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Martial World - Chapter 1675


Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675 - Blue-clothed Figure




’’Haha! Brother Lin, what a small world, we keep meeting each other everywhere!’’

Duke Fullmoon wantonly smiled as he rapidly flew towards Lin Ming . At the same time his fingers flexed as he thrust out hundreds and thousands of energy threads .

These energy threads didn't have much power behind them;their only function was to hinder the movements of Lin Ming and his group . Duke Fullmoon wanted Lin Ming to stay here .

In Duke Fullmoon's eyes, Lin Ming was only a divine runic master . No matter how formidable his divine runic arts were, his combat strength was likely nothing to speak of . Lin Ming's cultivation was only at the late divine Lord realm and he had lived a mere hundred some years of life . Moreover, Duke Fullmoon was sure that Lin Ming had lived an ascetic life for these past years and had invariably invested a massive amount of time in studying the divine runic arts, leaving his combat strength in utter shambles!

Duke Fullmoon already bore a grudge against Lin Ming and he also secretly envied the secrets that Lin Ming possessed . Even if there were not secrets on Lin Ming's body, if he killed Lin Ming he would still be able to obtain the massive amount of wealth and rare materials he kept on him .

This final trial was the best chance to kill Lin Ming . He didn't need to consider the divine Runic Masters Guild nor did he need to consider the mysterious master that stood behind Lin Ming . As Duke Fullmoon thought of all this, a fierce smile crossed his face!

’’You little shit, you want to die!?’’

Fanny Fafa's eyebrows rose in anger . He had walked through the Asura Road for many years and assassinated many people, but rarely had anyone tried to plot against him .

Now that this Duke Fullmoon was dragging many monsters towards them, it was clear he wanted to use them as his spear and then profit from their disaster .

Although Fanny Fafa didn't fear these monsters, he couldn't swallow the rage from being used by others!

’’Don't move!’’

At this time, Lin Ming stopped Fanny Fafa!

In this situation, as long as they attacked they would fall into the trap because no matter who they attacked, it would be disadvantageous for them . If they attacked Duke Fullmoon, those monsters would rush towards them . But, if they attacked the monsters, that would be the same as doing exactly what Duke Fullmoon wished for and acting as his spears .

No matter what, if Lin Ming and the others attacked, they would definitely fall into a brutal melee with the monsters .

And now, more and more monsters were catching up . Although the combined strength of Lin Ming's group was more than enough to fight these monsters, participating in such a meaningless fight in this danger-ridden final trial wasn't wise at all . If they consumed too much strength and encountered some other trap, that would be far more dangerous for them .

’’Sir Lin?’’ Fanny Fafa asked, puzzled as he kept looking at the 20 some monsters that Duke Fullmoon was bringing towards them . If Lin Ming didn't attack, wasn't that the same as waiting for death?

’’Allow me . ’’

Lin Ming stepped forwards and stood in front of Fanny Fafa . He took out a divine runic symbol from his spatial ring . This divine runic symbol had a 'Lin' character that shined on the bottom left!

In the past when Lin Ming left divine Rune City and returned to Tragic Death Valley to rescue Empyrean divine Mist, he had cultivated in Tragic Death Valley for a considerable amount of time . In that period he had drawn up a massive number of divine runic symbols in preparation for this final trial .

This divine runic symbol was named Heaven's divide . It was a peak fifth grade divine runic symbol and also an improved divine runic symbol . Moreover, it could only be used one time!

For a divine runic symbol to be used once, that meant that its complete strength would erupt!

As Lin Ming crumbled the divine runic symbol, countless lines of the Asura Laws spread outwards, surrounding his group, overlapping again and again!

For a time, space seemed to tear apart . Fanny Fafa, Mo Brightmoon, and the others all felt as if they were instantly placed into a different dimension!

’’This is...’’

Fanny Fafa, Mo Brightmoon, and the others were all surprised . They looked towards Lin Ming with disbelief .

This move was marvelous .

The torn space distorted, becoming a separate world . This space isolated all origin energy fluctuations even as it served as the best protective barrier!

This was a top grade group-wide defensive divine runic symbol!

In that moment, Duke Fullmoon looked on helplessly as the originally nearby Lin Ming and his group suddenly disappeared into thin air!


Duke Fullmoon's complexion immediately became extremely ugly .

He was well aware that Lin Ming had hidden himself in a spatial tear in front of him, but there wasn't anything he could do about it!

He had personally witnessed the power of Lin Ming's divine runic symbols himself . If an ordinary World King powerhouse were to use the Space Laws to conceal themselves, then Duke Fullmoon had the confidence he had the methods to break through it . But facing Lin Ming's divine runic symbols, Duke Fullmoon didn't have the same confidence .

Moreover, there were also 20 some monsters chasing behind him . With Duke Fullmoon's strength, where would he have the ability to defend against these monsters and unravel Lin Ming's divine runic symbol at the same time?

’’You damned little beast!’’

Duke Fullmoon cursed out loud . He had only been thinking about Lin Ming's abhorrent combat strength and had neglected the fact that Lin Ming's divine runic arts were able to make up for those flaws . If he just thought about this then he would have realized Lin Ming inevitably carried with him a massive number of divine runic symbols, and the various uses of these divine runic symbols and their might could be imagined!

No matter who it was, wanting to attack Lin Ming wouldn't be simple at all!

As Duke Fullmoon thought of this person who was clearly far inferior to him and yet was able to use luxurious divine runic symbols as if they didn't cost money at all, he felt incomparably wronged . There was simply nothing he could do about this .

But at this moment, Duke Fullmoon had no time to think about these matters, because those 20 some monsters chasing him from behind had already surrounded him!


Because of Duke Fullmoon's rage and grief, he already had a green-tinted face . His current predicament wouldn't be easy to solve no matter what!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Without saying anything, those monsters that chased after Duke Fullmoon opened their mouths and began releasing a strange light .

These>These beams of light were extremely compact . As they cut through the void they emitted a sound like sabers scratching on glass, grating to the ears!

Duke Fullmoon immediately fell into a fierce struggle!

His strength began to rapidly deplete .

Not just that, but more and more monsters began catching up . Duke Fullmoon felt nothing but deep regret . If he had known that this would happen then he would never have come to rescue those two trouble-stirring junior-apprentice brothers of his!

The truth was that the second level wasn't too risky to begin with . But, Duke Fullmoon's two junior-apprentice brothers were too arrogant and conceited in their own strength and abilities and had gone too far in their actions as a result . Instead of avoiding these monsters, they had used Lin Ming's Heavenly Fire Symbol to blow apart their den . If they hadn't done this then they wouldn't have fallen into such a bitter battle .

’’If I'm in a bad situation, then don't think you lot can stay uninvolved!’’

Duke Fullmoon was truly incredibly strong . Even though he was under siege from these monsters, he was still able to rush through them and constantly guide these monsters and their black beams of light towards the area Lin Ming was at .

However, how could the improved one time use Heaven's divide symbol that Lin Ming carefully drew up be so easily defeated?

In particular, these monsters only had brute force behind their skills;they didn't have a deep understanding of the Laws .

Lin Ming cleverly used the Space Laws contained within Heaven's divide to twist the nearby space, causing those beams of black light to bend around the group's location .

From the outside, it was like the area Lin Ming was in was only the surface of water . As the beams of light struck the barrier, they refracted, passing around Lin Ming's group and causing no harm to any of them .

’’Big Brother Lin, you're so fierce!’’ Xiao Moxian hugged Lin Ming's arm .

In terms of strength, Lin Ming was formidable . But because he frequently entered dangerous situations that far surpassed his level, even his heaven-defying strength was often lacking .

However, Lin Ming was able to make use of all sorts of other methods, finding a singular path in a supposedly impossible situation to turn the tide and completely overcome the impossible .

’’This move... is a bit fierce, haha...’’

Fanny Fafa sighed in praise . Mo Brightmoon also let out a sigh of relief as she looked towards Lin Ming with a strange light in her eyes .

However, Lin Ming shook his head, ’’This sort of divine runic symbol isn't easy to create . My time and materials were limited so I was only to draw up a few of them . Every time I use one I'll have one less . Moreover... bending these black lights will continuously consume the energy within the divine runic symbol . If this continues, I estimate the barrier will collapse within an incense stick of time...’’

Lin Ming's voice was indifferent . He didn't reveal any pride or contentment at using this ingenious method . Instead, all there was in his eyes was a faint killing intent . This killing intent was focused on Duke Fullmoon!

Lin Ming was disgusted by this person to begin with . And today, this person even tried to use these monsters to kill him, arousing Lin Ming's killing intent even further!

’’Sir Lin,>’’Sir Lin, could you be thinking of...’’ The normally silent Thousand Slaughter suddenly spoke as he vaguely sensed Lin Ming's intentions .

’’Please, just call me Lin Ming . And yes, you should all be prepared . After an incense stick of time passes, we'll all attack together and cut down that Duke Fullmoon! He isn't weak . Amongst ordinary World Kings, he can be considered amongst the top! Do not underestimate the enemy!’’

Mo Brightmoon and the two companions she brought over were extraordinary existences amongst ordinary World Kings . However, Duke Fullmoon was a disciple from a massive influence so he would definitely have some life-saving methods up his sleeve . Wanting to kill him here wouldn't be easy at all .

Lin Ming quietly traced his spatial ring . Within this spatial ring were many offensive divine runic symbols . Once the Heaven's divide barrier collapsed, he would not only attack with his full strength but also support it with the attack of divine runic symbols!

As Fanny Fafa witnessed Lin Ming's various methods as well as his deep eyes that locked onto Duke Fullmoon like a viper eyeing its prey, he felt an inexplicable chill crawl up his spine .

He discovered that even though he had given a sufficiently high appraisal of Lin Ming, the result was that he had never been able to clearly see the abilities of this youth from beginning to end . To be an enemy of this young man was a truly terrifying matter .

Like this, half an incense stick of time passed...

Duke Fullmoon's entire body was stained with blood . The more he fought the more ruthless and vicious his moves became . Just by himself, he had killed over 10 of these monsters! But because these monsters continuously caught up to him, their numbers never seemed to drop .

’’Damn it all!’’

Duke Fullmoon's complexion became increasingly angry . At this time, he already felt that it was impossible for him to kill off these monsters . And if he wanted to escape, it wouldn't be easy with the spider web of black lights covering everywhere around him . In order to withdraw he would definitely have to pay some price!

He would need to burn some of his blood essence or use the life-saving cards obtained from his sect .

As Duke Fullmoon thought of using up one of these cards, he felt as if someone had pulled out his heart . He had two life-saving cards in hand and each one was exchanged with a massive amount of sect contribution points . These cards were to be used in the final trial . If he were to use one up in just the second level of the final trial, how could he not feel pain?

As he was burning with anger, his eyes blazing with rage, he passed all of this hate onto Lin Ming . If Lin Ming wasn't tricky and cunning and had obediently acted as his spear, then how would he have ended up in such a horrible situation?

As Duke Fullmoon grit his teeth and was prepared to take out one of these cards, at this time, a chilly blue light covered this entire desolate and blood-drenched land .

This blue light was clear and ephemeral, seeming as if it had flowed forth from the furthest stretches of time, bringing with it a strength that stunned the mind .

This blue light was incomparably cold . But at the same time, it was as vivid as a vivid as a spring breeze, carrying with it a vibrant life force!

Wherever it visited, plant life began to bloom upon the bleak land . Strange and unusual ice flowers, cold plums, and snow lotuses began to appear in abundance . For a time, the entire sky was covered in an ethereal haze of cold frost!

As those rage-filled monsters were covered in this cold blue light, all of them immediately stiffened . They seemed to lose all desire to attack and instead became extremely docile .

The dozen some monsters were all covered with ice crystals . As if enthralled by the blue light, they all knelt on the ground, lying prostrate as if they were worshipping their totem .

’’This... what sort of method is this!?’’

Behind the protective barrier of the divine runic symbol, Lin Ming was astonished . If the master of this blue light had used some thunder technique to annihilate all of these monsters then he wouldn't have been surprised at all .

But, she was actually able to compel these monsters to lose all desire to attack and kneel in worship instead .

This was a technique he had never heard of before!

’’Could this be... a spiritas ability?’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred . Because he cultivated the divine Mist Heart Mantra, Lin Ming knew that when a spiritas martial artist's soul force reached a terrifying boundary, they could use their powerful soul force to affect the mind of an enemy, even control them! Weaker martial artists could have their souls captured by this soul force and be turned into living puppets without realizing it .

’’This method, could it be her...?’’

Lin Ming's mind chilled . He immediately recalled the figure of the blue-clothed woman .

At that time, amongst the numerous heroic elites that had plunged into the black vortex of the final trial, only the blue-clothed woman had left a profound impression upon Lin Ming .

She kept a low profile and Lin Ming had only caught a glimpse of her . But whether it was the divine Void Third Crown Prince or Sovereign Heaven Union's direct disciple, Bigflame, Lin Ming could feel that they were both inferior to even 1% of this blue-clothed woman .

In the next moment, Lin Ming was able to confirm his suspicions .

On the distant horizon, there was a peerless woman in a blue skirt flying towards them as she stepped on the wind .

Her face was shrouded in a strange wave of energy, making her appearance seem hazy and unreal .

However, her figure was tall and graceful . Her black hair fell down like a waterfall and accentuated her abundant chest . Her entire body exuded a mysterious and sacred aura, forming a peculiar contrast .

As Duke Fullmoon saw this blue-clothed woman, he was immediately ecstatic .

’’Soul Empress, over here!’’

The truth was that Soul Empress Sheng Mei couldn't be considered an ally of divine Void divine Kingdom . As for Duke Fullmoon, who was merely a subordinate of divine Void divine Kingdom's Nine Nether Province, there was absolutely no way he could come into contact with an existence like her .

The reason Sheng Mei had rescued Duke Fullmoon was only because she owed Soul Emperor divine Void a favor .

Her steps were soft and supple . Although she was originally on the horizon, in just several steps she arrived in front of everyone . Like a fairy maiden descending from heaven, she floated down, landing on the earth .


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