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Martial World - Chapter 1685


Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685 - Three Moves




Time was life. To Lin Ming, these six hours were incomparably precious.

With Lin Ming's current physical condition he was in an extremely bad situation. His body had innumerable wounds and he was severely exhausted of true essence and blood vitality!

Because of the continuous battles, Lin Ming hadn't had any time to recover at all. This had left him barely able to sustain himself through the fruits of his battle, supplementing his inner energy with those dozens of types of heavenly materials.

However, which one of these heavenly materials was easy to refine?

Lin Ming didn't have time to refine them within his body, leading to all sorts of different attributed energies building up within him. This caused all of the energy within his body to turn chaotic!

Now, within the next six short hours, Lin Ming had to refine all of these different types of energy, straighten out his meridians, and restore his blood vitality, all while he transferred energy to heal his wounds. This was a nearly impossible task!

If it were a normal martial artist, then let alone six hours, even three days and three nights wouldn't be enough time.

Even though Lin Ming had absorbed the blood of a True Dragon and True Phoenix, and even opened two Dao Palaces of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, wanting to accomplish all of this was extremely difficult.

In other words, when the Black Asura had given Lin Ming six hours to recover, he hadn't intended for Lin Ming to restore himself to his peak condition to begin with.

In that moment, Lin Ming took a deep breath and shut his eyes, completely entering into an ethereal trance-like state.

During his time at Mount Potala, Lin Ming had stepped into the Irreproachable Stupa and entered the extreme pure lands of bliss there. Underneath the shade of a Bodhi tree, he had imitated what the human Empyrean Emperor Shakya had done and meditated for 33 days. In this time, he completely focused the ethereal martial intent, Samsara martial intent, and Primordius martial intent together, mixing them into a singular unified martial intent.

Now, in this crucial moment that concerned Lin Ming's life or death, he displayed this fused martial intent to enter a completely focused and selfless state!

As Lin Ming sat down, an independent space seemed to form around him, isolating him from the vast wasteland.

Faintly, the phantom of an old tree seemed to appear behind Lin Ming.

This tree was similar to the Heretical God Tree. But, compared to the Heretical God Tree phantom that appeared behind Lin Ming, it was far older and more vigorous. Its bark was cracked open and only several leaves decorated its crown. But every leaf dripped verdant green, glistening with a gem-like brilliance as if it were carved from the most wonderful green jade.

As Lin Ming used his fused martial intent to recover, the phenomenon of a Bodhi Tree appeared behind him. For a time, petals fell around him and the sounds of spirit springs echoed in the air. It was like a separate utopia had developed around Lin Ming.

As the Black Asura saw this scene appear around Lin Ming, a flash of surprise appeared in his icy cold eyes. He had never imagined that Lin Ming, someone who was wrapped in endless infernal energy, someone who violently fought and was bathed in constant blood and slaughter, would have such a tranquil and harmonic martial intent.

Two hours, four hours...

Lin Ming sat within these lands of pure bliss, motionless, like he had cast away all desire and become a Buddha.

Whether it was the Samsara martial intent or ethereal martial intent, both were martial intents that leaned towards the tenants of Buddhism. They perfectly suited Lin Ming's cultivation within Mount Potala.

Finally, six hours passed. Before the Black Asura spoke a single word, Lin Ming's eyes flashed open.

Nearly all of the chaotic energies within Lin Ming's body had been cleanly refined. The wounds on his body were also restored. Although he wasn't at his peak state, it wasn't much different.

He stood up, faced the Black Asura, and took a deep breath as he shouted out, ’’Let's go!’’

The Black Asura was different from all other enemies that Lin Ming had encountered in the final trial so far. This Black Asura had its own will and thoughts, and Lin Ming even suspected that he was related to the Asura Road Master. Perhaps he was an artifact spirit left behind by the Asura Road Master, or perhaps it was an incarnation produced from a tiny wisp of the Asura Road Master's consciousness.

Without a single word spoken, the Black Asura suddenly punched his fist towards Lin Ming!

This fist thrust out without any sign, nor did there seem to be any strength gathered unto it. It was only a simple punch. But as this Black Asura punched out, the void in front of him seemed to squeeze together due to the horrifying fist potential.

The power of countless Laws gathered from all directions, converging onto the Black Asura's fist. For a time the Black Asura's fist created its own unyielding momentum!

’’This is my slaughter fist intent. If you can receive it then you'll have have passed the first attack!’’

The Black Asura's icy metallic voice echoed out. His first strike wasn't quick, but because of the horrifying fist potential behind it, Lin Ming was covered within it, his body stiffening and making it hard for him to move.

Suddenly, it seemed as if countless demons and ghosts appeared, ranting and raving in Lin Ming's ears. Lin Ming seemed to arrive on an Asura battlefield. There was an endless smell of blood and death. Corpses lay everywhere and rivers of blood flowed!

This Asura war god was originally a death god. This slaughter fist intent was formed from the endless infernal energy and countless lives that the Asura war god had slain!

If Lin Ming's mindset wasn't firm, he would drown in this slaughter fist intent. Even his consciousness would be melted away by this infernal energy and he would lose sense of his own existence.

In order to withstand the Black Asura's fist, not only would Lin Ming have to face the physical fist but also the tremendous slaughter intent behind it!

After understanding this, Lin Ming fiercely bit down on his tongue, using the pain to wash away any haziness in his mind. At the same time, the blue soul battle spirit flew out from within Lin Ming's spiritual sea!

Woo - Woo - Woo -

The battle spirit howled out, slashing apart the void.

The higher level a battle spirit was, the more difficult it was to enhance. Lin Ming's current battle spirit level was already at small success of the blue soul level. Moreover, there was grandmist energy condensed within it, making it that much stronger!

As the battle spirit appeared, the immense amount of evil spirits and demons contained within the fist intent were broken apart by the blue soul battle spirit. For a time, the mournful howls of ghosts filled the air!

The Black Asura's slaughter fist intent was horrifying. Even though he had only displayed a fraction of his true strength, this was enough to cause Lin Ming's battle spirit to be mired in air. It wasn't like the past, where the appearance of the battle spirit brought with it an unstoppable might!


Cruel demons and evil spirits were torn apart by the blue soul battle spirit. At the same time, the light of Lin Ming's blue soul battle spirit also rapidly dimmed!

This sudden turn of events caused a light of astonishment to appear in the Black Asura's eyes. He never imagined that a human like Lin Ming would have such outstanding attainments in the aspect of battle spirits.

Meanwhile, the Black Asura's fist strength became even fiercer and crazier. It was It was like a rising tsunami, shattering the void!

An indescribably terrifying strength fell onto Lin Ming's body in torrents!

Because of the blue soul battle spirit's counterattack, there wasn't much slaughter intent left in the Black Asura's fist. However, just the striking power of this fist was more than horrifying!

This strike smashed into Lin Ming!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. The spear in his hands thrust outwards as he opened the Purple Temple Dao Palace and Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace together!

For a time, Lin Ming's bodily strength rose to dozens of billions of jins. With the support of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, his strength neared that of ten dragons!

His spear collided with the Black Asura's fist!

It was like a meteor crashing into the earth. The ground rose up, lifted and blown away by the terrifying shockwaves that reverberated outwards!

In this tyrannical storm, Lin Ming felt a terrifying energy run down the long spear and into his body. His arms shook and blood vessels cracked apart all over his arms. The energy broke into his body, and no matter how tough his body was, it still caused his blood to tumble and his organs to be injured!

Lin Ming was sent soaring backwards like a broken kite falling from the skies. In a single strike, he was forced back dozens of miles before he came to a skittering halt. He stabbed his spear into the wasteland to support himself. Both of his arms were slick with blood.

In just a breath of time, Lin Ming stood up once more. He looked at the Black Asura that stood still several dozen miles away!

A blazing fighting spirit burned ever bright in his eyes.

The Black Asura looked at Lin Ming with surprise. He hadn't thought that Lin Ming would still be able to stand after this strike.

This was because the blue soul battle spirit had broken through most of the slaughter fist intent, making it so that Lin Ming only had to withstand the physical attack of the fist itself. This caused the pressure of the attack to be reduced by a great deal. When added in with the fact that Lin Ming opened two Dao Palaces and his body was terrifyingly strong, it wasn't too difficult for him to withstand this strike!

’’You have six hours to rest.’’

The Black Asura expressionlessly said. Even though he was dozens of miles away, his voice was clear as it sounded out next to Lin Ming's ears.

’’No need! A quarter hour is enough!’’

Lin Ming's words were firm and filled with confidence. He gripped his spear and began moving towards the Black Asura.

’’How Black Asura.

’’How amusing!’’

The Black Asura's hard lips moved, as if he were faintly smiling.

’’Since you are so confident, then... very well! Prepare yourself to withstand my second attack!’’

As he spoke, the dark gray Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel that slowly spun behind the Black Asura flew up and fell in between his hands.

His second strike was clearly the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

Lin Ming's eyes were cold and resolute. Step by step, he walked towards the Black Asura. As he walked, the ruptured flesh and blood vessels on his arms began to wriggle. His muscles and blood vessels rapidly regenerated, becoming whole again. With the support of his dual dragon and phoenix bloodlines, Lin Ming possessed a terrifying resilience!

To call out a quarter hour was not because Lin Ming was arrogant or too full of himself, but because he wanted to rely on the fighting spirit that bubbled over in his body to contend with the Black Asura in a single go!

Lin Ming's steps were slow and steady. In a quarter hour's time, he had walked a mere several dozen miles!

At the time arrived, he just happened to reach the front of the Black Asura once more.

Then, the Black Asura attacked!

The spinning Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel released 10,000 beams of ghostly light. Howls filled the air, like the cries and screams of 10,000 ghosts and demons, alarming to the ears!

A dreadful demonic strength gushed out around the wheel, burning around it like brilliant black flames. These flames transformed into a monstrous being with three heads and six arms. Behind this Asura phantom, two massive wings spread forth and unfurled in the air. This Asura phantom's six arms each held different weapons, and in front of its body was also a Wheel of Samsara!

The Black Asura thrust out his palm. This Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, like the legendary Wheel of Samsara that ruled over all threads of fate, hurtled towards Lin Ming!

And at this time, the Heretical God Force within Lin Ming opened. His body erupted with energy to its limits as countless lines of the Asura Laws gathered in front of him, condensing into a black wheel.

This black wheel had infinite cruel demons condensed within it and it was also being held against the chest of a three-headed six-armed Asura war god. This wheel that Lin Ming summoned was exactly the same as the wheel that the Black Asura used - it was also the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

Seeing this, the Black Asura was startled. Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel against Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel! This trial challenger also cultivated the Asura Heavenly Dao!


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