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Martial World - Chapter 1670


Chapter 1670

Chapter 1670 - The Mystic Realm Opens




The Asura Sea surged with crowds of people . In this bustling scene, a small squad of three men and two women rode in on flying puppets .

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were in this squad .

Besides Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, the three others were Mo Brightmoon and the two companions she brought .

Just several days ago, Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon had contacted each other according to the method they had established 50 years ago . Then, together, they rushed over to the Asura Sea .

Today's Mo Brightmoon wore a tight, red-colored suit of martial clothing that contrasted with her slender figure . To her side was a man wearing a bamboo hat .

This man seemed like a mortal in his thirties . He was stern and grim and his eyes flashed with electricity . He carried a heavy saber on his back that was half the height of a normal person . His aura was collected and his gait was like a leopard in the jungle . Just from looking at him one could tell he was an assassination master that was skilled in concealment .

This man's code name was Thousand Slaughter and his cultivation was at the peak of the ordinary World King realm .

Like Mo Brightmoon, he was also an assassin . Although his talent wasn't considered to be at the pinnacle, his true combat strength left one bewildered . According to Mo Brightmoon, Thousand Slaughter was definitely someone able to fight three martial artists on the same step as him . Just by his rich combat experience and instinct alone, this allowed him to face off one against three .

In a sneak attack situation, Thousand Slaughter's combat strength was even higher . His striking power was amazing .

The reason that Thousand Slaughter participated in this final trial was to search for a turning point to break into the Great World King realm .

A martial artist like Thousand Slaughter usually came from a background of wandering martial artists, or, he might have even been a commoner . For these people, they had to struggle for every step as they grew up and their road was far more difficult than that of disciples of other large influences . His road was basically carved at the point of his saber .

An incomparably precious chance like being able to participate in the final trial was usually monopolized by the many large influences;it was almost never their chance to participate .

Behind Thousand Slaughter was a delicate and feminine-looking man who appeared to be just over 20 years old . He had a stunningly beautiful appearance and his voice was calm and neutral . As one looked at him, it was hard to tell whether he was a man or a woman .

This man's name was Fanny Fafa . Although he was a man, he had an extremely rare pure yin physique . This was a cause of envy for many women, because a woman with a pure yin physique would be exceptionally beautiful and they would hold an invisible and magnetic attraction for the opposite se* . Moreover, this physique bestowed upon them a rare cultivation talent . In terms of the joys of the bed, this type of woman was even more outstanding in the world, thus many martial artists dreamed of being able to dual cultivate with a woman that had a pure yin physique .

Women with pure yin physiques were already extremely rare;men with pure yin physiques were even rarer .

This Fanny Fafa cultivated a pure yin cultivation technique that was biased towards women, so this caused Fanny Fafa to be even more feminine in appearance .

Although Fanny Fafa appeared delicate, in a true battle he was even harder to deal with than Thousand Slaughter . His techniques were strange and unpredictable .

’’So many people...’’

Xiao Moxian was stunned by the seas of people she saw . According to what she knew, this final trial was an extremely dangerous and secretive mystic realm with only several dozen people participating . Of those that entered, whether they lived or died would depend on their own destinies .

But, she never imagined such a grand scene .

’’Of course... this is a grand event of the Asura Road . During every final trial there will be numerous peerless talents emerging from the shadows, so many large influences will send people here to attend the opening ceremonies . If these geniuses that emerge are from large influences then they can gather information on them, but if these geniuses just happen to be wandering martial artists or from small scattered sects, the large influences might be able to win them over...’’

’’So it's like this . It's no wonder that when the Good Fortune Saint Son and the mysterious spiritas woman completed the final trial and achieved an 80% or higher completion rate, this information passed out so far and wide that even minor characters in the Asura Road know of it . ’’

Lin Ming thought out loud . The minor character he spoke of was naturally Soulwhite . When Lin Ming first learned information about the final trial, it was Soulwhite who had told him .

As Lin Ming was thinking, suddenly, in the distant east, massive 100,000 foot long beams of light appeared .

Looking over there, one could see a marvelous giant divine mountain appear, its upper mountain peak piercing into the sea of clouds . As it sped forwards, forwards, it brought about massive rumbling sounds in the air that left the world in turmoil .

Wherever it went, massive tsunamis would appear in the sea .

On that magnificent divine mountain, there were a million silver warriors bathed in strange runes and holding icy cold spears in their hands .

These million warriors were tall and strong, their features hidden in the dazzling radiance exuding from the glorious divine mountain .

’’That is... divine Void divine Kingdom's Boundless divine Mountain!

’’It really is Boundless divine Mountain! What a tremendous display of power!’’

Someone cried out from the sea of martial artists .

But, everyone knew that the reason divine Void divine Kingdom brought forth the Boundless divine Mountain was to be a demonstration of their might . In this momentous event of the Asura Road, divine Void divine Kingdom and Heaven Union divine Kingdom were the two main leads;everyone else couldn't help but feel weakened! Together, the two divine Kingdoms would engage in a brutal battle of life or death within the final trial .

’’Boundless divine Mountain?’’ Lin Ming asked . Beside him, Mo Brightmoon said, ’’This Boundless divine Mountain is said to be a spirit treasure that has reached the limits of the Empyrean level . After another million years of refining, it might surpass an Empyrean spirit treasure and become a True divinity spirit treasure! This treasure is eternally changing, with 10,000 different variations . It is an offensive and defensive fortress and is said to be Soul Emperor divine Void's most precious spirit treasure . ’’

’’Soul Emperor divine Void...’’ Lin Ming thought for a moment . This person was Empyrean divine Mist's ultimate blood enemy .

’’To become a True divinity level spirit treasure in a hundred million years? Isn't that much better than Big Brother Lin's Primordius Heavenly Palace?’’

Xiao Moxian muttered by Lin Ming's side, her cheeks flushed red .

Lin Ming smiled . ’’Soul Emperor divine Void is, after all, a True divinity . It wouldn't be strange for things he refined to reach the limit of Empyrean spirit treasures... as for Empyrean Primordius, he lacked destiny . If it weren't for the accidents that befell him in the past, he likely would have become a True divinity sooner or later . ’’

Lin Ming said . But Xiao Moxian suddenly thought of something else . She chuckled and said, ’’100 million years to refine a True divinity spirit treasure? He might not have that much time . At that time, who knows who will be refining that Boundless divine Mountain? What do you think, Big Brother Lin?’’

Xiao Moxian playfully smiled as she spoke, her beautiful face shining with a dazzling brilliance . Luckily, she had spoken to Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission . If she had spoken out loud then those then those around her would have thought her crazy, and if this were known by those from divine Void divine Kingdom then she would have drawn a fatal disaster upon her head!

The meaning behind Xiao Moxian's words was something only Lin Ming could understand . In a sense, Soul Emperor divine Void was Lin Ming's enemy . Xiao Moxian was confident that within 100 million years, Lin Ming would be able to surpass him in strength, and perhaps even kill him! At that time, Boundless divine Mountain would no longer be refined by Soul Emperor divine Void, but by Lin Ming .

Thus, she had dared to say this .

’’This treasure is actually quite nice . It could be a good substitute for Primordius Heavenly Palace . ’’

Xiao Moxian said again . Hearing this, Lin Ming didn't know whether to laugh or to cry . Within the entire inner Asura Road, Soul Emperor divine Void was like a living god . If the average person saw him they would keep silent and even fall to their knees beneath the presence of such a higher existence . But, Xiao Moxian actually had plans to kill him and steal his treasures . If Soul Emperor divine Void were to find out that a mere peak late divine Lord realm girl was thinking of killing him and stealing his items then who knew what expression he would have .

As Lin Ming was at a loss for what to say, an inexplicably vast aura emerged from the center of the sea .

Rosy clouds appeared like smoke, filling the air with a thick mist that shined with a gorgeous light . These peculiar clouds actually emerged from nowhere in the void .

In the skies above, massive swathes black clouds began to gather .

These clouds were not ordinary . Rather, they were filled with roiling lightning, and one could clearly see horrifying blue streaks appear within .

These black clouds contained the purest Thunder Souls of the heavens and earth .

Space began to surge, just like the sea waves beneath it .

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming was stunned . This sort of change in the heavens and earth faintly felt as if another world was trying to push its way into their own!

’’Could it be that the final trial is about to begin?’’

Lin Ming mumbled to himself, shocked . On the side, Mo Brightmoon was also witnessing the opening of the final trial for the first time . In the past, she had been a low-key person so when would she have had the time or desire to join the crowds and watch such a momentous event?

As the world began to twitch, the people on the observation sea pavilions began to cry out in alarm .

In succession, small groups of small groups of people flew out from the observation pavilions and towards the central area of the sea .

Many of these people were young martial artists . Although they were strong, they didn't have background nor the qualifications to enter the Asura Road's final trial . Now that the final trial was opening, although they couldn't enter, they still wanted to fly close to feel the aura and experience the entrance of the final trial for themselves . Because there was an extremely unstable space storm brewing, if they were not careful then they would be sucked in and killed, without even their bones left over .

The final trial was located within its own separate sealed off world, one that appeared in the void and hadn't yet revealed itself . But just the endless rolling thunderclouds in the skies above were enough to startle the mind .

Gradually, more and more people arrived at the center of the sea, making it increasingly noisy .

After an entire day of waiting, the sealed space of the final trial hadn't moved much .

It was only that in the void, a number of strange strengths began to emerge - a pure flame aura that seemed to come from the depths of a volcano, and a dense black and cloudy death energy . The entire area began to feel as if it were the yellow springs underworld, making one feel horrified...

But the proud children of heaven from some great influences did not fear these strengths . Rather, they were overjoyed .

Many people used secret techniques that suited this situation and drew support from these formidable strengths to begin cultivating these strengths .

On the third day -

Rumble rumble rumble!

There was a sound like a great door that was being slowly pushed open by a mystical force .

At the center of the sea, in the void, a pitch black crack began to appear .

This crack constantly expanded with the surging tides, revealing a darkness that flashed with intermittent sparks of lightning .

The crack began to rapidly expand, finally even blocking out the skies and sun . Countless primal runes appeared, carrying with them the most primeval source strengths of yin and yang, volcanoes, thunderclouds, and much more, seething in the air .

Many people could see that within the unfathomable black crack, there were countless threads of spiritual strength that wove together like mountain ranges, sparkling with light .

This was an endless array diagram and the building-sized runes that formed it shined with a light that even reached through that vast darkness . These runes seemed to contain the infinite possible changes of the great universe, signaling the coexistence of dangers and lucky chances...

Everyone was shocked and also excited - the Asura Road's final trial had finally opened .


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