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Martial World - Chapter 1680


Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680 - Asura Difficulty




After having experienced an intense feeling of spatial warping, Lin Ming felt his body shake . After that, the deep blood red color that flooded his eyes disappeared, leaving him in a deep and quiet ancient land .

The place where Lin Ming stood was atop a timeworn cliff, with walls that stretched down to infinity . In front of Lin Ming was a narrow aerial bridge .

This aerial bridge was only 10 foot wide . Beneath the bridge was an impossibly distant valley that he couldn't see the bottom of . Looking down, one could sense the atmosphere of timeless years exuding from the valley, as if falling in there would be the same as falling into the eternal past .

Moreover, in front of Lin Ming, there were also hundreds of floating weapons .

There was a sword, spear, saber, dagger, hammer, chain, whip, shield, ruler, and so forth . There could be said to be every type of possible weapon available to him!

There were even different weapons of the same category . For instance, within spears there were also hard spears, flexible spears, lances, short spears, overlord spears, and so forth . Any weapon that could be thought of could be chosen .

Seeing these weapons, Lin Ming had a faint guess of what was happening . His mind touched upon his spatial ring and as he tried to search it he discovered that it was indeed blocked .

No external items could be used here .

One could only choose a weapon available within this trial and rush through the Gate of Laws depending on their own ability!

Lin Ming's eyes swept out and he chose a plain nine foot long spear from the weapons . As he shook it, a horrifying shaking force slammed up his arm, vibrating the air .

It was unknown what material this spear was made from, but the quality was wonderful to the point of leaving one flabbergasted . Lin Ming didn't doubt that the materials used in this spear were more than enough to craft an Empyrean spirit treasure .

But, this spear in Lin Ming's hand wasn't an Empyrean spirit treasure . In fact, it wasn't even a spirit artifact . This was only a simple and ordinary spear . No matter how perfectly flexible it was or how impeccably sharp it was, there was no array formation carved into the spear shaft . Thus, this spear wasn't able to increase a martial artist's strength;it was a mere weapon .

This was simply a waste of heaven's treasures .

But when Lin Ming took this spear in hand, he felt his fighting spirit be ignited by it . Before he entered the final trial, he had heard that what this final trial tested was a martial artist's comprehensive talent and not their absolute strength .

However, from the past until now, everything Lin Ming had encountered were indiscriminate dangers . For instance, those traps and monsters he encountered could be easily overcome by someone strong . Those weak would have already perished without even their bones left .

Now, in the Gate of Laws, this trial was undoubtedly a test of one's talent . From this point on, the disparity between the various trial challengers would be pulled open .

As Lin Ming stepped on the aerial bridge, he immediately felt a dreadful pressure crushing down on him .

This pressure was like there was a God Beast not too far away from Lin Ming, greedily eyeing him!

For those that were too weak, just this pressure would have made their minds shake and unable to display even 50% of their true strength . Like this, they would have already lost from the start .

Lin Ming took one step forwards at a time . No enemies appeared . Rather, the pressure on him became increasingly heavy .

Lin Ming continually adjusted his breath, keeping his mindset in a state of calm .

Walking by himself, above this unfathomably deep abyss, the horrifying aura from the abyss rolled up into the skies, causing Lin Ming's clothes to flap in the wind . After some time, Lin Ming turned around to see that he had actually walked a considerable distance away from where he began .

Looking at the distant scenery behind him, Lin Ming was stunned . It turned out that he hadn't been standing on a cliff . Rather, he had been standing on a sculpture that was unimaginably large!

This sculpture was that of a giant war god . From where Lin Ming was standing, he could only make out the mountain-like head of the sculpture . The rest of it was wrapped in dense fog, making it impossible to clearly see .


Inexplicably, this word popped into Lin Ming's mind . Without knowing why, he felt that this sculpture was an Asura...

Every edge and turn of this incomparably massive statue represented the infinite true meaning and intense will of the Asura Road Master . There were countless mysteries contained within it .

The Great Dao was like a vast moat;only the brave would find victory!

Lin Ming's mind surged with lofty thoughts and heroic ambitions . In the past, the Asura Road Master had relied on his strength to create a great world that stood beside the 33 Heavens .

This sort of courage and daring even infected Lin Ming . He wanted to be the same as the Asura Road Road Master, creating his own world, establishing his own Laws, and paving his own road of martial arts .

One step at a time, Lin Ming firmly and decisively moved forwards .

Suddenly, the void in front of him began to shake like a rippling lake surface .

Hu - !

A fierce roar seemed to arrive from the endless flow of time, bringing with it an endless killing intent, raging and wild .

A massive snow-white God Beast phantom appeared in front of Lin Ming . Its two pupils contained an endless killing intent . This was a White Tiger God Beast!

Soon after, the heavens and earth moved again . Space was torn apart and an Azure Dragon flew forth, its body as long and winding as a mountain range as it clawed at the skies . Its entire body was covered with a vibrant blue spiritual strength that exuded life force .

Following that, a Vermillion Bird God Beast appeared, one that blocked out the skies . Deep beneath the ground, a mysterious creature began to move . This was a Black Turtle God Beast!

God Beast Grand Array!

No wonder there was such a tremendous pressure here . This strange land was suppressed in all directions by a God Beast Grand Array .

Ancient God Beasts originally evolved from the Laws of the heavens and earth . Each type of God Beast represented the purest manifestation of the Great Dao and each one grasped the strongest source strength of their attribute .

Now that the God Beast Grand Array appeared, Lin Ming felt like a heavy mountain was pressing down on his heart . Goosebumps rose all over his body .

If he wanted to walk to the end of this bridge, he naturally needed to pass this God Beast Grand Array that suppressed this land .

Lin Ming's blood began to boil as he thought of this . All of the fighting strength in his body was stimulated, becoming increasingly wild .

He stepped forwards, one step at a time . The terrifying pressure fell onto him like a waterfall, pressing down so hard that it made his bones emit loud explosive sounds and caused his entire body to shake!

This was a horrifying array formation . Lin Ming estimated that the strength of this array formation was set by the skeletal age of a trial challenger . Only then would it be accurate in testing a person's talent .

Lin Ming thought that his own talent was already near the peak of all races in the 33 Heavens . Even so, facing this God Beast Grand Array, Lin Ming was hard-pressed to continue .

From this alone it could be seen how arduous the Asura level difficulty was!

Heretical God Force!

Lin Ming's thoughts focused and the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared behind him . Above the crown of the Heretical God Tree, the power of thunder and fire wildly crackled and blazed!

With the support of the Heretical God Force, Lin Ming continued forwards . But, the pressure still became increasingly horrifying .

Even though he opened the Heretical God Force, Lin Ming was finding it hard to withstand this suppressive force .

Purple Temple Dao Palace!

Lin Ming's entire body crackled . His flesh and bones released deafening explosive sounds as starlight from the nine heavens appeared out of nowhere . This starlight fell onto Lin Ming's body like a river of stars, soaking him in power, causing his strength to rapidly rise!

Underneath the support of this titanic strength, Lin Ming took step after step into the God Beast Grand Array .

His body emitted explosive sounds again and again . His clothes disintegrated and his blood vessels popped up on his skin!

Then, with a roar that shook the heavens and cracked the earth, the White Tiger came hurtling towards Lin Ming .

This phantom carried with it a roiling blood-slaughtering intent as it hurtled towards Lin Ming .

On the aerial bridge, Lin Ming was shocked . He quickly retreated, but as he was doing so he was bombarded by waves of terrifying energy . In that moment, monstrous waves tumbled in Lin Ming's mind . He watched as his surroundings disappeared and he suddenly reappeared in a primal execution ground .

Giant demon carcasses dotted this black and blighted land .

This air was filled with the scent of death and decay .

The massive White Tiger God Beast stood between the heavens and earth, its blood red pupils fixed on Lin Ming .

Its killing intent substantialized, so thick and sharp it cut through air .

... . Kill...Kill...KILL...!

A powerful killing intent lingered in the air, screaming out at the mind .

Even Lin Ming was infected by this killing intent .

’’Kill! Kill! Kill your way to your bloody road, kill your way to your eternal Great Dao!’’ At this time, the strong killing intent surged into Lin Ming's heart, immersing his entire body in the will to kill...

For a time, Lin Ming slowly lost control of his body . He gradually moved towards the side of the aerial bridge, about to step off it .

But just as he was about to step off into the endless abyss, faintly, endless starlight began to flow out from within Lin Ming's bones, filling him with life vitality, infinitely varied and subtle .

From within this inexhaustible life force, all sorts of strange mysterious runes began to float up .

These runes were the fragments of the heavenly retribution the heavenly retribution dao diagram that Lin Ming had shattered when he broke into the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace . This starlight was filled with life and the Great Dao, and had fused into his muscles and bones .

In this crucial moment, these runes had responded .

Some runes flashed like wisps of lightning . They slashed out, slamming into Lin Ming's mind .

Lin Ming felt his mind shake . Suddenly, he was panic-stricken as he realized he was being surrounded by an endless killing intent .

This White Tiger God Beast's attack was not just physical but also misled the divine soul . A White Tiger was the essence of Buddha-slaughtering killing intent . If someone were to be fully infected by this Buddha-slaughtering killing intent, then they would lose their will and become nothing but a mindless slaughter puppet...

Lin Ming woke up . This chaotic flow of energy was the White Tiger God Beast's Buddha-slaughtering road . If it weren't for the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace within his body striking out with lightning and awakening him from his stupor, he would have been in a dangerous situation .

’’This place is indeed a land filled with cunning dangers!’’

Lin Ming focused his mind . He could faintly feel that after stepping into the Gate of Laws, battles would not just be slaughter battles fought with true essence . Moreover, this would be a battle of wills and Laws and many other aspects . Here, one could obtain great harvests, but at the same time, the dangers were equally risky .

With a thought, he shook the long spear in his hand .

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

Each strike of the long spear tore through the void, carrying with it brutal strength of 10 billion jins . Even a planet would be crushed by this attack .

This massive strength rushed out like waves, layering upon each other and rapidly growing .

Finally, this boundless force combined into a single point, condensing within this mysterious long spear .

As this spear thrust out one final time, it was with a force similar to a supernova, blinding to the eyes .

Rumble! Rumble!

Lin Ming's spear stabbed towards the giant White Tiger that lay across the dark lands .

This White Tiger phantom was in no way a true God Beast;it was only a wisp of aura from the God Beast Grand Array .

Ka -

In that moment, with the sound of crashing thunder, a massive wound was blown into the White Tiger . The shattered pieces of the White Tiger blew out;these were runes of the Great Dao marked with the power of 'killing intent' .

Within the formidable White Tiger God Beast phantom, a flaw had appeared!


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