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Martial World - Chapter 1682


Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682 - Reward




’’We passed! We've made it to the third level!’’

The first batch of trial challengers had successfully passed the Gate of Laws and had reached the third level . They were immediately overjoyed .

’’It's not hard at all!’’

’’Haha, if I knew this earlier I would have chosen the earth-step difficulty, I estimate that I could have passed that one too!’’

A young elite arrogantly proclaimed . The trial challengers that selected the easiest difficulty had mostly perfectly completed their trial . Before, because they had taken too many factors into consideration, they hadn't dared to choose the harder difficulty . But now, because they had perfectly passed their trial they couldn't help but develop ideas that they could have chosen a higher difficulty .

As they were all excitedly discussing, they also looked at the scenery of the third level . As they saw their surroundings, they looked at each other in confusion .

The final trial's third floor was simply a vast white earth, seeming to stretch to infinity and beyond . It didn't seem like there was anything special here nor were there any dangers .

But, floating in the skies above this white earth were innumerable immortal palaces!

These immortal palaces came in different sizes The smallest were the size of a mortal house, the medium ones were around the size of a royal palace, the larger ones were around the size of large mountains, and the biggest one was even the size of a small planet!

Moreover, the larger an immortal palace was, the more horrifying the aura it exuded . In particular, the immortal palace that was as large as a planet was engraved with countless runes of the Great Dao . Between these endless runes were also reliefs of God Beasts . There were winding Azure Dragons, Phoenixes in nirvana, Kirins running;their numbers and variety were endless .

These reliefs were also covered with runes, all of them giving off an incredibly shocking feeling . It was like there was some spiritual god living within this immortal palace!

From looks alone, one could guess that the largest immortal palace must have some great mystery within it!

’’What place is this? Are these immortal palaces the test...?’’

Many young elites asked in a daze as they saw the immortal palaces above them . They had an urge to fly up and investigate these immortal palaces .

’’This isn't a test, but the reward! Within every immortal palace is a lucky chance . In the third level of the final trial, there is no danger, only rewards!’’

Someone amongst the young elites said . He had a detailed understanding of what generally occurred in the final trial .

The final trial didn't have dangers on every level . Some levels were designated as reward zones and also to allow trial challengers a place to rest . The third level was such an example .


Hearing this word, the eyes of many heroic young elites began to shine!

Rewards of the final trial, this was no trifling matter!

’’Haha, we are the first group of people to pass the Gate of Laws . First come, first serve!’’

’’Haha, our gains are too great!’’

These young elites glanced at each other and then flew upwards like a swarm of locusts . Their speed was quick as they flew towards the largest planet-sized immortal palace in the air .

Even an idiot would understand that the largest immortal palace with the most terrifying aura would also possess the best lucky chances!

Thinking of the legends of many lucky chances related to the final trial, all of their eyes turned red with greed . They rushed up as fast as they could, even ready to slaughter each other to get to their destination .

The martial artists in the front of the pack didn't hesitate to use secret techniques to hasten their flight . As they saw the great and mysterious immortal palace became closer and closer, they nearly drooled!

However, just as they were about to rush into the immortal palace, all of them cried out in pain and misery . Their bodies had been severely wounded!

They had all crashed into a wall they couldn't see!


A pitiful scream echoed out in the air . The trial challengers had long gone crazy with greed and had displayed the limits of their speed . Now, before they had time to respond, they all smashed into this invisible barrier!

’’F*k! What happened!?’’

Everyone either either rubbed their heads or hugged their chests, their breaths ragged .

This immortal palace had been sealed away by an enchantment!

Some martial artists attacked the enchantment . Although they knew they couldn't break it, they still wanted to give vent to their rage .

However, they didn't expect that all their attacks would strike the enchantment and then bounce back, slamming into them instead . They all wailed as they were struck, vomiting out blood as they fell down from the skies, nearly killed by their own actions .

’’Requirement to enter the immortal palace - 50%!’’

In that moment, this thought swiftly passed into the minds of many people .

They were all stunned . What? There was a completion percentage requirement?

They also remembered that after they passed through the Gate of Laws, their completion percent had only been a bit more than 30% . But, this immortal palace required 50%!

They were a little less than half off!

The crowd of trial challengers glanced at each other in blank dismay . They immediately understood that they had no fate with the largest immortal palace .

Although they were depressed, they still rallied their hearts and continued to the next, slightly smaller immortal palace . They had already been taught a good lesson by that mountain-sized immortal palace . This time, they all flew outside the next smaller one and carefully studied the barrier .

After a brief investigation, they discovered that there was a completion requirement of 45%!

All of them were scared silly . They thought that the lucky chances of the third level were first come first serve, but now they discovered that there wasn't a free meal in this world .

In helpless desperation, they lowered their requests and went to an even smaller immortal palace, one of the ones the size of a mortal's royal palace . Although they already had a foreboding premonition in their heart, the result still left them feeling pained . The requirements for these palaces were still around 40%! They still couldn't enter!

All that was left over were the immortal palaces the size of little houses .

These smallest immortal palaces appeared like little thatched huts . Looking at them, one could feel an incomparably thin aura thin aura of Laws . Although they were clearly the worst immortal palaces available, they could only choose these .

After a brief investigation, the completion requirements for these small palaces were around 30% . Depending on the strength of their auras, the completion percentage required differed by 3-5% . For these people that had just passed through the Gate of Laws, it was just right .

After discovering this frustrating and despair-inducing reality, many people had faces like a frozen eggplant . All of their previously lofty ambitions and thoughts had wilted away to nothing .

They originally thought they had perfectly passed the Gate of Laws and thus were in good moods . But after arriving on the third level and choosing a reward, they realized they were nothing but garbage in the eyes of the Asura Road Master .

The 'immortal palaces' that looked like little thatched huts - could there be anything worse?

In terms of number alone, there were as many of these little tiny immortal palaces as there were grains of sand in a desert . It was without doubt that there would be nothing of high value found within these tiny immortal palaces . Compared to the largest immortal palace that was the size of a small planet, as well as being the only one there was, the disparity was far too great!

However, it was likely that no one would be able to enter the largest immortal palace . As for the slightly worse immortal palace that was the size of a mountain, maybe only an extraordinary genius like Soul Empress Sheng Mei would have the ability to enter...

Thinking of this, everyone felt just a little bit better .

Everyone began to choose immortal palaces that were within their reach and flew in . No matter who it was, after entering the third level, they would only have one chance to choose an immortal palace .

As the first batch of trial challengers to enter the third level began choosing their rewards, Lin Ming was still engaged in a bitter battle within the Gate of Laws .

In the endless frosty white air, there was an over 30 foot high giant whose entire body was covered in an armor of snow and ice . Rocks burst Rocks burst apart on the ground as it moved and the nails on its hands were each five feet long, looking like sharp swords, capable of slicing apart the toughest of defensives . At this time, this frost giant was slashing at Lin Ming .

These sword-like nails of snow and frost cut through the void, even freezing the air and creating visible channels of ice .

The icy chill was concentrated on the sharp edges as they chopped forwards .

Lin Ming's heart turned cold . Immediately, the long spear in his hands thrust out thousands of times .

Every spear thrust was enough to rip open the void and sweep up giant space storms . The might and momentum of this attack was endless .

At the same time, the power of the Heretical God Tree swelled forth, growing behind Lin Ming . Every leaf blazed with a wisp of seventh level Concept-fused heavenly tribulation fire .

Woosh woosh woosh - !

Over a dozen wisps of heavenly tribulation flames focused on the point of the long spear, causing the entire spear head to suddenly ignite with a raging flame .


The spear collided with the freezing air and icy nail-swords of the giant .

A brutal shockwave swept out, causing ripples to rush out in all directions . Terrifying ravines were torn into the ground from the aftermath and shockwaves .

Lin Ming was forced several hard steps back . As for the frost giant, its entire body shook as it was continuously pushed backwards .

Every time the frost giant took a step back, it would leave a deep impression in the ground .

’’How strong!’’ Lin Ming was shocked . This bodily strength of this frost giant was no less than his! This Asura level difficulty of the Gate of Laws was well worth its reputation . It was actually able to create such a freakish monster .

As this frost giant was forced back by Lin Ming, the ice armor on its body cracked in several places and the corners of its mouth bled a creamy white liquid .

As this liquid appeared, the air filled with a strange and wonderful fragrance .

’’That seems to be... nine yin ice marrow?’’


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