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Martial World - Chapter 1663


Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 - Breaking the Dao Diagram




The dao diagram in the sky possessed the infinite charm of the Great Dao . As Lin Ming was about to smash into it, the dao diagram emitted a gentle light that shrouded over him .

Lin Ming's current blood vitality was boiling over, but as he was covered by this white light he felt as if all his memories had been seen . It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling .

In the blink of an eye the dao diagram became even larger . In the surface of the dao diagram a black hole appeared, and from this black hole a crystal smooth hand shot out, welcoming Lin Ming's fist without any feeling .


As his fist struck this palm, a metallic grating noise sounded out and a brilliantly wild fluctuation of energy erupted .

It was like two stars colliding with each other . Fierce shockwaves spread out from the impact, stirring up a savage tornado of energy .

In the rumbling chaos, the billions and trillions of runes on the dao diagram rapidly dimmed .

’’Mm!?’’ Lin Ming was shocked . Could this crystal smooth hand have been formed from the dao diagram? Strange... how could he feel as if he had met this presence before?

At this time, the dao diagram twisted and a hazy form emerged from the center of it . This person wore a light gauzy dress and her body was filled with endless grace and charm . Her eyes seemed to contain galaxies, her vision able to extinguish all life and see through all lies .

As this person fully emerged from the dao diagram, Lin Ming revealed an expression of utter shock . How could it be her!?

The person that came from this dao diagram was the divine Realm's Empyrean divine Mist!

As he was stunned, the dao diagram distorted again . Lin Ming felt a strange occurrence in the space behind him .

But by the time he discovered this it was already too late .

A fist wrapped in a familiar power solidly pounded into Lin Ming's back .

This strength was vast and limitless, billowing like waves and causing the space behind him to be torn to shreds .

This impact strength was as violent and brutal as a star . Unexpectedly dense grandmist energy drilled into his body like countless titanic dragons .

Everywhere it went, Lin Ming's body would crack apart with blood flying everywhere .

In that time, the drops of blood that shot from his body floated in space like rubies . They seemed to breathe with a mind of their own, emanating a dim power .

’’Grandmist energy, Grandmist Laws... could it be?’’

Lin Ming had been severely injured . His mind raced as he rapidly opened the grandmist space to protect his body . The star-heavy grandmist space formed a wall around him, protecting him and also counterbalancing that terrifying strength that sneak attacked him .

Although Lin Ming already had his guesses, as he truly looked at the person who had ambushed him, he was still left panic-stricken .

The person who sneak attacked him was a tall middle-aged man . He wore black battle armor designed like a dragon king . The battle armor covered his entire body and his face was shrouded, hidden from sight . His mortal body contained a strength that far outstripped Lin Ming and a heavy grandmist energy lingered around his body . Just from standing there this person resembled an undefeatable war god!

In just one glance, a name floated in Lin Ming's mind - Empyrean Primordius!

Although he hadn't seen Empyrean Primordius before, he could still confirm that the person who sneak attacked him had the same aura and shape as Empyrean Primordius!

’’Empyrean Primordius!?’’

Seeing Empyrean Primordius, Lin Ming was shocked, but then he slowly calmed down, his complexion turning even colder . His eyes flashed with a brilliant light . He thought out loud, ’’What a good Ravenous Wolf Star! I was going to absorb you into my body to open the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace with the power of your starlight, but to think you would attempt to revolt against me!’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred and all of his blood vitality began to boil . Energy from the Purple Temple Dao Palace crazily revolved and the power of a True Dragon gushed forth from his form . Lin Ming's cracked and wounded body began to slowly regenerate .

From the time that Lin Ming approached the dao diagram and punched it, to the appearance of two Empyreans and Empyrean Primordius even severely wounding him, all of this had happened in a fleeting moment, as quick as a bolt of lightning .

However, Lin Ming understood that no matter what, it was impossible for Empyrean divine Dream or Empyrean Primordius to appear here . One was in the divine Realm and it was unknown whether or not the other was alive, so how could they appear in the Forsaken Mortal Tomb? Moreover, with Empyrean Primordius and Empyrean divine Dream's strength, if they wanted to kill him all they needed to do was wave their hand and he would suffer a cruel and miserable death . Why would they need to punch him him hard enough to only crack his flesh open?

After careful observation, Lin Ming could clearly feel that these two great 'Empyreans' were filled with blood vitality, their auras were exactly as Lin Ming had remembered, and even their appearances seemed the same, the truth was that they lacked the world dominating aura of a true Empyrean!

Not just that, but Lin Ming discovered that faint traces of the Laws wrapped around the bodies of these two 'Empyreans', Laws that gave off the aura of the Great Dao .

Without a doubt, these two Empyreans were nothing but phantoms . When Lin Ming recalled that strange light that enveloped him earlier, he could confirm that the sly and resourceful Ravenous Wolf Star had used the Heavenly Dao Laws here to reproduce images of these Empyreans as well as certain characteristics of their strength, all in order to threaten him . After all, in Lin Ming's mind, whether it was Empyrean divine Dream or Empyrean Primordius, he felt nothing but the deepest sense of respect and awe towards them .

These two extreme Empyrean characters were both leaders of humanity!

This Ravenous Wolf Star was proficient in attacking the heart and mind . Although this illusion attack seemed easy to break through, when that white light had absorbed Lin Ming's memories it was enough to affect his spiritual sea . If it weren't for Lin Ming having cultivated the divine Mist Heart Mantra and his soul force being incomparably powerful, then even if he knew that these two Empyreans couldn't appear here he still wouldn't have been able to realize they were simulations created by the Ravenous Wolf Star .

At that time, Lin Ming would have to fight against these two leaders of humanity that he revered and respected, and during this battle he wouldn't be able to display his true combat strength .

After being alerted, Lin Ming became even more vigilant, Because of the severe attack he had received, his mortal body had cracked and he had lost a great deal of blood energy . Afterwards, when he had galvanized the power of a dragon to regenerate, this had caused him to use up a part of the energy he had saved in himself .

Without having established the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, without having shattered the Ravenous Wolf Star's dao diagram, it was absolutely not good news for him to use up so much strength .

This Ravenous Wolf Star was cunning and tricky . If Lin Ming wanted to absorb it into the corresponding Dao Palace within his body, it wouldn't be simple at all .

After a brief moment of thought, he traced his spatial ring . A round and round and plain pill appeared in Lin Ming's hand .

This pill was the nameless ancient pill that Lin Ming had obtained at the divine Rune City Auction!

Lin Ming had spent a billion points to purchase this ancient pill . It was a transcendent divine level pill .

Lin Ming didn't directly swallow this ancient pill . After all, the power contained within this ancient pill was unfathomably great . If he were to swallow it now, he wouldn't be able to suppress its strength . The Ravenous Wolf Star definitely wouldn't miss this chance to attack him .

Lin Ming only held the nameless ancient pill and used his divine soul to draw out the energy from the ancient pill . He absorbed the essence of the pill into his body through his acupoints .

The pure and vibrant power of the ancient pill continuously flowed into his body . His body that had just been severely wounded began to be nourished and revitalized .

But at the same time, how could the Ravenous Wolf Star give Lin Ming the chance to recover? The phantoms of the two Empyreans rushed together at the same time, revolving the Grandmist Laws and divine Dream Laws that Lin Ming remembered . Their powers came shrouding down from the skies, overwhelming!

Facing the attacks of these two Empyreans, Lin Ming didn't draw back . Although he knew these two Empyreans were fakes, he had no intention of battling them . His only goal here was the Ravenous Wolf Star;there was no meaning in fighting these two phantoms that the Ravenous Wolf Star condensed with Laws!

Lin Ming summoned Primordius Heavenly Palace .

Then, he flew inside!


With a loud explosion, the protective array formations around Primordius Heavenly Palace wildly shook . The attacks of the two Empyreans all fell onto Primordius Heavenly Palace!

And placed within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force . A raging strength suddenly broke out from his inner world .

With this strength and with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, he began to galvanize the powers within the Forsaken Mortal Tomb once more! The black turtle energy that filled the air and the remaining residual wills from the ancient bronze coffins were all dragged towards him .

Whether it was the black turtles or the Forsaken Mortals, they were all existences from billions of years ago that were stronger than Empyreans .

The leaders amongst them could even compare with True divinities!

In a moment, chaos occurred around him as phantoms appeared, enough to blot out the skies . There were blurry phantoms of black turtles and forsaken mortals, all of mortals, all of them shimmering into existence around Primordius Heavenly Palace . These phantoms immediately surrounded the Empyrean divine Dream and Empyrean Primordius which the Ravenous Wolf Star had reproduced with the Heavenly Dao Laws .

By drawing upon the momentum of the world within the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, Lin Ming was trying to preserve as much of his own strength as possible to absorb the cunning Ravenous Wolf Star . As for these two Empyrean phantoms, using the momentum of the world to suppress them was more than enough .

Of the black turtle death energy and residual will of the Forsaken Mortals, even if Lin Ming was only able to borrow a millionth of this strength, it was still an incomparably terrifying power . This power was condensed by the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws where they immediately clashed with the Ravenous Wolf Star's Heavenly Dao Laws .

Bang! Bang! Bang! The surroundings began to shake as even the void was being torn to shreds .

The moment that the Empyrean phantoms were suppressed by the momentum of the world, Lin Ming stepped out of Primordius Heavenly Palace . He faced the dao diagram in the skies, fiercely grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, and then hurtled himself upwards .

The black turtle death energy and the indestructible and mysterious strength within the ancient bronze coffins were slowly pulled upwards by the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws where they gathered upon the Phoenix Blood Spear .

Gradually, the Phoenix Blood Spear shined with an even more brilliant light . It was like a blood phoenix spreading its wings, soaring to the ends of time .

In that moment, Lin Ming seemed to hold a sun in his hands . The Phoenix Blood Spear pierced into the skies!

Within a spark of time, the Phoenix Blood Spear was thrust out innumerable times . Each spear strike was able to tear open the void and cut apart planets .

The Phoenix Blood Spear howled in this crazy dance . It was like innumerable fire phoenixes hurtling forwards without end . Countless runes of raging flames swept up in a tornado .

Lin Ming's blood heated up as if it were burning . The tangled power formed fire red runes that covered his entire body .

As all of the spear potential gathered together, it violently struck a single point on the dao diagram . Lin Ming's bodily strength also erupted to its limits .


With a wild bang, a brilliantly dazzling divine light flashed out . Countless golden fragments went flying into the air . This massive dao diagram had been shattered by Lin Ming's all-out spear attack!


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