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Martial World - Chapter 1668


Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668 - Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion




When it came to information about the completion percentages of the Asura Road's final trial, because it had existed since time immemorial and countless people had participated, the ordinary martial artists of the Asura Road didn't know the best results of the final trial over the years .

But Soul Emperor divine Void knew . He even had detailed information on the best trial challengers that participated in the last billion years . Out of all these people, those that achieved 80% or above only totaled a mere 10;this included the Good Fortune Saint Son and Soul Empress Sheng Mei .

As for an 85% completion rate, that had never occurred before . Thus, this was why Soul Emperor divine Void had said 'there is no one that can match you in the past and no one that will surpass you in the future', when it came to describing Sheng Mei's potential result .

Sheng Mei only shook her head, saying, ’’3 . 6 billion years ago, in the great calamity of that samsara, that also symbolized the beginning of a new era . Whenever these times come, heroes will pour forth from the world and there will be those that undergo trials and surpass all results of the ancient past . It could even be said that in the next hundred years or thousand years there will be several geniuses that will surpass 80% . If so, then those heroes that rise during this inexorably new era will surely not disappoint...’’

Soul Empress Sheng Mei's tone was calm, but her words carried with them a world-dominating aura .

Her heart was higher than the heavens and she feared no rivals or competition . Rather, what she hoped for was a great world in which heroes emerged from all over . Only on this grand stage where she competed with numerous proud children of heaven would she have the chance to break past her limits and achieve the ultimate goal of her dreams .

......... . .

News about a blue-clothed woman riding a phoenix into divine Void divine Kingdom soon spread throughout the entirety of the Asura Road .

An Ice Phoenix God Beast was not something to pay particular attention to, the key issue here was that Soul Emperor divine Void had personally come out of seclusion to greet her . When they left the depths of divine Void Heavenly Palace, there was also no division between who left first and second . This sort of feeling was like Soul Emperor divine Void placed this young blue-clothed woman on an equal pedestal with himself .

Like this, there were countless people that tried to guess this blue-clothed woman's status .

This blue-clothed woman wasn't purposefully trying to remain mysterious . After appearing in front of others several times, her identity was finally recognized .

Although the young woman cultivated the Grand Reincarnation Art, every time she reincarnated her looks would be the same, only seeming younger and more perfect . And the last time she attended the smelting trial, there were many people who had witnessed the beginning and end of the grand event, and she had left an extremely deep impression on these people .

In the last 100 million years of the Asura Road final trial, only two people had surpassed an 80% completion rate . The Good Fortune Saint Son was one with an 81% completion rate and the other was Sheng Mei, with an even more exaggerated 83% completion rate .

Compared to the Good Fortune Saint Son, Sheng Mei was an even more mystical existence . No one expected expected that many years later she would reappear in the Asura Road . Moreover, Soul Emperor divine Void would personally come out to receive her, and do so with utter respect and courtesy!

This left many people confused . According to any logic, no matter how talented this young spiritas woman was, no one could say with absolute certainty that she would become a True divinity in the future! After all, as a genius grew, they would always experience accidents .

And Soul Emperor divine Void was already a True divinity level powerhouse . Why would he consider a young genius as someone on equal standing as him?

To say that this was because the young spiritas woman's background was extremely prominent and famous wasn't a good enough explanation, because Soul Emperor divine Void came from the peak of prominence already .

Did this young spiritas woman have a special physique, or was she someone blessed by destiny and ordained for some higher role in the future?

Many people made guesses all over the place, but no matter what speculations they had, they were sure of one thing . This was that the talent of this young spiritas woman was horrifying, far more horrifying than they could imagine!

The appearance of this young spiritas woman was also easily connected to the upcoming opening of the final trial .

Was she actually thinking of entering the final trial a second time?

In everyone's opinion, although the final trial wasn't limited to just one attempt, the rewards offered at the end would only be given once to that percentage of completion . For instance, someone that had an 80% completion would obtain the 80% completion reward . If they attempted the final trial again and obtained 80% again, they would receive no rewards . They would only receive another reward if they completed 81% .

As to what degree of the final trial one could complete, that mainly looked at one's talent . The rules of the final trial were even more favorable to juniors . Generally speaking, one only needed to participate once to know the result they would receive at any time in the future . Only if they had an amazingly massive lucky chance or their cultivation talent shot up rapidly would this change . Otherwise, no matter how many times they entered, their completion percentage would essentially stay the same . For this reason, who would waste a quota spot that had been obtained through people experiencing countless dangers and risking their lives? Who would be willing to do such a thankless thing?

Everyone had their own ideas . But as time passed, talk about this mysterious young spiritas woman slowed down .

The seasons changed and time passed . Two years later, the greatest and most famous mystic realm in the entire Asura Road, the one with the best treasures, was finally about to open .

Within the inner Asura Road, this was a vastly important matter!

Qualifications to enter the final trial were not easy to obtain . Every qualification spot required one to collect a massive number of rare and precious god runes . When the mystic realm opened, there were normally only several hundred qualifications in the entire inner Asura Road .

And there were several hundred Empyrean level influences in the inner Asura Road . Of these influences, some of them had multiple qualification spots . This meant that there were many Empyrean level influences that weren't even able to obtain the qualifications .

As the day for the opening of the final trial approached, the entire inner Asura Road was roused into a zealous fervor .

... .

At this time,>At this time, deep within the Great Desolate, a dark and primal mountain suddenly began rumbling!

The rocks cracked and the earth trembled . A black palace tore through the mountain, ripping through space and shooting out like a meteor!

In the nearby mountain valleys, dozens of coiling ridge giants stood up . They were hundreds of feet tall and grasped giant tridents .

These coiling ridge giants were shocked by the sudden explosion . As they turned their heads they saw the black palace racing forwards like a comet out of the forbidden zone they guarded . Without a doubt, this action touched upon their reverse scale .

All of them wildly shouted out and crazily gave chase!

Sha! Sha! Sha!

Over 10 giants threw their weapons!

These weapons were millions of jins heavy . With a terrifying strength poured into them, these weapons were streaks of blazing light as they crashed into the black palace .

But in the moment of impact, a barrier lit up around the black palace, blocking all the attacks .

The black palace shook . Beneath the massive impact force it raced forwards even faster . In the blink of an eye it vanished into the horizon, leaving the dozens of giants running after it, roaring . However, the black palace opened the distance between them more and more .

This black palace was Primordius Heavenly Palace .

After secluding himself for over 10 years, Lin Ming finally exited the Forsaken Mortal Tomb . Currently, his present strength was incomparable to that of the past!

Now that he left seclusion, he had one goal - that was the final trial!

Primordius Heavenly Palace cut through the skies of the Great Desolate, turning to the direction of the transmission array to the inner Asura Road and rapidly flying towards it!


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