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Martial World - Chapter 1669


Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669 - Asura Sea




Deep within the inner Asura Road, there was a vast and endless sea called the Asura Sea .

The Asura Sea was connected to all large bodies of water within the Asura Road . It was incomparably large, unfathomably deep .

Even if a star were to sink into the Asura Sea, it would be completely submerged in the waters .

This terrifying sea had sea beasts and dangerous fish that reached unbelievable sizes . Even Empyrean level powerhouses weren't willing to fly deep into the Asura Sea, lest they meet these terrifying sea creatures .

However, in these past few days, this Asura Sea that people rarely visited was actually becoming increasingly lively .

From time to time there would be high level martial artists flying across the sea . Sometimes there would be giant troops appearing and disappearing .

All of this was because the final trial's mystic realm was located atop the Asura Sea!

The final trial could be called the most important part of the Asura Road world . Some people even believed that when the Asura Road Master created the Asura Road in the past, it was to develop a foundation for the final trial to continue his inheritance .

But no matter whether or not these stories were reliable or what the truth was, it was without doubt that the final trial was the grandest event in the entire Asura Road!

All the various influences in the Asura Road certainly wouldn't miss out on such a grand event . If an influence had a disciple participating in the final trial they would certainly come to closely watch the results . Even for influences that didn't have any disciples participating, they would still come to gather information - information on their enemies' disciples or their allies' disciples and how they grew .

Beyond that, there were many curious individuals that came to join in on the fun . This grand event gathered all sorts of heroic individuals . With such a great scene, who would miss out on it?


At this time, at the border area of divine Void divine Kingdom, there was a massive sect that occupied vast swathes of land . This sect's buildings were grand and magnificent, and at the mountain entrances, dozens of great array formations were laid down . If Lin Ming were here, then even under his high standards he would still judge these as top array formations . Once these array formations were activated together and under the management of a top powerhouse, even several Empyreans working together would find it difficult to break through!

For a sect to have such grand array formations, their background should be deep and there should be many young elites pouring forth from their ranks . However, the truth was the opposite . This sect was sparsely populated and didn't seem to have any life to it at all . The array formations around the mountains remained unopened and unused, doing nothing but gathering dust .

This was because although these array formations were incomparably powerful, they used up too many energy stones far too quickly . The sect simply wasn't able to keep up the supply of energy stones, thus these array formations only served as decorations now .

Without a doubt, this was a sect that had once been glorious beyond comparison, but was now in steep decline .

At this time, in a grand hall of the sect, a black-clothed man and green-clothed girl were kneeling on the ground . Standing in front of the two of them was an old man with thick white hair and beard .

’’Moonpond, Soulsky, the two of you are the final hopes of our divine Mist Holy Land... ever since Empyrean divine Mist went missing, our sect has had to withstand the other influences nibbling away at us, and now we are no longer as radiant as we were in the past . In order to train you two... the sect could be said to have given all of our resources . This time, master has also paid a great price to obtain two spots in the final trial for you both . I only hope that you will not disappoint the sect!’’

This old man's face was covered with wrinkles . His body was old and bent and his fires of life were as frail as a candle in the wind, ready to extinguish at any moment;this old man was in the final years of his life...

Looking at this dying old man, no one would imagine that he was once just a tiny bit away from becoming an Empyrean . In the past, he followed Empyrean divine Mist to adventure through the world and wage war with their enemies . In the entire inner Asura Road, his name had been earth-shaking and people panicked in his presence . But after Empyrean divine Mist went missing, he had been tricked and wounded by his enemies and now he ended up in this state .

The two youths remained kneeling . Although they didn't speak, their eyes showed their determination .

’’Go then my children . Although Empyrean divine Mist might have perished in the past, the heavens have not abandoned my divine Mist Holy Lands . For master to run into you two in the final thousand years of my life, that is my fortune . You two are the last remaining wealth of the divine Mist Holy Lands . Now, my only wish is that you two can become Empyreans in the future and allow my divine Mist Holy Lands to be restored to its former glory!’’

The old man's voice was bleak and lonely, making the souls of those those who listened to him tremble . Behind him stood a towering black stone statue . This statue's appearance was shaped exactly like Empyrean divine Mist's in Tragic Death Valley . The statue's eyes stared off into the far distance, its eyes filled with awe and indifference .

At the same time, in the bordering divine Void divine Kingdom, it was a completely different scene .

Within divine Void Heavenly Palace, in a starry world, Soul Emperor divine Void floated high in the skies, his clothes white like snow . His entire body emitted the light of Laws . With just a wave of his hand or a step of his foot, space twisted and churned!

In front of him, innumerable young elites knelt on the ground, lined up in rows . These kneeling disciples extended all the way backwards, and looking to the far end, one could see that there were hundreds of thousands of people!

But at the front of these hundreds of thousands of disciples were 10 martial artists kneeling side by side . These 10 individuals had cultivations ranging from the late divine Lord realm to the ordinary World King realm . They were outstanding figures chosen from all of these disciples and elected to enter the final trial on behalf of divine Void divine Kingdom!

’’You are all outstanding elites of divine Void divine Kingdom . I want all of you to reach at least 70%! Out of all the different influences participating I want you all to be first!’’

This deep and dreadful voice echoed through this world, even causing the stars in the sky to tremble .

In front of Soul Emperor divine Void, all of the disciples of divine Void divine Kingdom knelt downwards . And behind them there were seven tall figures . These figures were all wrapped in cloaks, their bodies overflowing with terrifying fluctuations of Laws .

These seven people all had Empyrean realm cultivations .

Seven Empyreans! They were all the rulers of divine Void divine Kingdom's seven provinces!

divine Void divine Kingdom was undoubtedly the number one spiritas influence in the entire inner Asura Road . But, this didn't mean that there was no opponent that could match them .

The rival of divine Void divine Kingdom was also a True divinity Holy Land, one of the saint race - Heaven Union divine Kingdom .

... . .

Within the inner Asura Road, one saint True divinity influence and one spiritas True divinity influence, the two of them represented the ultimate strength of their respective races . Their struggles and rivalry were in a sense the struggle between the saints and spiritas!

’’You have one opponent, and that is divine Void divine Kingdom!’’ Within Heaven Union divine Kingdom, divine Sovereign Heaven Union also personally mobilized his disciples . His figure was concealed in the dim void and it was impossible to make to make out his appearance . All anyone saw was a figure that stood high like an iron tower .

’’The final trial is under the gaze of all people, but no matter how many heroes converge at the Asura Sea, their eyes will focus on us and divine Void divine Kingdom! During this final trial we must become the focal point of everyone's attention! You must not disgrace me! Suppress divine Void divine Kingdom and allow the saints to be proud and prosper . If so, then all of you shall be generously rewarded! Otherwise, if you fail me then you must sit in confinement for 100 years!’’

divine Sovereign Heaven Union's voice was vibrant and powerful, echoing through the starry skies!


As influences from all over set out towards the Asura Sea, the day for the opening of the final trial finally approached .

Rumble rumble!

Just as the sun was dawning and the sky was filled with haze, a loud explosion rang through the entire coastline .

On the calm sea surface, whirlpools appeared all over that were thousands of miles wide . A giant long-necked sea beast the size of a mountain shot out from deep within the sea .

As this sea beast appeared, it carried with it a ferocious and cruel aura, making all who saw it feel shocked and intimidated .

Above the sea beast stood two troops of blue-armored warriors . They grasped tridents in their hands that sparkled with electricity and their expressions were resolute .

Between these blue-armored warriors stood a handsome youth with skin as fair as jade . This man was the Crown Prince of an Empyrean level influence that dwelled in the Asura Sea, a clan of seafaring people .

Countless mermen shot out from the surface of the water, grasping gleaming weapons in their hands . Their momentum was overwhelming and dreadful .

Before these people came to a stop, at this moment, a strange howl echoed out from the skies .

All they saw was a massive ink-black giant beast descend, as if it had fallen down from the galaxy . Black clouds surrounded its body and it brought with it an unparalleled deadly aura .

Sitting above this pitch black giant beast was a man with a long scar on his face .

This man's eyes were cold and shined with a sharp golden light . It was like this person could shoot out countless swords with just a single glance .

From the layer of clouds behind him, three-headed birds shot out . Each bird had numerous warriors standing guard atop its back .

In the blink of an eye, from the waves, a massive golden carriage shot up from the water's surface, pulled by 16 flood dragons .

These flood dragons were massive, looking like islands that moved across the sea . Wherever they went, stormy they went, stormy waves would rise up, causing the vast sea to churn .

Sitting in this golden carriage was a tall fat person, as round as a mountain of meat . He held a beast leg as thick as a bucket and was gnawing on it . As he ate, he also glanced at the people around him .

Black turtles floated on the surface behind this golden carriage, following its path . Tens of thousands of figures stood on these black turtles and were cheering as loudly as they could .

Even though these people were all different, all of them were outstanding individuals within the Asura Road!

Today, they had all gathered here . Amongst them, some were friends and some were enemies . But no matter who they were, their goal here today was the final trial .

’’Hoho, it's quite lively . There are so many young heroes here . ’’ Suddenly, in the skies above, the white clouds began to change shape, turning into a staircase of white clouds .

A rich-looking man stood tall and proud, wearing a crown on his head and dressed in bright yellow robes . Behind him were gaggles of beautifully swaying young women, all of them stepping down the stairway of clouds as they followed the man .

With every step this man took, it was like the sea below him resonated with him .

The many gathered chosen prides of heaven looked up at this newcomer .

’’Eclipse Palace's Palace Master?’’

This Eclipse Palace Master was a half-step Empyrean . In the past he had killed countless people and was a fierce and ominous figure . But for the last million years, he had been living quietly in seclusion . However, he had decided to come out for this grand event .

Afterwards, more and more people arrived . The young master of the Hundred Thousand Foot Cliff, the proudest son of the Aurora Holy Lands, the head monks of Bountiful Fields Temple... one at a time, high level figures from the influences that ruled over the Asura Road began to appear in abundance .

After all, the qualifications for the Asura Road's final trial were far too important .

At this time, on the coast of the Asura Sea, a hundred mile long observation pavilion had been set up . On this observation pavilion were tides of people, and all of these people were powerhouses that originated from all over the Asura Road . However, many of these people hadn't reached a level of talent that allowed them to compete in the final trial, thus they were only able to look on from a distance .

And, there were over 30 of these observation pavilions set along the coast of the Asura Sea . On these observation pavilions, all that gathered were elites of the world .


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