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Martial World - Chapter 1658


Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658A - Entering Despair Valley




The Asura Road had several famous danger zones . For instance, God Burying Ridge, Tragic Death Valley, the Stormy Sea and the Drifting Islands, and so forth...

Of these places, the most dangerous was Tragic Death Valley . As long as one entered it was impossible to leave . Even a peak Empyrean would perish there .

As for Yin Yang Despair Valley and the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, their infamous reputation was not as terrifying as Tragic Death Valley's, but they still had their own peculiarities . They were lands shrouded in a gloom of mystery and magic . People only knew that these places were located deep in the Great Desolate, but without accurate information it was impossible to find their positions .

It was also because of this that Lin Ming went to Heaven's Secret to find information .

Regarding the risks of Yin Yang Despair Valley and the Forsaken Mortal Tomb, Lin Ming wasn't too fearful of them . Because he understood the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws he was particularly adept at dealing with the dangers in the Asura Road .

The pavilion superior pondered for a moment and then said, ’’About the price for information about Yin Yang Despair Valley, it is 5 billion origin energy runes or 300 million contribution points from the divine Runic Masters Guild...’’

Heaven's Secret Pavilion usually charged a common currency of the Asura Road for their information, such as origin energy runes . But since their headquarters were in divine Rune City, they could also take contribution points at a discount .

Contribution points in other words could be called items . To go shopping with points was to actually barter with them . The divine Runic Masters Guild issued points in accordance with certain resources and materials that were turned in . If one had sufficient points, they could trade them in for nearly any materials within the divine Runic Masters Guild warehouse .

300 million points?

Lin Ming's lips twitched . This price was far, far higher than the information he obtained when he came before . 300 million points was on average slightly less than half an Empyrean spirit treasure, but this price could only be used to purchase some information .

Lin Ming looked at the pavilion superior . The pavilion superior understood what Lin Ming was thinking . He said, ’’Only very few people have information pertaining to Yin Yang Despair Valley . It is a place that is always moving around, disappearing and appearing within the Great Desolate . In order to collect information related to it, we have had to pay a great price...

’’My Heaven's Secret is based on honesty and good faith on our part . We will never sell false information nor will we charge inappropriately high prices . Every piece of information from us is well worth the price . If you have insufficient money then you can collect the amount needed before returning for the information . ’’ The old man faintly said, clearly not willing to reduce the price .

’’Okay . ’’ Lin Ming nodded . As the old man said, Heaven's Secret had already existed for countless hundreds of thousands of years and were considerably prestigious . When Lin Ming had purchased the two pieces of information before, he had found them to be fully satisfactory .

Lin Ming took out a contribution points jade slip with 300 million points .

300 million contribution points was not a small amount . For Lin Ming to take out this amount so casually without needing any time to collect it, even the pavilion superior looked at him with surprise in his eyes as he tried to guess the identity of the young man in front of him .

After receiving the points, the old man leaned forwards and spoke with a lowered voice . ’’At the end of the road where the red moon disappears, where the coiling ridge giants live, where the sea falls from the heavens and into the endless deep, that is where you will find the place you seek . ’’

These strange and obscure code words fluttered into Lin Ming's mind .

Lin Ming was perplexed . ’’Red moon? Coiling ridge giants?’’

’’Yes, the coiling ridge giants are an ancient race that exists in the Great Desolate . Although they appear human, the truth is that they are archaic vicious beats from time immemorial . They can grow up to hundreds of feet high and their species is able to smash apart mountain ridges . Their ancestors once experienced a magnificent golden age, where their royalty was able to stand on par with God Beasts . But since then they have been in slow decline . Yin Yang Despair Valley is the land that they protect, and as for why they are protecting that land, no one knows...

’’If you wish to enter Yin Yang Despair Valley, then finding the coiling ridge giants will bring you there . However...’’

As the pavilion superior spoke to here he paused, changing his tone . He said, ’’Although coiling ridge giants are no longer as terrifying as they once were, the especially powerful warriors amongst them can compare with an ordinary World King . As for you...’’

The pavilion superior looked over Lin Ming . Lin Ming's cultivation was simply far too low .

’’Thank you for the advice . ’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled and stood up . He could contend with an ordinary World King level vicious beast, but if there were many of them then things would become tricky . It could be said that a great portion of Yin Yang Despair Valley's dangers originated from the fact that it was located deep within the Great Desolate, where endless powerful monsters and mystical existences lived .

............ .

The Great Desolate was vast and endless .

In the world of the Asura Road, amazing geniuses had emerged from the countless generations . Of these, even extraordinary individuals, True divinities, the proud children favored by the heavens had appeared .

But, not once had there ever been someone that arrived at the end point of the Great Desolate .

As for what lay at the terminus of the Great Desolate, no one knew nor could anyone investigate it . Horrifying God Beasts, endless space storms and time traps, all of this caused anyone to shrink back at the thought of approaching .

Some people even suspected that the inner Asura Road and outer Asura Road were two different worlds that were completely separated by the Great Desolate, not connected at all .

Whether it was the proud sons and daughters of the heavens or Empyrean powerhouses, no one had ever returned from the deepest depths of the Great Desolate .

Lin Ming brought Xiao Moxian and flew low in the skies . A full 10 days had already passed .

During these 10 days, they had flown past many mountains and danger zones . They had witnessed many scenes in depths of the Great Desolate that were filled with slaughter and the scent of blood .

This was a truly lawless world without morals or compassion;only the strongest fist survived here .

10 days later, they reached a boundless mountain range that reached high into the skies . It towered in front of Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming .

The pure white snow shined above the endless peaks, giving off a brilliant radiance .

This mountain was over 100,000 feet 100,000 feet high . At the top, inexhaustible strong heavenly winds surged about . Those that were slightly weaker would have their souls torn apart by this wind without even their bones left over .

’’This is the Red Moon Mountain Range . After the sun of the Great Desolate falls behind this mountain range, the entire Asura Road falls into darkness...’’

Xiao Moxian grasped a rough map of the Great Desolate, pointing towards a distant location as she spoke to Lin Ming .

The Great Desolate was the most brutal land in the entire Asura Road . There was endless killings and treacherous environments here . Moreover, it never ended, not even pausing a little .

This was the reason the Great Desolate map was incomplete . Every tiny part of this map had been recorded down by countless trial challengers who had braved the dangers to accomplish missions they were assigned .

Lin Ming had paid a steep price to purchase 10 different maps and then piece them together, just barely managing to understand a good number of areas within the Great Desolate .

First, he discovered that the part of the riddle that Heaven's Secret Pavilion had given him, 'at the end of the road where the red moon disappears', should be indicating this place - the Red Moon Mountain Range .

Here they had to find the coiling ridge giants .

The coiling ridge giants were one of the many terrifying species of creatures that dwelled within the Great Desolate . They were as large as hills and in the legends it was said that the strongest coiling ridge giants could rely on their powerful mortal bodies to wrestle with God Beasts .

Lin Ming silently brought out Primordius Heavenly Palace .

Shua -

The palm-sized Primordius Heavenly Palace suddenly rose up into the skies . In that moment, a majestic aura of grandmist energy exuded outwards, filled with the sound of rustling wind .

Waves of immense pressure surged outwards .

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's bodies flashed as they entered Primordius Heavenly Palace .

After all, this Red Moon Mountain Range was incomparably strange . Compared to other places, the strong heavenly winds high up in the peaks possessed an even greater tearing strength .

Moreover, there were strange powers mixed within . If some adventurers entered they would find their divine souls destabilized and even have the danger of falling into insanity .

Thus, concerning the lands past the Red Moon Mountain Range, even the people even the people of the Asura Road only knew of the vaguest details about them .

In order to prevent any accidents from occurring, leading the way forwards within Primordius Heavenly Palace was the best choice .


Primordius Heavenly Palace rose straight up from the ground . Waves of demonic runes appeared from the winds, mixing in with the heavy grandmist energy and seething about .

Like this, Lin Ming rushed straight towards the peaks of the Red Moon Mountain Range .

In not too long, Primordius Heavenly Palace wildly rocked as if they were a boat in the sea being struck by heavy waves .

’’There is indeed something strange here . ’’

With a thought, a liquid mirror appeared in front of Lin Ming, showing everything that was occurring outside of Primordius Heavenly Palace .

The space here was extremely distorted as if someone was continuously punching and damaging it .

Lin Ming saw magnificent and violent forces swirling around him . Fluctuations of soul force, mental strength, and even fist intents howled through the air, flashing with a crystalline line . Incredibly, these forces had substantialized in these ruinous winds .

All of the forces here seemed to have been preserved over time, eventually becoming a part of the strength that protected this mountain range .

The protective array formations of Primordius Heavenly Palace were continuously pummeled and damaged . However, they were then rapidly repaired by the grandmist energy .

’’Even Primordius Heavenly Palace is being smashed into such a condition... aren't these forces a bit too strong?’’ Xiao Moxian whispered, secretly dumbfounded .

She was well aware that if she rushed into these strange and explosive energies, it wouldn't be long before she completely exhausted herself trying to survive .

Luckily, Primordius Heavenly Palace was extremely fast . In just several breaths of time they flew out of this distorted space above the Red Moon Mountain Range .

Immediately, all of the wild and savage strength vanished . Primordius Heavenly Palace crossed the snow white mountain peaks and floated high in space .

In front of them, the depths of the Great Desolate stretched as far as the eye could see . In the distant horizon, a round blood red moon hung high in the sky, seeming as if it could crash into the endless dark at any moment . It was both eerie and beautiful .

’’...The coiling ridge giants, I've found them!’’ Lin Ming's pupils shrank as a flash of electricity sparked through them .


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