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Martial World - Chapter 1671


Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671 - Entering the Final Trial




The entrance to the final trial had already opened . An incomparably large pitch black crack tore through the world, as if a colossal pair of hands had reached up into the skies and ripped apart the heavens . Behind this terrifying crack was a strange and incredible world .

Just by looking at this world, one felt their mind, divine soul, and even blood energy be attracted towards it, as if their very being wanted to tear out of their body .

Awoo-! Awoo-!

From behind this black crack, a horrifying sound poured forth like the roars of a primeval great beast .

A massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy and an endless amount of seawater was swallowed into this crack, forming a giant black vortex .

Within this terrifying black vortex, one could see faintly visible phantoms . Within these phantoms there were God Beasts and peerless powerhouses alike . Their powerful auras wove together with the lines of the Heavenly Dao Laws, making even those people watching from several hundred miles away feel like their souls were shaking .

This was the final trial!

Disregarding the dangers and tests within, disregarding the incomparably precious trial qualifications that were ridiculously difficult to obtain, just entering alone was something that many young elites would not be able to summon up the courage to do! This sort of suppressive feeling came from the momentum of the world, making them feel as if they were facing the entire universe!

Out of the hundreds of thousands of people watching from around the Asura Sea, most of them were only observers . None of them dared to truly break into the entrance of the final trial .

At this time, runes filled the skies and a vast aura spread out in all directions . Several men and women flew through the skies . These men and women wore feathered robes and their heads were adorned by a crown of star-like gems . Their bearing was magnificent and with a single glance one could see they were elite disciples of a great sect!

’’Those are people from divine Void divine Kingdom!’’

As Lin Ming saw these people appear, he also recognized someone - Duke Fullmoon!

’’It's that stupid annoying fly again . To think we would run into him here also, it's even worse than being haunted by ghosts!’’

Xiao Moxian's expression was filled with disgust . To think that this Duke Fullmoon who had pestered Lin Ming at the divine Rune City Auction, constantly hounding him like some rabid dog, would actually enter the final trial . As she thought of encountering this person, Xiao Moxian felt as if she had stepped in dog shit .

’’Then again, isn't this fellow not so young anymore? How did he obtain the qualifications to enter divine Void divine Kingdom's group for the final trial?’’

Xiao Moxian asked, puzzled . According to her estimations, World King Fullmoon was at least several thousand years old . Without accumulating strength for so much time, it was impossible for him to become a World King . And one didn't need to be a genius to know that there was extremely intense competition within divine Void divine Kingdom for spots in the final trial . There were countless disciples eagerly wanting to enter!

Lin Ming said, ’’Several thousand years isn't too old . To an Empyrean that lives for a hundred million years, this is still a baby . And in this final trial, normally those that are several hundred years old or thousands of years old will participate for their sect . For instance, the Good Fortune Saint Son seemed to have entered the final trial around the time he was at the Saint Lord realm...’’

Although those that participated in the final trial were young, they normally weren't as young as Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming . Even with the time in Tragic Death Valley included, Lin Ming was only around 120 years old .

The people flying through the air immediately became the focus of the crowd . Within the group of trial challengers, there was a young man wearing a dragon crown, his long hair trailing behind him as he trod on the wind .

’’It's finally opened! I've awaited this day for far too long!’’

This young man's star-like eyes shined with a brilliant fighting spirit . Behind him, the several heroic elites of divine Void divine Kingdom, including Duke Fullmoon, were treating him with respect, faintly taking him as their lead .

However, this young man's cultivation was the lowest amongst everyone from the divine Void divine Kingdom;he was only at the half-step Holy Lord realm .

A half-step Holy Lord youth was actually able to command so many Holy Lords and World Kings behind him .

’’Who is this person?’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but ask .

’’He is the divine Void Third Crown Prince . ’’

Mo Brightmoon began to explain . A 'Crown Prince' of divine Void divine Kingdom was nothing but a title;they in no way referred to the true son of the Soul Emperor divine Void . Currently, divine Void divine Kingdom had seven Crown Princes, each one belonging to one of the seven great divine provinces that comprised it . Every Crown Prince was an elite amongst elites, and they were the future rulers of their lands . Even the next Soul Emperor would be selected from amongst the Crown Princes . As for the Third Crown Prince, he was considered to be one of the strongest of the seven divine Void Crown Princes .

’’So that's how it is . ’’ Lin Ming said, suddenly realizing the situation . No wonder this Third Crown Prince was able to command so many people with the lowest cultivation . In a situation where he was able to survive, then it was best to enter the final trial at the youngest age possible in order to obtain greater advantages .

As for someone like Duke Fullmoon who only entered the final trial at the World King realm, the truth was that his talent was considered relatively poor .

’’Look behind that divine Void Crown Prince at the woman following him;that is the Crown Prince's Imperial Concubine...’’

At this time, standing behind Mo Brightmoon, Fanny Fafa suddenly spoke up . His voice was soft and gentle . If one didn't see him and only listened to his voice, they might even think him a woman .

’’The Imperial Concubine's cultivation is is even higher than the divine Void Crown Prince's . . . ’’

As Fanny Fafa said, there was truly a young woman following behind the Third Crown Prince, her appearance as beautiful as a flower . She exuded se* appeal from every inch of her body and her charming looks were cute and flirtatious . At first glance, one could see she was a truly outstanding existence . And, her cultivation was at the peak Holy Lord realm, a full large boundary higher than the divine Void Crown Prince .

’’It's not anything strange . ’’ Fanny Fafa chuckled as he spoke . He said in a strange and meaning-filled hushed voice, ’’You might not know, but that Imperial Concubine was especially raised to be given to the divine Void Crown Prince so that he could dual cultivate with her . When the divine Void Crown Prince deflowered the Imperial Concubine, he must have obtained a great advantage! The Imperial Concubine also has a pure yin physique, but her physique might not be as . . . pure . . . as mine... hehehe...’’

Listening to Fanny Fafa, Lin Ming nearly choked on himself . He rubbed his nose and subconsciously took a step back . He couldn't help but sigh with emotion . The divine Void Crown Prince's treatment was far too good . Not to mention the resources he had growing up or the final trial spot he was given, there was even a dual cultivation companion specifically raised for him by his sect .

As Lin Ming was lost in thought, another group flew in from the other side of the skies, standing in sharp opposition to the Third Crown Prince and his troop . This team was led by a fat young man who wore a bright yellow robe embroidered with a five-clawed dragon, just like the robes of a mortal emperor .

’’It's people from Heaven Union divine Kingdom!’’

Some people looking cried out in alarm . Heaven Union divine Kingdom was the only colossal influence in the inner Asura Road that could directly contend with divine Void divine Kingdom!

’’That fat youth must be Bigflame, the direct disciple of Sovereign Heaven Union . His status is no worse than that of the divine Void Third Crown Prince...’’

’’Now there's something fun to watch . ’’

A mountain couldn't hold two tigers . Moreover, divine Void divine Kingdom and Heaven Union divine Kingdom were in sharp opposition to each other from the start . As the divine Void Third Crown Prince and Bigflame met each other, their vision seemed to turn into tangible essence that violently collided in the skies!

These two people were both peerless proud sons of heaven from True divinity influences . With both of them being such proud characters, once they met they naturally had to compete to see who was lower and who was higher!

’’You are that so-called Third Crown Prince from the divine Void divine Kingdom?’’ Bigflame looked at the Third Crown Prince and laughed, clearly not fearing him in the least .

The divine Void Third Crown Prince sneered and unhurriedly said, ’’Did you come here especially to provoke me today? How interesting! My divine Void divine Kingdom has long been fighting your Heaven Union divine Kingdom . . During every final trial, the fights between juniors make for the fiercest battlefield . There is even a tradition of gambling fights . How about it? Do you want to make a bet with me today?’’

’’Haha! Aren't you just overconfident in yourself? My goal this time is to obtain at least 80% . If you want to make a bet with me then you had best consider your own worth first!’’

Bigflame arrogantly boasted . The divine Void Third Crown Prince only laughed in response . 80%? It was like this person thought he would achieve that just by saying it .

’’You sure speak a bunch of crap . I have three Nirvana Origin Balancing Pills . Do you want to make a bet?’’

’’Nirvana Origin Balancing Pill?’’ Bigflame's eyes lit up and he licked his lips .

The martial artists watching from around the sea had also heard of the Nirvana Origin Balancing Pill before and their eyes shined in response . This was a pill on the transcendent divine level, but in a True divinity Holy Land, many transcendent divine pills came from the hands of a True divinity so the effects were normally much better than those of an ordinary transcendent divine pill .

Only the extreme genius of a True divinity influence would be able to take out a top pill like this for a bet .

The final trial hadn't begun and yet there were already sparks flying between these two proud sons of heaven . With this, one could see just how intense the competition in the final trial would be . In addition to the horrifying pressure that exuded from that soul-freezing entrance as well as the droves of elites that came from all the large influences around the Asura Road, even if many of the martial artists present weren't able to participate in the final trial, just being able to be here to witness such a grand event left them all inexplicably excited!

’’Good! If you want to give me pills then I won't stop you!’’ Bigflame laughed . He led the group from Heaven Union divine Kingdom towards the incomparably massive black crack that was the final trial, and then they all disappeared without leaving a trace .

Seeing this, the people watching from around the sea all sucked in a deep breath . If they were sucked in by such a terrifying black vortex wouldn't they just lose their lives?

As these people were feeling weak of heart, the divine Void Crown Prince also led his own people and rushed into the black vortex!

The oppressive feeling that originated from the final trial was simply far too strong . Even the proudest and most extraordinary children of heaven wouldn't say they didn't feel at least a hint of fear upon facing that dreadful black vortex .

As the people from divine Void divine Kingdom and Heaven Union divine Kingdom entered, squads from all the different influences began flying towards the black vortex .

In the midst of all these flying martial artists, Lin Ming actually glanced the form of a blue-clothed woman .

This blue-clothed woman's movements were light and sprightly . In the wild and fierce storm of energy, she seemed as if she were taking a casual stroll through the woods through the woods . Her step wasn't quick, but in just several moments she arrived before the massive vortex of the final trial . Then, like a blue flower petal, she was sucked into the vortex, immediately vanishing from sight .

’’That woman is...’’

As Lin Ming saw this blue-clothed woman, he felt a strange movement in his heart . Just a moment ago, when the high-spirited Bigflame and Third Crown Prince were arguing, Lin Ming hadn't felt much at all . But in this brief moment when that blue-clothed woman fluttered about like a spirit in the wind, this actually left a deep impression on Lin Ming's mind .

Just by seeing this woman's form, Lin Ming felt his heartbeat speed up .

’’It's her... she really came...’’

In the crowd, there were some well-informed individuals with extremely sharp eyesight . Even from a distance and in the crowds of people, they were able to accurately see this blue-clothed woman's form .

This blue-clothed woman was always low-key in her actions, but many people knew that she was the true lead of the final trial!

’’83% completion rate, isn't she satisfied with her past record?’’ An old man from the side of the Heaven Union divine Kingdom muttered, his withered lips twitching .

When Bigflame and the divine Void Third Crown Prince had made a bet, these old men hadn't placed that event in their eyes . To them, it was merely a little spirited tussle between juniors .

But the appearance of this blue-clothed woman actually caused the old man's complexion to change!

’’What a dreadful woman... she is even more dreadful than Soul Emperor divine Void...’’ A hoarse voice croaked out from behind the old man . This other person was wrapped in a red cloak and his body exuded a terrifying fluctuation of Laws . ’’Luckily for us she is someone from the 33 Heavens so she will not return to the Asura Road so easily, otherwise, the balance between the saints and spiritas within the inner Asura Road would be broken by her...’’

’’Mm . The Asura Road is separated from the 33 Heavens by a barrier of Laws that was laid down by the Asura Road Master . No matter how powerful the spiritas of the 33 Heavens are, it won't affect us . I just have no idea what completion percent this horrifying woman will have and what rewards she will obtain . Really, she is truly a cause for envy...’’

The previously speaking old man said, sighing with emotion . The rich rewards of the final trial were truly something they would be jealous about!

As these two old men were discussing with each other, in the dreadful storm of energy, a squad of five people flew low at sea level as they approached the massive black vortex .

The vortex churned, stretched out for thousands of miles . In front of this black vortex, the five people were nothing but grains of sand in front of a mountain, common and unnoticeable . As they submerged themselves in the black vortex, they didn't even cause a tiny splash .

Lin Ming had finally stepped into the final trial . This would be the last story he left behind in the Asura Road .


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