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Martial World - Chapter 1677


Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677 - Difficulty and Completion Percentage




As Lin Ming walked towards the Gate of Laws, increasingly powerful auras appeared one after another . The powerhouses that had completed the first level and were scattered over the world of the second level began coverging towards the Gate of Laws .

These people were all extraordinary disciples of their large influences . After passing through the fierce battles of the first and second floor, not too many of them perished . Only some extremely unlucky martial artists who had been surrounded by monsters had died .

’’It's that fellow, the whatever Crown Prince from divine Void divine Kingdom is coming!’’

Xiao Moxian suddenly commented as they neared the Gate of Laws . Lin Ming looked back to see several men and women wearing feather robes with star crowns on their heads . They were surrounding a young man wearing a dragon crown with his hair hanging loose around him . This young man stood atop the head of a silver python that was as large as a mountain . The silver python twisted as it moved forwards, leaving deep gullies in the earth .

This young man was dashing and high-spirited, showing disdain for all heroes .

He was the divine Void Third Crown Prince!

As the divine Void Third Crown Prince appeared, so did Duke Fullmoon .

At this time, Duke Fullmoon was flying high in the air as he followed behind the Third Crown Prince . There was a faint smile on his face as he looked towards the people up ahead with a commanding gaze .

The other disciples of divine Void divine Kingdom didn't dare to stand upon the head of this giant silver python . This silver python was the contract beast of the Third Crown Prince . It was an arrogant beast that didn't allow anyone else besides its master to ride it .

Although this silver python wasn't a God Beast, it had an ancient bloodline relationship with a God Beast . It was said that if this silver python was able to grow four feet and grow horns atop its head, it would evolve into a silver dragon . Of course, the road to that path was beset with difficulties and the chances of it happening were impossibly low .

And at this time, a phoenix-like cry spread through the air . Brilliant waves of flames rolled up in the skies as a massive phoenix-looking firebird appeared . Just by flying, this firebird filled the skies with raging flames, immediately causing the temperature of the surroundings to become boiling hot .

On the back of this firebird was a fat youth wearing a bright yellow five-clawed dragon robe . This fat youth was Bigflame, the direct disciple of Heaven Union divine Kingdom's divine Emperor .

The divine Void Third Crown Prince, Bigflame, the top disciples of the True divinity influences had arrived .

’’Bigflame, you arrived here quite fast . I thought perhaps your luck might be worse than I thought and that you could be surrounded by the monsters here . If that were to happen, your fat body would disappear...’’

The Third Crown Prince taunted as he saw Bigflame show up .

’’Haha! I must thank the Crown Prince for worrying over me . When I arrived I was indeed frightened miserable . Luckily, I managed to somehow stumble my way over here . How could I compare to someone as peerlessly wise and skilled as Crown Prince your highness? You could likely lay down on the floor and still arrive here . Ah, that's right, at this Gate of Laws, does the peerlessly wise and skilled Crown Prince plan on challenging the heaven-step difficulty level?’’ Bigflame's words were kind and subservient, but if one wasn't an idiot they could clearly hear the taunting within them .

The divine Void Crown Prince frowned as he heard these words .

He knew that the most important part of Bigflame's words was at the end . Bigflame wanted him to challenge the heaven-step difficulty of the Gate of Laws!

The final trial's Gate of Laws was extremely special . Before this, all trial challengers were placed together and could pass levels in groups . But at the Gate of Laws, every person would be separated and also had to choose their difficulty .

No matter what difficulty they chose, as long as they passed through the Gate of Laws they would reach the third level .

What was different was that the higher the difficulty one chose at the Gate of Laws, the better the rewards would be and the higher the completion percentage would be .

Of course, this also meant greater dangers!

Every difficulty was divided into four possibilities - perfect completion, partial completion, barely passing, and death .

If one perfectly completed their difficulty, their rewards would be higher and the final trial completion percentage would be higher!

At partial completion, rewards and completion percentage would be reduced .

As for barely passing, there wouldn't be any reward and the given completion percentage would also be the lowest . Still, they would be able to safely enter the third level .

As for death, there was no need to mention it . It was the worst result in the Gate of Laws, where one perished within!

The heaven-step difficulty was one of the highest levels of difficulty within the Gate of Laws .

Since ancient times, countless proud children of heaven had participated in the final final trial . But, those that dared to choose the heaven-step difficulty were extremely rare!

As for those who had chosen it, there had never been anyone who had managed to perfectly complete it . Just partially completing it and surviving through the end was an extraordinary result!

Although the divine Void Crown Prince was arrogant, he was well aware of his own abilities . He estimated that if he chose the heaven-step difficulty, the most he could do was just barely pass it or only complete a small percentage of it .

Although he would likely be able to reach the third level, the completion percentage would be too low and the rewards wouldn't be too great either . Moreover, he would also have to risk a high chance of dying there . Who would be willing to do something so stupid?

This Bigflame was clearly trying to stir him up with dark intentions in his mind . The divine Void Crown Prince wasn't an idiot so why would he fall for such an obvious ploy?

Instead, he sneered and mockingly said, ’’I have self-awareness of my own abilities . I naturally do not have the skill to challenge the heaven-step difficulty, but I am more than capable of playing in the earth-step difficulty . If Brother Bigflame is so proud of your own skills, then you should certainly try the heaven-step difficulty yourself, haha!’’

The divine Void Crown Prince's voice was extremely loud . At this time, before the Gate of Laws, many disciples of large influences had gathered and they were all looking at him .

These people knew that Bigflame and the Third Crown Prince already had a gambling bet between themselves . Now, in front of the Gate of Laws, they were still stood in sharp opposition!

’’Hehe, how interesting, two descendants from True divinity level influences are trying to provoke each other into entering the heaven-step difficulty of the Gate of Laws . ’’

Not too far away, many people were watching the fun play .

’’They're just messing around and trying to one-up each other . They both know that trying to provoke the other party won't have any effect . With their strength, they might be able to perfectly complete the earth-step difficulty, but as for the heaven-step difficulty, just forget about it!’’

As these people were speaking, their discussions naturally fell into Lin Ming's ears .

As he listened to these people speak and in addition to the explanation that Mo Brightmoon had given him, Lin Ming already had a rough understanding of the Gate of Laws .

When choosing a difficulty in the Gate of Laws, it was best to choose one that could be perfectly completed . In that way, one would have the greatest harvests . At the very the very worst, one had to choose a difficulty at which they could at least achieve 90% or above .

As Lin Ming was thinking this, a sudden sound of footsteps left him feeling icy cold!

In front of the Gate of Laws he could see a blue-clothed woman floating high in the air . Her body seemed to merge with her surroundings, making it difficult to notice her existence .

Lin Ming could confirm that just a moment ago, this blue-clothed woman hadn't been there . But now, she had suddenly emerged in the skies above, as if she had teleported there .

’’Soul Empress!’’

As the blue-clothed woman appeared, the divine Void Crown Prince quickly hurried forwards to greet her . In front of her, he didn't show any arrogance at all . He had already witnessed the attitude with which Soul Emperor divine Void had treated her .

Sheng Mei faintly looked over at the Third Crown Prince and slightly bowed .

As for the previously flagrant Bigflame, he had no intention of moving forwards . Instead, he looked on from the distance, utterly silent .

Bigflame knew that in the 33 Heavens, the saints were at war with the spiritas! As a saint from the Asura Road, he wouldn't be sucked up into their affairs . Even so, it was likely that this Sheng Mei didn't have any good impressions of him at all . It was best to hide away as much as possible .

’’Who is that blue-clothed woman? Why would the Third Crown Prince be so respectful to her?’’

Because Sheng Mei kept a low profile, many martial artists didn't recognize her . As they saw that even the Third Crown Prince was bowing to her, they were stunned .

’’Don't you know who she is? Haven't you heard that several years ago in the divine Void divine Kingdom, there was a grown Ice Phoenix that descended upon their land, even forcing Soul Emperor divine Void out of his seclusion? And that woman is the person who arrived on that Ice Phoenix! She is the one who holds the record for the highest completion percentage, 83%! I heard that for these last several years she has been staying at divine Void divine Kingdom and her status is on par with that of Soul Emperor divine Void!’’

’’What!? This... the record of the highest completion percentage? Isn't she the one that already obtained a completion rate of 83%? Why would she come to the Asura Road's final trial again? Isn't that just a waste of qualifications?’’

Many people asked, puzzled . The Asura Road was simply far too large . Even if Sheng Mei had caused a giant stir in divine Void divine Kingdom, many people still hadn't heard of her .

’’Hehe, it's not as it's not as simple as you think!’’ The one who spoke before mysteriously said . He began to whisper in a cryptic tone, ’’If she came again, then she naturally believes 83% is not her limit! This mysterious spiritas woman has an extremely unique cultivation method, one that makes her talent grow stronger and stronger . She has already surpassed all common logic!’’

’’What!?’’ Many martial artists looked at each other in fear . 83% wasn't her limit?

Then what degree would she reach?

As for a cultivation method that constantly increased one's talent, they had never heard of that before .

’’This kind of cultivation method exists?’’

’’I've only heard rumors about it . Moreover, this blue-clothed woman's cultivation is far too confusing . Some people say she is an early Empyrean and some people say she is an ordinary World King;it's as if her cultivation is always changing . But, one point is for certain is that whether she is an Empyrean or World King, she can easily pinch us to death without any effort at all . Although we are standing here with her, the truth is that we are on completely different levels . In her eyes, we are nothing more than ants!’’

The martial artist who spoke deeply sighed . Everyone here was a proud child of the heavens . In their own large sects and families, they were heroic figures that stood at the peak of their generation . But here, they were actually considered to be no more than ants . No matter what, this left them feeling uncomfortable .

However, they had to acknowledge the truth . This spiritas woman stood on par with Soul Emperor divine Void, with no inferiority or superiority between them . And, Soul Emperor divine Void was a True divinity supreme elder . As for the rest of them, they already considered it the highest honor to have an Empyrean praise them a few times . The disparity between them could be imagined!

As all of this talk fell into Lin Ming's ears, he lost himself in thought for a moment . He had some faint ideas about this spiritas woman .

In the past, when he first entered the Asura Road, he had heard Soulwhite mention that in the last 100 million years, there had been two people who had obtained an 80% completion rate and above - the Good Fortune Saint Son and a mysterious spiritas woman .

Lin Ming thought that the Good Fortune Saint Son and the mysterious spiritas woman were the greatest geniuses of their race's youths .

But now, it seemed that he had misunderstood everything . This mysterious spiritas woman was not some junior, but a high level figure of the soul race!


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