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Martial World - Chapter 1678


Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678 - The Gate of Laws Opens




’’The spiritas' Soul Empress... if she comes from the 33 Heavens then she would definitely know about the war between the saints and the spiritas...’’

Lin Ming was worried about the war between the saints and the spiritas in the 33 Heavens;this was an event greatly interlinked with humanity's great calamity .

The enemy of an enemy is a friend . From this perspective, the spiritas had no conflicts of interest with humanity .

It was only that the spiritas of the 33 Heavens were far too mysterious . It seemed that because there was still a completely intact space barrier between the divine Realm and the universes of the spiritas, Lin Ming's knowledge of them was limited .

As all these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming's mind, at this time, a supple voice sounded out . ’’Sir Lin, it's been a while since we've seen each other...’’

This was a familiar voice . Lin Ming turned, startled, and saw that just a few hundred feet away, there was a woman wearing a slim and tight-fitting dress .

This woman was calm and composed and her figure was curvy beyond belief . She had an extremely elegant style, and when combined with her dress, she seemed like a classical beauty .

This woman was Suya!

Her current style was completely different from how it was 20 years ago .

At that time, Suya had exuded se*ual appear . Every heave of her milky white breasts within her plunging necklines made her seem like some sort of intoxicating succubus that had arrived in the mortal plane .

But the current Suya wore a simple light layer of practical clothing . She seemed elegant and fresh, just like the young daughter of a noble family .

Xiao Moxian's jaw dropped;it was like she hadn't recognized Suya at all .

’’Little sister Xian'er, you remain beautiful as always . ’’ Suya smiled . For a time, the air seemed to brighten and fill with a rose haze .

’’Big sister Suya is also as beautiful as I remember . ’’ Xiao Moxian sweetly said, her little canines flashing . After their last parting, she and Suya had inexplicably improved their relationship . Now that Xiao Moxian saw Suya today, she couldn't help but feel a sincere liking towards this woman .

Such a noble and dignified young woman would be appreciated by any man or woman that saw them .

’’It's been a while since we've seen each other . I didn't think we would meet in the final trial...’’ Lin Ming didn't know what he felt as he saw this current Suya . He gestured towards Mo Brightmoon and the others, saying, ’’Miss Suya, these are my companions . We are participating in the final trial together...’’

As Lin Ming introduced his team, just as he was about to say something, the entire Gate of Laws began to emit a blinding light!

Everyone was shocked and they all turned towards it . The unimaginably large Gate of Laws began to rumble open and even the earth shivered as it did so . A horrifying aura poured out over everyone like an unending waterfall .

Everyone that faced the Gate of Laws felt an enormous pressure . This was a triple aspect pressure, one that simultaneously pressed down on their soul, body, and inner world . Even if these people were all chosen prides of heaven, they still found it hard to withstand!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Like a million thunderclaps sounding off at once, the two giant doors that blocked off the skies began to slowly pull open!

The Gate of Laws was opening!

The moment that the Gate of Laws began to open, an ancient and vigorous atmosphere that contained the power of the Great Dao surged outwards . All of the martial artists outside were soaked in the power of the Great Dao . For a time, everyone was shocked . It was like they were enlightened, their mind and soul filled with infinite inspirations!

Even Soul Empress Sheng Mei who had already been baptized by this aura of the Great Dao felt inspirations rise in her mind, as if she were about to perceive more of the Laws .

’’No wonder it's called the Gate of Laws . ’’

Lin Ming was stunned upon feeling this aura . This sort of feeling was similar to a human martial artist that was crossing their Ninefall, the moment that the Law fragments would descend from the heavens and mark the martial artist's flesh and bones with the Laws .

However, the Heavenly Dao contained within the Gate of Laws was far too profound . Moreover, in such a short period of time, the martial artists weren't able to perceive too much;they hadn't even been able to perceive a millionth of what washed over them .

Even Lin Ming was only able to verify the Asura Sutra within the aura of the Great Dao . Unfortunately, the aura of the Great Dao disappeared before he could make a breakthrough...

’’What a pity...’’

Lin Ming shook his head . It would be great if he could comprehend a bit more .

The other martial artists all opened their eyes . The things they comprehended were naturally far inferior to what Lin Ming had comprehended comprehended . The Laws within the Gate of Laws contained all phenomena to exist in the heavens and earth . Not only was there the Asura Heavenly Dao but also the incomparably complex 33 Heavenly Dao Laws .

No matter what race one was from or what cultivation method they studied, everyone would receive some benefits from the aura of the Great Dao in front of the Gate of Laws .

At this time, the Gate of Laws had already opened . Everyone looked towards the Gate of Laws to see that within the gate was an endless starry sky . And high within this starry world were four space-time gates standing side by side .

These space-time gates all resembled a circular portal . Endless origin energy gathered around them, slowly spinning, make them seem like mysterious black holes .

There were tremendous differences amongst the four space-time gates . From left to right, the space-time gates became increasingly small . The leftmost gate was several hundred miles wide, resembling a star . It was dark gray . As for the rightmost gate, it was only 10 miles wide and a deep blood red in color . This swirling dark red portal made one feel fearful and apprehensive as an inexplicable dread rose within them .

’’This gate...’’

Lin Ming looked towards the smallest space-time gate . He vaguely sensed that the smaller a space-time gate was, the more terrifying the aura it emitted!

The martial artists peacefully stood in front of these four massive space-time gates . They were about to make a decision that would affect their future potential and even their entire lives!

’’The smaller the space-time gate, the more difficult it is!’’

Many people who understood the situation in the final trial said .

’’Is it? No wonder the rightmost gate has such a terrifying aura exuding from it . It's like there is some dreadful ancient God Beast hiding within it . Is this the heaven-step difficulty that the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame were speaking of?’’

Many people had heard the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame heatedly exchanging words with each other just now . The divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame both didn't dare to choose the heaven-step difficulty . This was something they wouldn't dare to touch, and even the earth-step difficulty would be somewhat difficult for them .


At this time, Bigflame spoke up . He shot a glance at Soul Empress Sheng Mei and began to slowly say, ’’The heaven-step difficulty is the second space-time gate from the right . The second from the left is the earth-step difficulty . As for the first one first one on the left, the largest space-time gate, that is the easiest mortal-step difficulty...’’

Bigflame had acquired a tremendous amount of detailed information on the final trial . Before coming here, he had thoroughly researched these materials and knew as much as anyone else did about these four portals within the Gate of Laws .

’’What, isn't the heaven-step difficulty the hardest one? The rightmost blood red space-time gate...’’

Many people were shocked as they heard this . Their eyes suddenly moved towards the space-time gate on the rightmost side, the one that was also the smallest . As everyone stared at this gate, they felt a sense of dread swell up within their bodies, as if their very souls would be sucked inside . It was hard to look towards this gate for an extended period of time .

’’That space-time gate is the Asura difficulty...’’

Bigflame shook his head . Although the heaven-step difficulty was hard, there had always been peerless existences since ancient times who had dared to challenge it . For instance, if one wished to obtain a final 80% completion rate or above, they had to choose the heaven-step difficulty gate .

But the Asura difficulty was a true life-forbidden zone . In the Asura Road, anything that could be described with the word 'Asura' was incredibly horrifying!

’’Asura difficulty...’’

Many young elites gulped, their mouths drying up . They didn't know just what to say .

Many people quietly looked over to Soul Empress Sheng Mei . They were all wondering - did Sheng Mei have the smallest chance of challenging the Asura difficulty?

’’Don't worry about others . The rest of you should quickly choose the difficulty you want and stand in front of the corresponding space-time gate . In a little bit, the space-time gate will send out a space vortex that will swallow you in . At that time, every person will enter their own independent trial . Whether or not you can pass will all depend on yourselves . Don't expect anyone else to come to your aid!’’

Bigflame stepped on the feet of a few junior-apprentice brothers who were lost in a daze . As he sternly spoke to them he glanced over at the divine Void Crown Prince .

At this time, the divine Void Crown Prince was already standing in front of the second space-time gate from the left - that was the earth-step difficulty .

Bigflame sneered and slowly waddled his way over .

A good number of people chose the earth-step difficulty gate along with the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame .

Fanny Fafa slapped his hands together and said to Lin Ming, ’’Good brother Lin, ’’Good brother Lin, I will go first . I feel that this earth-step difficulty is just around the level that I can handle . Would you join me? Or perhaps...’’

As Fanny Fafa spoke, he looked towards the heaven-step difficulty gate . There was not a single person standing in front of it . In Fanny Fafa's opinion, Lin Ming's talent was beyond compare . If he chose the heaven-step difficulty, although there might be some difficulties, it was a challenge he could more than handle .

It had to be known that one didn't need to perfectly complete the trial of the Gate of Laws . As long as one could complete a portion of it, they could safely pass .

Fanny Fafa had selected the earth-step difficulty space-time gate and he wasn't planning on perfectly completing it . He was well aware of his own talent and knew that he was a bit lacking when compared to the divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame .

Lin Ming only smiled, no responding .

Fanny Fafa recognized that Lin Ming hadn't finished deciding which difficulty he wanted . He said, ’’Alright, then I shall go first . ’’

Fanny Fafa nodded at Lin Ming and then stood before the earth-step gate .

Mo Brightmoon and Thousand Slaughter glanced at each other . After speaking a few words with Lin Ming, they also joined Fanny Fafa .

They didn't possess Fanny Fafa's pure yin body and in terms of talent, they were slightly lower . But, the two of them weren't willing to choose the lowest level mortal-step space-time gate .

’’Sir Lin, the benefits will be greatest if you choose the difficulty that you can perfectly complete . Try not to push yourself too far . ’’ Suya said to Lin Ming before she left .

The truth was that Suya had never seen Lin Ming fight, but, her intuition told her that Lin Ming was different from ordinary divine runic masters;he shouldn't be weak .

’’Mm, thank you...’’

Lin Ming lightly smiled and watched as Suya stepped before the earth-step gate .

Then, more and more martial artists began to make their choice . In terms of proportion of people who chose, the mortal-step gate accounted for around 60% and the earth-step gate accounted for 40% .

The front of the heaven-step gate was completely empty .

At this time, only a few people had yet to make their choice . This included Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, as well as Soul Empress Sheng Mei .

Everyone's eyes turned to Soul Empress Sheng Mei . They were all waiting to see her choice .


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