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Martial World - Chapter 1684


Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684 - Black Asura




The different difficulties of the Gate of Laws were tremendously different from each other. The easiest difficulty might take only several days to end, but the harder difficulties could take dozens of days.

Lin Ming had already undergone innumerable slaughters on countless battlefields atop this ancient continent!

His hair was scattered and his clothes were torn and ragged. There was an unknown number of wounds that covered his entire body.

Of these wounds, some were so deep they revealed white bone. Some cut through his meridians, and some had nearly torn apart his arms, shoulders, and even thighs!

If he hadn't cultivated the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then these severe wounds alone would have caused Lin Ming to lose all his combat strength. He would have died countless times in this trial already.


Lin Ming held a long spear in his hands and swept outwards. Electric light rose from all directions and flames filled the air. An over 200 foot giant was crushed by Lin Ming's attack!

Blood shot out. The giant's body wildly shook. As it crashed against the earth, it caused the ground to quake.

Dark energy without the slightest sheen began to flicker atop the surface of the giant's body, turning into all sorts of strange Law runes. In the next moment, the giant's corpse disappeared.

The Great Dao of the 33 Heavens was infinite and all-encompassing. There were countless variations, and the Heavenly Dao Laws that this giant used were something that Lin Ming had never seen before!

Lin Ming had killed this giant, but he had also paid a steep price to do so. On his back, there were deep three foot long wounds that stretched from his shoulders to his thighs. Even his ribs were exposed to the air. This was damage left behind by an axe cutting down on Lin Ming's back!

This giant strength was over 10 billion jins and its axe could sunder the earth. Even though Lin Ming's mortal body intensity neared that of a God Beast, a direct strike like this was still more than enough to give him a severe wound!

Even so, Lin Ming relied on his stubborn will to continue onwards and strike down this black giant!

Fresh blood continuously flowed from his body. Lin Ming sunk energy into his dantian. On his back, his blood vessels surged as his meridians and flesh started to regenerate. However, compared to when he first entered this Gate of Laws, his regeneration speed was clearly far slower.

No matter how great Lin Ming's endurance was, he was nearing his limit after undergoing all these fights.

Moreover, in the previous battles, many of the enemies that Lin Ming struck down were formed from heavenly materials. Lin Ming swallowed these heavenly materials afterwards to restore his strength.

But every advantage came with disadvantages. Although Lin Ming was able to restore a great deal of his strength, the massive amount of energy had remained within Lin Ming's body as he was unable to refine it all in the little time he had. This also caused his blood vitality to surge chaotically, leaving him in a horrible condition.

But even though Lin Ming was dancing on the edge of his limits, he was still able to display a dreadful combat strength and cut down all the powerful enemies he encountered. Many times, when his back was pushed to a wall, he was able to erupt with an even greater strength, becoming stronger the more he fought!

These types of people were naturally born fighters;Lin Ming was the perfect example.

But even until now, the fights still hadn't ended nor was there any rest. The golden gates atop the ancient mainland encompassed the 33 Heavenly Daos, and each opponent was able to come up with new methods of attack one after another, all of their abilities dazzling and wonderful.

Although Lin Ming had cut down every enemy he encountered, he felt nothing but increasing awe in his heart.

To be able to establish such a Gate of Laws meant that the Asura Road Master had an unfathomably profound understanding into any Great Dao of the 33 Heavenly Daos.

This caused Lin Ming to inexplicably remember the words that had been left in the preface of the Asura Sutra.

'The 33 Heavens, the boundless Great Dao. My resolve is to seek the peak of all martial arts. I spent 3.3 billion years to travel through the 33 Heavens, cultivating 33 lives. One life one Empyrean, one life one divinity. What I seek is the highest truth of the Heavenly Dao...'

Without a doubt, the Asura Road Master had cultivated the 33 Heavenly Daos and had synthesized them together. Only then was he able to form the Asura Heavenly Dao that existed independently and outside of the 33 Heavenly Daos!

In order to achieve all of this, the boundary required was hard to imagine. Just what sort of daring was that!

Lin Ming himself was only a mere hundred some years old. Compared to the Asura Road Master who had lived at least 3.3 billion years, the disparity was too great.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The golden golden gate entrance faded away once more;this represented the end of this world. Without caring for his wounds, Lin Ming's surroundings faded and he returned to the ancient continent.

However, this time, Lin Ming was startled. He discovered that almost all of the countless golden gates in front of him had disappeared. Now, in front of Lin Ming, there was only a single gate remaining!

This great gate was much heavier than the other golden gates. The surface of this gate was covered with an ancient relief, one that resembled a war god!

This gray war god rode a giant dragon, his entire body wrapped in chains. He held a dragon spear in his hand, seemingly all-powerful, unparalleled in the world.

Then, this final golden gate began to open! The boundless aura of the Great Dao gushed out from the entrance.

In that moment, Lin Ming's surroundings vanished once more and the ancient continent faded away. Lin Ming seemed to arrive in some vast and wild desolate land. At the end of this wasteland was a black demon carrying a dragon spear. He wore blood red armor and his armor was wrapped with heavy chains. His deep red hair was scattered in the wind and he rode a giant black dragon beneath him!

This character was the exact same as the one illustrated on the gate's relief!

Without knowing why, a single word appeared in Lin Ming's mind - Asura!

It seemed that this black war god in front of him was the so-called Asura!

Was this the final opponent of the trial of Laws?

Lin Ming grasped his long spear and stood straight. For a time, he felt an incomparably horrifying pressure!

It seemed that this Black Asura was far more terrifying than an Empyrean. Just standing there at the end of this vast wasteland, the aura alone left Lin Ming gasping for breath.

Against such an enemy, what hopes did he have of winning?

As Lin Ming held onto his spear, his back began to drip with sweat.

He didn't fear any challenge. But in the end, his cultivation was limited and he was not some invincible being. If he faced off against a slightly stronger opponent, he could rely on his will, skill, and endurance to win. But when facing an absolute powerhouse, Lin Ming was actually helpless.

He knew that if he were to fight against this Black Asura, it would be nothing but a futile struggle!

At this time, the Black Asura moved. He leapt down from that giant black dragon!


The instant that the Black Asura landed on the ground, the ground, the black dragon behind him emitted an earth-shattering roar. The ground shivered and boulders cracked apart. A dreadful shockwave swept over Lin Ming, sending his hair flying backwards. By supporting himself with his spear, he managed to stand his ground. However, the blood vitality within his body was sent fiercely tumbling about as if he had been severely wounded!

Just a single roar from that black dragon had this much power behind it. This was not something that a mere God Beast phantom could accomplish. It might be that the black dragon at the end of this wasteland was a true God Beast!

’’God Beast...’’

Lin Ming's eyes were solemn. Compared to the roar of the black dragon when Lin Ming first entered the Eternal Demon Abyss's thousand mile forbidden zone, this roar far surpassed it!

Lin Ming lifted his spear and focused his mind. If this fight was inevitable then his only choice was to struggle as best as he could!

Crackle crackle crackle!

The Black Asura stepped forwards, one step at a time, his thick armor striking against itself. From behind the Black Asura, a black wheel condensed. Within this black wheel there were countless demonic phantoms, all of them still painfully struggling with each other in eternal torment.

Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

Lin Ming recognized that this black wheel was the Asura Sutra's Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

Lin Ming was only able to form and sustain the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel for a short period of time. But, this Black Asura was able to condense the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel behind himself, turning it into something that increased his strength.

From where Lin Ming stood to the ends of this wasteland was a distance of 100 miles. But, that Black Asura only took several steps to cross this 100 mile distance and stand in front of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming raised his vigilance to the limit. But at this time, the Black Asura opened his mouth to speak. Ever since Lin Ming entered this final trial, this was the first time he had heard an enemy here speak!

The Black Asura's voice was heavy and dark, like the sound of metal striking metal.

’’Withstand my three moves then you shall pass the Gate of Laws!’’

Three moves!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank.

This wasn't defeating the Black Asura, but withstanding three of his moves. If so, there were some hopes after all.

’’Six hours! I will give you six hours to rest and restore your condition. Then, I will attack. After every move I shall allow you six more hours to rest. If you cannot If you cannot meet my strike then you will die!

’’If you do not have faith in yourself then you may give up midway. In fact, you may choose to give up now and you will pass the Gate of Laws all the same.’’

As the Black Asura slowly spoke, Lin Ming's thoughts stirred.

To give up now meant that he wouldn't be able to perfectly complete the trial. Since Lin Ming chose the Asura level difficulty, he naturally had to try perfectly completing it.

Otherwise, he might as well have chosen the heaven-step difficulty.

Lin Ming didn't say anything. Instead, as he held onto his spear, his eyes blazed with fighting spirit. His manner already spoke what choice he had made. He absolutely could not give up here.

’’Good!’’ The Black Asura said with his ice cold voice, devoid of any feeling. ’’If you can withstand my three moves then I shall grant you something. It is also one of the most precious rewards within the entire Asura Road's final trial!’’

’’One of the most precious rewards?’’

Lin Ming's mind began to race. He already knew that the different levels of difficulty of the Gate of Laws corresponded to different rewards.

And in terms of individual difficulties, perfectly completing, partially completing, and barely completing also gave different rewards.

For those like the divine Void Third Crown Prince, they would choose the second difficulty in order to ensure they could perfectly complete it.

Since Lin Ming chose the unprecedented Asura difficulty, he was already anticipating what the rewards would be like.

And now, according to the Black Asura's words, this reward would be one of the most precious rewards in the entire final trial! This caused Lin Ming to look forwards to this even more! The Asura Road's final trial was left behind by the Asura Road Master, and the preciousness of the treasures that the Asura Road Master left behind could be imagined.

Compared to that, the sum of the countless heavenly materials that Lin Ming ate before was nothing at all.

Lin Ming didn't ask the Black Asura what the reward was. Instead, he stabbed his spear into the ground and immediately sat down in meditation.

The energies within Lin Ming were chaotic. Right now he had to sort out all of these energies. Only then could he restore himself to his peak condition and resist the Black Asura's attack!

One didn't need to be a genius to know that the Black Asura's attack would shake the heavens and earth. And of these three moves, it was likely that each would be stronger than the last!


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