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Martial World - Chapter 1681


Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681 - The Narrow Road




After Lin Ming severely wounded the White Tiger phantom, a wisp of blood red aura from the Great Dao appeared in Lin Ming's sea of consciousness .

This aura slowly fused together with his flesh and blood, merging with his awareness .

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming was startled . When he damaged the White Tiger phantom just now, a bit of the power and Laws contained within it had converged into Lin Ming's body, allowing him to become aware of many more things .

It seemed that even though this Gate of Laws was filled with death and slaughter, it also represented a lucky chance .

’’In this place I might be able to temper my understandings of the Heavenly Dao Laws... the source strength of a God Beast's Heavenly Dao, that is a rare chance...’’

Lin Ming thought to himself, his mind calming down . On the thin aerial bridge, the strong heavenly winds rocked against him, but his heart remained as steady as a mountain . Then, at this time, the giant Azure Dragon in front of Lin Ming roared towards him, its deep blue Azure Dragon aura hurtling into Lin Ming .

The moment that the Asura Dragon attacked, the surrounding scene turned into that of an endless sea . The Azure Dragon raged above it, all-powerful, an existence swollen with arrogance .

The more Lin Ming fought, the more his blood boiled over . He opened the two Dao Palaces within his body and wildly revolved the Heretical God Force . Underneath the support of his brutal strength, Lin Ming was like an ancient vicious beast as he crashed onto the back of the Azure Dragon!

Billions of jins of dreadful strength came pounding down . The Azure Dragon howled out in pain and misery as it was sent flying away . Lin Ming stepped forwards, chasing after it!

For the current Lin Ming, because he had opened two Dao Palaces, his body transformation technique had become his strongest attack method . On the other hand, his essence gathering system lagged behind .

Strike after strike, Lin Ming's spear potential was endless and majestic . It came crashing down like mountains, unstoppable .

Lin Ming rode upon the Azure Dragon, violently struggling with it in a wild barrage of attacks . However, it was only a God Beast phantom and was unable to withstand Lin Ming's onslaught .

For a time, blue scales shattered as blood rained down over the earth!

Lin Ming had slaughtered the Azure Dragon in a life or death struggle!

Thus, of the four God Beast phantoms, two had disappeared . The remaining shattered grand array was far less threatening to Lin Ming . Lin Ming became fiercer the more he fought, soon killing all of the God Beast phantoms!

After massacring all of the God Beasts, Lin Ming's entire body was bathed in blood . His arms and his body shivered . This was the side-effect of overdrawing his strength in physical combat, but also because of the bubbling excitement from the battle!

With a deep breath, Lin Ming slowly calmed down his heated blood and thoughts . At this time, on the aerial bridge the terrifying pressure was still as dreadful as before, without the slightest hint of diminishing . Rather, after Lin Ming broke through the God Beast Grand Array, this pressure became far more powerful!

Underneath this terrifying pressure, an ordinary martial artist would find it difficult to breathe, much less continue fighting .

’’This pressure hasn't decreased... it seems I have to adapt to the pressure in the Gate of Laws, it might follow me throughout this entire trial . If I cannot adapt to it then sooner or later I won't be able to withstand it anymore and I'll be defeated from this alone . ’’

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he sat down in meditation .

Just now, Lin Ming had torn apart the Four God Beast Grand Array, and the four God Beast phantoms had been overflowing with the aura of Laws . This was marvelously similar to the God Beast Array in Tragic Death Valley, even though the methods were different .

After breaking apart the array formation, the source Heavenly Dao Laws of these God Beasts had scattered into the air . This was the perfect time to meditate and perceive these God Beast Laws .

God Beasts were the favored children of the heavens . Runes of the Great Dao were inscribed into their flesh flesh and bones, an incomparably mysterious miracle of nature .

Lin Ming began to adapt to the terrifying pressure on this aerial bridge even as he absorbed the power of the God Beast Laws!

Since the Gate of Laws had the word 'Laws' in its name, Lin Ming guessed that the 'Laws' themselves were part of the rewards from this trial!

When ordinary people entered the Gate of Laws, who wouldn't do everything in their ability to pass it as quickly as possible while obtaining a perfect completion? There wasn't anyone as insane as Lin Ming who would think of training atop this thin aerial bridge underneath the pall of such a terrifying pressure .

Of course, the reason Lin Ming dared to do this was because of his formidable strength as well as his comprehensions of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws .

This was also the origin of his confidence .

Lin Ming was a quiet old tree, motionlessly sitting on the aerial bridge . Strong heavenly winds blew around him, causing the bridge to gently tremble . Like this, he meditated for three days and three nights .

From start to end, the pressure on the aerial bridge hadn't faded even the tiniest bit . But, Lin Ming adapted more and more to it . Beneath this pressure, Lin Ming's muscles and bloodline were tempered, his entire body undergoing subtle and minute changes .

Where there was pressure, there would naturally be resistance . In these three days, all of Lin Ming's cells swallowed energy to resist this heavy pressure . As every single cell within Lin Ming's body was being tempered, he adapted more and more to the terrifying pressure in the Gate of Laws! Lin Ming's essence, energy, and divine, all expanded .

Gradually, Lin Ming was shrouded in a fog of substantialized spiritual power .

Finally, his eyes flashed open, his pupils shining with purple lightning . His aura was like a sword that shot into the skies .

With a leap upwards, the world momentum that flooded the aerial bridge, covering this entire land in billowing waves of pressure, was broken through by Lin Ming like a fish swimming against a river . Lin Ming's feet landed solidly on the aerial bridge as he hurtled forwards at a at a breakneck pace!

To run forwards under this terrifying pressure, the pressure that Lin Ming had to withstand could be imagined .

However, after opening two Dao Palaces Lin Ming had a body that could withstand all of this . Soon, the boundless aerial bridge beneath his feet disappeared and Lin Ming entered a new and strange world .

In front of him was a vast white light .

High in the skies, he could make out an impossibly large continent floating in space, one that exuded a primeval and vibrant aura .

Rumbling winds crashed about like peals of thunder, echoing out from all directions .

A boundless aura constantly poured down from this ancient floating continent .

Lin Ming was well aware that the world of the final trial was the carefully created masterpiece of the Asura Road Master . Every single inch of this world contained endless profound meanings .

Thinking of this, Lin Ming jumped straight into the skies like a rising meteor, pouncing onto the ancient continent .


After he landed on the ancient continent that floated 100,000 feet in the air, Lin Ming looked around .

This place was not what he imagined . Atop this ancient continent, there were actually endless numbers of golden gates .

These golden gates were as large as mountains;it was difficult to see their edges . He could only sense an incomparably vigorous atmosphere exuding from them, like the titanic pressure of a spiritual god .

The aura from every golden gate was like a torrential tide, crashing into Lin Ming's heart and mind . This caused every nerve in his body to be alert for danger, his entire body shaking .

’’Just what is in them?’’

Lin Ming had trained in martial arts for many years and his heart and will were as solid as a rock . But in front of these giant gates, even he was panic-stricken . In ordinary times, only the aura emitted from an Empyrean level powerhouse would create such a pressure on him .

At this time, every golden gate emitted a brilliant golden light that covered Lin Ming .

Like being caught by countless hands, Lin Ming felt every wisp of golden light searching his entire body . entire body .

He was like a helpless little baby, completely exposed beneath this endless golden light .

Immediately, the light coming from the golden gates dimmed down, suddenly turning silver .

At the same time, there were also changes in the vividly dangerous auras exuding from the golden gates . The auras became much stranger, far more ghostly . Then, one of the golden gates opened and an icy cold aura filled the air .

Lin Ming knew that perhaps this gate was the entrance to the second part of this trial . As he remained vigilant of everything around him, he carefully stepped inside .

Hu - !

Snow and ice filled the world, sweeping in from all directions, carrying with it an icy coldness that seeped into the bones .

The skies were cloudy and gray, piling up in the heavens, seeming as if they were made from ashes .

Trees, rivers, and even the endless mountain ranges around him were covered in sheets of frozen snow and ice .

After Lin Ming broke into the second Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace - the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, his mortal body had reached unprecedented levels of intensity . There were few humans in the last billion years that possessed bodies comparable to his own .

By raising his hand, he could shatter a moon .

And yet, even with such a powerful mortal body, he could feel an icy chill needling into his flesh, piercing into his blood vessels and bones, and seeping into his organs .

Suddenly, an ice mountain a mile away began to crack and collapse . An even more dreadful cold atmosphere gushed out from that shattering ice mountain .

An icy cold aura rushed towards Lin Ming, like an incoming ice-white tsunami on a frozen sea...

But Lin Ming didn't sense this .

At this time, there had already been some people who had passed the Gate of Laws .

Those who passed through the Gate of Laws first were the trial challengers who had chosen the easiest difficulty .

Amongst them, many only used a little more than three days to walk to the end of the Gate of Laws and smoothly reach the third level...


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