he also entered the planet sized immortal palace. Just what sort of joke was this?

Did this mean that Lin Ming had perfectly completed the Asura level Gate of Laws? How could that even be possible?

All of the martial artists in the third level were dumbfounded. For a long time, none of them could speak. But the facts were placed right in front of them. The barrier of the immortal palace could not lie!

Like this, they had all confusedly borne witness to a miracle that happened for the first time in billions of in billions of years!

’’I don't believe this... the planet sized immortal palace's barrier...’’ Duke Fullmoon's voice trembled. He wanted to say that there was some problem with the barrier of the immortal palace but he couldn't say the words in the end. The array formations the Asura Road Master laid down had continued without problem for billions upon billions of years. Through the vast river of time, countless talents had entered this level, as many geniuses as there were sand grains in the desert, but there had never been a case where there were problems with the barriers of these immortal palaces!

There was only a single explanation and that was that Lin Ming had indeed perfectly passed the Asura level difficulty. His talent surpassed even that of the Soul Empress!

As for the Soul Empress, she was a character who could stand side-by-side with Soul Emperor divine Void. If Lin Ming and the Soul Empress were to be compared now, besides the difference in their cultivation and overall strength, he surpassed her in many other aspects!

This conclusion was far too shocking. Everyone felt it was hard to accept this.

And at this time, Xiao Moxian also moved. She flew straight towards the second ranked immortal palaces!

Xiao Moxian had followed after Soul Empress Sheng Mei and chose the heaven step difficulty. However, Soul Empress Sheng Mei had passed the trial far more calmly than Xiao Moxian had. But the reason for this was because Xiao Moxian wasn't familiar with the situation in the trial like Sheng Mei was, which inevitably caused her to use up a great deal more strength, even injuring her origin energy a little. Even so, Xiao Moxian had still perfectly passed the heaven step difficulty and obtained a high completion percentage!

So, it was natural for Xiao Moxian to choose the second ranked immortal palaces.

Like an agile bird, light and quick, she flew into a second ranked immortal palace without anything hindering her!

Seeing Lin Ming fly into the first ranked immortal palace and then Xiao Moxian fly into a second ranked immortal palace, everyone was left petrified. Or rather, it could be said they were numbed of all feelings!


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